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Are your AEs

Are your AEs bored? Do they need something fun to do? Yes? Then please step right up in!!! (If your answer was "no," then please leave, this is no place for you to be sticking around!)

We warmly welcome aboard all bored AEs who wish they were having more fun into the Redrum Resort Chain! We will be hosting tours and travelling plenty to ensure the utmost enjoyment from our guests! Beautiful views, excitement and fun are our most important values after all! And for the shy AEs in the audience, there's no need worry about bumping into unfamiliar people! Other than our guests and staff, we will not be interrupted by anyone through the whole trip! No matter what! Fun, isn't it?

For all the AEs who are willing to leave their boring life behind for chance to join on this wonderful journey, please fill out this registration form!







Packing list*:  




Starred options are required for valid forms, so be sure to double check! It is also recommended that guests bring along a smile, a couple pairs of extra clothes and kni- I mean, can-do attitude! It will greatly improve the experience for all involved!

Disclaimer: This adventure may include the side affects of bug bites, lost items, maiming, sleep-loss, slight exhaustion from the overuse of muscles, shock, blown minds, emotional trauma, an unnatural urge to return next year, hauntings, injury, or even death. The Redrum Resort Chain is not in any way responsible for any of these outcomes and places all liability on the guest for all happenings at the Resorts excluding the feelings of fun and enjoyment gained from the once-in-a-lifetime experience. By filling out the form and entering the premises, you are agreeing to all these terms.  

Exitedly awaiting your arrival, 

Robert Redrum and the Resort Chain's Staff!

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Name*: Ava

Nickname(s): N/A

Gender/Prounouns*: Female, she/her

Personality*: bubbly, excited. She loves making friends and running and playing in the sun and she likes writing sometimes but most out the time she prefers just being outside. She's really active.

Appearance*:  reddish brown hair that goes down to the middle if her back, green eyes, tan skin, lots of freckles. She has a really wide, happy smile. She likes to wear t-shorts and shorts/jeans.

Packing list*:  clothes (but not too many), a notebook and pencil, and a few books. But probably she's forgetting everything.

Likes/dislikes*: she loves summer, grass, forests, running, people, water, and animals. She hates winter, starting still for too long, school, slow things, and bugs.

Other: She's 10 years old.

Name*: Audrey

Nickname(s): N/A

Gender/Prounouns*: Female, she/her

Personality*: She's - I can do this, thank you very much. I am beautiful and mysterious, an extraordinarily good writer, and a devoted friend. I am Audrey. Basically, she's stuck up and lives in her bed all day. Also, she has a diary. No comment.

Appearance*:  Dark extique, luxurious locks in a rich chocolate brown. Pale skin the color of a full moon. Deep sea eyes rimmed with thick, dark lashes. A dainty button nose and thin, light pink lips curled into a pleasant smile. A tall, thin figure, delicate but not weak. Clothing, picked out from a large, diverse wardrobe. Thin dresses that reach out and ticket my feet, puffy skirts that swish when I walk, poignant colors that catch your eye.  She's not as pretty as she makes herself sound. 

Packing list*:  A bag stuffed with clothes and makeup, another bag for toiletries and cleaning supplies, and another for her journal and books. 

Likes/dislikes*: She likes quiet and dancing and poeticness, and she dislikes her sister (Ava) and cheap replacements and rudimentary designs and people who think appearance doesn't matter. She's also terrified out germs.

Other: I retired her for a while for being too boring, and she's still mad about that. She's 14 years old.

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And . . . again, I say top. 

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Sounds fun! Here, you can take Topaz and Jewel, my first AEs :)


Name*: Topaz

Nickname(s): N/A

Gender/Prounouns*: They/them

Personality*: Friendly, kind, welcoming. 

Appearance*: shoulder length wavy sunset colored hair, dark skin, dark eyes, tye dye t-shirt, shorts, sandals. 

Packing list*: Art supplies, friendship bracelet string

Likes/dislikes*: Likes meeting new people, dislikes liars. 

Other: I'm excited for this to start!!!


Name*: Jewel

Nickname(s): N/A

Gender/Prounouns*: She/her

Personality*: Introverted, loves to read, shy around groups and new people. 

Appearance*:  Long galaxy colored hair in a fishtail braid, pale skin, dark blue eyes, dark hoodie, blue jeans, sneakers. 

Packing list*:  Books, notebook, flashlight. 

Likes/dislikes*: Likes, reading and writing. Dislikes, not knowing what is happening. 

Other: This sounds super interesting, I hope it will be fun :)

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(August 23, 2021 - 7:29 am)

Name*: Jubilance

Nickname(s): Jubi, Jubila, Jube, Jubes 

Gender/Prounouns*: she/her

Personality*: extroverted, athletic, graceful, confident, cheerful, excited 

Appearance*: Short wavy golden hair, eyes like the forests, short and curvaceous, lots of freckles, and wears clothes made out of plants

Packing list*:  Stationary, diversions, iPad, cleaning supplies, essentials (clothes, toiletries, etc), sewing kit

Likes/dislikes*: Likes: Lio (my other AE), dancing and gymastics, cleaning, pancakes, and strawberry flavored foods.

Other: My other AE, Lio, wont be coming, seeing as she has plenty of artsy things to divert her. Can you put in some scenes where Jubilance writes to her? Also I can't wait! 

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(August 23, 2021 - 3:04 pm)

Hey! My AEs really wanted to do this... probably because I haven't exactly been paying much attention to them this summer, and this seems really fun.

Name*: Eir

Nickname(s): N/A

Gender/Prounouns*: she/her

Personality*: very, very excitable, kinda lazy, likes to keep the peace, talks a lot, is generally quite a handful

Appearance*: medium brown hair with light pink streaks in two braids, light skin, freckles, hazel eyes, skinny, medium height, usually wears flowy and/or pastel colored clothes

Packing list*: lots and lots and lots of bug reppellent, a few small canvases and paint, an entire full-size memory foam mattress, and a mini fan

Likes/dislikes*: likes art, spring, and flowers (preferably fake ones, which Oak hates), dislikes extreme weather conditions and animals with rabies 

Other: N/A


Name*: Oak

Nickname(s): N/A

Gender/Prounouns*: they/them

Personality*: quiet, hates everybody, antisocial, grumpy

Appearance*: dark green hair, dark skin, dark green eyes, sorta tall, always wears overalls

Packing list*: books, noise-cancelling headphones, and some potted plants

Likes/dislikes*: likes the outdoors, wildlife and plants, dislikes noise, people, and most other things

Other: they’re vegan 

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(August 24, 2021 - 3:21 pm)


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(August 31, 2021 - 12:54 am)

Um, sorry, 5 spots at that.

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(September 1, 2021 - 7:48 pm)

Ooh!! I'm definitely reserving two spots!

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(August 31, 2021 - 2:45 pm)

RESERVING THREE SPOTS [one for lxna, one for voidwalker, and one for viria] 

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(August 31, 2021 - 7:08 pm)

To all reservees who have not yet turned in their complete sheets: please do so as soon as possible. We will (finally) be beginning very soon.

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(September 23, 2021 - 10:39 am)

Name*: ~Catherine~

Nickname(s): ~Cathy~

Gender/Prounouns*: ~She/her/female~

Personality*: ~Considerate, kind, smart, friendly, curious~  

Appearance*:  ~Blond hair with blue and red highlights, purple eyes, side bangs, glasses, small mouth, long neck, pale skin, long dress with polka dots and small pocket on front, sandals with black straps~    

Packing list*: ~Textbooks from school, journal, 2 extra changes of clothes, her favorite book, pizza, and bottles of soda~   

Likes/dislikes*: ~likes:reading, spiders.Dislikes: peanut butter, computors

Other: Shes alergic to dairy



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Name*: Lucky Star


Gender/Prounouns*: she/her 

Personality*: Quiet, a very spiritual person of no specific religion.  Startlingly empathetic, sensitive and intuitive.  Very smart.

Appearance*:  Green eyes, brown silvery hair.  Pale skin.  Skinny, calm-seeming.

Packing list*:  A pen, a notebook, a sketchbook, clothes.

Likes/dislikes*: Hates bananas.  Loves books and sugar cookies.

Other: This is her first-ever appearance.


Name*: Spontaniety.

Nickname(s): Niety

Gender/Prounouns*: she/her 

Personality*: As her name suggests, spontanious.  Daring and adventurous.  Will say and do whatever comes to her mind. Very ambitious.

Appearance*:  Green eyes, brown hair with a reddish tint.  Skinny with a lot of freckles. 

Packing list*:  A pocketknife, rope, notebook and clothes.

Likes/dislikes*: Hates bananas.  Loves camping and coffee.

Other: This is her first-ever appearance.

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Can we still join? If so reserving two spots!

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(October 19, 2021 - 9:20 am)