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so, backstory: the kyngdom of Hyrssa has been ruled peacefully by Queen Amirila for centuries. But now her evil cousin Thryxx has kidnapped the queen and taken the throne AND the control of the kyngdom. But what he doesnt know is that a little army is rising up to overthrow his throne and find Queen Amirila. Theyre called the WoodOnes, for a bit of backstory... Hryssa is in the middle of a beautiful forest, and the people have lived in harmony with nature for as long as anyone can remember. The people of Hryssa have control over Earth magic, growing things at will. But Thryxx has stopped all that, banning Earth magic. So the WoodOnes continue to practice their Earth magic, waiting for the day when they can overthrow Thryxx and return Hryssa to its peacful life.

Charrie Sheet:



Powers (if having none, say 'None'):



Are they part of the WoodOnes?: 


. . .

So thats it, please enjoy! Ill be accepting like 15 people (the number may change) and you an create a maximum of 5 characters. NOTE: this is my first RP so sorry if i mess up! :3

if you need details on anything else, please ask and i will write it up! 

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Okay guys! here it is! WAAAAY longer then normal, I got carried away :3

Part Five

Ameilya yawned, turning over, the fluffy blanket she had picked tangled around her feet. What had she dreamed about again? Oh yeah, giant fluffy clouds that formed letters… she remembered they spelled out frwendss. Ameilya smiled slightly and got up, stretching. She bumped into Amaia, who was sleeping next to her. Her sister mumbled “Kittens… put on those overalls...” and went back to sleep. Ameilya grinned and tiptoed outside, wrapping her fluffy blanket around her body. She sat on a log, staring at the mist-colored sky, the sun just beginning to break through the clouds. Suddenly she heard a crunch. Ameilya whirled around, leaping off the log. 

“It's only me.” Willa said, putting her hands up in the air. Ameilya’s mouth fell open. 

“Willa! I thought you were sleeping inside!” she shouted, then covered her mouth. 

“I didn't mean to shout… just surprised, that's all.”  she said shamefacedly, sitting back down, her shyness creeping in. 

“It's okay. Yeah, I slept, and that's how I processed the memories or something? I dunno.” Willa shrugged and perched on the log beside Ameilya. 

“I remembered everything-and there's someone we need to find. Now.” Willa turned to Ameilya, her eyes stone cold.

“You mean Robyn?” Ameilya asked.

“No… wait, what?” Willa jumped up. “Robyn is missing?”  Ameilya nodded.

“Then we have two people to find.” Willa sat down and sighed.

“Who’s the second person?” Ameilya wrapped her blanket around Willa’s shoulders.

“My sister, Rose.” 


Robyn kept falling. After a while she closed her eyes and let herself fall, snatches of conversations, bits of memory floating through her mind. ‘Robyn, c’mon, you can't catch me!’ a sandy-haired boy racing through the woods, laughing. Cleft. Her brother. How long had it been? The last time she saw him was… the same sandy-haired boy, again, racing through the woods, this time not running from her, instead a group of people, holding torches, setting the forest ablaze. And then she came out of the trees, holding a basket, and saw the chase. And so she followed, shoving past the people whose eyes were filmed over with black fog… and she caught up to the sandy-haired boy, and they ran together, the basket dropping from her arm. But a tree loomed, and they had to avoid it… the siblings dived different ways. The mob didn't see her… they chased after the boy. And she never saw him again. Robyn had run for hours that day through the woods, calling Cleft’s name, screaming for him… but she hadn't found him. Suddenly, Robyn realized she wasn't falling anymore.  As she drifted slowly downward, she realized this must be what it was like to ride on a cloud… and when she lifted her aching head, she realized yes, she was on a cloud. A dark grey cloud that was dripping moisture. A storm cloud. The cloud started to tremble, to lose shape, and Robyn felt herself falling again. But when she hit the stone, it wasn't as bad as she thought. Robyn probably broke a couple bones, but she survived. And after a while of lying there, she began to register the fact that there was someone tending her wounds, propping her up against the stone, and bringing her a bowl of soup. Now, Robyn reached for the bowl, her fingers trembling slightly. The soup was cold, but she inhaled it, and sat up.  She opened her eyes, took a moment to adjust to the dim lighting, and realized someone was sitting right there, in front of her, just watching her silently. 


Forrest took a long time to wake up. There was something he needed to do… someone he needed to help… oh yeah. Robyn. Forrest jumped up, shrugging off his blanket. 

“Guys, wake up, it's morning!” he said, already rummaging through the closet. 

“It's like three AM, Forrest. Seriously?” Bradley grumbled, turning over. 

“Yes, seriously. C’mon, we have to get Robyn and-wait. Where were we even going in the first place?” Forrest stepped out of the closet.

“I… I don't exactly know. Robyn was always the one with a plan…” Amaia sat up. 

“Amaia, where are Ameilya and Willa?” Arja got up, dark circles under her eyes. 

“Ameilya… I dunno. I think she went outside. I have no idea where Willa is though.” Amaia got up, stretching. She poked her head out the door. 

“Yep, they’re both outside. Just talking.” Forrest noticed a pang of melancholy in Amaia’s voice. It was clear she missed having her sister to herself. 

“Well, lets go get them and form a plan.” Taurin said. He folded his arms. So they all went outside. Willa was sitting by Ameilya on a log just outside the forest. 

“Ameilya, Willa, c’mon.” Taurin started to walk into the forest.

“Wait, Taurin, we need a plan.” Arja grabbed her brother’s arm.

“Actually… I already have a plan.” Everyone looked toward Bradley.

“I haven't been using my powers… Ive been saving everything for this. I’ll pass out as soon as I shift back, so I won't do that for a while.” Bradley closed his eyes.

And then he turned into a dragon.


Bradley felt only a tiny bit dizzy when he shifted. It felt strange, growing wings and doubling in size in the matter of a heartbeat. He heard gasps, and knew the others were surprised that in his place was a hulking silver and blue dragon, but with the same icy eyes. He unfurled his majestic wings and looked up at the group quizzically. Willa came over and put her hand on his forehead. Suddenly, in his mind, her voice rang loud and clear. ‘Bradley… what is your plan?’ ‘To fly you all down in the chasm.’ he replied, and knelt down. There was a moment of hesitation, then Willa skipped over to the others and relayed his message. One by one, they all climbed on his back, and then Bradley flapped his wings and took to the sky. There were a couple screams, and a whoop Bradley suspected came from Arja. He smiled to himself and flew higher, faster, swooping above the forest. He spotted the wide gap in the forest and tucked in his wings. ‘Hold on!’ he cried, and Willa repeated the sentence. Bradley hurtled toward the chasm, almost like an arrow. He flattened himself and dove into the chasm. More screams. Then they stopped, and Bradley just flew, speeding downward. Eventually he spread his wings, the tips not even close to touching the walls of the chasm. They slowed, and then Bradley landed. Everyone slid off his back, and they all looked around. To their surprise, there was a small, hut pressed against the closest wall of the chasm. And there was Robyn, sitting across from a girl who looked very familiar… 

Suddenly the girl leapt up and ran toward them. “Willa!” she screamed. “Rose!” 


Willa couldn't believe it. Rose, her sister, was here! In a chasm, of all places. And with Robyn, who was luckily still alive. 

“Willa, Willa, where were you? I missed you so much…” Rose hugged her, and Willa was so, so glad she had remembered. 

“Rose… My memory was gone.” Rose looked at her with surprise.

“But not anymore. I remember. Mom and Dad…?” Willa knew the answer instantly.

“I don't know. I searched for weeks… months… they've just disappeared.” Rose replied. Suddenly they heard commotion from where the others were and whirled around to look. Taurin and Robyn were hugging, swinging around in a circle, while the others (minus Bradley, who was still a dragon) all talked over each other, asking Robyn questions. Finally Taurin put Robyn down and she smiled/winced and started to answer them. There were a number of cuts and bruises all over her, and she was limping.

“I wouldn't have survived if Rose hadn’t created a storm cloud and slowed down the fall…” Robyn looked gratefully over at Rose. Willa tugged on her sister’s hand and they went over to the others. Bradley came over to Willa, tilting his head and flapping a wing. Willa understood and put her hand on Bradley’s head. ‘Who is Rose?’ he asked. Willa replied, ‘My sister. And she helped Robyn. Why don't you shift back?’ ‘You're sure that's smart?’ Bradley didn't wait for an answer, instead he started to shrink, and then Bradley was standing where the dragon had been. Instantly he started to sway, and he sat down hard, but he didn't pass out. 

“Bradely! You can shift into a dragon too?!?!?” Robyn came over.

“Y-yep. It's just harder than anything else… I'm surprised I didn't pass out. That's what normally happens…” Bradley stood up again, bracing himself on a large boulder.

“Guys… have you even had breakfast yet?” Rose said, and Willa realized how hungry she was. They all trooped into the hut, where Rose shoved a box aside and went over to a tiny camp-stove and started to cook.

“Have you been here long?” Arja said, running a finger over a small table and finding it covered in dust.

“No. Actually, I got here last week. I was running from a Nyghtmare and jumped down into the chasm, floating on a storm cloud.” Rose said that like it was an everyday occurrence. She went back to cooking. 

“A Nyghtmare? What's that?” Willa sat down on a box. 

“A horse made of shadows. It shows you your deepest fears. Thryxx has a herd. They were created by an evil sorceress way back when, and flew through the galaxy terrorizing planets. Eventually they made their way back here and started to roam.” Rose called over, flipping something on the stove.

“Pancakes!” Arja yelped, scrambling toward the stove, for Rose was indeed making pancakes. Rose laughed, flipping another pancake and putting it on a plate. She passed the food out to everyone, talking randomly.

“...Did you know this hut used to belong to a traveler?” Robyn stopped talking in the middle of her sentence and looked over at Rose.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yep. I found it here, along with this journal…” Rose took out a small weatherbeaten book. She flipped it open to the first page and started reading.

“This is the journal of Tormer A. Trifril, written this day, October 4th… 


Taurin heard Rose talking, but he disappeared into the depths of a memory that was not his own. The memory...

Of a dark room… a man sitting at a table… and the journal. The man started to write.

It is oh so tiring here. I've lived in this little hut for over three years now. No-one remembers my name, do they? No.  Many days pass by. I just found this journal in a crack of the hut walls… I started to write, and here I am.  Thryxx is rising. He’s been waiting in the shadows, but now is his chance. He has taken the queen. She is who-knows-where… which means i am who. I know where Thryxx hid the queen.  He hid her in a sacred place… the Place of Shadows.  I cannot leave this chasm. I am stuck here. But my only hope is that someone will find  this journal.  If you are reading this… find her. Find Queen Amirila. And defeat Thryxx. He is the doom of our world, and if you fail… Thryxx wins. And that means death for us all.” Rose closed the book, and Taurin came back to reality. That was weird… he thought, but then Rose spoke and he turned his attention back to her. 

“It goes on… but it's just this man talking about himself. His family… his life…” Rose trailed off and put down the journal.

“Well now we know where the Queen is. Does anyone know the location of the Place of Shadows?” Arja said. Taurin saw Willa start to shake her head, then sigh.

“The Place of Shadows… Thryxx was obsessed with it. That's where he started his life. He lived on a small island in the middle of Lake Limni… and the Place of Shadows was only accessible by a tunnel from that island under the lake. Thryxx chose to live in the Queen’s palace, but he built another retreat on the island, forcing all the people who lived there to move or be killed...” Willa said softly. Taurin had no idea how Willa knew this, but at least they had their goal: get to Thryxx’s palace and defeat him, then rescue the queen. For a moment he sat there, lost in thoughts of Robyn… he was overjoyed to find her. When he had hugged her… We’re friends. Nothing more. Nothing more, Taurin. He told himself. Then he stood up.

“Guys… how will we get out of the chasm?” Taurin said. He was met with silence.

“Well… Bradley could fly us again…” Arja said eventually.

“He would die. Rose could make a giant storm cloud…? No, that won't work.” Robyn trailed off, thinking, and Taurin found himself watching her brilliant green eyes as they darted around the room… Stop. You're just friends. Taurin shook his head slightly and looked away. He sighed and then got an idea.

“Rose, do you know if the walls are climbable?” he asked.

“Maybe in some places… I never tried, I'm not that good with climbing… and falling…” Taurin’s plan continued to form, and he found himself planning a backup solution in case his current plan didn't work. 

“Okay. We should look for spots where we climb the canyon walls. If we climb out, we can start making our way to the palace. Rose, do you have a map or paper?” Taurin took the faded map Rose handed him and spread it out on the table. It didn't show Thryxx’s palace, but someone had drawn on the map, adding a palace in the top right corner and the chasm in the right middle. Taurin traced a finger from the chasm to the palace and imagined how long it would take to get there. 

“If we want to get there ASAP, we should leave now.” Ameilya said.

“Yeah. There's not much light in this chasm, we should get going.” Her sister chimed.

“Okay then, let's go. Rose, do you have anything you want to bring?” Taurin said. Rose nodded and raced around collecting objects. She shoved everything in a bag and strode out the door. Everyone followed, Taurin taking the back, thinking furiously about his backup plan. They left the hut behind, walking along the closest wall of the chasm, which was on their left. Taurin could reach out and touch the stone, but he couldn't even see the right chasm wall. They kept walking, Taurin looking for a spot with lots of ledges, grips and handholds. 

“Here!” Ameilya shouted, waving everyone over to where she was standing beneath an outcropping of rock.

“Perfect. Who's the tallest?” Arja was trying to reach the ledge, but she was too short. Taurin pulled Rose and Robyn over, and they measured. Rose was just a little shorter than Taurin, and Robyn was the same height as Rose. Taurin grinned and hauled himself up onto the ledge. He held out a hand and helped Rose up, then Willa, then Bradley, then Forrest, then Ameilya and Amaia. Robyn was still standing beneath the ledge whispering to herself. Finally she came over and grabbed Taurins hand. He felt a jolt of electricity race up his arm, and his face felt dangerously warm, but he hauled Robyn up without saying anything. Her normally pale cheeks were dusted with pink, but Taurin didn't pause to think about the meaning of that. He studied the cliff wall above him and found another ledge, slightly smaller. Carefully Taurin pulled himself up onto the ledge and helped everyone up. The next ledge he spotted was too far away. How in the world would they get up there?


Arja watched her brother think, his fingers unconsciously tracing words on the stone.

“Taurin… what if we don't need a ledge?” Arja said. She had noticed something.

“What do you mean?” Taurin asked, then followed Arja’s pointing finger to a crevice in the rock. It wasn't too high up, and there were several more scattered around the rock.

“Perfect!” Taurin said, wedging his foot in the bottom crevice. He stood and hooked his hand in another crevice then repeated. Quickly he made it up to the ledge. 

“Oh… when the Nyghtmare chased me...its hooves were kicking the chasm wall… that must be why these craters are here.” Rose said softly. She followed Taurin up. Arja wondered how Rose had scared off the Nyghtmare. She must have a lot of power to defeat a monster like that… Arja scrambled up the chasm wall, then Ameilya followed, with her sister right on her tail. Amaia slipped once, and Ameilya caught her. Amaia smiled and the two helped each other up the chasm wall. Bradley and Forrest were chatting below, but when Ameilya and Amaia made it up, Bradley started to climb, occasionally swaying but making it to the top. Forrest nimbly climbed up, and Robyn took a deep breath down below and started to climb. Arja waited on the ledge, studying the cliff wall. She took a step back to get a better view, not noticing that the ledge dropped away beneath her, and fell. She landed on the ledge below with a crack. Taurin screamed. Arja winced, trying to get up. 

“Arja! Are you okay?” Taurin called down. Already he was pulling Robyn onto the ledge and putting his foot in the first crevice to come down.

“No…” Arja answered, feeling her right ankle, which had already swelled to the size of the pancake she had for breakfast. When she tried to move her leg, her ankle flared up with pain. Taurin dropped down beside her and started to feel her foot.

“It's broken, I think.” He said softly.

“I’ll be okay… you guys can continue…” Taurin shook his head.

“We won't leave you here, Ari.” Taurin crossed his arms. Arja sighed and stood up, hugging the wall for support. She almost toppled over and yelped loudly. 

“Just go slow. We can try and get you up there… maybe we can make a human ladder?” Taurin shook his head as soon as he said it.

“That won't work…” He muttered, but was interrupted by a loud beating of wings.

“Bradley!” Arja shouted, for a dragon had landed beside her. Bradley snorted and Willa called down, “He told me he wanted to help.” Arja beamed at Bradley and with Taurin’s help, she climbed on his back. A few swift beats of his wings took them up to the ledge with everyone else. Bradley landed and Willa started to talk with him. 

“He can carry us out, now that he’s shifted.” Willa said, taking her hand off Bradley’s snout. Everyone climbed on the dragon and Bradley flew them up out of the chasm.


Rose was terrified. She normally flew on clouds, not on gigantic winged creatures! She took a deep breath and tightened her grip on the ridge of silvery scales closest to her. Bradley swooped closer to the chasm’s wall and then landed in the forest above. Rose slid off his back, glad to be on solid land. She had been so excited to find Willa-or rather, for Willa to find her. Rose grinned to herself and helped everyone off Bradley’s back. Since Willa trusted them, she would too. Rose was so glad to be out of the chasm… she almost started to dance, but realized everyone was watching her. Shyly she smoothed the skirt of her sunset-pink dress.

“Where do we go now?” Arja asked, leaning against Taurin. Her ankle did NOT look good. Rose winced and said,

“Well… we’re here. And the palace is over there. So… it’ll take around a day maybe to get to the palace? Yeah, that seems right.” Rose pointed as she named different spots on her map. She traced a line between the chasm and the palace and thought about the Place Of Shadows. Willa had known so much about it because of the time when they were living in a library… and they found the book. The book that was supposed to be a historical text but was written over in dark marker, telling Thryxx’s story… Rose had hid the book where no one would find it and they left the library. That was the night Willa had gotten kidnapped. Rose had searched for her for such a long time… then she was chased into the chasm. Rose had been so mad at the Nyghtmare for showing her Willa, slumped on the ground with a knife in her back, that she had let loose all of her emotions and power. A tornado had erupted in the Chasm and the Nyghtmare had run, leaving Rose to wait for someone to come… and who came? Willa. Speaking of Willa, she was talking to Bradley telepathically, and Amaia had asked Rose a question.

“Hello? Rose? Can we go now?” Amaia repeated. Rose felt herself blush.

“Of course. Sorry, I zoned out…” Rose tugged on Willa’s arm and they started walking, Bradley still in dragon form carrying Arja on his back. After a while, they broke through the trees to find a quaint little village that was unfortunately full of people.

“Oh no… i completely forgot about this place… Bradley, fly!” Robyn vaulted onto Bradley’s back and everyone else piled on after her, Rose sighing un-happily. Willa was talking to Bradley and before she could stop, he took off. People screamed down below as they rose through the sky, Bradley hurtling away from the village. And so they flew off into the unknown. 



Yes, they found Rose. 


also if you havent noticed i ship Bradley and Arja, dunno where that's going lol

i was going to speed things up quite a bit, but i realized this solo write is going to be long and thats fine.  :D

oh haha, i was teaching Tomru the alphabet yesterday and he says acbik. (acb, ik.) haha-Tomru, its aBc! XD


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Eeee this is so good! And yes, I noticed. You’ve certainly made Bradley a more interesting character than he was originally, and I’m excited to see where the ship with him and Ari goes!

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One: this is awesome. Two: you are portraying Ameilya and Amaia sooo well. And three you must be a great teacher to get Tomru to say anything remotely like the alphabet. Give him my congratulations! Maybe you should give Kiwi some tips, she's trying to teach me CAPTCHA and... let's just say it's not going well.

Are you saying I'm a bad teacher?

Lol, I think she is.

Umm... maybe she's saying she's a bad student?

No, Midnight's right- I am saying she's a bad teacher. *grins evilly*


Jk. You're fine!! But you might still want to get some tips from @HOO? 

NO!!! Stop hinting, Luminescence.

Okay, okay. Sorry. 

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actually, my teaching methods are rather strange. 

step one: sit Tomru down in a chair (which takes around 4 hours TOT)

step two: tell him the letters of the alphabet.

step three: he stops listening, so then i yell the letters at him.

step four: eventualy we end up slow dancing to the alphabet song. (which is really awkward since he's four lol)

step five: feed him cookies and repeat.


it takes a while... 

and thank you!

=Imnot thatt hardd!= 

you actually are... very difficult.


truth... *exasperated sigh* 


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I dont know any more lol 

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did you use marker or watercolor? 

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It’s marker. I am very bad at watercolor XD


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Wow, so good!  I can’t wait to see what part Nemus is going to play in it!

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yeah-Nemus and Cleft will hopefully be introduced soon!

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yes, please keep going!!!!!!!

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@AW, could you do a drawing of willa and rose? thank you so much if you do! ill repost there apperinces.

Name: Rose Evyrgreen

Gender: female

Powers (if having none, say 'None'): she can create storms, and vary rarely loses control of them.

Appearance: Tanned skin with brown markings that go up and down each of her arms, dark brown hair, wears sunset pink dress that looks like Willa's dress except its sunset pale pink.

Name: Willa Evyrgreen

Gender: Female

Powers (if having none, say 'None'): camouflage & can talk to animals

Appearance: Tanned skin with brown markings that go up and down each of her arms, with dark brown hair, and pale blue eyes. her usual outfit is a leafy green dress, shes almost always barefoot. 

Personality: likes to be alone, dosn't trust easily, But once she gets to know you pretty well, she will losen up. sneaks around a lot, dosn't like to obay orders, goes against the rules a lot, goes to forbiden places and and goes out of her way to annoy her foes.

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