Chatterbox: Down to Earth



Or ball. It could be a ball.

Whatever, it's a party. 

Yeah. We're.... hosting...... an AE party...... without Nyx's permission or knowledge. Whose idea was this?????

Whoa, look at all the question marks! I didn't know you were capable of that many question marks!


Anyway, Apollo's not coming, just so you know. At least he's not coming for now. He might join in later. We don't know, he didn't say. 

This is a PARTY!

We know.

You can COME!

We know.


We know-- wait what?

You can bring a nerf gun or water gun if you want. Preferably bring a few, so that if someone wants one and forgot theirs they can borrow one. 

Or seven.

Please return any property borrowed to it's original owner.

Gosh, Viv, you sound like a commercial. 

*whispers* I'm nervous. What is this blows up in our faces?

It won't! My plan is FOOLPROOF!


What plan?

I don't like this idea. 

*sigh* No turning back now. I already wrote the form you need to fill out. That can't be undone.


The party/ball will take place at our log cabin house, Nyx is away so we don't need to worry about her. You can be in the main hallway of the house, or the kitchen/dining room, or the living room. We will provide descriptions for these rooms once this comes up. You can also be out in the front yard. There will be music and food provided, but feel free to bring food yourself. Fill out this form for AEs and CAPTCHAsif you want to come:












Please don't ruin the house--

Nyx would be so mad at us--

Please just keep everything nice--


<bring> <usss!> 

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Yep that's me! Also it's Fauna Star's shipped with, right...I don't blame you, I've mixed them up myself more than once! 

Yes and I'm here!!! Hi Star! I really hope you stick around, please? This is gonna be so funnn but I'll miss you ya know-




ALLright aren't we here already?

*everyone appears at front door* Hey look! AEs we don't know! Hi! *gets squirted with water gun*

Well, that was an interesting welcome.

Ok, better fill out the rest of the forms.

Name: Eclipse

Age: like, 15-17? idk

Gender/pronouns: male? or possibly nonbinary? we'll say he/they for now.

Personality: weird. Mostly antisocial, often grumpy, but *this is a secret* can be funny and sort of nice when I want. I like dark stuff, and I'm very intelligent. Kinda don't care what strangers think, but I do care what people close to me think. Keeps quiet a lot but I'm usually brutally honest.

Appearance: short black curly-wavy hair, light tan skin, dark eyes flecked with gold, a couple freckles, black hoodie with some sort of spooky-looking logo on it, gray jeans, black shoes, round glasses.

Shipping: Yes! Any gender, I suppose. excuse me? Well, I doubt anyone will want to be with me anyway, I'll just stand in a corner unnoticed...

Speaks in: italics.

What are you bringing: some sort of weird seafood dish? I assure you you don't wanna know. Also, mac and cheese and some darts.

Other: I have no idea why I ever agreed to this. 





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did i say flora

akhedioeg3fo3g4f daaaaarnittttt


JUST PRETEND I SAID FAUNA OKAY *nervous hysterical grin*


*distractedly reads comment* oh- h-hello! I-I do want to stay, I hope Sky lets me, Ive missed you so much--


*pops head back in* *views chaos with a calm experssion* Piine they have water guns--

*screeches* Can we postpone until tomorrow, Felix, i have to go challenge these people-

*evil grin* *holds up loaded water gun* *throws one to pine* lets go

*catches and smirks* these ae's dont know what theyre getting in to... 


(after four hours of pleading and screaming) fiiiine, you guys can go. You have one hour, or I'll shadow-transport you back. But I wont have your Eyes Closed. 

Okay okay okay! thanks sky we wont hurt anybody byeeeee

*nods distractedly and runs after Felix*

i guess i can stay after all-






guys im re-reading magnus chase and i love the characters SO MUCH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH--

Blitzstone needs to be canon or im mad >:O
And fierrochase is literally so cute im DYING eeeeee- 

whaaat Tomru says =wybum= dude thats not very-- cmon 

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»As soon as we arrive I know that this party is going to be different. There’s people running around, lots of yelling, and I have no idea what’s going on. Jewel stays right next to Stella and I. Vixen and Rigel have already run off into the woods, presumably with the other CAPTCHAS, but Stella looks as skeptical about that as I feel. Stella takes Jewels paw (claws? Hand? Talons?) And says, “¥We’re going inside to drop off the food, and maybe find a friend for Jewel.¥” I nod and lean against the gate, waiting for Abcde.« 


¥I’ve never been to an AE party before, but this seems crazy! I kinda like it, but Jewel clearly doesn’t. I pull her inside, greet Nyx’s AEs, and ask where I should put the food. I am directed to the kitchen, so I plop the container down and look around for the other dragon that I heard was coming. She’s a CAPTCHA, but I figure she’d still be a good friend for Jewel.¥ 


(i runnn intoo thhee woods withh rigel, anddd laugh hyste ricly. thiss issss gonna beeee funnn! weeee loook arond foorr cptch, anddd ddon’t seeee anyon yettt, soooo weeee splsh innnn aaaaa strem while weeee waitt) 

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<meeis> <heree> <nowya> 


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I smile widely as the AEs start filing in. Niko had disappeared for a moment, but he's back now. I wander around, saying hi here and there, and filling a small bag with nerf darts whenever I find them. I see Alex across the room, who jumps and runs away. I smirk.


I flap around, poking AEs with my nerf-dart claws, until I see another dragon. I zoom over and almost bump her nose. <hiii!> <mynam> <iiss> <nikai> <whoo> <areyu?> 

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We all walk in and sit down on a couch in the living room. Jeremy and Blaire are waiting for their dates, but since I don't have a date, I decide to go out and socialize, maybe meet some new people. I head outside and find a nerf gun on the ground, I pick it up and look for a victim


I sit on the couch with Jeremy, both of us shifting nervously. I'm normally the less nervous one, but I haven't seen Rayne in a while, and I really like him.


I feel a little nervous, but I know Blaze and I get along great, and I have nothing to be nervous about. Still, I want to impress her, and not be awkward like I normally am. 

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I look around, excited. I see a few AEs I know, but mostly strangers. I wonder if anyone else is as into fighting as I am. As I wait outside the gate for Castalia to finish puking, I see Shaow waiting for Abcde. I cast a nod in his direction, and he returns it. We barely know each other, but I will try to be friendly to everyone I meet, since I don't know many people. At last, Castalia comes out of the bathroom and we enter the house to find...the most amazing party I've ever been to! (to be fair, this is my first party.)


I see some Captchas running into the woods, and smile. Jay would love that. Too bad he had to fix a computer with Kaden...his flight ability really helps to get tools fast. Maybe I can see if he can come later, I have a feeling this party will last late into the night, when I see Jade's expression. Having been at the gate, she must have seen a lot of AEs walk by, because her eyes are wide and there's a smile on her face. We step inside and find absolute chaos. 

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they're only allowed to be here for an hour, so I'll be whisking them away randomly at a certain point :)

NAME: Felix

AGE: 14 1/2

GENDER/PRONOUNS: Im male and use he/him pronouns most of the time, although occasionally I feel more nonbinary and use they/them. They/them for today, please!

PERSONALITY: Im very crowd-pleasing, I like to make people happy. Im an ambivert, cats are life, and I get really claustrophobic sometimes.

APPEARANCE: I have a messy bob of chesnut-brown wavy hair thats always tangled, light 'milk chocolate' skin, one dark brown eye and one amber eye. Im wearing my usual, my cat hoodie (white, with one arm black, the hood black, and black outline of a cat face on the front) and very ripped black jeans. (Dont blame me, I've fallen too many times in these) Oh, and my yellow sneakers. 

SHIPPING: Felix is MINE. No stealing.

SPEAKS IN: English, obviously (He uses bold for the cb)

WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING, FOOD/TOY WEAPONRY WISE?: Hmm, I dunno. I'll bring a giant water gun. Pine will handle the food.

NAME: Pine

AGE: 15


PERSONALITY: Extrovert, Loud, all-over-the-place. I hide a shy side, though.

APPEARANCE: brown-blonde floppy hair cut pretty short, vibrant green eyes, tanned skin, skinny build. Im wearing a faded green t-shirt with some Save The Earth logo, gray cargo pants and sandals.

SHIPPING: Guys, its been closed for a year. 

SPEAKS IN: English, but I can commune with birds if Sky's in a fantasy mood. (I use italics)

WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING, FOOD/TOY WEAPONRY WISE?: ooh, food! i baked a ton of chocolate chip cookies, and ill also bring a mint cake. And i wont forget my water gun arsenal. 

NAME: Starlight, Star for short.

AGE: 12-13.

GENDER/PRONOUNS: Female, she/her

PERSONALITY: Shy, introverted, grump, hiding, blah dee blah da. Im not going to talk to you, so whats the use?

APPEARANCE: Wavy black hair to my mid-back, pale freckle-y skin, dark purple eyes. Im shorter than average. I'll be wearing a violet shirt thats way too big for me, so it comes down to my knees, with white-striped sleeves. Also black leggings and combat boots with sparkly purple laces. And a flower crown made with indigo roses.

SHIPPING: I- (She's shipped with Fauna, DG's AE)

SPEAKS IN: Bold italics...

WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING, FOOD/TOY WEAPONRY WISE?: War and Peace, in case Fauna leaves. 

OTHER: Im only coming to talk to Fauna.


That was a lot :00 

Can you tell all my AE's have themes? Pine is green, Star purple, and Felix gray/yellow. 

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We arrive to absolute mayhem.  Eveyone is running aroung with nerf guns, screaming and laughing.  I grab one of the squirt guns Icarus brought and spray him in the face.  He chases me aroung the yard with his fake lightsaber until I yell, "couldn't we just team up?!"

He grins. "I was waiting for you to say that.  Let us conquer together!" he shouts in a dramatic voice.

Some of the AEs give us curious looks, but I'm not worried what other people think.  If I want to run around weilding a water gun and squealing at the top of my lungs, I'm gonna! 


I sit at a chair by the window, watching the nerf-gun war unfold.  I'm really only here because Cherry and Icarus wanted me to be, but it seems like they're having enough fun without me.  That's usually how it is.  They're so similar, always having a good time and not caring about anything else, and I feel like I get left in the dust somethimes.  I pull out my sketchbook but can't focus enough to draw anything because of all the chaos outside.  I notice a discarded nerf gun on the table next to me and sigh.  I guess I'll try to be social.

The second I walk outside, a nerf gun dart hits me in the head.


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@Mahriel, would it be ok if I shipped Archer with Wildflower?

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I eventually hole up in the entrance to the kitchen and nerf-dart mischevious AEs away from the food, unless they're there to actually eat something, in which case I let them by. 


I've taken up position outside the front door. When a girl AE with with long brown hair walks out, I shoot her in the head.

She stares at me. I stick my tongue out and scramble away.


This is sooooooo awesooooooooome! So many AEs! Bullets and water flying everywhere! I'm already soaked and Vivian kicked me out of the house because I was dripping on the carpet! When I see Niko shoot a girl AE in the head and then run away, I run up to her, yell, "Lets get him!" and chase after him.  

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Hi Vivian! Nice to meet a fellow AE who's good at shooting. PS I can give you the darts I got and a 20-dart shooter, and a cooler, and a water-nerf gun. Got no use for them. 

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One more (late) form!

Name: Fauna

Age: 12 or 13

Gender/pronouns: female, she/her

Personality: Excitable, emotional and sometimes dramatic, but pretty easygoing. She's sometimes insecure but is mostly optimistic, she wants everyone to like her. extrovert, I talk a lot!

Appearance: curly, frizzy brown-black hair that is cut just below my chin, kind of an afro. Medium brown skin (is there a better way to describe skin color? should I just say she's Black?) I'll bring my turtleshell glasses, and I'm wearing a color-changing sweatshirt with a purple heart on it, star earrings, and black leggings with a multicolor stripe down the side. White high-tops.

Shipping: Closeddd

Speaks in: bold!

What are you bringing: My love for all of you! Just kidding, a nerf gun and a water gun, plus a water bottle to refill it.

Other: I'm so glad this is happening, DG hasn't taken us out in AGES.

I'll start RPing tommorow! 

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annnnnd.......Burn brought his electric water gun. 



I get blasted with a jet of cold water, and I whip out my electric water gun and start blasting other AEs. (in the yard of course) I see Galaxy flipping around the gun and twirling until she gets to the door, then ducks inside, nearly being hit by a nerf dart. A minute later, she steps back out, with a 20 - dart nerf gun shooter and a cooler filled with darts tipped with red. She is very very very good with those things. If she aims at you, the best thing to do it plead for forgiveness and try teaming up with her. Maybe Vivian can defeat her. But....she's hard...on....other....AEs....unless it's Storm (XD) got out.....A WATER NERF GUN???HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE......


we arrived, i dodge all the water streams and nerf darts, then duck inside the house, drop off the food, and return with my ultamite shooter and the cooler of darts. Then I flip up the cooler and snatch my water nerf gun off the top, and start aiming at random AEs, and they get soaked. HAHA! After a while, I get bored, and spot another AE (Vivian I think, I'm not good with names) that is really good with shooting. I hurry over to her and hand her the nerf gun stuff and rush inside the house, where I spot Rose with a book in the corner. 



when I get there, I get soaked in water, and speed inside the house, and I instantly dry off. I see Galaxy dropping off the food and then go back outside, and I take a donut and start eating. Then I sit down on a carpet in the corner, take out my book, and start reading. 


<megoo> <outsi> <deand> <seeaa> <buncc> <ofcap> <tchas> <playi> <mejoi> <nsthe> <minst> <reams>

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I still don't get why we have to be named after our CBer.

Whatever that is NOT the point. 


“Uh, are you sure this is a good idea?” I ask nervously. “Yes,” says Midnight. “It’s a secret AE/CAPTCHA party. Why wouldn’t it be?” I’m fairly certain I detect sarcasm. “Are you SURE we shouldn’t have told Lumi?” I say, pulling my ponytail even tighter. “No we should NOT have told Lumi. How would it be a secret, then? And also she would probably just tell us we don’t have Nyx’s permission so we shouldn’t go. Then you’ll get all chicken and decide not to come either.”

“I would NOT!” I protest. Midnight doesn’t respond, except to turn off ChatterboxMaps:ForAEs and tell me that we’ve “arrived at our destination,” according to the app. We walk into the yard, and immediately get squirted with a water gun by an AE. Midnight shoots back, causing the AE to emit loud squeals and shrieks of laughter.

I walk into the house, trying not to drip water over anything. The invitation had clearly said not to ruin Nyx’s house. A stressed looking AE comes over. “Oh, hi! I’m Vivian, one of Nyx’s AEs. You guys are the sixth ones here. You can put the watermelon right over there-” she gestures to a buffet table- “and then go have fun. The only rule is don’t go anywhere except the kitchen, the living room, the yard, or the hallway without permission from me or Niko. And no water guns in the house.”

She hurries off, probably to greet more AEs. “Wait, those are the only rules?” Midnight says, shocked. “Yes, that’s what she said. Now goodbye.” I set the watermelon down and march out of the room to wait for Jeremy and the rest. And maybe to squirt some people with water guns.

As it turns out, though, they’re already waiting for me. “Oh! Hi, Jeremy,” I say, feeling suddenly nervous, though I’m not even sure why. “Hi!” Jeremy says, and he looks as nervous as I feel, which somehow makes me feel better. I smile. “Do you want to-”

Someone shoots me with a water gun. “MIDNI-” I start, and realize it wasn’t Midnight. “Okay, I don’t know who did that, but we were EXPLICITLY told NOT to wreck Nyx’s house and VERY specifically told NOT to shoot water guns in the house,” I say disapprovingly.

No one says anything, but cold water shoots across the room. Soon enough, it’s a full on war, both inside and outside.


Usually, I’d have broken ten rules by now, but my conscience and Blaze’s disapproval are keeping me from doing it. So yes. I’m one of the AEs that’s staying outside, but I’m not one of the ones making way for Vivan and Niko who are currently looking like they’re about to explode.

Never mind. I am. Blaze’s death glare is hard to resist. I repress a sigh as the chaos turns into a somewhat civilized water/nerf war restricted to the yard. Something douses the back of my shirt, and I whirl around to see a very blue eyed AE grinning mischievously.

Burn. Spirit’s AE, something tells me, and I grin, dipping both my water guns in the water bucket a few feet away. He holds up his own water gun- which is massive, compared to my two tiny ones- and curls his hand around the trigger.

Oh no you don’t. Too late. Splash. I sigh dramatically, and spin back around to continue my attack. YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME, SPIRIT’S AE! Although he probably will. I’ll probably fall, for one thing, or the bucket will run out of water, and plus he has a much better weapon then I do.

By now I’m soaking wet, but so is pretty much everyone. I run back to the buckets to reload just in time to see Blaze squirt herself in the face. I burst out laughing and forget all about the mini-war I’m currently engaged in and get drenched all over again, this time by a water balloon. Wait… water balloon?

“Wait, where did you get water balloons?!” I shout. Burn grins mysteriously and shoots me with his water gun. I’m getting completely crushed in this battle. Hmph. “Okay, fine, I surrender,” I say grumpily, and conclude the water balloon effect must be part of his gigantic electric- yes, that’s right, ELECTRIC- water gun.

I stomp off to wait for Arrow and fight a battle I can actually win. Possibly with Blaze. Yes, I’d definitely win in that situation.

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