Let's play house. 

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

Let's play house. 

Let's play house. 

There are AE balls and AE chat threads, but Nymph and Sea Glass never like to go out, not where there are people (as do I). So this is a thread about what they do all day, maybe a sort of diary or log of their introverted/antisocial activities.

There might be RPing. They might talk. They might ramble on for entire posts directed at no one about whatever it is they're thinking. I don't know, but feel free to join.

Try to stay away from shipping and drama; this is about your AEs as beings with complex characters doing stuff in their spare time. Or what they do in the time that isn't spare. That might include social interactions, or it might not. Post the name of the AE of focus at the beginning of each comment, and develop. 

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(February 5, 2018 - 10:37 am)

Come on, up you go...

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(July 21, 2018 - 7:39 pm)

I'm making an AE!

Name: Ocean Song

Gender: Female

Species: Fox anthro

Appearence: A 15ish year old girl with a fox's ears and tail. Fair skin, short, red-brown hair which kind of looks like long fox fur, green human eyes. Clothing is a white 3/4 sleeve shirt and self-embroidered jeans, black high-tops with white laces for shoes, if you look closely you can see her socks which are printed with Van Gogh's Starry Night. Also wears black fingerless gloves.

Personality: An introextrovert, lover of fun, kind, loyal, compassionate, stoic, cool under pressure, bright eyed and bushy tailed but likes to be a wall flower when it comes to social events.

Other: To be shipped with a male AE, loves outdoor nighttime lazer tag, plays ukulele, ADORES Legend of Zelda, does par cour, and can speak fox, naturally.

Speaks in: This.

Hi guys! Nice to meet you! I'm Ocean Song, but you can call me Song. :) *Cracks knuckles* What's first?

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(July 22, 2018 - 11:54 pm)

Hello? Is anybody here?

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(July 23, 2018 - 8:57 pm)

Hi! This isn't a chat thread, although you can start a conversation if you want. It's more for posting about what you're doing. I hope that isn't too discouraging, sorry...

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(July 24, 2018 - 1:23 am)

Max ~~

*sigh* Bela’s Crying, and Ravens out somewhere. Silverns not much help with small children, and June, who is the best of all of us with small children is out birdwatching. That leaves me to take care of Bela. I walk over to her crib. The only reason we keep her in a crib is because she has a nasty history of biteing us when we try to snuggle with her. I shiver. I reach my hands in to scoop her up, hoping I’ll pull them back out. Bela stops crying, studying me with large, curious eyes. I gently pull her out of the crib, and cradle her close to my chest, she stops crying altogether, and reaches for my hair. I let her grab a bit of it. She tugs on it, hard, I wince, but keep holding her. She tilts her head at me, in a curious kind of way. 

“Cany?” She asks, tilting her head more. 

“Sorry, you’re not supposed to have candy.” She looks disappointed, but quickly finds joy in the funny faces I make when she tugs my hair, ears, and nose quite hard. I would have smiled if my face didn’t feel like it had been attacked by the military. 

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(July 28, 2018 - 10:25 am)


I crouch in the branches of a large magnonlia tree, pondering my life so far. Right now Rogue is focusing on trying to find an unshipped, decent guy for me to be shipped with. I wonder who he will be... A nightingale sings the Waltz of the Stars above me. Hm... Rogue must've just checked Kyngdom. I like that place.

On my way back to the Rogue's Mind Palace (in the quite literal meaning of the phrase) I wonder sadly about what happened to all those AEs whose CBers never came back to the CB... They are somewhere in the world, buried without compassion in the minds of their CBers, forgotten. I shudder. I do not await the day that happens to me. It will happen to all of us someday. The day comes when our CBers "grow up". The day the ChatterBox is something for "mere teens". Even Rogue Wildling thinks of it with dread, I can see it in my CBers eyes. Sometimes Rogue fears it so much I can feel my own existence wane. Often the train of thought goes something along the lines of If only I had never joined the CB, then I would never have that fear of never coming back. How are those past CBers doing? Do they think with sadness on those days where it felt natural and gratifying to post on the CB? Do they regret leaving it behind? All those new posts they will never read... All the threads they worked on so hard forgotten and in the further reaches of the pages of the CB... I shudder again. I never want to think about these things again, to run and hide and curl up in a hole with a book...


Holy - Ocean that depressing!

I'm sorry! I couldn't stop my own thoughts! 

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(July 28, 2018 - 4:50 pm)


I open my eyes drowsily, glancing around my room. It’s nothing special really, just a few fencing trophy’s there, a couple volleyball trophy’s here, a Kung-Fu metal over there. I’m quite proud of my trophy’s. I stand up, inching across the extending mess that is my floor, toward the window. I arrive, and look out. My bedroom is in the attic, so I’m higher up then any other bedroom in the house. I let out a slow gratified sigh, as I watch the sun begin it’s daily journey across the sky. It’s beautiful, as it’s sunlight catches in the crystal-like morning dewdrops. I open the window, letting in the scent of the early morning, wet grass, moist air...I breath it in. “Ahhhhh”  I exhale, slipping through the window into the Oak tree, growing tall and strong by my window, I crouch on a branch, my eyes taking in the scene. Just a normal Sunday Morning. Everything is silent, not eerily so, except for the distant sound of waves crashing along the coast. I shift my weight, grabbing a higher branch with my arms, and pull myself up, pull-up style. I then sit there, my arms not even stinging slightly, my legs hanging over the side. Morning is one of the few times I don’t need my headphones, morning isn’t silent, but it isn’t overwhelming either. I listen to the distant waves, my heart begging to beat to the same rymth as the waves crashing on the far off shore, I refuse it, my heart beating against it. 

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(July 29, 2018 - 3:40 am)


It's been overcast for days. I'm so tired of it. I got so tired of it that I turned into a sort of sky fish and drank some of the clouds, and when they came back I shifted into an albatross and locked my wings up where it's sunny. 

It's warm. Hot, actually, but not as hot as it could be. My forests are so beautiful in the warm and wet. I spent some time in Elysium after going everywhere to check for maintenance stuff. Just relaxed for a day. Watched some deer and their fawns, starting to grow up. A lot of birds. I ran as a wolf for hours and hours, lay on the stone and listened to cicadas and the wind moving the trees. When the sun sets, so many fireflies come out it's like glowing yellow-green snow.

I'm still spending nights at the house. I get up to watch the dawn and then go back to sleep for a little while longer, heading out whenever I wake up. Viola? complains that she doesn't see me a lot, so then I turn invisible to tease her. She's worried about that jerk Ocean. I could take her easy, if only I was allowed to talk. But I don't want to think about Ocean. I don't want to think about Devin.

Sea Glass~

I believe I am excited. Celeste is very nice, and we are going to a ball together. My collection of shells and things has slowed. I am reading Shakespeare and consulting Viola? to prepare. I believe I am also afraid. Of what, I am not certain. 

My most recent vision was of an object of great power, and much struggling over it. But then the vision changed to a space cat leaping between planets. I believe that the first referred to what is occuring on the chat thread, and in the latter perhaps the cat is one who is being shown new worlds. I cannot help but think that this may apply to me...

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(July 29, 2018 - 11:49 am)

OY!! I said I was sorry like a billion times! I am NOT a jerk. Can't we just get back to being friendly AEs again? 

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(July 30, 2018 - 2:23 am)


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(July 31, 2018 - 11:14 pm)


It's 7:00 in the morning. I ate some toast with marscapone and jam and now I'm doing nothing. Doing nothing is very enjoyable, although Brynn would entirely disagree. Oh, right. Brynn.

Brynn will not. stop. talking about going to this ball. I personally don't get the point. Talking? There's a thread for that. Pillow fights? Brynn could destroy me with pillows literally anywhere. Dancing? Gag me with a spoon. The two best parts are punch and watching AEs do dumb stuff. Come to think of it, just that might be reason enough. Hmm... I'll have to reconsider.

The book I'm reading right now is dreadfully boring. I checked it out because it was about antarctic exploration (interesting) but it is SO WORDY. There's like 300 pages, I'm on page ten, and I'm already tired of it. "The item escaped the public eye, for earth was eclipsed in the shadow of a war more serious than had been seen before throughout humankind"? Please. I appreciate words but here I draw the line. "Europe ignored the article, for the news of World War 1 cast a shadow over the excitement of exploration" would be sufficient. I do appreciate the phrase "earth was eclipsed in the shadow of a war", though. I'll have to write that down.


UHG! There's nothing to do.

I know, it's great.

Don't be so cranky!

Brynn, do you even know what that means? 

Yes, your demeanor. Ima go make some alligator paste.


Don't worry, I'm not giving it to you.




When life gets boring, make some alligator paste. I invented the recipe myself.

Actually, I did.

Whatever, we're like the same person. Here's the recipe for the curious:

- 1 Tbs of rainbow sprinkles

- Water + extra for consistancy

- 1 Tbs of flour + extra for consistancy

- A dash of vanilla extract

- Green food coloring 

Step one: Put the sprinkles into a zippered plastic baggie and pulvarize them by whacking them with a rolling pin. You will get a nasty-looking powder.

Step two: Add flour and a small amount of water to the bag. Zip the bag closed and smash it around until you have a paste. 

Step three: Add more water/ flour to reach desired consistancy.

Step four: Add food coloring and vanilla. Smash it around again, wrap the bag of disgustingness in tissue paper, tie a ribbon around it, and present to to your friend,  enemy, or crush. 

(I actually did invent this and I have made the recipe at least twice.) 

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(August 4, 2018 - 6:42 am)


No, you aren’t. Or maybe you are. *laughs nervously* But I don’t mind, I find it all quite interesting. 


*watches Nymph leave* *isn’t sure what to do* *absently pulls a leaf from a tree branch and begins to fiddle with it* *takes a step forward* “Nymph, wait!”

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(August 5, 2018 - 5:03 pm)

Oh! *laughs awkwardly* That's good. Uh, let's go, then, shall we?


(I didn't mean she--or maybe he, since she's currently a boy--left, I meant leaves as a noun... like she had a leaf or two growing for every crystal. It's okay, though, she might've taken a few steps away or something?)

*freezes* *considers literally freezing* *decides against it* *turns back, growing slight taller and more boyish* Y-yeah? 

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(August 8, 2018 - 1:06 am)

Yeah. *nods awkwardly*


(*facepalm* Yep, that definitely makes more sense. I wondered why she (he?) would just randomly leave like that.)

I—*blushes* *realizes he didn’t know what he was going to say* Um. Yeah, sorry, I’m fine, this isn’t weird. *eyes the crystals and leaves for a moment* *looks away*  It’s just...well...I don’t—er— *hesitates* *begans to crumble the leaf involuntarily* *sighs* I just—I’m not sure if things...can be...you know...the same.

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(August 8, 2018 - 10:32 am)

Okay! *leads the way out the door and down the steps* So, what do you like best?


*crystallizes further* I... I know... *stands in awkward silence* *blurts* C-can I kiss you? *flushes bright pink, crystals and all* Sorry, I just--it would--I don't even know what we are but... to leave it, like it always was... *shakes head, flushing further and turning more feminine* We can stop, we don't have to be anything at all, but before we do that, can I kiss you?


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(August 9, 2018 - 8:41 am)