Launching my ideaaaaa

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Launching my ideaaaaa

Launching my ideaaaaa

So this is the RP thingy I was talking about here:


Basically, this will be an RP, but with only a few people! Maybe just the people who commented on that thread ^^^ becuz including me that's six, a good number for this.

We'll start out with one charrie each and make more if needed as we go along. But I thought first of all we could discuss, what genre/what kind of story will this be? I love fantasy best, and mystery would be fun. So those are ideas. We can have a vote i guess xD And when we're done with that, we can make the characters and after THAT we can decide how they are all related to each other and after THAT we can start writing. Whatever. We can just figure this out as it goes.

This will probably go pretty slowly, so please only join if you are committed and willing to take time with this!!! Thank you!!!! The purpose of this is to actually finish something for once, and have it be well written as well!



also @Peregrine it's fine you capitalized my name xDD no big deal 


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Also, I don't know about dragon charries. Should the dragons be able to talk? That would be cool, but also weird. We could have each dragon rider charrie have their own dragons. But honestly I can't decide.

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I think we should have dragon characters. Perhaps the dragons could “talk” using telepathy?  I think the idea of having each rider having a dragon is a good one.

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I’m adding on to you ideas.  How about this?

For centuries the kingdom of Emaryan has existed peacefully with the Dragon RIders.  The kings and queens have understood the RIders’ want for peace and have respected that.  Until a time comes when the current Queen of Emaryan mysteriously dissapears and a new “king” places himself on the throne.  He calls himself Azazel.

Azazel plans to conquer the kingdoms surrounding Emaryan using the dragons.  He wants the RIders to join him in his plans.  But when they refuse he attemps to capture and enslave them.  One advanced RIder was captured and taken to his stronghold.  Though it is unsure whether Azazel captured this RIder or if this RIder went willingly.  The RIder turns against the other RIders and reveals their secrets to Azazel.

No place is safe.  The kingdom is gearing up for war.  Azazel’s spys are everywhere, and can all the RIders and dragons be trusted? 

What do you think? 

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This is great!

How bout this for some background:

A long time ago, Emarya had no dragon riders, and was not at peace with the dragons, who were wild and dangerous and harmed the people of Emarya. Their rulers fought bravely against the beasts and slew many, but eventually some Emaryans wondered if there was a different way.

A few special ones formerly thought to be witches/warlocks mastered the art of dragon communication and persuaded both the dragons and the Emaryan rulers to stop fighting. It was a tricky balance because both sides had to comply. But it worked. These people, called the Dragon Mages, became the peacekeepers of the dragons and Emarya. Eventually they shared the dragons' territory and lived among them as equals, but were still respected and accepted in Emaryan society. Because of their close kinship with the dragons they became known as Dragon Riders. 

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I love it!

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this sounds like a great story! cant wait to read the full thing...

again, am i working on this? i dont know if i got picked. it would be such an honor to be picked tho. 

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(May 13, 2020 - 2:08 pm)

:))) You are! Also, we haven't technically started yet! This is just background!

ANyway, I think we're ready for charrie sheets.....


Age: (we need to work out how dragon ages will work....)


Dragon Rider, Supporter of Azazel, Inbetween, or Dragon?



Background: (if you want we can work on this more after we've all made our charries, to link them together)

If dragon, who is their dragon rider, and if dragon rider, who is their dragon? (We'll figure this out the same way we do with shipping)

Shipping? yes or no



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Here's my first charrie.

Name: Elatza

Age: pretty old for a dragon, but not too old

Gender/Pronouns: female

Role: She is the Dragon Queen!

Appearance: She's a vibrant pink with some gold scales, slim and agile, very dramatic style, looks WAY younger than she is, dark blue eyes which are huge

Personality: dramatic, confident, determined, likes to joke around, impatient and volatile. Sunny, flirty personality. Hardworking, loving, and can be forgetful.

Background: Became queen at a very young age. She has two daughters.

Dragon rider: The leader of the Dragon Riders would make sense.

Shipping: sure

Other: PLZ READ THIS. Whoever makes her dragon rider, that will be the leader of the dragon riders! Also, ppl can make charrie sheets for her two daughters if they want! 

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eek thanks for letting me join! im doing one charrie, a male one this time.


Name: Blue Krifit 

Age: 15

Gender/Pronouns: male, he/him

Dragon Rider, Supporter of Azazel, Inbetween, or Dragon? a Dragon Rider, if thats ok. just joined the Riders.

Appearance: messy, floppy brown-almost-black hair, indigo eyes flecked with gold, lithe build, average hight, charming smile he doesnt use often, always wearing a grey sweatshirt with the hood pulled up and loose jeans.

Personality: wont trust you until he really knows you, can be unnoticed by most adults (he's just average, doesnt get noticed much by anyone) he's pretty anti-social unless your his friend.(and he'll only be your friend if you prove yourself trustworthy) 

Background: most likely work on this with everyone, but important thing: he's an orphan.

If dragon, who is their dragon rider, and if dragon rider, who is their dragon? he's a dragon rider, and his dragon..? MY dragon idea (someone please adopt this dragon): black dragon with startling yellow eyes. name is Cricket, hardly makes sounds, ext

Shipping? yup. can be shipped with anyone around his age.

Other: LOVES riding dragons and feels at home in the air.

NOTE: dragon age idea: dragons age three years for every human year, and they can live up to 100 human years or something. maybe theres a mystical dragon that the Dragon Riders are searching for, who holds a key to peace or something, and they are the oldest dragon at 1000 dragon years old? just an idea

im so excited for this. its a really great idea and i love how everyone is contributing.  

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I'm so excited! Before I write up my charrie sheet, I have two questions. One: Is there a limit to how many charries we can have? Two: Is there an age limit? 

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No age limit... and let's start with 1-3 charries each for now, but later we can add as needed.

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(May 13, 2020 - 10:07 pm)


please adopt Blue's dragon Cricket! Blue is going to be a complex charrie and im trying to get in so many other RPs i cant handle Cricket rn...

Charrie Sheet

Name: Cricket

Age: 3 in human years

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her

D.R, S.o.A, Inbetween, or Dragon? dragon uwu

Appearance: midnight black, with bright yellow eyes, looks sorta like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon except serious-er and more realistic :3

Personality: always puts on a tough front when w/ company, but inside is really a soft-hearted dragon who cant help but be ridiculous. she has a great humor and often jokes with Blue even though he cant understand her... or can he? 

Background: Blue found her as a small dragon, tamed/trained her and they became friends ;-;

If dragon, who is their dragon rider, and if dragon rider, who is their dragon? she's a dragon, her dragon rider is Blue.

NOTE: blue is my charrie, but i cant handle Cricket rn... please someone adopt Cricket.  

Shipping? she's a dragon but sure? i guess? ship only w/ boys

Other: she wants dragon friends and disagrees with Blue's

antisocial lifestyle

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I will post my characters soon!  I think this is going to be a great RP.

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'edeno'... dunno them. are you saying edeno is your friend, introduce me to your fellow CAPTCHA please iliri! 

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I just realized that I haven't really participatd in this at all, except to give the kingdom name. I'm so sorry, and I'll try to do better. I'll post my charrie sheet later today.

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