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Info Dump About Yourself!

Pretty much what the title says. Introduce yourself - favorite fandoms, colors, animals, characters, weird stories, AEs, anything you want. Find things you have in common with other people. Have fun.

I'll go once it shows up. 

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(January 22, 2022 - 8:32 pm)

I've been more or less on the CB for almost a year, I think. I guess it's almost my CBversary. Recently I've just been popping in and out mostly in Down to Earth.

I love Lord of the Rings and Tolkien in general. The Silmarillion is amazing. Aragorn is my favorite character EVER, from any fandom, and I also love Legolas, Pippin, Boromir, Maglor, Maedhros, Fingon, and... Well, I could go on. To fellow Aragorn & Legolas fans - had anyone read the Mellon Chronicles by any chance? I wish I was an elf.

Some of my other favorite books are Keeper of the Lost Cities, Alex Rider, and the Chronicles of Narnia. Also the Blue Sword, by Robin McKinley, and The Sweet and the Sword. Those two are so good but really underrated.

Percy Jackson and Harry Potter are overrated...

My favorite colors are blue and purple.

I'm also a writer, by which I mean I spend all my free time thinking about my many stories in progress while actively avoiding actual writing XD

That's all I can think of for now.

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(January 22, 2022 - 9:41 pm)

I didn't know there were any other Silm fans on here!!!! I absolutely ADORE everything that Tolkien has written, especially the Silm :) Who's your favorite Tolkien character? Mine changes a lot but it's usually Maedhros! I also love Celebrimbor and Fingon and basically all of them, to be honest!

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(January 26, 2022 - 1:10 pm)

Aaahh same!! Exactly!!

Aragorn is still top for me lol, but Maedhros, Maglor, and Fingon are all very up there. Huan is great too, and Haleth, and Tuor, and Glorfindel - well, I could go on XD

Twiga says <pouta> Are you pouting, or talking about poultry? Do you not like the Silm?? There's not even any poultry in it, unless you're talking about Thorondor, which you'd BETTER not be, I will fire you.

I would be happy to do said firing

Yes, well you're not GOING to


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(January 28, 2022 - 10:55 pm)
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(January 23, 2022 - 11:52 am)

One of my favorite books is The Gospel of Loki by Joanne Harris. It's a retelling of Norse mythology. 

Also, I like the myth version of Loki better than the movie version.

Also, I've been reading fanfiction. 


Hmmmm, what else. Oh, yes. I like snakes. Specifically garter snakes cause they're so little and cute :). Their saliva is midly paralytic, but it is not strong enough to harm a human.

I like cayenne pepper. It goes well on chili, in curry, hot chocolate, chocolate bars, if I drank coffee then probably in coffee too, on eggs. 

I dislike movie directors who don't follow the book. Examples of awful movies because they didn't follow the book: Artemis Fowl, Enola Holmes, The Lightning Thief, The Seventh Son, The Hobbit, hmmm Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings were actually fine, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. If you'd like, I can go on a very long rant about any of these awful movies! :P 


I'm sitting in the dining room, reading. I decide I want some hot chocolate. Mama says "We don't have any hot chocolate mix." (I'm not allowed to use chocolate chips.) So I say "I'll use sugar and cocoa powder." So mama says "Okay.'
And then, my brother hears this conversation, and he asks mama, "oh, can I have some hot chocolate?"
mama then says "we have no hot chocolate mix"
my brother then says, "I'll just do what Emily's doing."
So we make hot chocolate, me going slow enough so he can watch me.
Then the counter is messy, and papa tells us to clean it up. So I say to my brother "would you do it since I was nice enough to teach you how to do it?"
OBVIOUSLY in a joking tone.
He says, "Fine, I'll do it, but you didn't teach me." I agree with his statement verbally.
Papa disagrees with my brother anyway, me trying multiple times to explain I was joking, that I didn't actually teach him.
Papa and he get into a huge argument that includes "so, I guess you don't know what reality is?"
And when I, the one whose intentions they're arguing over, tries to speak up, Papa says to stay out of it.

So that was my evening yesterday. Tongue out


Also, see attached pic for me, my CBer, and my siblings! (Pic drawn by Wren)

submitted by Wildfire, age untold, fae/faer
(January 24, 2022 - 12:21 pm)

Actually, that was drawn by Sterling, not Wren. 

submitted by @Wildfire
(January 24, 2022 - 5:59 pm)

Oh my gosh, I apologize, Sterling.

The reason I did that is because I 'commisioned' four picturings from Wren: one for me, one for Gallium, and one for each of my siblings, and those are the ones I usually use, so I'm used to giving Wren credit.

But, yes, you're correct, Sterling did draw this for me (and it's awesome, I might add). 

submitted by Wildfire, age untold, fae/faer
(January 24, 2022 - 7:01 pm)

SNEKS!!! I love snakes tooooooo!

I wanted one when I was younger but my mother and younger sister love and own rodents, so I could never keep something like a milk snake (that would likely eat primarily mice in captivity) in the same house as them. :(

submitted by Jaybells, LOST IN THE SNAKEDOM
(January 26, 2022 - 9:05 pm)

Once i move out, I will get a snake!

They're so cute!

Also, i want a largish one so i can occasionally take the snake out of the terrarium! like maybe the snake can hang out on my shoulders or something. 

submitted by Wildfire, she/her
(January 27, 2022 - 12:50 pm)

Hi, I... apparently just saw this?

Anyway, cool that you've been reading fanfiction! What fandoms? 

submitted by MoonKitten@Wildfire
(February 2, 2022 - 2:48 pm)

MCU (marvel cinematic universe) mostly Loki stuff

submitted by Wildfire, fae/faer
(February 4, 2022 - 7:37 pm)

Heyyo! I'm Jaybells!

I use she/her pronouns, am a bit of a tomboy, love pretty-sounding words and am probably far too imaginative for my own good. I'm really 'good' at procrastinating, love languages and music, and spend a fair amount of time: being sick/injured, drawing/doing something artsy, making/writing/listening to musics, writing/planning or at least attempting to plan something worth reading in a never-ending downward spiral and- *gasps for breath*

Um yeah, fun stuff. Anyway... It's sorta hard for me to describe my own personality concisely, since I see the layers and nuance in people and the behaviour(s) so. Um; I guess I'm an introvert, but can be very talkative if the room is right, my mood is right, I'm around the right people and there's a specific topic at hand I'm knowledgeable about. I tend to be pretty serious, but I'm definitely up for light humour; it'll usually more sarcastic/dry and/or dramatic, or just kinda obscure(?) references (cause I'm a dork) when it's coming from me. I can honestly be pretty hyper, or manic, what say you; I feel like generally I'm pretty enthusiastic about talking to people on here... Eh. Not so much in Real Life though? Like, I've got a bunch of 'issues,' I guess. Depression, ADHD, anxiety, pyschotic breaks, more. Bleh. I'm not saying having those makes anyone less of a person, or defective or anything, but it's definitely rough to live with, especially due to general(undereserved) social stigma. I don't know if that's always/ever apparent when people interact with me, but I think it more often than not affects my internal/creative process and all that.

Anyway, back to lighter topics, I live more 'in-the-moment'/in a parallel world of thoughts rather than the past, or especially the future (with the former being a concious effort and the latter being an infuriating attempt for my brain to keep itself from drowning in an ocean of anxiety). Probably. 

I like tennis, floor hockey, tennis and tennis-related sports (like badminton, pickle ball, ping-pong, etc.) as well as football(or soccer, if you will). Most things are OK, though honestly.

Instruments/singing and all that is fun; I play the violin and piano and harp and am convinced I will someday teach myself to 'fluently' play guitar and percussion. Definitely.

Languages I can speak: English (duh), Spanish, Japanese, French, Irish Gaelic, Danish and a bit of Italian, Hebrew, Russian and Chinese. 

Languages I badly want to be able to speak: Navajo, Arabic, German, Korean, Mongolian, Polish, Turkish, Swahili(or another set of African languages) and the aforementioned languages that I am slightly less proficient in. Too many? Never! :P    (I'll prolly need it for future world-building, to be honest...)

I'm sorta bored about talking about myself so much now... So, Bye! Ciao! See y'all later!

(Maybe I'll add stuff if I can remember, some indefinite period from now. :))

submitted by Jaybells, age Obscure, Lost in the Universe
(January 26, 2022 - 6:36 pm)

Wait okay so

I could relate to most everything you said, and I had already greatly respected you as a person but this bettered my opinion of you and-- 


WHAT YOU KNOW THAT MANY LANGUAGES??  You're kidding that's amazing!! Where'd you learn them?? How'd you do it?? I'm only learning Japanese and i'm already wondering how in the world I'll ever be able to attain fluency-- 

submitted by Tsuki the Skywolf
(January 27, 2022 - 2:43 pm)

mmm totally agree with Tuski. HOWWW do you speak THAT MANY languages???? I can't master Japanese either... 

also yay for soccer and tennis and ping-pong and tomboyness (totally a word)!

submitted by Hex
(January 29, 2022 - 3:41 pm)

*celebrates tomboyness*

submitted by Jaybells, :D
(January 29, 2022 - 7:49 pm)