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It's a truth universally acknowledged that life can kinda suck. Especially nowadays, what with Covid, climate change, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and all the other problems humanity is struggling with, it's horribly easy to get lost in the darker sides of humanity, and forget about the light. So let's not forget. Let's remind each other of all the beautiful, whimsical, goofy, adorable, sparkly, touching, hilarious, extraordinary parts of life. 

Post random fun facts. Post cute pictures of your pets. Post artwork you've made. Post the fantabulous grade you got on that math test. Post what the sunset looked like last night. Post something, anything, that makes you smile. 

So when we can't see the light for the darkness, we'll make our own. We'll set the shadows alight with moonlight and sunrises and candle flames and fireflies. 


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Aww! I didn't know that was what those were called- it's such a pretty name :)

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Did you know that when an elephant sees a human, their brains have the same reactions as humans' do when they see a puppy? Elephants think humans are cute. :D

Also, does anyone else have tentworms where they live? I do, and they are honestly one of my favorite insects ever (I really love moths, too). Their bodies and "fur" are so soft, and when they crawl on you, it feels a little tickly. The ones in my yard have beautiful brown-black-white patterns, along with long ginger hairs on their backs. I like to hold them on my hands and pet them gently, like cats. :) 

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Okay, this picture is from when my now-5-month-old puppy was maybe a couple weeks old, but it's still very cute.

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