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KyngdomIs an


Is anyone here currently in Kyngdom? I would like to join...but it all seems so confusing. 

Help would be much appreciated! 

submitted by Avara, age she/her
(February 27, 2023 - 8:43 pm)

I would too. I know almost nothing about it and it seems dead.

submitted by WiLdSoNg
(February 28, 2023 - 9:07 am)
submitted by top
(March 1, 2023 - 10:14 pm)

Me too

submitted by Suki, age 13 eons, Nowhere
(March 2, 2023 - 9:52 am)


I've tried only a billion times to figure out Kyngdom but never succeeded.

submitted by Chaser & Jay
(March 2, 2023 - 1:35 pm)

It seemed that it was once active but it now seems abandoned. I joined last september and I want to bring Kyngdom back so bad but don't know how...

submitted by Hawkstar
(March 3, 2023 - 3:41 pm)



If we gather some CBers who want Kyngdom back, we could maybe reboot it? 

Sure .  We'll  be  happy  to  post  things  on  Kyngdom  again .


submitted by Rora
(March 3, 2023 - 8:33 pm)

I tried to join, but Kyngdom does appear to be dead. I'd happily help if everyone wants to revive it though :)

submitted by Darkvine, age idk, snakes&memes
(March 4, 2023 - 8:16 am)

I honestly came up with this name for an OC I was going to use on kyngdom but then I got on and saw it was dead.I want to join though!

submitted by Luna silvermoon
(March 4, 2023 - 8:03 pm)

Would we change the plot (you get a letter from a society that found out how to talk to animals, but it's corrupt) or keep it the same?

submitted by Avara, she/her
(March 5, 2023 - 12:44 am)

Yesss let's revive Kyngdom! 

submitted by pangolin, age she | they, Outskirts of the Galaxy
(March 5, 2023 - 7:45 am)

I'm in! From what I know, Kyngdom has a like, 'main plotline' to it? And it's pushed along by lots of threads working together?

It's confusing, but I'd like to help as best I can! Kyngdom actually was an inspiration of a huge part of some of my old stories, so...

Tribute to the legend! When do we start the revival? *Rubs high voltage shockers in anticipation*

submitted by Zealatom
(March 5, 2023 - 8:05 am)

I sent in a character, I might delete her, but I'm just confused. It seems very dead. Reviving it would be fun! I'm in!!

submitted by Miriam H., writing feverishly
(March 5, 2023 - 2:41 pm)

link to the kyngdom ultimate guide 

submitted by the indigo frog, they/he
(March 5, 2023 - 3:40 pm)

Happy to help everyone when we get there. Should we post on all the other areas so that everyone will be more likely to see this and hopefully help?

submitted by Hawkstar
(March 5, 2023 - 3:49 pm)

Maybe we can get some help from the admins?

It seems like Kyngdom is really dead...

But I'm definitely in to revive it. 

We're very willing to review and post whatever you submit for Kyngdom.


submitted by Rora
(March 5, 2023 - 5:59 pm)