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Boarding School RP

Boarding School RP

Boink, RP time

So when I joined the CB one of these was happening, and apparently it was a thing. An RP. That took place at a boarding school. Here is what I'm pretty sure is the link to that:

Seemed pretty cool to me, so... I'm gonna start one of my own I guess

Here's the general idea:

The RP takes place at a boarding school called Olive Autumn's School for Extraordinary Children. The school is for grades 7-12, with a middle school section (grades 7-8) and a high school section (grades 9-12). It is for children who do not fit in in some way, perhaps because they are not well behaved or are especially smart, and could not be provided with what they needed at a regular school, so were sent to OAS. Olive Autumn, who the school is named for, died many years ago, and some students believe they still haunt the school. 

Your character can be a member of the staff (teacher, janitor, cafeteria worker, ect.) or a student. 3 charries or less per person, please!

Here is the form:




If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: 


Student or staff:

Why were they sent to OAS?:




This'll start on Thursday, but anyone can join anytime. I'll post my characters later. Here's hoping this doesn't die two weeks in :,)




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No magic, but ghosts are a possibility. I was thinking it'd more end up just being a legend on the side of the story, but it could happen.

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Name: Rosa Carter

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Age: 15

If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: 10th

Apperance: short spikey blond hair, cat eye glasses, blue eyes kinda tall, pale skin and red lips small nose

Student or staff: student

Why were they sent to OAS?: she seemed different

Personality: outgoing, smart, has so many diffrent ways and ideas

Shipping- boys, boys, and maybe boys

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Could Rosa and Poe be friends?  I think they'd get along well.

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Hi hope im not to late sure they can totaly be friends

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Name:Kamryn O,Conner


Age: 15

If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?:A student, in 10th grade (yes I have to look these things up) 

Apperance: Wild, fluffy red/orange/auburn hair, she braids random parts of her hair (she'll just grab a clump and start braiding), fair skin blemished with random nicks and cuts, two diferent colored eyes, one brown the other golden, her pupils look like the hands of a clock. She mainly wears black Varsity jackets, plaid skirts, rippen jeans (both bottoms worn on separate days) ripped knee high socks, T shirts with band logos and black Doc Martins (with CHONKY soles)

Student or staff:Student

Why were they sent to OAS?:She is quite rude, get enjoyment out of breaking things. Also terroizing the town with her crow.

Personality:Sarcastic, rude to people she likes, does not like or people who she finds weak, Tsundere to the max, loud and quiet at the same time (how does that one really knows). She loves her creepy crow though.

Other:She has a creepy crow. I shall post a picture next time I add another character (I will)

Shipping: With boys and girls around her age. 

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It's Thursday! I guess I'll just start.


My older siblings, Olivia and Sam, was helping me pack while we listened to some rock music. Sam loves rock music, so sometimes xe would stop helping and just play air guitar for a while. 

"C'mon, Sam, I have to leave soon!" I said, throwing a t-shirt at xem. 

"Sorry," Sam laughed. 

We finally finished packing, and that was about the time that things seemed to get real for Sam, Olivia, and me. 

"I'm really gonna miss you," Olivia said. "Even if you do keep me up all night with your saxophone practice." 

"And your flute practice," said Sam. "And guitar and keyboard and mallets and drums--"

"We get the idea." Olivia shoved Sam a little. 

"I'm a one man band, what can I say?" I laughed as Sam pulled us into a group hug. Olivia wiped her eyes as we pulled away. Sam didn't bother, letting tears ruin xyr mascara, which was purple because Sam likes to make a statement. And I felt a hole inside me I didn't realize Olivia and Sam had been filling. 

"Did you pack any sweatshirts? It's going to be cold," Olivia said as we walked downstairs. My suitcase was so heavy I almost tripped. 

"Yeah," I said. Of course Olivia was thinking about that, I thought with a chuckle. She was the kind of person who worried about little details but forgot big ones. 

When we got downstairs, Mom, Dad, and Andy were waiting. I said my goodbyes to my mother, who handed me my drumsticks, which, despite the fact that they're neon yellow, I always manage to forget. Andy, my best friend, was fidgeting with his hands, which he always does when he's worked up.

"Write whenever you can, okay? Tell me how their choir is," Andy said. "And their baseball team." 

I rolled my eyes, but also smiled. I think baseball is really boring, but Andy loves it. We did our secret handshake to say goodbye.

"I'll come up to visit," I promised Andy as I got into Dad's tiny little car. "For holidays and stuff."

I said one final goodbye to them all. Then I shut the door. Dad grinned at me in the rearview mirror. 

"Ready?" He asked.

"Sure," I said half-heartedly as my dad turned out of our neighborhood and away from my waving family and friends.

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A quick draw of Kamryn

Kamryn O,Conner.PNG
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i guess i'll join

Name:Amity Chase



6th grade

appearance:mint green hair with pink stripes,yellow eyes,often where's black dresses and combat boots


why were they sent to OAS? she set fire to her school yet she is a litarary star

personality:reckless,yet a loner,aloof

other:she's. a orphan 

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Roxana glanced at her mom, then quickly glanced away again. Partings were always so difficult, she thought almost angrily. Especially when people who didn't really care about you were making so much fuss over you.

"Roxie, I hope you'll be okay," her mom was saying worriedly. "I mean, it's a boarding school..." For the first time she was sounding regretful at her decision to send Roxana to the Olive Autumn School. "Promise me you'll always remember what I've tried to teach you, and that if anything doesn't work out, you let me know and you come back home."

Roxana nodded indifferently. For her part, she was glad she was going away. It was a chance to start over, to think over everything she'd experienced, to be alone and private - a solitary chalk mark in a spacious expanse of blackboard. Later, if she liked, she could make friends. Right now she just wanted to begin again.

"Okay then. Bye," her mom said, and walked away down the spacious, window-lighted corridor that looked out onto sweeping green gardens. Roxana was alone on her first day at OAS.

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My mother was already at the hospital by the time I was supposed to get on the bus, but we'd had a nice goodbye dinner last night. Well, sort of nice. It was mostly just awkward. 

Now it was time to get on the bus. I sighed and adjusted the flower crown I'd put on my head. I wasn't that worried about going to boarding school. I was worried that all the concerned looks I never got before my panic attack were going to continue. I was worried that I'd never be the old Chrysanthemum Stallard again. 

Was it too late to go back?

The bus pulled up in front of me. I took one last look back down my street. Then I got on, because it totally was too late to go back.

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Here he is! 

Name:Allister Carter


Age:Also 15 

If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: Student, 10th grade.

Apperance:Basicly a pretty boi,Slightly dark skin, ocean blue eyes, black hair that fades in to red. He wears leather jackets, jeans, convers that he draws on and tank tops.  

Student or staff:Student

Why were they sent to OAS?:He took one of his pranks a bit to..far

Personality:He's outgoing, playfull, hella prankster, can be a bit moody at times,he's quiet as in foot step quiet, be he is quuite loud when it comes to talking, too sum him up: Punk rock pretty boy.

Other:He's ok to be shipped with girls, but some times he finds boys cute aswell. Also he likes to break rules. I won't be drawing him cause I'm terrible at drawign :/



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Amity scowled as the bus drove up to her former school to pick her up for OAS.i can't belive i got expelled!she thought as she stomped on to the bus.we WERE supposed to set fire to a bunch of objects,how come the MATCHBOX didn't work!?!?

She looked around to see if anyone was outside the bus who she might have known,but alas,there was only a few girls walking to math class,giggling and holding hands.of course, she thought to herself as the bus drove away from her old life and closer to her new life.I have no parents,no friends,no one but me.


no one. 

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PS:Amity is bi and open to shipping

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Kamryn O,Conner

Kamryn stomped down the stairs, growling all the way. She glareed at her Mom, who was sitting on the front steps. She glanced up, sadness showing in her eyes "I'm sorry Kam,I have to do this. But you need to know how to behave. I can't have the neighbors constantly complaining to me..about..about you breaking things, like trampling on their front lawns. I know you like to hang out in the woods, with the animals. But I can't have you coming home with tons of scratches. And you can't keep Nevermore in your room. I'm sorry..but I've had enough." Kamryn rolled her eyes, scoffing at her Mom's statment. She swung a duffle bag over her shoulder, glaring across the street. She scuffed her boots against the concreate steps. "Yeah well, you'll be rid of me. I'm not coming back for holidays. I don't know if parents are alowed to visit....I don't really care if you do though." Kamryn spat. Her Mom checked her watch, "It's almost time to go" she said quitely. Her daughter had always been louder than her, much at times. "Do you want me to walk down to the bus stop with you?". Kamryn scoffed, "Hell no. Leave me be.." she trudged down the drive way, whistling. A blackish blue crow landed on her shoulder, cawing sweetly, it's tounge hanging out of his beak."Hi Never, can't wait to get out of this trashy town?" Nevermore bobbed his head. The bus stop was kinda crowded (for a bus stop). People with brown, red, blue and orange hair. A boy with a scowl, whose hair was sticking up in every direction. Many a people stood or sat. She put on her best glare, and plopped down. She crossed her legs, bitting her thumbnail, not because she was nervous. Because she can, and she forgot to buy gum. Nevermore cawed, startling a few people. Kamryn snickered and pulled earbuds out of the bag. She pushed them in to her heavily peirced ears. The heavy metal blasted, drowing out the minimul chatter. Life was ok, not good, not bad..just ok. And that was good enough for Kamryn. But if that changed....she would get mad quickly.


Some one talk to Kam....other wise she'll get weird 

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I. Am. So. Excited.

I pack up my bags for school. Or, my mom and I pack up my bags together for school. I can't see what I'm packing, and she insists I need help, even though I really don't. Denim jeans feel much different than shorts, t-shirts, or flannel, trust me on that one. But whatever, I appreciate her helping. Plus, it's an excuse to talk to her since she's always working.

We finish up the packing pretty quickly, since there's two of us. We walk downstairs and meet my dad. Even though I can't see him, I can feel his smile. And it makes me smile.

"Bud, I'm gonna miss you so much," my dad tackles me with his bear hug and I do the same back with a giant smile. "You too," I say. Then my mom gives me her gentle, motherly hug and I hug her with the same power I hugged dad. I can't help it! I'm a hugger. "I love you, baby. Be good, okay? Don't forget to write." I can tell my her voice that she's crying. "Okay, I love you too!"

We do a giant group hug, and I smile even wider even though I'm sad to be leaving. I'm gonna miss my family so much. I love them more than anything. I'll write them a note every day, no doubt. 

I walk out the door, feeling my way around. I find my way to the bus that'll be taking me to school.

And I'm off! All alone for the first time. 

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