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Fallen Age RP

The age of technology has come and gone, and with it, most of the human race. After the Great Plague, only a fraction of the humans who once populated the earth are left, and those who remain are faced with the oldest struggle of all time - survival. Survival is everything. Survival is doing whatever it takes to make sure that you make it, even if someone else doesn’t. Because if you die, then so do the memories of every friend and loved one you ever knew who woke up on the last morning of their life to find that they too, had gotten sick. And so began the Fallen Age.



That was 79 years ago. The smart ones and the strong ones survived. They banded together, because it was the only way, and after a few decades or so, for grit, or resourcefulness, or for sheer force of will, a few came out on top and formed five clans:



The Vali Nation.



Some are enemies. Some are allies. They coexist, they fight, they survive. Friendship is something that everyone needs but no one believes in - or dares to trust. But one day, something changes. Scouts bring news of Kzaldaran, an empire devoted to eliminating those who refuse to bend to their will. And they’re coming their way. No one yet has survived their wrath, and the clans won’t either, unless they unite. But will they be able to put aside their differences, their politics and disagreements, or will they fall into a war that will eventually destroy them?

These are the clans:

Ebony - The Ebonese people are unique from the other clans because their ancestors all had one thing in common - their dark, black-brown eyes. These eyes indicated an incredibly rare gene that granted immunity from the Plague. While everyone else around them got sick, the Ebonies stayed healthy. In the first few years after the Plague struck, they travelled from group to group with all the other survivors, but over time they gradually stuck with others with the same ebony eyes, until eventually the clan was formed. As a result, many bits and pieces of other clans cultures have worked their way into Ebonese culture. Ebonies value healing and self sacrifice to help others. Ebony and Incendium have always had a very strained relationship.

Korranth - When the Plague struck, Korranth was one of the last cities infected. It’s leaders, and a selection of the city’s healthiest people between the ages 15 and 25, quarantined themselves and the city’s supplies in the capitol building, and stationed guards around the city to prevent the infected from entering. It didn’t work. One by one, the guards got sick, and soon all of Korranth but those inside the building were wiped out. They did not do the noble thing. They did not do the right thing. But there they were, alive, while those who had were not. Repulsed by what their leaders had done, the young drove out the old and had them make sure it was safe to go outside, and from then on they took charge. Korranthians prize youth and morality above everything else, and will always own up to their mistakes. The Korranth and the Incendi are allies.

The Vali Nation - After the Great Plague, those who survived travelled in small groups from abandoned town to abandoned town, scavenging for supplies. The Vali Nation is built upon scraps and determination, and was pieced together over a long period of time by stragglers and salvaging. They are named after Vali, the Norse god and son of Odin, and one of the few who survived Ragnarok - the end of the world, in Norse Mythology. They are generally more focused on peace and cooperation, and are the only clan to have an alliance with X-85 Teraldi, due to their non-combative nature. Their culture is a mix of any Pre-Fallen Age information they could scrounge up, and customs from the different groups that joined to form the Vali.

X-85 - Also known as Teraldi. Named for the origin of their survival, an isolated, abandoned warehouse in the sector X-85, of the Teraldi forest, that somehow managed to shelter them from the Great Plague. They avoided getting sick only by turning away everyone seeking shelter, and thus they prize hardness of heart and isolation as the most effective means of survival. They accept new members only after intense scrutiny, and are extremely proud and loyal. Their only alliance is the Vali Nation.

Incendium - The most brutal of the clans, named after how they burned an entire village to the ground to wipe out the risk of disease after the Plague, and then built their base from its ashes. The Incendi are warriors through and through, and choose fire as their symbol, seeing themselves as its master. The Incendi and the Teraldi have always fought, the Incendi seeing the Teraldi as cowards and the Teraldi seeing the Incendi as idiots - neither of which is true. The Incendi have always liked to encroach just a little to far on to X-84’s well protected land, which grates against the Teraldi custom of isolation.


Character Sheet:






Position/role (leader, second, fighter, hunter, etc.):






My charrie:


Name: Kye Ghidaki

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Clan: X-85

Position/role (leader, second, fighter, hunter, etc.): Leader

Appearance: Around 5’6, with thick, frizzy/curly red brown hair usually in a braid reaching halfway down her back or loose with smaller braids woven in. Light freckles and grey-green eyes.

Personality: Strong and cold. Will do anything to keep her people safe, even if they don’t like it. Respected by her people, and proud. Most people think her emotionless, but this is only because her emotions are so strong she has learned to suppress them and pretend they don’t exist. She believes that they interfere with her ability to lead and make the right choice. Determined, but somewhat close minded.

Background/history: Kye grew up in Teraldi and was elected leader after proving herself worthy through a series of tests administered to her generation, assessing fighting ability and the Teraldi qualities of quick thinking and intelligence. Like all who live during the Fallen Age, she has seen death firsthand. Kye was mentored by X-85’s strict previous leader, Rowan Taliq. She’s had to make it impossible, difficult choices for her people, and though they can’t see it, it’s taken a real toll on her.

Other: It would be cool if she had a second who was her complete opposite, in order to challenge her views




A couple more things:

1. Please try and post regularly. I’d like to keep this rp going and not have it die off. I will probably only be able to post on weekends because school is hard, but I’ll do my best and we’ll see how this goes.

2. This world is yours to explore - feel free to add in any details or develop what you’d like, as long as it’s consistent with what has already been established. I may even change things that I’ve already written in order for things to make more sense or to fix any mistakes.

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Ooh, this looks epic! Totally reserving!


I cannae wait, either.  

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Reserving! Though I may not be able to join for a bit.

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BTW, I'm either reserving a Vali second or fighter, I don't know yet.

@The Riddler

Is ancient technology allowed? As in, Pre-Fallen Age technology that would be futuristic by todays standards. It would mainly be unusable, but scavengeable. My current charrie idea involves it, so I want to make sure its allowed.

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Of course! It would obviously not work like it would have pre-Fallen Age, but a lot of the Fallen Age world is made up of scavenging old technology and scrounging up information about what things used to be like. I made the world up on my own, but as I started thinking about it I realized that a lot of this is influenced by the TV show The 100 and the book Station Eleven. If you’ve seen/read either, it’s kind of a mix of their two worlds.

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Definitely joining! 

Name: Jasmine Talkstail

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Clan: Ebony

Position/role (leader, second, fighter, hunter, etc.): Leader, if that's okay with the rest of you

Appearance: Jasmine has long, straight black hair, which she likes to wear down but with the top pulled back out of her eyes. She is tall, slim, and agile. The lines of her face are soft, but she is excellent at changing her emotional appearance to become very formidable.

Personality: Jasmine is kind but strict. She is loyal to her people, and she will do what she needs to help them. She tries to make life enjoyable for her subordinates, but she can become very angry when people disobey her or make thoughtless decisions.

Background/history: Jasmine was born into the Ebonies and became the leader due to her high intelligence, excellent personality, and ability to lead well. Her family is all still alive and she cares for them greatly.

Other: If anyone is interested, she could have a sibling RPed by one of you? She's also open to shipping with anyone.

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Name: Vesia (VAY-zhuh) Shrono

Gender: Female

Age: 24, but some...stuff happened to her so she can never get older. Makes for someglitches in her development in her skills.

Clan: Teraldi

Position: Fighter 

Appearance: tall, pale, smooth pure complexion, dark silky hair, very very bright icy blue eyes.

Personality: Very fierce and emotionally complex. She strives to always do her best, and beyond it, but because of her age thing it can be hard. She doesn't care about how people think of her; if she knows she did it right, she's content. She usually shuns others if it means she can get her way but she does have compassion. She falls in love qutite esily and has had her heart broken many times. Open for shipping. :) Oh and she's an introvert, very secretive.

Background/History: Vesia is a mysterious person with a mysterious past. She's had encounters with dark things and has a bit of ptsd. Her parents, Grenal and Fremeyel, have always wanted the best for her, but she's often been separated from them and loves them very much. Hers has been a life of turmoil and heartbreak. She has been a part of X-85 all her life and respects Kye very much.

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The acrid smell of the blayrn-flower,  reaches my nose.

I turn to see the small orange flower, a whole clump of it growing in a small glade. The flower itself is poisonous, but I will risk the rashes for what lies beneath.

I pull on my gloves, shoulder my spade, and dig deep. A bell-shaped blossom nudges my hand, and I wince at the pain.

I finally find what I am looking for.

I travel back through the Shar-la corith, or Wood of Fresh Air, in the language I learned over the desert. It's an evil language, but its words are not entirely foul-sounding, and they constantly ring in my head. 

I push these thoughts away. . .

Kye is coming from the Moors this evening. I wonder what intelligence she has received about the Incendium warriors. And other matters. 

When she comes, I will show her what I have found.

Only the egg of a pegasus, shimmering with shadows of fire and cold mountains. Only the egg of a great winged beast, which could kill a man in one blow, but is too noble to do so for a bad reason.

This will help us agaisnt Incendium and all the others. With this, my gift to my leader, we will become the greatest of the clans and rule this broken world.  

Windborne. That is a good name, even if a little dramatic, for our pagasus.

I hope Kye will accept this.

I hope she won't ask how I knew where to find a pegasus' egg.

I never want her to know that I've been with the Sand Warlocks, or X-85 couldn't be my home.


Well! I've certainly shaped this world I good deal. I hope you don't mind. It was FUN!!!! 

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Reserving the second for Ebony! Kitten, is it okay with you if my charrie is Jasmine's little sis?

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I really want to join this, even though I'll probably never post...

Okay fine, I'm reserving an Ebony charrie.  

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Yes, definitely! That would be cool.

I might be making another character of a different clan... we'll see. 

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One more thing: I’d like to have at least a couple characters in each clan. If there end up being a lot in one I may ask the last few to try and branch out. You can make as many characters as you want as long as you can keep up with them all. Also, if someone wanted they could be the Kzaldaran leader - we could always have someone playing the bad guy.

Admins, is there anyway you can fix the title to be “Fallen Age RP”? For me it just showing up as “...”



Did my best, but I can't figure out why it's not showing up. --Admin

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Sounds cool!  I'm reserving an Incendium spot if that's all right.  I'll try to post my charrie tomorrow.
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