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The world was chaotic. Everyone screamed and ran around, hands waving… the King laughed. Typical, silly humans. He turned away from the mirror and placed his hands on the crystal diamond on his desk. The clear surface swirled with dark power, purple energy snapping and crackling, and the mirror behind him showed a giant purple vortex opening in the middle of the city… the King laughed, clear and cold, channeling more energy into the diamond. The vortex grew, swallowing buildings, people… The King had achieved his goal.

Hazel screamed, clutching to a section of a broken building, her lower body flailing from the pull of the vortex behind her. She had to get away, but she was stuck, if she let go of the building, she would get pulled into the vortex… but if she didn't move, the vortex would swallow her anyway. She tried to adjust her grip… and that's where she made her fatal mistake. Hazel flew backward into the vortex.

Ray hustled the citizens into an abandoned military bunker. She knew they would have a chance of surviving here… unlike the millions of others already consumed by the vortex. Ray made sure the people stopped crying and raced back out into the storm… only to get sucked into the vortex. 

The Watcher stared into his pool of dirty water. Images rippled across the surface; a brown-haired girl getting yanked into the King’s vortex, a girl with black hair with sunset-colored tips somersaulting through the vortex… buildings getting enveloped by purple energy… people screaming as their cars were pulled off the road into the vortex… the vortex. The Watcher hated it, despised it. It was the worst of the King’s creations that The Watcher had ever seen… and he had seen them all. The Watcher had been trapped in the King’s tower prison for 100 years… and he wasn't getting out anytime soon. 


How d’ya like it? It's an RP, and WE’RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Your charrie can be A) a citizen of the city being wrecked by the vortex; that gets pulled into the vortex, B) a servant of the king, or C) a wander/runaway in the king’s world. All charries will meet sooner or later. No powers. No AEs. Enjoy! NOTE: This RP is run by NoOneKnows AND HeroesOfOlympus. Heroes will be posting as Hazel and sometimes as The King, NoOneKnows will be posting as Ray and The Watcher. So what did we forget? Oh yeah! CHARRIE SHEET:




Position (Citizen, Servant, or Traveler): 



Alliance (To The King Or Against Him): 


Enjoy! We really hope this doesn't die… 


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Hiiiiiiiiii! no volunteers yet? boo!

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@NoOneKnows and HeroesOfOlympus, could I have a bit more info on the vortex? What happens if you fall in?

Name: Luna-Selene (L.S. [pronounced Ellis] for short)

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Position: Citizen

Appearance: Pale, pale skin that seems to glow sometimes, and wispy, windswept, short white-blonde hair that frames her face, and is always getting in her eyes, which are pale, pale, pale grey. She wears small silver stud earrings in the shape of crescent moons, which she was named after,(The moon, I mean), and a grey headband. Dark blue jeans, black boots, and and a slightly oversized sweatshirt that should fit, but she's small for her age, and which she only wears because she's always cold. Under the sweatshirt she wears a midnight blue long-sleeved blouse, and a gold star pendant on a silver chain.

Personality: Quiet and shy, and at school she's made fun of. Which she usually doesn't mind, but occasionally she gets really upset, especially when someone teases her about having no friends. Because that's not true! And L.S. lives by "honesty is the best policy." She's definitely an introvert though, and a night owl too. (Owls are her favorite, by the way.)

Alliance: Against the King!

Other: She made friends with an owl she calls Sól, after the Norse goddes of the sun. But her best friend is a boy, Cyris, who's actually seven years older than her, and a Traveler.

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The owl is named Aurora-Eos, after the goddess of dawn. 

CAPTCHA says eatid? 

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ooh, maybe your captcha was trying to say Edited, 'cause you revised the owl's name!

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Oh yeah! I didn't even think of that!

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Revision #2.

Would go by Luna, not L.S. 

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Name: Rilia Jules 
Age: (is there a limit?) 15-16 or so
Gender: Female
Position (Citizen, Servant, or Traveler): Traveler
Appearance: Long, dark hair, lightly tanned skin, almond-green eyes. A slight scar on her left hand. Medium height. Usually wears loose-fitting, dark-hued clothing and a cloak. 
Personality: Cool, calculating. Smart, logical, unemotional and indifferent with strangers, but can be unexpectedly kind sometimes. Has a "cool head in the face of trouble". Sometimes stubborn, and can be fiercely outspoken (sometimes too much so) against things that she views as unnatural or unfair. Fairly athletic.
Alliance (To The King Or Against Him): Neutral. For now.
Other: She's sort of a forester in the world of the king. She's also a falconer -- she has a golden eagle (is this too much? I she won't be OP). 
anyway, can't wait to start! 
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@Evergreen, thats perfect! not too OP at all. And there is no age limit, (it would be cool if we had a little kid who fell thru the vortex w/ their cousin or something...) 

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Info on the Vortex: normal humans get sucked through into nothingness. But your charries are not normal... they survive the vortex and fall through into the king's world. (they have no powers, but an incredible imagination so they can belive the different world is real. thereforthey can survive the vortex) have fun! We're still accepting charries, 13 spots left!

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Thank you guys SO much for joining!! me and Heros are going to try tomake this RP a good one, that dosent die. we'll be posting evry day or so. try to post about every week or sooner, so we can keep this going! hope it's fun for you guys, and we make it a big and vary popular RP! we'll start posting on May 25th, wether we have enough charries or not. anyway, after we start, we will still exept charries. theres going tobe 15 in total, so 13 more! 




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did this die already?

is not the 25th tho!!!!!!!!!!! wahhhhh 

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Who said it was dead?


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