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School Drama RP

School Drama RP

So in this RP your character is trying to survive Middle School. They can either be in one of the groups, a loner, or a social butterfly (not really a member of any but has a couple friends in each).


Girly Girls (Popular) 

Girly Girls (Unpopular)

Smart Girls (Semi-popular)

Smart Girls (Unpopular)

Sportsy Girls (Semi-popular)

Artsy Girls (Semi-popular)

Kind Girls (Unpopular)

Sportsy Boys (Popular)

Troublemaking Boys (Popular)

Kind Boys (Unpopular)

Smart Boys (Unpopular)

Smart Boys (Popular)



1. Max three charries.

2. No OP charries.

3. If you like the idea enough to join but don't have time for it, then please don't join.


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Crush if any:


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submitted by Indigo
(May 7, 2015 - 7:50 pm)


"Parents... in Hawaii... Tsunami.." I start crying again. Willow tightens her grip on me.

"Is there anything we can do?"

I rest my head on Willow's shoulder and cry. The girls tighten their grip around me and join in. Their arms feel like a blanket, warming me to my heart. They weep with me now, when I most need a friend, they comfort me in this time of need. Courage, faith, strength, love, hope, all warming me, comforting me. Their arms holding me like a mother holds her child. Their pressence warming me like a father's loving smile. Loss fills me with grief, but love gives me a newfound hope. We weep silently for what was, but rejoice for what will come. For whatever does come we have each other, we can stand strong and live.


Christoff and Jason are already asleep. I decide to let them be and climb into my cot. It seems like my whole life has been great, just to break at this moment. Everything, has been leading up to this moment. Life was great, then 'BOOM,' the world exploded, life ended. I look over to my friends. No. it didn't end, it is just merely reshaping itself into something new. Something unforseen and different. Strange, and scary. But whatever it will be, I must be there for Katie. We will prevail. 

submitted by Katydid
(May 19, 2015 - 8:49 pm)

Eck! Too gooey and sad for me. Gonna have trouble writing this.


Kaite wobbles back and forth, tears streaming down her face. I look down.

I don't want this to get sobby and teary, but it's just... Sad. I inch away, frowning. Her friends embrace her, and Katie says a few honorable phrases.

"Thank you for all your comfort-"

"PLEASE! I can't take it anymore!" I groan. Katie looks at me.

"I know you're having the moment here, but we have stuff to do, ya know?" I stand up. "I ain't here for a sob story. And if you ain't gonna give us a truce, and you're gonna break down, then fine." I stomp my foot for the affect. Katie sniffs again. I think she was gonna go on in a speak about some courage, and love, but I stopped her.

"Pl-EASE! This isn't the end of the story, where we all go ride into the sunset on ponies." I roll my eyes. "Okay, okay, you're probably thinkin' that I haven't any sympathy. But look; You have other problems to deal with- Like the popular kids- and breaking down in the middle of a sleep party won't work. Now, what about the truce?"


Sorry, but I hate when people start writing a sob story about faith, stength, etc., etc. My stomach lurches and I feel like throwing up. Seriously. My stomach is squirming. 


submitted by Danie
(May 19, 2015 - 11:07 pm)

XD that reaction was hilarious.


I nod. "Sorry...." Then i hold out my hand to her. "Truce?"

"Now?" She asks.

"Well, that way we can get it over with and i can go weep over the fact that i am an orphan."

She shakes my hand, "Truce then." 


submitted by Katydid
(May 19, 2015 - 11:19 pm)


"Maybe you should call a truce with them. Maybe even be friends?"

Bri frowns. "Call a truce with KATIE?"

I nod, tentativly. 

"Katie's a she-devil," Riana puts in. "I don't want to be friends with her."

"We should at least TRY," I say. Gigi nods.

"Fine," Bri says. "We'll try. Later. Now, let's have some cupcakes and manicures." 

submitted by Indigo
(May 20, 2015 - 9:13 am)


"Maybe you should call a truce with them. Maybe even be friends?"

I stare at Kat incredulously. She can't be serious. "Call a truce with Katie?"

She nods slowly, trying to conceal the hopeful expression clouding her face. That's the thing about Kat. I can read her like a book. She wants me to say yes. We don't even have to call the truce. All she wants is for me to say yes to her. For once in my life.

"Katie's a she-devil. I don't want to be friends with her," Rianna complains.

"We should at least try," Kat persists, nudging Gigi, who shakes her head up and down spastically in agreement.

A mischievous smile creeps onto my face. I bore into Kat's eyes. She fidgets uncomfortably.

"Fine." My voice is light and airy as I speak that one syllable. I wait a moment for that to sink in. "We'll try. Later. Now, let's have some cupcakes and manicures." I'm lying, of course, but Kat shoots me a relieved look that shows her gratitude. I can practically feel my eyes glinting back at her.

This will be an awfully fun plan. 

submitted by Nora the Singer
(May 20, 2015 - 1:56 pm)

Katie. Poor Katie.

Of course, before that one of the first things that enters my mind is, wow, they got to Hawaii fast. But that isn't the point. The point is that she's orphaned.

I hang back from the gaggle of people crowding around Katie and hug DieDye tight. Tears stream down my face as I think about Dad... and Ben...

No. This is not my time to cry about them. This is Katie's time to cry. I already had my time. I've had bonus it, too. And even though I do want to cry now, right now, I know I can't. Because two losses is enough to cry about for one night.

I after the chaos settles, I snuggle up inside my sleeping bag and go to sleep.

~~The next morning~~

I'm supposed to stay until about eleven, but Mom comes and honks her horn at nine, right when I'm finishing my breakfast. Baffled, I walk outside. "Mom, I'm not supposed to leave until eleven..."

"I know that," she replies. "There's been a change of plans. Hop into the car, I'll explain everything when we get home."

I grab my bags and say good-bye to everyone, promising I'll tell them what's up on Monday. I run out to notice that Christoff, I think his name is, is talking to someone in a car. Whatever. Not my problem.

~~~~~~~A car ride later~~~~~~~~~~~

"So," Mom says as I dump my bags in the doorway, "I'm getting married."

"WHAAAAAAT?!" My eyes grow as round as platters and I start to shake as I voice my thoughts. "Mom, no! Why didn't you tell me sooner? Who is it? Didn't you say you wanted to be a widow forever, to mourn Dad and everything?!"
"That was before I met Dennys," she replies, getting this creepy far-off look in her eyes. "Oh, Erin, he's perfect. You must understand. I met him after seeing you off from school, and we hit it off. Please don't be mad." Tears well up in her eyes.

"Too late," I grumble. "So who is this Dennys? Tell me more about him."

"His full name is Dennys Jamston. He has three children- two girls and a boy. May, Belle, and Christoff."
"C-Christoff?" I'm suddenly feeling quite sick to my stomach.

"Yes. He goes to your school, doesn't he? But he's older. Anyway, I picked you up early because the wedding's been resedualed to tomorrow. Because we need to move into a larger house- you know, six-person-family and all- I got you here early so you can pack. We're moving today."
Christoff my brother. Having a father I don't even know. Moving to a new house where I will be one of four children. Could this get any worse?

"Oh, yes. We need you to be a bridesmaid."


I stare Dad straight in the eyes. "You're telling me that I'm going to have a mom I don't even know, and a half-sister that I've met maybe twice. Really."

May peeks around the corner, her six-year-old eyes full of innocence. "We're going to have a new mommy?! I like my mommy just fine!"

"May," Belle groans, grabbing her by the waist. "Come on, I'll play dress-up with you."


"So, we're going to need you to be ringbearer," Dad continues. "Erin and Belle will be bridesmaids, May will be flower girl. Will you go and pack your stuff? We're moving into the new house today. You'll be able to see your mom and sister then."

Not another sister.

submitted by St.Owl, age Recarnated, Everywhere
(May 21, 2015 - 3:49 pm)


Erin emailed me the whole story. Sisters? With Christoff?  I dash out of my cabin and run into Johnston, who was obviously running to mine.

Johnston says, "Christoff is going to be Erin's brother"!"

At the same time i say, "Erin is going to be Christoff's brother!"

Despite the situation we laugh. "Here, im going to invite Erin out to lunch. You should invite Christoff." He nods and we say goodbye, rushing back to our cabins. I plop down in my beanbag and text her.

Do you have time to talk? Meet me at subway at noon?

She replies soon after. mom says yeah, is Gramps okay with it? 

I rush to the house and ask Gramps, he says yes and i sprint back to my cabin. 



Christoff> Sure, i can make it. Where?

Johnston>  Jonnies?

Christoff> yeah. 


submitted by Katydid
(May 21, 2015 - 7:14 pm)


Our house is GIGANTIC. There are three floors and six bedrooms, plus two bathrooms. I'm glad we have such a big house, because I don't want to share a room with any of my stepsiblings. This way, I won't.

I put down all my stuff and leave notes for my parents about how I want my room organized, then leave the house so I can get to Subway on time. Christoff leaves too, to meet Johnston at Jonnies. 

I sit down across from Katie with a sigh. "I would be fine with all of this if mom had actually told me what she was planning to do. And now I have a sister who's in high school, a sister that's only six, and a brother that's two years older than me. This is great." I groan.


I feel horrible on the way to Jonnies. I don't know what happened with Erin, but I know that I still have a living mother that I see once a month. And because dad only told us he was getting remarried the day before the wedding, I bet he hasn't told her at all. Yet.


submitted by St.Owl, age recarnated, Everywhere
(May 22, 2015 - 6:10 pm)


"Well, maybe siblings wouldn't be so bad. And, if your parents are okay with it, i can come over and we can paint your room!" 

She grins, "That would be great."

"And, a plus side of siblings, is that you don't have to do all the chores."

"True," she bobs her head."

"But you will probably get blamed for all the stuff your younger sister does, because parents usally think younger kids don't have common knowledge. Kids do, most of them at least, so you might get aggrivated a bit."

"Huh. do you know this?"

" complained about that with her siblings, so i never got the advantage."  Erin laughs and i continue. "As for your older sister, find something that you both like to skating or something, and take her out."

"Okay...." Erin ponders. "What about Christoff?"

I grin, "He likes video games, maybe..just maybe, you could find one you both like. Or buy him a game. My point is spend time with your siblings, each individually, and you might just get off on the right foot."

Erin suddenly says, "So, my new step-brother is your crush? Do you want to date him?"

"Well, i don't do dating...i think i'm too young, but i can't help having a crush. Can I?"

Erin seemingly relaxes because of the new topic and takes another bite of her sandwitch. "Guess so..."


I'll do Johnston's later!!!!!! 



submitted by Katydid
(May 24, 2015 - 12:54 pm)


"Don't see why you can't. Even though I think it's a bunch of baloney," I shrug.

"Please, don't start that again," moans Katie.

"Well, hey. Middle school. I'm serious. You can't really know true-true love until college, or senior year of high school MAYBE."

Katie rolls her eyes. "Didn't your mom marry when she was..."
I cut her off. "Mom is a different story. You're talking about a woman who tells her kid she's getting married THE DAY BEFORE IT HAPPENS."

Oh boy. Back to topic.

"Right." She takes a bite of her sandwich.

"Anyway... I, not to dampen your spirits, have seen Christoff... looking at Kat. Not that it means anything, but..."


submitted by St.Owl, age Recarnated, Everywhere
(May 24, 2015 - 4:49 pm)


"Meh. It's just a crush. He's cute...has a nice personality, and, like I've known him my whole life. So, yeah..."

"Guess so...I'll think over your ideas. I think they just might work."

I grin, "Good." 

submitted by Katydid
(May 24, 2015 - 9:28 pm)


This day has gotten SO chaotic. My best friend's parents just died, and now we have a truce with the smart girls. I got SOOOO mad at Mellie's reaction. How would she feel if her parents just died? I mean, come on! Her PARENTS! The people who loved her, raised her, cared fot her, gave birth to her!!! It didn't seem to bother Katie that much, but still... I would have litteraly KILLED her if it ha been my parents. I tried to get past it, forgive and forget and all that. But still.... anyways, even though that happened, we made a truce. 


I know Bri didn't actually mean it when she said that she'd make a truce with Katie... I saw it in her eyes. After the miniature party, I pull Kat aside. "Listen, Bri didn't actually mean it when she said she'd make a truce. I think she has something planned... something to make Katie look bad. Really bad." Kat's eyes widen. She normally thinks the best of everyone, but I'm, like, her bst friend, and she trusts me. "Oh no!" She cries, and I shush her. Bri and Rianna are still outside. "We have to do something!" She whispers. I nod, but then Rianna saunters over to us. "Are you guys, like, OK?" She asks. She must have heard Kat. I start to fake sniffle. "I-I just found out that my great grandmother died." Rianna looks concerned. "Oh...kk. Sorry about that." She walks back over to Bri. I whisper to Katie "My great grandma's been dead for ten years."  

submitted by Joss
(May 22, 2015 - 7:49 am)


Once the hospital finally permits me to go home after what seems like an eternity, all five of us enter the limo parked in the front. I gasp with delight when I realize it's my favorite, the one with the flat-screen TVs and the leather plush sofas lining the interior. Rianna joins me in the far right corner, while Kat and Gigi hover over the mini fridge.

"Grab me a water bottle," I request, stretching my legs onto the ottoman and picking up the remote control.

Gigi nods and tosses me one, then gathers three cans of soda for her and the other girls. I lean back and press the recliner button on the armrest as I switch through each channel, browsing. Rianna swipes a bottle of sparkly sapphire blue nail polish and lifts my hand, giving me a much-needed manicure (apparently in the hospital, emergency beauty sessions aren't a thing?). The cold paint tickles a bit when it collides with my fingernails, a feeling I've always loved. It's been reminding me of the squad's slumber parties ever since we started having them. The memories rush to my brain like supernova - the time I first met Rianna in preschool; when we befriended Gigi in first grade and welcomed Kat in third. I rememeber my dad letting us stay up late for movie nights; our "fancy" tea parties and double-dutch jump rope at recess. A lump begins to form in my throat as I swallow, blinking back a flood of fresh tears. I allow Rianna to work on her second coat.

"There's nothing good on," Gigi comments and turns off the TV. "Let's play a game instead."

"Oh!" Kat pipes up. "Twister!"

"Can't - wet nails." I flutter my fingers for evidence. "Also, ew."

"How about Truth or Dare?" Rianna suggests.

"Sure," Gigi approves. Kat shrugs her shoulders.

"Perfect," I put in with a coy smirk. "Kat, truth or dare?"

"Um...truth." I knew it. That girl's always trying to play it safe. "What was your most embarassing moment?"

Kat crinkles her nose, pondering. "I don't know. Maybe last year when I tripped in the hall?"

"Lame," I declare, turning to face Gigi. "Ask Rianna now."

"'Kay. Rianna, truth or dare?"

"Dare, obviously," she replies with a fake yawn. "Hit me with your best shot."

I bend over and whisper in Gigi's ear. She gazes at me with wide eyes. I stifle a giggle. "Do it."

"Do what?" Rianna demands. 

submitted by Nora the Singer
(May 22, 2015 - 7:50 pm)


Still thinking over what Gigi said, I watch Bri whisper something into Gigi's ear. Her eyes go wide and she mouths, "Tell your most embarressing secret. Should I do it?" She stares at Bri, unhappily.

"Do it," She says, her voice hard and sharp-edged.

Gigi takes a shallow, quick breath and then says, "Tell your most embarressing secret." 


submitted by Indigo
(May 23, 2015 - 8:36 am)


submitted by Topiddy top hat
(May 26, 2015 - 12:18 am)