Spirit solo write!

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Spirit solo write!

Spirit solo write!

Aethrae: a land where primal spirits prowl the land, bonding with and lending power to the humans they deign worth. but something is wrong. The Anemarls, a sect of humans who think that the spirits should be wiped out, have reappeared, and something is sapping the spirits power. Both the Harnells, those who use the spirits for power, and the Sagens, those who use them for knowledge, are sending out teams of spirit wielders to discover the cause of this calamity, and the solution.

Hi CBers! this is my first solo write, so I'm kinda nervous, but I'll do my best! Here's the Charrie


Age: (Up to 25 but no lover than 12)


Weapon of choice:

Spirit they have bonded with: (i.e. Bear, Sparrow, Elk. No repeats please!)

Harnell or Sagen: (four of each pls)


Ok, please four of each group (Harnells, Sagens), no spirit repeats (that would get boring), Deadline July 21. 

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Alwearin Vernite


Tall, slim. She had long flowing black hair and blue eyes. She wears a golden tunic and a navy blue cape. She also wears knee-length white boots.

Bow and Arrows



Well there’s no one to ship her with xD 


Btw I’ve included a drawing of her below to get a better idea of her looks (yes it’s crappy and yet took me like five mins but at lest it gives a better ish idea owo)

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For shipping she is open to any male around her age, she is straight female and she is sarcastic, wise and can be a know it all.

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Super sorry, everyone, but could you include a personality description in your charrie? I forgot to put that in the original sheet. For those who have made a sheet already, please just reply to your own charrie with the personality. Thanks!


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Can I reserve a Harnell?

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Since I'm fairly stupid and forgot more stuff for the charrie, please add the gender for your spirit plus your characters gender/pronouns. thanks for putting up with me! 


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idk if anyone posts before me, so if I accidentally repeat your charrie I'll repost. <33
Name: Runa Titan 
Age: 18 
Appearance: Dark purplish-red hair, fair skin. Grey eyes. Tall-ish and slender. She wears a cloak with a hood, fastened with a silver ouroboros-shaped brooch. She also wears a belt, and a leather satchel, and gloves with the fingertips cut off. 
Weapon of choice: Twin blades, specially forged (I don't know how to describe them. I was inspired by Tolkien's elven weapons...) 
Spirit they have bonded with: Tiger
Harnell or Sagen: Harnell
Can I add personality?  
Personality: Quiet, stoic, determined. Fierce, will hold her ground under most situations. Level-headed. Clever. In most situations, she doesn't show her emotions unless it is beneficial. 
Shipping: open to either gender, but same age range pls. 
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Name: Soryst "Sor" Runeshield

Age: Only 19, but her mind is older. XD sorry

Gender: Female, she/her

Appearance: She has short reddish-blond hair, braided thickly on the sides of her head. I'll draw her sometime so you can picture it better. She's very tall and powerfully built, though she can be surprisingly agile. She has bright blue eyes and a few freckles. She wears fur-trimmed leather armor and a dark blue cloak. 

Personality: She's very clever in battle, but not always in conversations and she often doesn't think things through when she's angry. While she's a kind-hearted person, she has a bad temper, and will always stand up for her friends in a fight, even if she's outnumbered. She's very bold and determined, and fierce in battle. She's protective of her friends, and while she's a good listener, she also likes to talk a lot. She's normally good-natured, but often not particularly tactful, and she sometimes doesn't realize if she's unknowingly insulted someone.

Weapon of choice: She has a heavy wooden club, with a stylized bear carved into it. She also knows some hand-to-hand combat, and can hold her own in battle without her weapon.

Spirit they have bonded with: Bear 

Spirit's gender: Female 

Harnell or Sagen: Harnell

Shipping: Open for both genders. 

Actually, @Sirin, would you like to ship Runa and Soryst?

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Name- Liori "Lio" Bluefeather

Age- 16

Appearance- Pale skinned, short and petite with black eyes and hair, pulled back in a messy bun with a yellow silk scarf. A loose greenish blue tunic with wide sleeves, with a yellow ribbon used as a belt. Knee high brown boots, well worn, and a brown cloak, usually not worn- it's only for disguises.

Personality- Her strengths are: her loyalty, persistence, and strong moral compass. Her faults are: her impulsiveness, her temper, and impatience. Overall, I would describe her as 'fiery.' 

Weapon of choice- An array of daggers and a sword

Spirit they have bonded with- Horse

Harnell or Sagen- Sagen

Shipping- Open

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Lio is female, the spirit is male. Do the spirits have names?

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If you would like to include a name for the spirit beyond their species, please put it after the species name.


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This looks pretty snazy!

Name: River Cole

Age: (Up to 25 but no lover than 12) 19

Gender/pronouns: Male him/he/his

Personality: He is very serious and rational. down to earth, strategist, feels responsible over everyone. always follows his gut and his head, never his heart, likes to be in charge doesn't like it when someone is bossy towards him, he tends to think before he acts unless he is enraged and troubled by the situation.

Appearence: He has an undercut pixie cut, platinum blonde hair with dark roots, he doesn't look super buff but is very strong, he is about 5'8", typically wears all black, an eagle tattoo on his entire back, he has heterochromia which means he has one brown eye and one light blue eye. He is gracefull and light on his feet.

Weapon of choice: two swords that are on his back

Spirit they have bonded with: (i.e. Bear, Sparrow, Elk. No repeats please!) Eagle

Spirit Gender: Male 

Harnell or Sagen: (four of each pls) Harnell

Shipping: open to shipping with either gender! but preferably they are one year older or younger! 

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Spirit name: Scrathe

Sprit pronouns: He/him

Charrie pronouns: he/him 

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I really like this idea!

Name: Havanna

Age: (Up to 25 but no lower than 12)  20

Personality: Energetic.  Has trouble reconizing others feelings. Moves constantly.  Enjoys talking and likes to laugh and smile, as well as sing and dance.  A very good planner and comes with many good ideas, though not always realistic. Thinks ahead and can make split second decisions.

Appearence: Black hair with bangs, worn in a low pony tail. Tan skin.  Short for her age.  Dark brown eyes.  Wears a loose tea green shirt and brown pants.

Weapon of choice: Bow and arrow.  Has a very good aim.

Spirit they have bonded with: (i.e. Bear, Sparrow, Elk. No repeats please!) Raven.

Harnell or Sagen: (four of each pls) Harnell

Shipping: No thank you.


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Havanna‘s gender: Female. She/her/hers.

Spirit’s gender: Female.  She/her/hers. 

Name of spirit: Noiren 

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