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so, backstory: the kyngdom of Hyrssa has been ruled peacefully by Queen Amirila for centuries. But now her evil cousin Thryxx has kidnapped the queen and taken the throne AND the control of the kyngdom. But what he doesnt know is that a little army is rising up to overthrow his throne and find Queen Amirila. Theyre called the WoodOnes, for a bit of backstory... Hryssa is in the middle of a beautiful forest, and the people have lived in harmony with nature for as long as anyone can remember. The people of Hryssa have control over Earth magic, growing things at will. But Thryxx has stopped all that, banning Earth magic. So the WoodOnes continue to practice their Earth magic, waiting for the day when they can overthrow Thryxx and return Hryssa to its peacful life.

Charrie Sheet:



Powers (if having none, say 'None'):



Are they part of the WoodOnes?: 


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So thats it, please enjoy! Ill be accepting like 15 people (the number may change) and you an create a maximum of 5 characters. NOTE: this is my first RP so sorry if i mess up! :3

if you need details on anything else, please ask and i will write it up! 

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woo! hehe its here guys! Sorry I forgot about this! I am sorry to say but its coming to a close... probably one or two more chapters! 

Thank you all for staying with me and reading this, for encouraging me and reminding me to write.

Thank you for topping and topping and topping and topping and topping and topping and topping... especially Em! The fact that you cared so much that you MADE A POST saying I need to write was incredible- if not for you I wouldnt be writing this <3

Okay- without further ado...

Part Seven

Ameilya opened her eyes wearily. She looked around, her head pounding. She groaned as she sat up, her back sore from their crash. Speaking of that, where were they? She looked around. They had landed in an open cobblestone square surrounded by trees and lush, beautiful flowers. She looked up, wondering why the square was cast in shadows-and immediately sucked in her breath. Looming above them was a building she only had seen in photos-the Royal Palace. Ameilya rolled over, shaking Amaia. 

“Maia, Maia, we’re-”

“At the Royal Palace… I know. Why? I guess we crashed…” Amaia said, answering her own question. Ameilya nodded and got up shakily.
“Is everyone okay?” she asked, lifting up a piece of canvas.
“Yeah… ugh, that's not good…” Bradley was holding his head. 

Ameilya closed her eyes, screaming internally. Then she told herself it would be over soon-they would go back to their normal lives (although nothing could be called normal anymore) and relax. But she kept thinking the opposite-that everything would be absolutely different-and it would all be because of stupid fate, roping them into a group and shoving them over to Thryxx’s palace, causing this chain of events that wrecked them. Ameilya couldn't stop thinking that her grandma’s death was Robyn’s fault-But no, she was a good person. It's not like fate chose HER as a bad-luck-bringer. Ameilya opened her eyes and looked up.
“Okay-everyone, we need to get out of here. People are going to notice the wreck and it's not like we came on friendly terms.” Cleft said, shoving a board off Robyn’s foot.
“I liked that wagon…” Nemus mumbled, but she got up as well as the rest of them.
“Where is there to go? We needed to come here anyway. I suspect we have about 3 minutes before the guards come.” Taurin said, shaking out his hand, which had gotten sandwiched between two boards.
“Well then we better find a place to hide. Inside the castle is the best place, I think” Willa said abruptly. She ran over to Rose and looked at them all with an unreadable expression. Ameilya took Amaia’s hand and sucked in her breath.

“Well. We should get going then.”


Robyn squinted. She could've sworn she had sawn a person walking their way-someone with a navy blue jacket and several pins and medals… oh my gosh, there he was again. 

“Go go go! I see a guard!” she hissed, scrambling toward the castle wall. Right on time-behind her, there was a shout, and then the thump of boots on cobblestone. All 11 of them ducked behind a gigantic tree and waited as the guard rounded the corner. Then they popped out again and ran, ran, ran, past a bench, over to the small door Robyn had spotted earlier… and then they were wrenching it open, ducking inside and coming face to face with… a maid. Actually, a young girl in a maids uniform, her mouth gaping at them. Robyn shoved to the front, closing the door behind them and then she looked at the maid. Coppery red hair tucked under a black hat, a white-and-black dress and several freckles. The part about her appearance that stood out to Robyn was her unusually bright-green eyes. Like, very very bright green.
“Um… hello?” the maid said.
“Hey-you-can't-tell-anyone-we’re-not-supposed-to-be-here-can-you-help-us?” Robyn blurted out. She realized that the maid was gawking at her and sighed.
“Fine. I’ll say it again… Can you help us? Who are you?” Robyn sighed again.

“Yeah, sorry. Um, Im Livia. Livia Jenell… Who are all of you?” the maid said.
“You're a maid in Thryxx’s palace. Why should we tell?” Robyn challenged.
“Yeah, but I'm only a maid ‘cause my dad made me be one.” Livia shot back. The two glared at each other for a second before Taurin broke in.
“Okay then, I’m Taurin. This is my sister Arja, this is Robyn, Cleft, Ameilya, Amaia, Rose, Willa, Forrest, Bradley, and Nemus.” Robyn glared at Taurin, then sighed for the third time. Her throat was starting to hurt.
“Nice to meet you all. May I ask why you’re inside Thryxx’s palace and entered through a servant’s hallway?” Livia said. Robyn groaned.
“Promise you wont turn us in?” she said, her voice muffled by her hands. (which were clapped over her face)
“Yup.” Livia answered. She closed her eyes, then opened them.
“Okay. We’re coming to defeat Thryxx and free the Queen.” Robyn said, then groaned loudly.
“Sorry, I wasn't supposed to tell you that, I’ll have to-” Robyn was interrupted by Cleft, who grabbed her shoulders
“Ro.” He said. The nickname was all it took to calm Robyn down.
“Sorry- Dont tell. Please.” Robyn said softly.
“I won't! And I can help.” Livia said, backing away a little.
You see, I'm supposed to go put these sheets in the washing room. The washing room happens to be under the passage to the throne room-and I know a way up there.” Livia beamed. Robyn had to admit she was impressed-this tiny girl was a lot more then she seemed.

“Okay then, lead the way.” 


Forrest followed Livia through the crowded hallway. He got bumped against the wall, his feet hurt, and he was bone-dead tired. But eventually, the hall opened into a rather wide area, with people in black-and-white uniforms scuttling around. Livia ducked behind a door, which was hanging open, and led them down another cramped hall into a gigantic area. There were people in white shifts running around, tubs overflowing with clothes, water on the floor, metal basins lining the walls, and general pandemonium. Livia tiptoed over to a metal basin that, unlike the others, was empty. She pulled it to the side and glanced around to make sure no one was looking- then she turned back to Forest and waved them over.
“This is the way to the throne room.” She whispered, dumping an armload of dirty sheets into another metal basin.
“Follow me.” Forrest nodded and tiptoed after Livia, who had scooched behind the basin into a small tunnel.
“It's too small to walk in, we have to crawl I guess.” Livia muttered, then got down on her hands and knees and started crawling down the tunnel. Forrest shrugged and followed. They scootched down the tunnel one at a time, Bradley tugging the basin back into place. 

The tunnel was dark and damp, with lukewarm water dripping down from the concrete ceiling. Forrest’s knee scraped against something warm and squishy and he grimaced, scooting forward a little faster. They kept going. And kept going. And kept going.

Then the tunnel widened into a small circular room tall enough for them to stand up, which all 12 did gratefully. Forrest stretched, his arm knocking into Ameilya’s elbow.
“Oops, sorry- It's so crowded in here.” Forrest said, lowering his arm carefully.
“It's alright. Livia, where’s the exit?” Ameilya asked, looking up at the arched ceiling.
“Okay, hold on–mmphhhh–There we go!” Livia exclaimed, falling into Rose. She held in a grubby hand the start of a rope ladder.
“Let me just-” Livia said, throwing the ladder up up up and then the metal hook caught on a bar welded into the ceiling.
“There we go! I’ll get the trapdoor open.” Livia said absently, picking herself up and starting to climb. The others watched, a little carsick, as the ladder swayed and twisted with every move Livia made. Finally she made it to the top. Livia reached out and grabbed a thin wooden handle that crumbled under her grip, letting the wooden trapdoor bang open and almost knock Livia off the ladder.
“Im okay! You guys can come up now!” Livia cried, wiggling up out of the trapdoor. Forrest shrugged and followed.


Bradley poked his head out into the hall, groaning. The ladder was like a roller coaster-tippy and wavering, making him feel sick. Eh, at least they were up in the palace. He lifted himself into the hallway, then grabbed Arja’s hand and helped her up. Arja smiled at him and Bradley grinned back, feeling strangely warm.
“Okay, so, I can show you the way to the throne room but then I have to get back to wo-” Livia gave a strangled squeak. Bradley whipped around to see a burly man with wild red hair wrap his gloved hand around Livia’s neck. He let go after a second, but still growled down at Livia. There was something familiar about his cold green eyes…
“Livia Janett Arter. What are you doing.” the man said.
“Daddy-” Livia gasped, massaging her throat.
“Don’t ‘Daddy’ me. Tell me what you are doing and who these kids are.” The man, Livia’s dad, said sternly, his black cloak rippling slightly.
“T-these are my friends- I was giving them a tour-” Livia said, inching away from her dad, who scowled.
“A tour? And what better place to do that then the OFF LIMITS TUNNEL THAT YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT?!?” Livia’s dad stomped his steel-clad foot.
“I-I didn't…” Livia stuttered, pressing herself against the wall.
“Oh, of course you didn't know. GET UP. Go back to the chambers and wait for me.” Livia’s dad growled. He aimed a kick in her direction and unclipped  a small black device from his red belt.
“I need backup- Get two guards down here. There's some kids running around unsupervised and they look very suspicious.” Livia’s dad barked. There was an answering crackle and then a faint ‘Roger.’ 

“Well well well, this'll teach you to leave the Palace alone.” Livia’s dad said, smirking. 

Moments later, after Livia has trudged off with a sad, apologetic smile, two women raced down the hall, wearing the same steel armor.
“Norman- what the Thryxx is going on here?” one said, her red hair bouncing off her armor as she ran.
“Kids. Intruding. What else do you think? We better bring ‘em to Thryxx.” Norman said harshly. He unsheathed a thick, silver sword. The second guard hefted her spear and set her face in a determined stare. The red-haired guard, who could've been Norman’s brother, raised her long broadsword over her head. The three guards stood in silence for a while, standing in a half circle, keeping Bradley and the others where they were.
“THIS IS POINTLESS THEY WON'T FIGHT JUST TAKE THEM TO THE THRONE ROOM ALREADY!” Norman burst out. The guards put away their weapons and each grabbed an arm. Bradley felt the urge to fight but he didnt- for at the end of the corridor he saw a vaguely familiar face peering back at him. 


Willa blinked.
Why was there a female version of Bradley peeking into the corridor?
Apparently Bradley noticed too. He was staring straight at the girl.
And then the girl started crying, like, big-waterfall-crying.
Willa blinked again.
She turned to Rose, confusion clear on her face.
“Is that…” she asked. Rose nodded.
“Probably.” Rose said softly. Willa looked down. She felt the red-haired guard clamp her fingers around her arm and haul Willa down the corridor.
The others were getting the same treatment- each guard had two arms in each hand, except for the blondie, who had three arms in her hands.
They were dragged down the hall, the silence eerie. For some reason Willa didn't try to fight. In fact, when she opened her mouth to bite down on Fire-Head’s hand, she couldn't move.
They were finally dumped on a fancy rug. Willa lifted her head slightly, relieved to find that she could move again. Her gaze traveled across her friends, the vaulted ceiling, the circular walls, the fancy gold designs in the marble floor.
“Where are we?” Willa asked. Her voice echoed around the room and shocked her companions back to action. Robyn leapt up and took a flying tackle at Norman, who was caught unaware and lost his sword. Willa shrugged and finished her task- Fire-Head suddenly screamed as Willa’s teeth pierced her ‘unpierceable’ gloves and sank deep into her leathery skin. Willa leaned back in satisfaction. Rose was repeatedly kicking Blondie, who was slumped on the ground.
Taurin joined Robyn, who was wildly swinging her stolen sword. They advanced on Norman, who smirked.
When the blade of his own sword smacked into his leg, Norman wasn't smiling anymore. He was, in fact, running for his life.
Willa happily started kicking Blondie with Rose, glancing around to see Cleft tackling Fire-Head, Ameilya and Amaia chasing Norman around the room, and everyone else dodging between guards to kick them.

Taurin was pleased with the results of their ambush. He watched as Ameilya grabbed Norman’s arm and Amaia sat on his foot, Fire-Head lay unconscious, and Blondie was still getting a round of sharp kicks from Rose.
“Okay, now what?” Willa called. Taurin turned to her and grinned.
“I don't know, let's just storm the throne room and tackle Thryxx. Maybe that’ll work.” he joked, then sighed.
“Actually, how are we going to defeat Thryxx?” Taurin asked. Robyn shrugged.
“I don't know- maybe attack him at once with all our powers?” She said. Taurin sat down.
“We’ll figure something out.” he mumbled.
“Sure, I know we will, but WHAT NOW?!?” Willa repeated, louder.
“Okay, Willa, calm down. Why don't we figure out where we are?” Rose said.
“I know where you are. You’re in Thryxx’s robing room.” Taurin whirled around to see a slim girl with her brown hair in a loose braid.
“Who are you?” he demanded, automatically stepping in front of Robyn.
“I-Im Lizzy. Um… you there, can I talk to you? Please?” the girl rubbed her eyes, which Taurin noticed were red around the edges. Strangely, they were the same ice-blue as Bradley’s.
“Uh, sure?” Bradley said. Taurin realized that’s who Lizzy had pointed at- Bradley, who pretty much looked exactly like her. The two walked across the room to a long bench and sat down.
“Okay, well, now we know we’re in the Robing Room. Where is that in connection to the Throne Room?” taurin said, a little too loudly.
“Maybe right next to it. Look at the door.” Forrest said, pointing to an ornately carved door made from fine white wood. Above it were the words THRONE ROOM in curly script. Taurin felt very, very stupid.
“Okay, let's wait for Bradley to come back.” Taurin said sheepishly.
“I wanna know what they're saying... be right back, Rin!” Arja said, grinning. With that, Taurin watched his sister dart over to the bench and stare at the floor. Taurin sighed. Sometimes his sister was more than he could handle.


Arja grinned again. They hadn't noticed her. She pretended to be studying the swirly gold designs in the marble floor underfoot. She sidled closer and heard Lizzy saying,
“Are-are you Bradley?” Arja grinned as Bradley whispered,
“Yeah, why?”
“Because… Because I've been searching forever… Bradley-you’re-my-brother!” Lizzy burst out. Arja reeled back with a loud gasp. Bradley whirled around and stared right at her.
“Um, hey Arja! Lizzy-what-the-how-am-I-your-brother?” Bradley asked. Arja sat down next to him on the bench.
“So it's complicated- I don't remember and I'm sure you don't either, but when we were really young, like two or something, we got separated? Yeah, that's what I heard and it sorta explains everything, like why I live with a dying witch in the Palace basement. And why we haven't known each other until now! I made sure I got your appearance and name so that I could find you again…” Lizzy trailed off. Bradley nodded slowly.
“Okay, I believe you-” he stopped talking and wrapped Lizzy in a hug, which, Arja thought, must've been very uncomfortable. Arja stood up.
“Well, um, great that you guys are back together, but I think we have to get back to the group?” Arja said. Bradley released Lizzy and grinned awkwardly.
“Yeah, we should, um…” Arja took that as a ‘lead the way’ and started walking across the room. Everyone else was watching as she announced,

“May I present Bradley’s long-lost-sister Lizzy?” there was a tremendous amount of gasps and then Arja realized that there wasn't one person in the room (besides the unconscious guards) that didn't have a sibling. Weird.

“Okay! Lets go, guys, it's about time.” Cleft called. The group rose to their feet and, like soldiers going into battle, they hugged briefly and then walked toward the door.
“Um, excuse me, but what exactly are you doing?” Lizzy piped up, raising her voice just enough to be heard.
“Oh. We’re, um, going to defeat Thryxx.” Robyn said. Definitely not something you do every day, Arja thought, but Lizzy took it surprisingly well.
“Oh, okay. Um. I can distract the guards. They’re waking up, you know.” Lizzy said. A glance confirmed that yes, the three guards were stirring.
“That would be great, Lizzy. Thank you.” Robyn said. Lizzy nodded.

“Bradley… promise me you’ll come find me when this is over?” Lizzy said softly. Bradley whispered Of course and then they were off.


Rose bent her head, looking over her shoulder to make sure Willa was still there. She was. Rose felt a little uneasy about charging straight into battle, but she knew it was for all the people out there being blissfully innocent, that might fall unsuspecting to Thryxx’s hands at any moment. As long as Willa was safe, she would give herself up to help. Rose took a deep breath and then stepped through the open doors.
Behind her Rose could clearly hear Lizzy shouting,
“Oh, oh, it's a tragedy! They knocked me unconscious and escaped!”
“Well, where did they go? Hurry!” That was Norman.
“Down the south corridor! Come!” There was the sound of pounding footsteps and then silence. Rose lifted her head.
They were in a cavernous room dominated by a glittering black throne. There was a deep blood red carpet surrounding the throne, empty iron chairs lining the walls, and a tall, shaven-headed man with a fierce, uncaring face lounging on the throne. Thryxx.


Cleft grabbed Robyn’s right hand.
“We got this, Ro.” he whispered. She nodded. They turned to face Thryxx.
He didn't notice them- they were hiding behind a large tapestry depicting a crown in threads of burnished gold. Cleft sucked in his breath and opened his eyes. The tapestry was thin and worn from age,so they could see through. But the tapestry was in a shadowy corner where their silhouettes would go unnoticed- and unnoticed they were.
“Okay… what now? What should we do?” Cleft whispered. No one heard him. He shifted positions, facing the group huddled behind the tapestry.
“What now?” he said. Robyn dropped Taurin’s hand, her face red.
“U-um…” she started, but was interrupted by a booming voice.
“Yes, what now? Oh, I know. Why don't you get some exercise? It would be good for the horsies, and, well, not so good for you. Seems perfect!”


Nemus felt her stomach twist into millions of knots. She gulped down dread and waited. The voice… the voice belonged to Thryxx. Nemus jolted backward as hollow thuds reverberated through the room. There was a sickening laugh and the voice said,
“Oh yes, darlings. There’s a nice snackie behind the tapestry there. Try it out, hmm?” Nemus almost threw up. The disgusting stench of rotten flesh and spoiled meat wafted into her nose, just as a black, half-transparent thing flitted past the tapestry. No one dared speak- the smell was too overpowering and Nemus feared that she would pass out if she opened her mouth and inhaled the stuff.
Time seemed to pass oh-so-slowly, the empty footsteps sounding ever so often. Nemus gulped. The smell was stronger and she could see seven of the shadowy shapes beyond the tapestry.
And then the chamber rang with thuds as the shadows charged toward the tapestry. Nemus stumbled out into the room, the rest following her.
And then they saw what the shadows were- shadow horses.










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Amazing, as usual. Great job, Heroes! I can see you haven't lost your touch :) I'm really excited to see how this turns out, and now I understand why you wanted our charries' worst fears...

Ooh I just scared myself. *shudders*

Anyways, keep up the great work! I'll be watching....

Wow that was creepy XD *shudders again* 

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Thank you so much for writing this!  It is really spooky.  I look forward to the next part!

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