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Ski Lodge!

Ski Lodge!

For a second, there is static.


Endless nothingness, with only a strange, scratchy sound to keep you company. 


And then you hear a voice. A grumpy one.


"I don’t think this is going to work, Rose. I hate to break it to you, but your plan’s dumb. Even if we can get this camera, which, might I add, is ANCIENT, to work, what do we do then?"


A figure comes into focus. Two of them, actually. A teenage girl with brown hair, a black and white headband, and an olive green jacket fixes the camera, while a person with short, curly auburn hair and a blue sweater looks angrily at her.


"What did I tell you, Atom?” The girl grins at the camera. told you, with a little perseverance, we’d get this thing working. Now we can carry out my AMAZING plan!" She claps her hands and the curly-haired person scowls. The girl turns to the camera and stares—at you.


"Hello there!" She says, and you jump back"I’m Rose, and this is Atom! We’re talking to you from the Somewhere Hotel!"


"Some hotel this turned out to be,” says the person named Atom. I truly do not think this is a very good idea. Maybe you’ll convince some people to come, but that will not change the fact that you can’t get Echo to come out of her room"


"—What Atom means is that we’re inviting you to stay at our wonderful hotel, and the owner, Madam Echo Lunation herself, will be here to greet you!"


"Will she?Snaps Atom. "Or will one of her colorful personalities be here instead?


"ENOUGH!” You jump again as Rose yells at Atom. "Everything’s going to be okay, okay, Atom? Now I know you don’t want to believe it, but it is going to get better. These people will help us, as we will help them. So there.


Rose turns back to you and gives what seems very much like a forced smile. "As Atom has mentioned, our hotel has fallen on some… Tough times. Perhaps you have, too? Maybe you just do not know it. We need a helping hand here, and we’re willing to offer you one in exchange: an exciting adventure here at our extraordinary hotel! What do you think?"


What do you think? Should you go on this adventure and help Rose and Atom and this… Echo character? Do you even have a choice?


You’re thinking when an envelope slips out of your CD player. In it is a strange letter.


"Gotta go—good luck!" Rose’s voice grows staticky and harder to understand. "W-w-w-we’re counting o-on Y—Y—YOU…" the TV shuts off.


You read the letter:


Welcome! To enjoy a completely free 13-Day stay at the Somewhere Hotel, please fill out the following form:








Packing list (please note that any silver watches will be confiscated if found):




Lucky number:


Is the glass half full or half empty?:


What do you say at the end of a story?:


Is it going to be okay?:


What’s in the mirror?:


Favorite beverage:


*starts singing Broadway Musical songs*:


You wake up and realize that someone has dyed your hair purple. What’s your reaction?:


Aren’t I so good at writing questions?:


Last, and most important of all… What is your greatest weakness? Something you want to fix about yourself?:


Anything else?:



Hmm. This is quite the puzzler, you think. But what else were you going to do—watch reruns on your TV all night? No. Perhaps this 13-Day stay will do you some good. Besides, it’s a hotel. A weird one, but weird is cool. What could possibly go wrong? You fill out the form and lean back on your couch, ready to start this strange adventure.





We hope to see you soon! 



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Are you reallly in the ground cause I feeeel you all around me, are you here dead mooooom dead mom~

Ahhh the Loki reference! Inkognito (great name btw) can come and fight me if he wants to break up Satom in any way. Also, ouch, I found two bodies in one day? I guess I forgot about it right after but still, pretty messed up. 

The worldbuilding and actual plot going on is so unique and it makes me so excited to see what's going to happen next! 

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*ahem* shrill British accent: tOp, pLEaSe!

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Mini-Part: Ink

It’d been a long wait. Layla was asleep, and Sonder and Echo where inside the treehouse, where Echo was asking Sonder a bajillion questions: what happened in his dream? What did the creature look like? What did it say? 

That left the other three outside, waiting for Echo to come out of the treehouse and tell them what exactly had just happened to Sonder. 



At last, she did, looking much more tired and worried than she generally looked (which was saying something).



Good news is, I know what attacked Sonder. Bad news is, it’s going to be a problem. 



Why? Metanoia asked.



Echo sighed. I probably should’ve told you about this earlier.



Aesthete pursed their lips, which they always did when they felt like screaming. Echo, there’s a lot of things you should’ve done earlier.



Echo gave another sigh. I know. I need to work on this. But anyway, Sonder just had his first—but likely not his last—encounter with Inkognito. 


Inkognito? They all repeated. 



Inkognito is a monster they’d tell us stories about back on Maraer, Echo explained. Usually they’d just call it Ink, because “Inkognito” is a bit of a mouthful. It’s a lot different from other monsters because other monsters just, like, eat people. Ink drives you insane over guilt or fears. It was just a story on Maraer, but in my—our—mind, it’s real.



They were all quiet for a long time until Syne suddenly asked, Sonder has fears? That offered some comic relief to the situation. They’d all been living together for so long, they knew each other better than they knew themselves. And Sonder was not the kind to be afraid. He’d jumped out of his treehouse once and broke his leg. He did it three more times, just to see if anything different would happen. That was just one example, too. Every day, it seemed, was a new adventure for Sonder. 



I wonder what he’s afraid of, said Metanoia. But Aesthete was pretty sure they knew. They looked up at Echo. Can we go talk to him? 



Yeah, I don’t think he’ll mind, Echo decided.



So they all climbed up the ladder to visit Sonder. They found him, wide awake with no visible injuries, sitting on a beanbag, looking half irritated, half terrified. He gave a weak smile upon seeing them all. Hey, he said.


Aesthete usually had better manners than to just ask someone a question without saying hello, but they’d been waiting all night and were growing impatient. Do you have a crush on Atom?



Sonder’s eyes got big and his cheeks turned red. N-no! Why would you think that? His voice cracked and wobbled as he said it, making it obvious he was lying. 



I knew itAesthete said. That’s what Ink’s using to drive you insane. You don’t think you’re good enough for him.



Sonder bit his lip and looked at his hands. How do you always know exactly what I’m thinking? 



Aesthete shrugged. It’s a blessing and a curse. 



So what’re we going to do about it? Metanoia asked. 



They all looked at Echo, because she knew the most about Ink. But Echo just shrugged. The best I can tell you is, practice self-confidence. If you can convince yourself you’re not worthy of Atom, surely you can do the opposite. 



The look on Sonder’s face did not suggest he found this very helpful, but he nodded. 

With nothing much left to say and a tension in the air that was making them all uneasy, everyone suddenly wanted to leave. Aesthete told Sonder to get some rest, and Sonder nodded again, but he didn’t think he was ever going to sleep again. Not with the possibility of having to deal with Ink again.



He laughed. It made perfect sense that the thing threatening his sanity wasn’t even technically real. 

It wasn’t like he was real, either.




Eugene sat at his desk in his bedroom. From his apartment above Canary Pastries, he had a good view of the city. It was a rainy evening, and he’d always loved looking out his window and seeing all the lights shining against a gray background. Tonight, however, he was unhappy, trying to write a letter. 


Dear Rose,

Hi. It’s been a while since you left. I know you left because of Paola. But the thing is, we’re all still here. Every day is a lot like the days before you left, except they’re a little sadder without you. 

I was wondering if you’ll ever come back? Or at least send us letters? I really miss you, Rose. You were my best friend. 

Please come home soon.



He frowned. It wasn’t his worst try, but it wasn’t his best. He wanted to rewrite the letter again. He turned to grab another piece of paper and found that he was out. He suddenly felt a burst of frustration, not because of the paper, but because of the fact that he couldn’t even send any of these letters. Because of the fact that he hadn’t seen his best friend in years. Because of the fact that he was there too! Deep down he knew. Rose was always pretending everything was just fine. And when she couldn’t ignore it anymore, she abandoned them. They were her family. 


He sighed, tired of trying, and looked out at the rainy city. Tonight there seemed to be more gray than light.




I usually say something at the end of these parts, but I have nothing to say right now so um hope you enjoyed this part :I 


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