Launching my ideaaaaa

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Launching my ideaaaaa

Launching my ideaaaaa

So this is the RP thingy I was talking about here:


Basically, this will be an RP, but with only a few people! Maybe just the people who commented on that thread ^^^ becuz including me that's six, a good number for this.

We'll start out with one charrie each and make more if needed as we go along. But I thought first of all we could discuss, what genre/what kind of story will this be? I love fantasy best, and mystery would be fun. So those are ideas. We can have a vote i guess xD And when we're done with that, we can make the characters and after THAT we can decide how they are all related to each other and after THAT we can start writing. Whatever. We can just figure this out as it goes.

This will probably go pretty slowly, so please only join if you are committed and willing to take time with this!!! Thank you!!!! The purpose of this is to actually finish something for once, and have it be well written as well!



also @Peregrine it's fine you capitalized my name xDD no big deal 


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Some ideas for the answers to Peregrine's worldbuilding questions: (The ones about Dragon Riders.)

- I think it would be sort of cool if all Dragon Riders were birn with some sort of dragon feature, like a tail or nose or something, that identifies them as a Dragon Rider. The feature will melt away eventually, but that's how you know they're going to be a Dragon Rider. And maybe they get sent away for an apprenticeship once you reach a certain age.

- I think you're right, the Dragon Riders should just share dragon territory. Maybe they have a small village there, though.

- Like I suggested earlier, not every human should be born with rider ability. And the telepathy thing sounds good, too. And some positions they can be offered if no dragon chooses them could be maybe a trainer for future Dragon Riders.

- I think telepathy is a good link for the dragon and Rider.

- Dragons should have their own language, and they can only talk with humans if they are their Dragon Rider, and even that is only telepathy.

- Special abilities can be fire breathing (or maybe ice breathing too, depending on the dragon.) And each dragon maybe has a weak spot which is the place where their Rider touched them when they were just hatched. If a dragon is not touched by a Rider within a month (or maybe even a year) of when they hatched, then they die. Or something.

- I think the dragon and Rider should normally bond right after hatching, but it can happen up to a year after they are hatched.

- And, yeah, a bond lasts for life, and you can't change it, even when one of them dies. 

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Hey guys, today was my last day of school (whoo hoo!) so I'll be on more now, sorry I haven't contributed much (besides starting the thing lol)

Me, PygmyOwl, and Sorrelshine have all given possible answers for Peregrine's prompts - which do you guys think we should do?

Also @Peregrine how about for the river it can be the River Remboreth, and two of the villages can be, lets see, uhhhhh, ......... Havenwood and Eglen? Those aren't the best names I'm in a hurry, but do what you like with it. 

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ohno it's about to hit the second page! Top!

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Also, a name for the castle could be the Castle of Maryan, and the grasslands could be the Loranis. Umm I don't know where that came from but..

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I actually did not make the world building questions.  Sorrelshine did and I gave some answers.  I don’t want to take credit for something I did not do!

Thank you for the names everyone!  I’ll start making the final map. 

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Oh right, sorry, I got you guys mixed up for some reason.

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Okee dokee, I want to start RPing, but I'm going to wait for Peregrine to post the final map. I also have one more question, where is the Dragon rider "hangout" or whatever? That's it. Ok byeee.

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Okay, here’s the final map of Emaryan!  Sorry for the wait.

I’ll be making a map of the Dragons’ and Riders’ territory.  I will post a draft map and ask for names.

Let’s start RPing! 


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Here‘s the draft map of the Dragons’ and Riders’ territory!  Let me know if I should add, take out, move, or change anything.

There is one name I wasn’t able to fit in to Emaryan, it’s Remboreth.  I really like the name and I want to include it in this map.  I was thinking it could be the name of the waterfall, or even the name of the Riders’ headquarters.  I can’t remember who gave that name, but whoever did please tell me where you would like Remboreth to be placed.

Names needed for:

- A mountain range

- Riders’ headquarters

- A name for the mountain the headquarters is placed on 

- A couple names for some mountains 

- A waterfall

- An important cave (maybe the special ceremony cave?)

- Two watch towers

- Cliffs

- A name for a series of caves 

- A Desert

- A mountain top observatory 

- I think the river should have the same name it had in Emaryan, but if you think otherwise fell free to give a name

- Should the forest have a new name as it’s in a different territory?  Or should it keep the same name as it had in Emaryan?  I’m fine with either.

- I think this territory should have a name so we don’t have to call it  Dragons’ and Riders’ territory all the time.

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wow, peregrine, love the maps! 

draco is dragon in latin, and equitem is rider(s) in latin. maybe something like a combination of them can be the name of the territory? like the Draco-Equitem Range, which sounds cool but basically means Dragon-Rider territory. 

- A mountain range: The Corulis Mountains (made up)

- Riders’ headquarters: maybe again something to do with Draco-Equitem? idk

- A name for the mountain the headquarters is placed on: Somnia Mountain (dream(s) mountain in latin)

- A waterfall: Sorolis Waterfall or something 

- An important cave: Peculiari Cave (special cave in latin)

- A name for a series of caves: Crystallo Caves (crystal caves)

- A Desert: The Inanis Desert (The Void Desert T^T)

- A mountain top observatory: Visum Observetory (View Ob.)

i made up some words and then used latin for the rest.



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