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Urban Fantasy RP!

Urban Fantasy RP! (for the CB reunion!)

It's Valentine's Day, 2019. Everything is normal- there's a new magical animal reserve being built, the nation of dragons is getting along well with the humans, the sirens and harpies are fighting in the streets again (three sailors have died in the past week, and humans are advised not to stay out after dark.) There's a fairy exchange student coming to town, confusing that one kid who still mixes up pixies- a type of insect- with fairies.

It's not perfect, but life is going on like normal. That is until the sea starts to churn...








CBer Name:

Fun Fact about CBer:

Name: Celeano Namera

Species: Harpy (this is more the name of a gang. Sirens, Harpies, and Winged -not in one of the two groups- are all a type of human who is part bird.)

Age: 16

Pronouns: He-him-his

Personality: Careless, takes things too lightly. Enjoys hanging out with friends, joking around, and, um, traditional harpy stuff. Misses his sister.

Appearance: A multiracial boy with tan skin, blue eyes, crazy-curly red hair left loose, and russet wings. Usually wears a Fortnite shirt, ripped up jeans, and the traditional harpy face markings.

Backstory: Got pressured by his mom to join the Harpies (versus the Sirens) His wings grew in at a younger age than usual, so he didn't really have a choice- but he pretends he did. He grew in the ranks of the Harpies until he became the leader, and still is now.

CBer Name: Blue Moon

Fun Fact about CBer: I'm in the Deltarune fandom!

Name: Eris Namara

Species: Siren

Age: 14

Pronouns: She-her-hers 

Personality: A lot more intense than her brother, but still enjoys fun. Loves the feeling of swimming and has a way with words. 

Appearance: A multiracial girl with dark brown skin, blue eyes, wavy dark hair (straightened) and light gray wings. Usually wears a tank top, rolled up jeans, and glittering scale earrings. 

Backstory: Celanoe's sister. Got her wings at the usual age (ten) when the Harpies and Sirens were at peace. Became a Siren against her mom's wishes because she loved to swim, but ended up at war with her brother.

CBer Name: Blue Moon

Fun Fact about CBer: I like to draw!


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Name: Evie (pronounced ev-E, like Evelyn instead of Eve.)

Species: Fairy (she can be the exchange student if you want)

Age: 13

Pronouns: She, her, her’s, etc.

Personality: Bubbly and fun. She’s extremely talkative and always up for a party or a prank. She loves dance and gymnastics but really struggles with school. She also loves to sing and dreams of one day being a famous actress.

Appearance: Perfectly shiny white-blond hair just a little bit longer than her shoulders. She has bright sky blue eyes and a very small build- she’s skinny and short. She usually wears too-short faded jean shorts with a cool shirt, like Vineyard Vines or something. Her wings and big, pointed, and clear with white sparkly swirls.

Backstory: She’s been in foster care for as long as she can remember, since her mom disappeared when she was little. The only connection she still has to her parents are movies: her dad was a famous director and her mom was the person who shot the movies. (Filmer? Photographer? Cinematographer? Idk but lol.)

CBer Name: luster-dust

Fun Fact about CBer: I love all animals and I want to train service dogs when I grow up. Or be president. Or have my own fashion and/or jewelry line.

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Yeah, that would be good, as faeries mainly keep to themselves.

A little bit about the races-

Humans, winged, elves, faeries, dragons, and dwarves are the main sentient ones."People" is a general term for all the sentient races.

Faeries are usually short and slight, but relatively humanoid/human sized. They have butterfly wings and some butterfly features, but looks can vary a lot. Not to be confused with pixies, who as said above are a type of insect that can do a small bit of magic to get food. Keep to themself in Tira'na'nó for the most part. Faeries live short lives, and an eight year old fairy is equivelant to a twenty-year old human.

Dragons are not humanoid at all. They are as big as a school bus as a young adult, and then keep growing steadily. They resemble dinosaurs, with primitive feathers- however, they are anything but primitive, and are rumored to have more advanced tech than humans. The dragon nation, is, well, a nation, open to visitors and immigrants with many people going in and out, but the dragons also have their own laws and tend to segregate dragons and humans. They can live up to a thousand years.

Elves are similar to dragons, except of course in appearance and details. They also have their own nation, although their tech has been stifled by their organic way of living. They are really tall, almost to  the point of being un humanoid at a super thin ten to eleven feet. They live for about two hundred to three hundred years.

Dwarves are perhaps the most human, aside from the Winged. They do not have their own nation, preferring to blend with humans, and about one in twenty of every human is mixed. They do not really enjoy mining that much, but they are mountain people, similar to human Sherpas. They can breath easily in thin atmospeheres and prefer the cold.

Winged are simply people with wings. They are not angelic, and while they are related to birds more than the average human, it's not by half and not even as much as faeries are related to butterflies. They usually have wild and unruly personalities, and are quickly snapped up by the two opposing gangs and their many branches.

Those are the races you can roleplay as, and this has been an overabundance of worldbuilding.

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This will be the first make-up-your-own-character roleplay that I've been in for...a long time. I'm joining this because...CB Reunion! And I am legally released from my self-RP-ban, since it's 2019 now. Spot reserved!


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Name: Corrin "Watcher" Jones

Species: Dragon-shifter, is second in command of both the Harpies and the Sirens. Basically a double-agent, just because she can.

Age: 15

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Personality: INTJ-A. Basically everything except flamboyant, stupid, and cowardly. Hates cowardly fighting and "stabbing people in the back". She'd never kill anybody. It's stictly against her moral code, but she's perfectly fine with knocking people out.

Appearance: When human, a 5'6'' brown-haired girl with strikingly green eyes, slightly tan skin and freckles. Usually wears a t-shirt and jeans. Her wings are tiny and she usually hides them in a small back-pack. In her half-way form, she has her human body, but her face has tiny scales instead of freckles and her giant, draconic wings are fully formed but devoid of spikes. In full dragon form, which she rarely ever uses, her scales are a copper-y brown, her eyes still green, and her wings spiked along the bone. Her mask is black with two of her own scales on the cheeks.

Backstory: Fought her way to the upper-class of the two teams merely because she wanted to. When fighting, she knows there's a chance she won't win. However, she's ruthless and determined, so her sheer force of will, which gave her her nickname, is usually what wins her fights. She always wears a mask when fighting. If you asked her which team she's more loyal to she'd probably say the Sirens because she also loves swimming. However, you're most likely to catch her at the Harpy base because she thinks they appreciate her more. Tends to "disappear" without a trace when it comes to street fights. Suprisingly, though, nobody's neither noticed nor questioned her about it. She's never killed anybody, but relishes in the art of making her opponent surrender.

CBer Name: Rogue Wildling

Fun Fact about CBer: I IRL greatly enjoy sparring with my peers. Unfortunately, I've never knocked anybody out.

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Note- Normally I would say your character has to be a Winged to join either gang, but with their personality I'm sure they could figure something out. However in this world 'dragon' isn't an animal, dragons are sentient people and you can't shift them. Wyrms are the same idea as dragons, but a lot more dumb and animalistic- think monkeys versus people. You could totally shift a wyrm.

(Sorry if there's too much worldbuilding and rules, by the way. I do want to keep a lot open to the RPers, so tell me if you- this applies to everyone, btw- have an idea or want to argue with something I say.)

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Wow, you're being very nice about this. I applaud you. I saw your @R.W. and was legitimately bracing myself for some version of 'YOU CAN'T DO THAT CHANGE YOUR CHARRIE NOW' or something.

Therefore, I am more open to changing my charrie. I meant dragon as more of an open term, less like your dragons but more like wyrms. Like a dragon in shape, but with a human/winged mind and soul. However, I can make it so that she can't shift to full human and live with the dragons, would that be okay? If not then could you give me some suggestions on how you would prefer my charrie to be changed?

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(February 15, 2019 - 11:38 am)

That would be good! Your character is good already, just know she won't count as part of the dragon culture and will have to figure out a way of passing as a Winged- maybe she could do something with her dragon wings to make them look like bird wings?

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Oh! Okay! Ummm how about she stains them somehow every time she goes to a Base... Like some sort of huge temporary tattoo? And she can put brown nail polish on the scales on her face so that they don't shine as noticably in light. Thanks Blue! I have a feeling I'm really going to enjoy this RP.

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(February 15, 2019 - 4:23 pm)

Oh, this looks fun! Aaah, I wanna join!

Name: Viva Tennent

Species: Winged

Age: 17

Pronouns: she/her

Personality: Reserved, doesn't make friends very easily, cocky and quick to lash out, but if you get to know her, she's very devoted to her friends. She'll listen to your problems and give you a shoulder to cry on. She's very observant and has a sharp wit that can get her into (and out of) trouble. She will defy authority often, and fiercely protect those younger than her.

Appearance: Dark brown hair in loose curls that falls to just below her shoulders, cinnamon colored skin, dark purple eyes, long eyelashes, a little taller than average, and has a serious, intimidating look to her. Her wings are sparrow wings.

Backstory: Viva had a fairly normal life growing up, and learned early on the difference between right and wrong. However, she doesn't always care. She aggravates her parents to no end, who feel that she's doing everything in her power to get under her skin (they're not wrong). Viva isn't in a gang, but is rebellious, so she'd be open to joining, especially since her parents are avidly against them.

CBer name: Quill

Fun Fact: I wish it would snow more!

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A RP for the reunion? Definitely reserving!

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Oh, I am in.

Name: Desmond O'Reilly

Species: Dwarf

Age: 15

Pronouns: He, him, his. 

Personality: Desmond is an idiot. he has no foresight and barely any smarts. He'll do stupid things without thinking and doesn't really know anything. Even though he is a total doofus, he is rather kind and enjoys helping people in the limited ways he can. 

Appearance: Desmond is short (duh) with dark skin, big brown eyes, and curly black hair. He's fairly hefty, but most of it is muscle. He has a very puffy coat that he enjoys wearing and a pretty goofy hat that is essentially a beanie a little swirl at the top. 

Backstory: Desmond originally hails from Alaska, which leads to a few somewhat odd habits and behaviors of his, such as waking up extremely early. He moved to whatever city this RP takes place in when his mother got a job there in a pretty popular mechanics shop. Desmond, also being pretty skilled in mechanics often stay there, working and chilling. He's not yet involved in any gang business yet. He tries his hardest to do well in school, but often struggles.

CBer Name: General Waffleson

Fun Fact about CBer: I'm in a band called Punching Cthulhu.

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Name: Alani Grace Mlynowski

Species: winged

Age: 27

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Personality: Alani is outgoing, witty, passionate, dramatic, and quick-tempered, and she's not afraid to speak her mind. She will speak or act without thinking first. She's a night owl, city girl, lover of bright colors, and a fan of country rock. She enjoys hanging with her friends and being silly when appropriate.

Appearance: shorter, stockier build, with an oval-shaped face and coffee-colored skin. Alani has dark brown eyes and slightly wavy black hair falling midway down her back. Wears converse, tight jeans, t-shirts, and a bracelet or two. Her grey wings are more similar to those of a bat or dragon. 

Backstory: her mother is a winged, and while her father loved Alani, her mother, and Alani's younger twin sisters (who are also winged), he thought them strange to have giant pieces of leather-like appendages sprouting out of their backs. Alani's parents got a divorce, and her father moved far away, leaving her with her mother and younger sisters. They were all very close, and sad when Alani left for college. As a result, Alani moved closer to her home once she finished college and works as a waitress. 

CBer Name: Soren

Fun Fact about CBer: I'm near-sighted and wear contacts. 

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I'm pretty sure wingeds are only supposed to have feathery wings. IDK you'll have to ask Blue, but she asked me to have my charrie do something to her wings (she's not a true winged though) so that they look feathery. Yeah. :|

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