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so, backstory: the kyngdom of Hyrssa has been ruled peacefully by Queen Amirila for centuries. But now her evil cousin Thryxx has kidnapped the queen and taken the throne AND the control of the kyngdom. But what he doesnt know is that a little army is rising up to overthrow his throne and find Queen Amirila. Theyre called the WoodOnes, for a bit of backstory... Hryssa is in the middle of a beautiful forest, and the people have lived in harmony with nature for as long as anyone can remember. The people of Hryssa have control over Earth magic, growing things at will. But Thryxx has stopped all that, banning Earth magic. So the WoodOnes continue to practice their Earth magic, waiting for the day when they can overthrow Thryxx and return Hryssa to its peacful life.

Charrie Sheet:



Powers (if having none, say 'None'):



Are they part of the WoodOnes?: 


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So thats it, please enjoy! Ill be accepting like 15 people (the number may change) and you an create a maximum of 5 characters. NOTE: this is my first RP so sorry if i mess up! :3

if you need details on anything else, please ask and i will write it up! 

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Oh gods *winces* Im sorry Em! I really havent gotten around to writing anything else but I promise you the next part will be up between now and 





















november. *cringes*

Okay thats overreacting but I will write the next part! I promise! 

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Looks like I write much faster then I thought! Y'all might need to read the end of last post before reading this, its a bit confusing if you dont.


Part Eight

Ameilya screamed, but no sound came out. She squeezed between two burly men and frantically reached for the brass doorknob. It wouldn't turn. She tripped over someone’s foot and fell back against a rack of winter jackets. This was- this was horrible. She was trapped in a dark, stuffy closet with ten other people and the door wouldn't open!!!
Ameilya tried again. She yanked on the doorknob and this time, it opened. Ameilya spilled out onto the scruffy floor and lifted her head… no! Amaia! She couldn't be, oh, goodness no, no… Ameilya stared at her dead sister and started to cry.


Amaia reached out her hands and tried to feel for the next tree, but it was too far away.
“Meilya! Meilya!” she shouted, but nothing happened. The next second she bumped into a tree and fell through it, landing in a small white room. There was a metal table on the far end, with a bandaged figure lying still on its surface. 

I'm sorry… we couldn't save her… Amaia reeled back. The person on the table was Ameilya. And she was dead.


Robyn watched herself kill her friends.

There was an exact replica of her, same brown hair, same bright green eyes- except this Robyn had a sickly smile, like she enjoyed what she was doing- plunging a pointy dagger into each person’s chest, then dancing away and watching them fall. When Fake Robyn reached Cleft and Taurin, who were huddled together in the corner, Robyn screamed. Her voice didn't come and Robyn was forced to stare helplessly as Fake Robyn drew another dagger and then simultaneously shoved the blades into Taurin and Cleft’s chest. This time Robyn actually screamed. It only made Fake Robyn turn to Robyn and say eerily, “You cannot escape who you really are, Robyn.” and then melt away. Robyn tried to breath. She couldn't.


Forrest couldn't stop the arrow from rebounding off the target, couldn't stop the deadly point from rocketing toward his sister’s chest, couldn't stop the whistling sound as the arrow reached its goal- there was a thud and Nemus fell to the ground, dead from her own arrow. 

Forrest knelt down and ignored the tears, trying to fix this, trying and trying…

Don't even try, Forrest, you can't do anything!
Forrest looked up at the half-transparent figure floating a few feet above her body.
“Nemus…” he whispered. Another ghost appeared.
There's nothing you can do to help, Forrest, for you are useless!

Forrest collapsed on the fallen leaves and began to cry.


Bradley was immoble, trapped inside a sphere of energy, watching a silver-scaled dragon pounce on his friends. At the throne, Thryxx was waving his arms and chanting slowly under his breath- he was controlling the dragon, whoever the dragon was. Bradley watched as the dragon dragged Lizzy into the room, then slid his claw down her back, leaving a streak of bright red blood. No no no no… Bradley thought, trying to move forward. He couldn't, but the dragon came, his eyes shut. Bradley held his breath, they were nose to nose, and-

The dragon opened his eyes. They were bright ice blue. Bradley screamed.


Willa was falling through layers of dust and shadows. She didn't notice when she hit the ground, all she saw was the three-headed green-black beast staring straight at her. She gulped in a breath of rotten air and tried to tell herself it was all a dream. But the Riverias, its three heads representing Past, Present, and Future all pointed in her direction, was real. More real than the blue one that had taken her memory. Willa stumbled back, but the Riverias just stepped forward and the suction-holes on each head opened, vortex’s spinning inside, and Willa was sucked toward oblivion. 


Taurin closed his eyes. Arja was NOT lying in front of him. He was NOT inside a tight room cluttered with tables, tables on which his friends lay. No. Taurin kept his eyes shut until something dark and slimy forced them open, forced him to watch the doctors wrap up each of his friends. Arja was last, and Taurin felt his heart disappear under the white bandages along with his sister. The doctors left the parcels on the tables and Taurin was left inside the too-bright room, the only one still alive. He couldn't stop the tears.


Arja felt like someone was driving a sharp shiny silver knife into her heart. Taurin was being killed right now for something SHE had said, and her parents were already gone, dead, her friends had deserted her, and she was completely alone. Completely utterly totally alone. 


Rose just couldn't watch, just couldn't. She knew what Nyghtmares did to you, but she didn't expect this! She didn't expect Willa, her cheerful, loveable little sister to be sprawled on the floor with multiple knives (Rose felt a surge of pride- she knew Willa hadn't gone down without a fight) stuck in her body. Rose just looked away. She couldn't. Not when Willa was dead and there was nothing left.


Cleft couldnt even stand the pain. ALL of his friends were being burned, right now, they were sprawled on the ashes of his village, and the flames licked at their skin, and they didnt do anything to stop it, and he couldn't do anything either, and so Cleft had to watch his friends die. 


Nemus reached for her bow. It wasn't there.

Blinding speeding crashing burning screaming crying dying-why couldn't she help?

Why were all of her friends in a pile, a bloody dark unmoving pile?

And why was Forrest not there? Why was Forrest buried under the others, blood on his face, and why was he not moving?
The truth sunk in, and Nemus fell.


The Nyghtmares continued their circle around the immobile figures, 11 teens stuck in their own personal nightmare. Thryxx watched with satisfaction, for no one he knew had been able to defeat the terrifying visions. 

So the Nyghtmares kept circling, Thryxx kept watching, and the children kept being tortured. 



SO YEAH, here you go! Its really short but whatever

and the next part will be written in third person from a ghost's point of view, so no seperate parts for each kiddo. Oh, and I think the next part is the last one for this section, but then we have the Part in which they search for the Queen! Im excited! 

Also sorry for not posting in forever ;-;

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Intense and very suspenseful.  But I enjoyed it!  Can't wait for the next part!

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OH, I LOVE IT!!!!!!


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