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Boarding School RP

Boarding School RP

Boink, RP time

So when I joined the CB one of these was happening, and apparently it was a thing. An RP. That took place at a boarding school. Here is what I'm pretty sure is the link to that:

Seemed pretty cool to me, so... I'm gonna start one of my own I guess

Here's the general idea:

The RP takes place at a boarding school called Olive Autumn's School for Extraordinary Children. The school is for grades 7-12, with a middle school section (grades 7-8) and a high school section (grades 9-12). It is for children who do not fit in in some way, perhaps because they are not well behaved or are especially smart, and could not be provided with what they needed at a regular school, so were sent to OAS. Olive Autumn, who the school is named for, died many years ago, and some students believe they still haunt the school. 

Your character can be a member of the staff (teacher, janitor, cafeteria worker, ect.) or a student. 3 charries or less per person, please!

Here is the form:




If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: 


Student or staff:

Why were they sent to OAS?:




This'll start on Thursday, but anyone can join anytime. I'll post my characters later. Here's hoping this doesn't die two weeks in :,)




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Name: Theo Huntsen Kent

Gender/pronouns: he/him

Age: 39

If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: 9th Grade

Apperance: Theo is tall and gangly, with long limbs. He is also very tall, being around 6'1". He has shaggy dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. He wears round spectacles (quite like Harry Potter's). He often is seen wearing a plaid shirt and excercise shorts, and his clothes are usually much too big. On casual times he wears flip-flops, as he used to live in Florida, but when doing more official things he wears boots.

Student or staff: staff

Why were they sent to OAS?: Theo is quite intelligent in the history area, but is most renowned for his computer coding and programming.

Personality: Theo is very intelligent and knows history well, but what he gains in knowledge and wisdom he makes up for in strength. He has a strong grip and compact muscles, but he doesn't know how to use his strength and height and, most of the time, ends up swinging a fist at empty air.

Other: eh, nothing. But he's open for shipping if anyone wants.

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I decide since I wasn't seeing anyone interesting, I was gonna walk around. I walk a lot until I see a girl who seems alone.

I walk up to her and say, "Hey, my name is Charlie. What is yours?"


Also Charlie is a girl but no worries. 

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Marina glanced up. She saw a girl standing before her, with a friendly expression.

For a moment her usual anxiety washed over her again, and she started to stammer, but then she remembered her grandfather. She took a deep breath - and said, calmly,

"Hi! My name's Marina. I just arrived here." Frantically she tried to think of something else to say. "I like it already. What do you think of it?"

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I got up, to let Allister have my seat. I was getting uncomfortable anyways. I got up, and moved to the back of the bus. A boy was already sitting there. I ignored him, he looked up slightly. His scowl deepened. I sat down, rolling my eyes. I pulled a book out of my bag. A thick, black book. A poetry book. 

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The bus is crowded and loud, and Kieran's heart rate picks up. The world in front of his eyes distort, and he stumbles to the closest seat he can find. As he calms down and looks around, hand drifting to his pocket, he realizes the seat is already taken. Kieran's hand clenches. 

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She looks up. "Hello may I help you". The boy who is standing in front of her is clenching his fists. Angrily. "Did I do something to offend you budy?!" He says nothing, silently feuming.Nevermore hops of my shoulder, flapping his wings. "Hello?" he say, corsely.

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"I'm sitting here." He says, but in in his mind, it comes out as a question. An awkward moment of silence passes between them. 

"Do you like art?" Kieran blurts out before he can stop himself. 

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sorry im late @Poinsettia, i see that see that your Oc is talking to someone else so i will talk to you both



Amity was begining to like this was kind of a shock at the fact it had a theater that made her fall in love with it. it had insperd her to ask people that,if they wanted to join a musical here,what musical would it be? she had just walked into the garden, looking for people to talk to when she spyed two girls chatting by the roses. perfect, she thought as she walked over.

"Hey,you two! Im Amity Chase, do you have any ideas for a school musical?"

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@Luna Silvermoon, no worries! I'm kind of late myself, sorry.


Marina glanced up. She saw a girl standing next to her, with a friendly look in her eyes.

"Hey,you two! I'm Amity Chase, do you have any ideas for a school musical?"  the girl asked eagerly.

A xchool musical? Did Amity like theater too? Marina had always loved the idea of acting and singing on a stage, but she had hardly ever known anyone who felt the same. And she had never had the chance to try it out. She liked to sing famous songs from musicals out in the backyard, or rattle off Shakepeare's speeches while she was taking a shower, and she loved it. But doing it with an audience would be even better.

"Hi!" she answered. "I'm Marina. I do have ideas for musicals! The moment the principal mentioned that we had a theater, I imagined all the things we could do there. I was wondering if maybe one of us could write a musical?  I don't know if it would work-" she finished shyly. "Or do you think we should choose one that's already written?"

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amity was a little startled by this response,write a musical?

"well,i honestly have some ideas for a musical that i could write".Amity blushed, she had honestly never told anyone she liked theater before. Of corse,she never had a chance before."meet me at the theater in an hour?"

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Sorry I'm so late. I'm watching a horror movie with my parents and needed a break.




Another girl has walked up to us. They were chatting about some musical, which I was not interested in being in. Maybe helping, but never, ever being on stage./ Since they were having a conversation, I wandered away and found some other people (no one in specific, but anyone can be who Charlie is talking to).

I have no ideas, sorry.  

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Marina found herself smiling. Why was it so exciting to meet someone who shared her enthusiasm? "Oh, that would be great. I'll be there," she answered. "I'm afraid I have to go and unpack my suitcase now, but I'll see you later!"

She walked away feeling that she had, in the first minutes of her arrival at OAS, done what she had never dreamed possible - made a true friend.

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"Do I like art?" I blurted. "Um. Yeah sure..I guess." There was an akward silence. "soo..whats your name"? 

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Have nothing much to say, but—

I'm so glad someone was inspired by one of my old RPs! You guys are doing great, keep it up! :D

~ Samantha "Sammy" Everlast 

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Heart racing, Kieran stared at her. She just asked his name? What was this? "Kieran." The silence streched over canyons between us. "What grade are you in?" Why did he keep asking her questions? Why? 

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