You wake up

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You wake up

You wake up to the sound of crashing plates. AHHHHHH you scream in your head, because it's the middle of the night. You try as hard as you can to tell yourself it's just a dream, but it's not. You finally fall asleep and forget about it as your mind spirals into a dream.

You wake up the next morning and sit up. You rub your tired eyes and yawn. then you swiftly walk over to your closet and get changed.soon you race downstairs. Recalling last night, you stare at the ground, but instead of scattered plate pieces, you find the pices spelling out the word HIddEn. Soon you plop down at the counter with your rich chocolate Ovaltin and ponder last night's dream. You were in a small dimly lit room, and you were staring at the ceiling. There was a spider web in the corner that had the word CasTLe on it.

You're soon on the bus, staring at the seat in front of. There's old dried gum stuck to it spelling out the words In ThE--what is it with all these words today?

When you get to school you head to your locker and sure enough there's another word. It's written on the inside cover of your notebook and you read as you grab it: fOrEsT. You walk into the classroom and plop down at your desk. There's ANOTHER noteand you expect to resd a single word, but instead you find:

Dearest Stranger,

You have been rightfuly choosen to attend a getaway deep in the forest. If you can recall all your clues try to put them together and you will discover where we wll be staying on this retreat. If you decide to come to this jungle getaway fill out the form below. CBers, AEs, and CAPTCHAS are all allowed, but please limit yourself to 3 people per group (only two compainions). Meet me at the edge of the forest tomorrow at dawn with this sheet.


The Emorior

You stare at the letter and pick up your pencil to fill out the sheet. It reads:




Favourite food:


Please hand this sheet in to The Emorior 


I will post when all the slots are full, hope you enjoy, and try to guess who i am! 



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Oooh wow, that's real sad... and death by drowning! How awful.

Are you Jwyn, @Emorior? 

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@Luna, I am not!


The Emorior 

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Cool, Emorior!

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Are you Alizarine?

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@Leo, I am not!


The Emorior 

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@Admins, could you take away the age and location boxes please? thank you!


The Emorior 


The boxes are a permanent feature of the website. --admin 

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