Launching my ideaaaaa

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Launching my ideaaaaa

Launching my ideaaaaa

So this is the RP thingy I was talking about here:


Basically, this will be an RP, but with only a few people! Maybe just the people who commented on that thread ^^^ becuz including me that's six, a good number for this.

We'll start out with one charrie each and make more if needed as we go along. But I thought first of all we could discuss, what genre/what kind of story will this be? I love fantasy best, and mystery would be fun. So those are ideas. We can have a vote i guess xD And when we're done with that, we can make the characters and after THAT we can decide how they are all related to each other and after THAT we can start writing. Whatever. We can just figure this out as it goes.

This will probably go pretty slowly, so please only join if you are committed and willing to take time with this!!! Thank you!!!! The purpose of this is to actually finish something for once, and have it be well written as well!



also @Peregrine it's fine you capitalized my name xDD no big deal 


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When are we going to start this?

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Guys. This cannot die. @Cerinthe, when should we start? 

With all the wonderful wordlbuilding put into this, we cant have it die!

If it can't be a roleplay, someone please make it into a solo write (i would but i have my own T^T)  
Please. @Everyone, this is just to perfect to die. Please let it live.

aaaand guess what? Tomru says Agree. literally. (Thanks NPK Co for that!) 

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Well, Heroes of Olympus, cerenthe has left the CB, so we will have to do this without her. However, I want this to go one for a long while, as a legacy of sorts. But, anyway, we will need a new leader, someone who will commit to answering questions like, "when do we start" and "what will we do next". Does anyone volunteer to do that? If not, I will, but I don't know how well I would keep that commitment, so if someone else wants to, that would be great. 

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Cerinthe left? Oh no... i didnt know...

i cant lead. Im currently writing too many things, and i have a solo write of my own... it would be great for you to lead, Pygmy! Cant wait to start! 


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Yes, let’s start!  I can’t be the leader as I already have a solowrite to do.

I’m working on the map.  But don’t wait for it so you can start. 

Goodness!  Inkblot (I changed my CAPTCHA’s name) said “ramen”.  A real word, your first!  I don’t eat ramen, sorry about that Inkblot.  Are you hungry?

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I don't want to seem like I'm trying to take control or whatever, but I can be the "leader" of this RP, as I'm not committed to anything else right now. Or we can just carry it on without a "leader" or someone else can lead, it doesn't really matter. I also think I'll start RPing tomorrow if everyone's ok with that, but we'll have to discuss the plot some after we all get our first piece in. 

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If you want to be the leader, that's great! It feels sort of odd to have an RP without some sort of leaderish person, even if the whole point of it is that it's basically group led. Everyone else, is it fine with you that MM will assume leadership of this roleplay?

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yes, im good! MM, have fun leading! cant wait to start ^O^

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Here is my first part, from Lexi's perspective. I've actually tried to write this multiple times, but got distracted with something else and then lost the progress. Hopefully this time I'll write the whole thing...


My braid picked up in the wind and flew behind me as a grabbed tighter to Kayda's neck. She whizzed around cacti and ducked under the branches of the sparse trees. "You got this, Kay," I muttered as she left the desert behind and started the ascent toward the cliffs. It wasn't as much of a struggle as it was when we first started practicing the cliffs, but that didn't stop us from panting when we finally finished the climb and landed on the dirt with a thump. 

"What was my time?" I asked breathlessly, sliding off of Kayda's back. Twelve minutes, forty-seven seconds, she replied. I groaned and slumped against Kayda, her scales glimmering in the mid-day sun. 

"I think that's pretty good," a voice called from behind me. 

"Daniel," I grumbled. Daniel was a rather odd in-between who lived in the cliffs alone. I seemed to be his only friend, or at least the only person he ever talked to, because I don't really consider us "friends". He was standing in front of me in ratty clothes, munching on a poisonous-looking mushroom. 

"Assuming you were coming from the Riders' Headquarters, that's actually pretty quick."

"Riiiiight," I said. Daniel's reply was sort of true, it wasn't too shabby for a ride from HQ down to the desert and back up to the cliffs, however... If that took me a whole twelve minutes, I was hopeless if I wanted to get all the way to Emarya in time for the Solar Maximum.

I took a sip of water from my canteen and said, "I gotta go." It was true - For my plan to work, I was going to need a whole lot more training. 

I mounted Kayda and we took off toward the sky.


Okay, a few things [PLEASE READ]:

1. Kayda is fueled by sunlight. The more sun there is, the better she flies. She can still fly at night and in the rain and stuff, just not as fast. This can go for all dragons, or they can all be powered by different things. Doesn't matter to me.

2. The "Solar Maximum" is when the solar activity is the highest and there are the most sunspots. Basically that means it's really sunny.  Lexi really, really wants her revenge on Azazel, and Kayda will be strongest during the solar maximum, meaning there is potential for his defeat. Lexi is making a plan to travel to Azazel's castle and defeat him during it. Anyone can join her, but she's trying to keep it secret. OR if someone else has a better plot idea, I can scrap that completely, and we'll pretend it never happened.

3. Daniel is an NPC. Anyone can use his character, basically he is a kind of shady weirdo living in the cliffs. He's tall, skinny, and has brown hair. And no, I 100% DO NOT ship Lexi and Daniel, if anyone was wondering. 

4. After everyone has put in their first installment, I think we should pause and discuss the plot, etc. 

That's it for now. Have fun RPing, everyone! And please feel free to comment your plot ideas!! 


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hm, I wonder why that posted twice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  


I don't know, but I just deleted one of them. You can always ask Admin to do that.



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Okay, thanks.

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Final map of Dragon and Riders Territory.  Perhaps we could call it Equidro?

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