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You’re sitting on

You’re sitting on your couch, bored out of your mind. Suddenly, you hear the clatter of the mail slot in your door and the light thud of letters hitting the floor. Slowly, you stand up and trudge over to the front door of your house. You vaguely survey the mail through tired eyes. Only when you bend down to pick it up do you notice anything out of the ordinary: a small package made of a material similar to shimmery silver foil that, despite its size, is quite heavy. You set down the other letters and bring the package over to a table and slice it open with a pair of scissors. Inside is a small, black device that doesn’t look unlike one of those artificial intelligence Alexas. You reach out to touch it and as soon as your fingers graze the black metal, you withdraw your hand as though electrocuted. A small, hologram of a woman has appeared on top of the device, flickering in and out of focus. The woman is short, with dark brown skin and aviator goggles perched in her shoulder-length dark hair. You strain your ears to listen.

“Congratulations, CBer,” the woman says in a cool and slightly melodic voice. “You and nine others have been invited to join the Starry Dragon on a star cruise across the solar system. I am the captain, Andromeda Callisto. If you would like to attend, reply no later than April 30th by filling out the form.”

You furrow your brow, confused. What form? But your question is soon answered as a buzzing sound comes from the device and a piece of paper materializes in front of you. You pick it up, reading the delicate silver letters: 



Companions (please fill out a form for them as well):


Age, or the Age You Appear to Be:



Packing List: 

Pick a Number: 


“Up to three of your AEs and/or CAPTCHAs are welcome to come,” Andromeda continues. “If you do decide to take part in our star cruise, we will pick you up on May 3rd.” She nods curtly, and with a “bloop” sort of noise, the hologram blinks out. 


This is my first time doing a ski lodge! I honestly hope I’ll be able to finish this, unlike all those stories I’ve written....*looks regretfully at my writing notebook* 

You’re welcome to guess me, but I don’t think you will >:) 

Oh yeah, I would have posted this sooner but I was having serious trouble coming up with a name for the space ship. “The Starry Dragon” is probably the best I’ll come up with.... But if anyone has any better ideas for the name of the ship, I’d love to hear them. :) 


@Admins, Castillo is a fake last name! :)  

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@Admins, could you please delete from "Dinner was a bland..." to "...end of that"? That was actually supposed to be in a later chapter that I have written but silly me accidently copied it into this post. Thanks!

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Sorry I haven't been posting! This is really good. You're portraying me, Winter, and Autumn so well!


I swear, I didn't mean any offense! I really am sorry...

So anyway, the murderer. Could be anyone in my cabin, though honestly I'm suspicious of Leo. Initially when I started screaming about Topaz (great writing, by the way; I would totally have done that) they seemed grumpy, although maybe that was just because they were waking up. Who knows.

I just hope the murderer isn't me. 

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Nooooo! My favorite mug! You should have brought a spare. Indeed. I don't think the murderer is me, for that would go against the rules of writing.

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wElL lOoK wHo FoRgOt To SiGn Up HeR AeS aFtEr AlL. Ehehe oh well. ANyways, this is really cool!

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Day 2, Part 3

NiteSkiies talked to her cabin, and Summer to hers. Together, they assembled a group of people willing to protect their fellow guests from the murderer. The few noble souls included Firelily, Star Princess, Silver Crystal, Feline Fantasy, Zealatom, NerdFace, Kitty Cat, Leo, Winter, Willow, Flowing Willow, and Quinn. It was late when they all gathered in the observatory, and all the other guests were already asleep. 

After sitting in silence for a few awkward moments, NiteSkiies declared, “This meeting is called to order!”

“Right. So...suspects?” Summer added. NiteSkiies took out her sketchbook again, pencil posed to jot down the names as soon as they were said. 

“I bet it’s someone from Moon Cabin,” said Silver Crystal, and got more than a few glares from the Moon Cabin members. “What?” she added defensively. “My darling AE Topaz was murdered in their cabin - the Moon Cabin - and Adrian was killed right in front of the Moon Cabin door!” 

“And Firelily was very able to have killed them both times,” NiteSkiies said, looking accusingly at her fellow CBer. 

“Innocent until proven guilty,” Feline Fantasy reminded her. 

“And what do you have against me, anyway?” Firelily snapped. “Just because I was around both times doesn't mean I did it. Besides, I still suspect Aquila.” 

“I’ll bet she’s behind it somehow,” agreed Zealatom. “Like how she didn’t want us to leave the ship....”

“Yeah, that’s our reasoning,” said NerdFace. 

“So, should we confront her?” Silver asked. 

“No,” said NiteSkiies. “She’s in control of the ship, and if we let her know we’re on to her, she’d just kill off more of us.” 

“I suppose that makes sense,” Silver Crystal said, not looking entirely convinced. After that, the conversation turned mostly to safety precautions that they should take. About an hour later, NiteSkiies announced, “It’s pretty late. We should head back.” The other guests nodded their agreement, and Firelily unlatched the trap door. One by one, the CBers, AEs, and CAPTCHAs dropped down, and disappeared down the hall. Finally, it was just NiteSkiies, Summer, and Firelily. 

“Well, that wasn’t a total fail,” Summer said optimistically. “We might stand a chance against the murderer after all.” 

It was then that they heard a piercing scream. 

The three CBers were running down the hall in less than a minute, toward the source of the noise. When they got there, they found a horrified Willow (who was the one who screamed) standing over Leo’s body. A dagger was stuck in her heart. Willow, Summer, Firelily, and NiteSkiies exchanged glances: this was the first death of a CBer. 

“Well, at least we know you’re not the murderer,” said Summer. “You were with us.” Firefly let out a sigh of relief.

“I’ll cross out your name when we get back to our cabin,” added NiteSkiies. 

Aquila came out of nowhere, flying down the hall. “I hear someone’s been murdered?” Was it Summer’s imagination, or did she look hopeful? 

“Yes, Leo,” answered Firelily. Aquila nodded, and picked up Leo’s body. 

“Well, you all’d better head off to bed. It’s very late, you know,” she said. 

“Yeah, we know,” Firelily said. She and Summer headed off toward their cabin, and NiteSkiies and Willow headed off to theirs. 

“Um, Willow, could you give me a second?” NiteSkiies said once they got to the Sun Cabin.

“Of course,” she replied. NiteSkiies walked up to Tealeaf, Willow’s CBer, who was sitting on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed, reading. 

“Tealeaf, I’m not sure if you know, but Leo was murdered tonight,” NiteSkiies began cautiously. 

“Oh, that’s horrible,” Tealeaf said, meaning it. 

“Yeah, well, Willow was the one who discovered the body. And no one else was around....” 

Tealeaf looked offended. “Willow did NOT murder Leo, NiteSkiies! You should know that. My AE is so sweet and kind and she would never even think about murdering someone.” 

“We know the murderer is someone on this ship. It could be any of us. We can’t rule out the possibility of it being Willow,” NiteSkiies reasoned. 

Tealeaf hesitated. “Okay, you can put her down on your suspect list. Just...don’t assume it’s her. There’s, like, twenty other people it could be.” 

“Fine,” agreed NiteSkiies, taking out her sketchbook. She added Willow to the list, and crossed out Firelily’s name. 


“How’s it going, Jubi?” asked Summer, sitting down on the AE’s bed. 

Lady Jubilance tucked a strand of her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear and stared at her shoes. “I just...can’t believe Lio’s gone!” she said through sobs. “And I know I’m never going to see her again!” 

“We’ll catch that murderer,” Summer reassured her. “No one else’ll die.” 

“You promise?” Jubi asked. 

“I promise,” responded Summer. 

If only that promise had been kept. 


Dead: 4 (Topaz, Lio, Adrian, and Leo) 

Alive: 19

Suspects: Aquila and Willow

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No! My darling Adrian! You're dead! 

Oh, well, oops.

Very much oops.

Anyways— I love the way you write! It's so suspenseful. Can't wait for the next part!! Sorry I have t commented lately, I guess I've been a bit busy. :) 

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I completely forgot about this! Also, now I'm dead so that's a surprise. I'm still excited to see what happens next!

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Day 3, Part 1

When Firelily awoke, she could sense something was wrong. She just couldn’t put a finger on it, though. Only when Aquila came in to wake the Moon Cabin up did she find out what it was: “We’ve landed on Mars!” exclaimed Aquila cheerily. 

Firelily just groaned. When would this trip be over? She was alive now, sure, but she knew it was only a matter of time....

“Firelily, everyone else has gone to the common room,” said Zealatom. Firelily snapped back to reality. She hadn’t realized everyone left. The pair headed down to the common room and put on their space suits. After the incident with Lio, everyone was sure to check their oxygen levels before heading out onto Mars.

There was a wide, short structure not far from where the spaceship landed. Aquila, Lacerta, Lyron, and Andromeda led the guests over to it. Aquila entered a number into a security pad, turned a key in several locks, and finally the door opened. There was a short entrance hall, and once everyone was inside the hall, Aquila closed the door behind them. Everyone took off their spacesuits and gave them to Andromeda to put away in a closet in the hall, then Aquila opened another door, and they stepped into the base. 

Everything was attached to the floor like on the ship, but it felt more like a house on earth than the spaceship had. There was a living room with armchairs, a TV, and bookshelves. There was a dining room off to the left with two long tables and chairs. There were bedrooms and bathrooms down the hall on the right. The only room that reminded the guests they were still in space was a control room, which had lots of computers, screens displaying views from security cameras, and a dashboard with tons of buttons and levers. 

“You all have two hours to do whatever you want here, and then we’ll do the activities we planned for you guys,” explained Aquila. “I’ll be in the control room if you need anything!” 

The guests who were trying to figure out who the murderer was gathered in the living room. This time, the group was smaller, consisting of just Firelily, NiteSkiies, Summer, Star Princess, NerdFace, Zealatom, Silver Crystal, Kitty Cat, Winter, Willow, and Quinn. The other CBers, AEs, and CAPTCHAs were busy exploring the base. 

“Alright, people,” Summer started. “Today, we’re going to decide on which safety procedures to present to the rest of the guests.” 

“I still think we should make a rule to not go out at night,” said Star Princess. “Especially not alone.” 

“I agree,” Zealatom said. “Also, go in groups of threes.” 

While the rest of the CBers and AEs were occupied, Silver Crystal snuck away unnoticed. 


Thorn walked through the base, looking for NiteSkiies. He’d wandered off, then become lost, even though the base wasn’t even that big. He glanced over his shoulder, his eyes flitting here and there, and his wolf tail twitched. He just couldn’t shake off the feeling of being watched. 

“Hey Thorn.” 

The voice was quiet, yet cold. Thorn jumped about a foot in the air, and then whirled around. He was staring straight into the narrowed eyes of the murderer. They had appeared noiselessly behind him, and was now leaning against the wall. They toyed with the knife in their hand. 

Thorn’s voice shook when he spoke, “ could you...? You were supposed to be protect-” Thorn’s words were cut off as the knife pierced his head, right on his temple. 

The murderer took back the knife and smiled, showing their teeth. “5 down, 18 to go.” 


“I think that’s good for now,” NiteSkiies decided. “We’ll bring up the safety procedures tonight at dinner.” 

“Sounds like a good plan,” agreed Zealatom. He looked around. “Hey, where did Silver go?” 

The rest of the CBers and AEs looked around. “She was right here...,” said Summer, her brow furrowed. 

“Do you think...?” Star Princess didn’t need to finish her thought. The AEs and CBers were running down the hall in a second, trying to look for their friend. Before she was murdered...or murdered someone else. 


Silver Crystal stopped in front of the control room door, her hand posed to knock. All she had to do was rap on that door, and maybe - maybe - everything would be fixed. And Topaz wouldn’t have died in vain. Silver took a deep breath, summoning her courage. Then she heard voices from inside. 

“Please, Aquila, they're just kids!” Lacerta’s voice.

“As I was!” Aquila’s. 

“Why should they be punished?” 

“Why was I?” 

“But I don’t see why-” 

“SILVER! SILVER CRYSTAL!” yelled NiteSkiies, flying down the hall with Zealatom, Summer, and Star Princess behind her. 

“NiteSkiies!” Silver Crystal gasped, dropping her hand to her side. “What are you doing?” 

“I could ask the same thing about you!” NiteSkiies snarled. “We’ve figured you out. Now confess...or else...uh, we’ll do something to you, that’s for sure!” Beside her, Summer nodded vigorously. 

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about!” Silver said defensively, flushing. 

“Then where were you when Thorn was killed? You weren’t with us, that’s for sure,” NiteSkiies said. 

“Thorn’s dead?” Silver could now see that NiteSkiies’ hair was a light gray - a sign of her sadness. “I’ sorry, Nite. I guess you really loved him.” 

“Of course I loved him! He was my AE!” NiteSkiies said. “And you killed him!” 

Silver bit her lip. It really did look bad. She might as well tell the truth. “I...I was going tell Aquila we suspected her and...and...and....” Silver stopped speaking and started sobbing hysterically. 

“Silver!” NiteSkiies gasped, incredulous. “I thought I told you that that was out of the question!” 

“I’m sorry! I just- I just wanted to...!” She started crying again. 

NiteSkiies was still angry. “Yeah, but-” 

“Nite...,” Summer grabbed the other CBer by her arm. “Silver’s upset about Topaz...just like you are about Thorn. She...she doesn’t want anyone else to die.” 

“I know...I get that...but...,” NiteSkiies trailed off. 

“Guys, I have to tell you about something,” Silver Crystal said quietly. “About something I heard.” 

“What?” NiteSkiies asked, suddenly curious. “Was it about the” - she lowered her voice - “murderer?” 

“Well, maybe. But let’s go somewhere more private.” 

Silver led Zealatom, NiteSkiies, Summer, and Star Princess down the hallway, away from the control room and down a hallway. In a hushed voice, she began, “I was outside the control room, and I heard Lacerta and Aquila talking. I think they-” 

But what she thought, they would never find out, for at that moment, a dagger flew down the hallway and pierced the back of her skull. Silver’s eyes widened, before she crumpled to the floor. 

“Silver!” Summer screeched. Then she, Star Princess, Zealatom, and NiteSkiies rushed down the hallway in the direction the knife came from. When they turned the corner, the murderer was nowhere to be seen. 

“We missed them!” NiteSkiies slammed her fist into her thigh in frustration. “We were so close!” 

The guests didn’t notice Aquila walk up behind them until she barked, “KIDS!” 


Dead: 6 (Topaz, Lio, Adrian, Leo, Thorn, and Silver Crystal)

Alive: 17

Suspects: Aquila and Willow

(I’ll add any suspicions you guys have to the list, just comment below!)

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THORN!!!!  No! *cri*

Don’t worry, I’m still here; remember? 

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Uh Jubilance can you stop wiping your nose on my dress? It's pretty gross.

*.+ *sniffle* +.*

|\ Um, I'm alive if you haven't noticed /|

*.+ *hugs Lio bodily* +.* 


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Oh gosh, that was a real rollercoaster part for me: first I was a protector, then I was the prime murderer suspect, then I died. Pretty sure this is the most screentime I've ever had in a Ski Lodge before, and I loved your writing! One thing that I noticed was that Thorn said that the murderer was supposed to be protecting them, so it's probably someone from the protection team. I know how difficult writing a Ski Lodge can sometimes be (I'm struggling through my own one right now lol) but you're doing a wonderful job, so keep going!

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Day 3, Part 2

“A-Aquila!” Summer gasped. 

“Kids, why aren’t you in the living room? Lacerta and I were calling for you!” Aquila said in a slightly softer tone. 

“O-oh. W-we didn’t hear you,” Star Princess answered, her voice shaking. 

“Well, come on! We’re about to begin the next activity!” Aquila led the guests to the living room, where Lacerta, Andromeda, and Lyron were helping the rest of the CBers, AEs, and CAPTCHAs into their spacesuits.

Turns out, the next activity would be using specially designed hoverbikes to race around the surface of Mars. They were made of a sleek silver, with jets that shot fire on the bottom and back so that they’d hover above the ground and go super fast. Lyron explained how they worked and how to use them safely, and then all the CBers, AEs, and CAPTCHAs ran outside to grab their bikes. 

“Wanna have a race to that crater?” called Kitty Cat, pointing at a dip in the surface of Mars in the distance. 

The guests started their bikes. “On my mark!” Kitty Cat declared, “Ready, set, GO!” They took their foot off the break and rocketed forward, leaning to the side to propel themselves. 

“Kitty, watch out!” yelled Quinn as Winter put on a burst of speed and passed Kitty Cat. 

“Oh no you don’t!” cried Kitty Cat, adjusting the gears. 

Behind them, Firelily and Evan were neck and neck. “Come on, come on, come on!” she cried. “What was it Lyron said...?” She pulled a lever - “Ah-ha!” - and the bike shot forward, leaving Evan in the dust. 

“Hey!” he yelled, trying to match her speed.

Firelily rode by Kitty Cat, who was furiously trying to figure out how to go faster, and now was aiming for Winter, who was the only person still in front of her. However, the murderer was closing in behind her. Luckily for them, most of the guests had figured out how to go faster and were all fighting for the lead, so the murderer was concealed in the havoc. But they had their eyes set on their next victim, or rather, victims. Going ever so slightly faster, the murderer bumped the back of Firelily’s hoverbike, causing her to fall forward onto the controls. 

“WINTER!” screamed Summer as Firelily blasted towards him. Winter turned backwards, eyes wide, and everything seemed to go in slow motion. He tried to swerve to the side, but he wasn’t quick enough. Firelily’s bike crashed into his and both bikes exploded. 

“Winter!” Summer cried again, tears streaming down her cheeks as she stepped on the brakes of her bike. “Firelily!” 

Kitty Cat stopped their bike a few feet away from Summer’s. They looked shocked. “I’m so so sorry Summer. It’s my fault. If I hadn’t suggested the race then....” They trailed off, their eyes glassy. 

“Hey, it’s not your fault,” said Tealeaf, riding up behind them. “If it’s anyone’s’s the murderer’s.” She bit her lip and looked around grimly at the rest of the guests. The murderer must have been among them, for Aquila wasn’t there to have knocked Firelily off course. “Guys, I think Aquila’s innocent.” Tealeaf could hardly believe what she was saying. 

Kitty Cat hesitated before saying, “I think you might be right. But that doesn’t get us any closer to figuring out who the murderer is.” 

Autumn rode up on her fox-fitted bike. “Wintr isgne?” 

“Yes, Autumn, he’s gone,” Summer said between sobs. “He’s gone.” 


The guests ate in the dining room. Dinner was salad, and some odd greenish soup, and desert was blueberry pie. However good the food was, Summer didn’t touch it. Autumn picked at the salad, consuming a few tomatoes. 

“Come on, eat,” said Star Princess, waving a delicious-looking slice of pie in front of her fellow CBer’s face. 

“I’m not hungry,” Summer mumbled, resting her head on the table. 

Star Princess sighed. At least she’d tried. “Itt’ss ggood,” tempted Autumn, but her CBer dismissed her. She was still sore about Winter’s death.

“ATTENTION, FELLOW GUESTS!” NiteSkiies’ voice boomed through the dining hall. She stood up on her table, trodding on Flowing Willow’s pie, who grabbed a piece of her CBer’s in protest. NiteSkiies continued, “As I’m sure you all know, Winter and Firelily were killed today. There is a murderer among us, and they will stop at nothing until they’ve diminished us all!” She paused, to make sure she had everyone’s attention. She did. “Me and a few other guests have decided that no one is allowed out after hours. No one will go anywhere unless they are in a group of three.”

“And, if anyone sees anything suspicious, report it to us,” Zealatom chimed in. 

“That too,” NiteSkiies agreed. “Anyone have any questions?” Hands flew up around the room. “Yes, Jubi?”

“You’re really going to catch the murderer?” Lady Jubilance asked from where she sat next to Star Princess. 

Summer flushed, remembering how she had promised Jubi that they would, and that no one else would die. She could now see what a silly promise that had been. 

“Well, we’ll try,” responded NiteSkiies, “to the best of our abilities.” She scanned the room once more. “Feli?”

“Do you have any clue of who the murderer is?” She looked nervous, understandably. 

NiteSkiies sighed. “We do have a few suspects.” She spotted another hand in the air. “Lindel?” 

“If no one’s going to eat that pie you stepped on, can I have it?” 

Everyone laughed, for the first time in what seemed like forever. NiteSkiies handed Lindel the pie, and answered a few more questions. After that, everyone went back to their desert, with a little more enthusiasm than before. 


That night, the guests stayed at the base on Mars, and slept in the bedrooms. Instead of sticking with their cabins, the guests were given the choice of their cabinmates. The only rule was five to a room. Summer, Autumn, NiteSkiies, Flowing Willow, and Zealatom decided to share one, Star Princess, Lady Jubilance, NerdFace, Evan, and Feline Fantasy took another, and Tealeaf, Willow, Kitty Cat, Quinn, and Lindel got the last. 

NiteSkiies, Zealatom, Flowing Willow, and Autumn listened to Summer as she cried herself to sleep. 


Dead: 8 (Topaz, Lio, Adrian, Leo, Thorn, Silver Crystal, Firelily, and Winter)

Alive: 15

Suspects: Willow, someone from the protection team, ??? 

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Day 4, Part 1

The guests awoke and wandered groggily down to the dining room, where the smell of avocado toast drifted about the base. After the tragic accident of yesterday’s hoverbike crash, everyone wanted nothing more than to go home. Star Princess thought back to the wonderful time before she had gotten the hologram from Andromeda. When she and Jubi and Lio had all lived together in peace. She’d thought life on Earth was boring and yearned to be up with the stars - her name was Star Princess, after all. But now, she’d give practically anything to be back on Earth with Lady Jubilance and Lio. She didn’t care if she never saw space ever again. In fact, after this, she didn’t even want to see space again. Unfortunately, she would have to see the stars and the moon every night....

“Star Princess?” Lady Jubilance tapped her arm. “Are you alright?” 

“No, Jubi, I am not alright,” responded the CBer. “Lio is dead and...and we will be, too, if we don’t figure out the murderer and get them to stop killing us!”

Jubi fell silent. She'd never seen her CBer this upset.

Star Princess turned back to her toast, trying to think about anything but Lio. 


After breakfast, everyone went their separate ways. NerdFace, Summer, Evan, and Tealeaf checked out the books and read in the common room, Lindel, Lady Jubilance, and Quinn tried to bribe Lacerta to give them pie, Kitty Cat, NiteSkiies, and Feline Fantasy put on space suits and explored outside, and Autumn, Zealatom, Willow, Flowing Willow, and Star Princess looked around the base. 

At one point, the murderer broke away, silently, and sprinted to the control room. They knocked, once, twice, and Aquila opened it. Her mouth formed a perfect “o” in surprise. She started to say something, but the murderer clapped their hand over her mouth. 

“We don’t know who’s listening,” they hissed. 

Aquila dropped her voice to a whisper. “Come in.” She and the murderer entered the control room, closing the door behind them. “Lacerta’s in the kitchen and Andromeda and Lyron are fueling up the ship.” 

“Well, I’ve killed off some of the guests,” the murderer said. 

“So I’ve heard,” said Aquila. “Do you you know why I need you to do this?” 


“Do you know your next task?”

Again, the murderer replied, “Yes.”

“Well, I’ll leave you to it. Good luck.”

The murderer nodded a good-bye and left the control room. But not before Star Princess darted away outside, having heard every word they said. 


Star Princess wandered around the base, thoughts swirling around her head. The murderer...they were her friend! At least, sort of. They’d been friendly to each other and they...and they...

They killed Lio, Star Princess thought, grinding her teeth. Her eyes blurred as angry, hot tears fell down her face. How could they?

She reached against the wall to steady herself, accidently pressing the button that ended her life.


Dead: 9 (Topaz, Lio, Adrian, Leo, Thorn, Silver Crystal, Firelily, Winter, and Star Princess)

Alive: 14

Suspects: Willow, someone from the protection team, ???

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