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Ski Lodge!

Ski Lodge!

For a second, there is static.


Endless nothingness, with only a strange, scratchy sound to keep you company. 


And then you hear a voice. A grumpy one.


"I don’t think this is going to work, Rose. I hate to break it to you, but your plan’s dumb. Even if we can get this camera, which, might I add, is ANCIENT, to work, what do we do then?"


A figure comes into focus. Two of them, actually. A teenage girl with brown hair, a black and white headband, and an olive green jacket fixes the camera, while a person with short, curly auburn hair and a blue sweater looks angrily at her.


"What did I tell you, Atom?” The girl grins at the camera. told you, with a little perseverance, we’d get this thing working. Now we can carry out my AMAZING plan!" She claps her hands and the curly-haired person scowls. The girl turns to the camera and stares—at you.


"Hello there!" She says, and you jump back"I’m Rose, and this is Atom! We’re talking to you from the Somewhere Hotel!"


"Some hotel this turned out to be,” says the person named Atom. I truly do not think this is a very good idea. Maybe you’ll convince some people to come, but that will not change the fact that you can’t get Echo to come out of her room"


"—What Atom means is that we’re inviting you to stay at our wonderful hotel, and the owner, Madam Echo Lunation herself, will be here to greet you!"


"Will she?Snaps Atom. "Or will one of her colorful personalities be here instead?


"ENOUGH!” You jump again as Rose yells at Atom. "Everything’s going to be okay, okay, Atom? Now I know you don’t want to believe it, but it is going to get better. These people will help us, as we will help them. So there.


Rose turns back to you and gives what seems very much like a forced smile. "As Atom has mentioned, our hotel has fallen on some… Tough times. Perhaps you have, too? Maybe you just do not know it. We need a helping hand here, and we’re willing to offer you one in exchange: an exciting adventure here at our extraordinary hotel! What do you think?"


What do you think? Should you go on this adventure and help Rose and Atom and this… Echo character? Do you even have a choice?


You’re thinking when an envelope slips out of your CD player. In it is a strange letter.


"Gotta go—good luck!" Rose’s voice grows staticky and harder to understand. "W-w-w-we’re counting o-on Y—Y—YOU…" the TV shuts off.


You read the letter:


Welcome! To enjoy a completely free 13-Day stay at the Somewhere Hotel, please fill out the following form:








Packing list (please note that any silver watches will be confiscated if found):




Lucky number:


Is the glass half full or half empty?:


What do you say at the end of a story?:


Is it going to be okay?:


What’s in the mirror?:


Favorite beverage:


*starts singing Broadway Musical songs*:


You wake up and realize that someone has dyed your hair purple. What’s your reaction?:


Aren’t I so good at writing questions?:


Last, and most important of all… What is your greatest weakness? Something you want to fix about yourself?:


Anything else?:



Hmm. This is quite the puzzler, you think. But what else were you going to do—watch reruns on your TV all night? No. Perhaps this 13-Day stay will do you some good. Besides, it’s a hotel. A weird one, but weird is cool. What could possibly go wrong? You fill out the form and lean back on your couch, ready to start this strange adventure.





We hope to see you soon! 



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Ahhh sorry I'm late!

Okay, so now we have a little more information about Inkognito, and now the word is out about Satom (at least to the alters).  

And now we introduce Eugene (can't think of that name without seeing Flynn from Rapunzel lol), and once again a mention of the mysterious Paola. Hmm I wonder what Rose's real backstory is...

Can't wait to see what happens next :D 

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Sorry, I haven't been on here in a while. Wow, I was the first victim! This is great so far, keep it up!

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No die! Thread no die! No end Ski Lodge, too good it is! Yoda am I, or caveman? Is not sure, am I.

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Day 6, Part 11


Everything was working out perfectly.

Ink was amazed at their negotiating skills. It’d met another alter, and, expecting to start preparing them for insanity, it had instead done something quite different.


I want out of this body, they’d told Ink when it had come into their dreams tonight. I’m sick of it. 


So Ink had made a deal. If this alter decided to go with Ink, they’d get out of the body. All they had to do was betray the rest of the system, and they’d be free.

Ah, well, not really free. But that was Ink’s little secret. 

Oh, this was going to be delightful. 



For some reason, everyone woke up early this morning. Well, not Atom, who was awake at his usual time, but everyone else normally slept an hour later.


“Well, I guess I’ll just make breakfast now,” Rose said. “At least this gives us extra time to explore!” 


Rose made waffles for breakfast. Then everyone gathered in the hall for attendance.


Rose looked down at her list. “Funny…” she muttered. She was sure she’d invited more people than just eight. But all there’d ever been was eight. Right? Yeah, right. That was right. 


It sure didn’t feel that way, though…


After attendance, Rose opened the doors and everyone saw what looked like a carnival. There was a Ferris wheel, some roller coasters, games, and a funhouse. 


Whoever was in the body today (nobody had bothered trying to figure it out yet) ran excitedly towards the Ferris wheel. “Come on!” They said. They had a British accent, so everyone guessed it was Syne. 


Everyone else followed her to the Ferris wheel. Sterling stayed near the controls, expecting that someone would have to stay down to move the ride, but once everyone was on it started moving on its own. 


“Magic carnival,” Sterling whispered in wonder.


Now that was pretty cool. 


Everyone explored the carnival eagerly, going on roller coasters and racing through the funhouse. Atom looked up at the carnival, quiet, deciding what to make of it. Then he went and played Ring Toss by themself. 


Rose was having the time of her life. She went on all the rides. Then she went on them again. And again. And again. 


She wouldn’t go into the funhouse, though. “Not my thing,” she said when Darkling, Silver Crystal, pangolin, and Avara had invited her to go with them.


Silver Crystal was sure she’d seen something in Rose’s eyes—longing?—but didn’t push it. The group went in on their own.


At first, it was fun. They watched with glee as colored water sprayed in an arch of them. They giggled at the distorting mirrors. They even slid down a slide into a ball pit. But that seemed to be where the fun stopped. 


After everyone climbed out of the ball pit, there were multiple hallways. Only one led out. 


“Let’s split up,” Avara suggested. “If you find the way out, call the others.” 


Everyone agreed and chose separate paths.


pangolin went down a dark hallway, sure they heard voices. “Hello?” She called. “Who’s there?” 


A sweet British accent spoke. It almost sounded like Syne, but there was a slight difference—perhaps this voice was a bit deeper.


“Lovely to meet you,” the voice said. “I’m Sophie.” 


“I’m Safari.” This voice had an accent, too, not an aggressive one, but definitely a slight dialect. It was quite low, but there was something charming about the way it spoke, as though it were singing. 


“And I’m ECHO!” This voice belonged to a little girl. She had the same accent as the voice before her. 


There was laughter. pangolin turned the corner to see—ghosts?!


No. Ghosts weren’t real. She was being silly. Maybe they were holograms, or a projection or something. Not that pangolin had ever seen such a thing in a funhouse.


Still, before them stood three translucent people. A tall boy with dark skin and green eyes shook a girl’s hand. The girl had black hair and beautiful powder-blue eyes. The most shocking part of the hologram, however, was the small blue-haired girl standing between the two. The girl who’d said her name was Echo.


pangolin gasped. Was that the same Echo they knew?


“Cute, isn’t it?” Came a voice behind her. The voice probably was coming from Echo’s body, but was flat and dark and wasn’t the exact same as any of the alters’ voices. pangolin whirled around to see the body standing with its hand on someone’s shoulder. It was too dark to see this someone’s face.


“Who are you?” pangolin asked. 


“Ah, forgive me. I’m quite new to this,” the voice said. “Call me Ink.” 


“Okay, Ink…” pangolin turned to the holograms. “What is this?” 


“Oh, that’s a memory of Echo’s.” 


The memory flickered to just the young girl. She was a bit taller now, and must have recently gotten a haircut, because her hair was shorter. She was running, and screaming. “SAFARI!” she called. “WHERE ARE YOU?” 


pangolin watched the poor girl, wishing there was some way she could help. 


“What happened to Echo?” pangolin asked. 


Ink did not answer. It let go of the person’s shoulder, and the person stepped forward. pangolin noticed for the first time that they were holding something. As they got closer to the light, pangolin recognized them as one of their fellow guests. They were holding a sword with Celtic engravings. 


“What are you doing with my sword?” pangolin said, starting to become very suspicious that they’d need to protect themselves. They reached into their pocket for their dagger, but found nothing. 


“Looking for this?” Ink held up a dagger and stared at it with admiration. “This one’s quite beautiful. I think I’ll keep it. After all,” Ink said, suddenly looking pangolin right in the eye, “It could come in handy.” 


Ink and the person standing in front of it started talking at the same time in the same flat voice. “It’s nothing personal, pangolin,” they both promised, each holding up their weapons. “The mind is incredibly hard to master. You remain a victim, dead or alive.” They both paused, and Ink said, on their own, “Well, in this case, dead.” 


pangolin, who was seriously regretting leaving their bow and arrows in the hotel room, started running for their life. But before they could get very far, they felt a horrible pain in their chest and saw the murderer standing in front of them. 


“We’re always one step ahead, companion,” the murderer said, saying the last word in a different language. pangolin had never heard it before, so she had no idea how their mind translated it so easily. Before she could even begin to guess, they fell to the floor, and the dark hallways turned darker.

pangolin was dead.




Now here's a point in the story where I've started to make a decision about one main part of the ending. I need your opinions (unless you seriously hate spoilers, but this isn't a super big spoiler because you wouldn't know how or if it would happen). Should I have an ending where every alter gets their own body? There are ways this might be interesting and could work in the story, but I worry it would be disrespectful to the Sunflower Hill System's DID. Of course, this is already a very fictional interpretation of DID, and I have in many ways tweaked the idea so it works with the story. What do you think?

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this part was so. amazing!!!!!!

also, i think the idea is great! 

keep up the good work! :D 

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Ok, so first, THIS CHAPTER WAS AMAZING (as per usual)

Second, I was listening to Mad Hatter by Melenie Martinez while reading this it was just... x10 as haunting.

And lastly, I think every alter getting their own body is a bit too... happy? idk. I don't think it would work well, but it's your story, so ofc you get the last say! I'll love this ski lodge either way <33 

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Oh my goshhh the plot thickens!! Ink is back and actually killing people. Poor pangolin- I was in the funhouse too, so that could've been me. Also, why did I see longing in Roses eyes when she was looking at the funhouse, the same place where pangolin would soon die...?

Anyway, about your question, I don't think that the alters should get their own body, if only because it feels wrong to me to 'reverse' or 'fix' DID systems, but of course it's your story and I trust you will do whatever is right for the characters!

I love the ski lodge so much, and I really can't wait to see what happens next!! <3 

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I think that giving every alter their own body is maybe a bit too happy an ending, but having them all stay in Echo's body is rather depressing. Maybe some of them get their own bodies, and the others have somehow left Echo's body, but we don't know where they went, or what happened to them. I'm sorry, it's 10:50 so I'm kinda just musing . . .

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omg the suspense!!!! i can't wait for the next part

i'm picturing the gang going to a graveyard resurrecting dead bodies and sticking the alters in them

multiverse of madness flashbacks lol 

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Let's all sing the Topping Song!

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