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Letters From Brooklyn

Letters From Brooklyn


Do you like role playing in a very weird, possibly-not-a-roleplay-at-all kind of way? Do you enjoy writing letters? Does the idea of writing to made up characters sound appealing to you?


Join this thread! 

It's, um, a weird idea. It's based off a book I started writing, though I really didn't get very far. Basically, I've made up some characters, and you guys can, uh, well, write letters to them. Like imaginary pen pals. 


Gosh, I really hope someone does this... 


Here's a summary:

One day, you get a very strange letter in the mail. It's from your new pen pal. It's your homework assignment to spend a whole month writing to them, with at least 3 letters sent and 3 received. But something's wrong with this letter. It's supposed to be from a school in France, but it's from Brooklyn, New York. And the kid writing to you is a little strange. The talk about things that don't make sense, like the sounds inanimate objects make. 

One day, you realize that the person you're writing to has no record of ever exsisting. As the end of the month draws near, more questions reveal themselves. Where are these letters coming from? What are the sounds? And, most importantly, who is the person writing the letters?

Here are the "pen pals" you can select:

Viola, the first of the last (not to be confused with the CBer Viola?)



Eliza (AKA Eli), of Volume 86 (not related to Hamilton, sorry)



Mya, the youngest (no seriously she's 6)



Theo, a vague writer (he writes short, mysterious letters that leave you with more questions than answers)



That's all the characters I have right now, I got rid of one of the ones from my story. To join, fill out this quick form:





Pen Pal (you can pick one that someone else has if you want to):


Also, I'm using a fake name. I don't really know anything about Narnia XD You can guess me if you want to. 


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(June 16, 2021 - 6:11 pm)

Narnia S, I'm going to have to drop out, school is taking a lot of my time. Sorry. I'll still read what everyone's writing here, though, it's a fascinating idea!

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(September 8, 2021 - 10:36 am)