{Ski Lodge!!}

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{Ski Lodge!!}

{Ski Lodge!!}


Tick Tick Tick

A small rectangular box sits on the display shelf. Staring back at you from the dusty window.
Tick Tick Tick Tick.

The door chimes when you walk in, leaving it's airy tone ringing in your ears.

Stepping between the shelves lined with books, puzzles, and games. Your gaze is fixed on the box as you weave your way through the store.

Finally you make it to the display, and reach for the box.
It's wooden surface is smooth and polished. A half circle on the front of the box lined with numbers from 40 to 208. And a small, black dial laying at 58. Atop the box, sits a small, clear diamond light. Flashing with every

The repetitive sound is mesmerizing, and practically sleep inducing.
Flipping the box over, you trace your finger over the black, inked words. On closer inspection, the words looked to be an address of some sort.
Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
The Ticks get faster the longer you stare at the words.
Faster. Tick.
Faster. Tick Tick
Even faster. Tick Tick Tick.
Your alarm clock yells at you, pulling from your dream. Looking around, you notice a small, rectangular box on your night stand.
Wide-eyed, you scramble from your bed in disbelief. At last you pick up the box. Inspecting every inch, you find a small piece of paper stuck to the bottom.
It reads simply "Come.". A dash, and then the name "Maestro". Plucking off the paper, you turn the box around to reveal the address from your dream.
Orchestra Hotel. Queens, New York City, New York.
A strong gust of wind blows through your open window, rustling the curtains. Switching your attention to the window, you shuffle over.
Looking out, a black and yellow chickadee dive bombs the sill. Reeling back as the sassy bird perches it's self. It chirps at you, dropping a yellowed piece of paper on the floor.
Picking it up and scanning it, you notice the signature is the same as the one on the box. On the paper is a form, and a paragraph inviting you to the Orchestra Hotel. The bird chirps again, ruffling it's feathers. Tied around it's neck is a small, black bow tie.
Smiling, you gently sit on your bed, pulling a pencil from your night-stand. You fill out the form, reading each question carefully. Once done, you shrug, handing the paper back.
Now satisfied with your choice, you lay back holding the box above you. Fiddling with it, your palm brushes a switch.
Tick Tick Tick.
As soon as the slow, methodical noise starts, you feel your eyelids get heavy. Giving in to temptation, you close your eyes.
And again, falling asleep.
Tick Tick Tick....


Good morning! Or perhaps Good evening! Or maybe even Good night! I am Maestro! A pleasure to meet you. Could I interest you in a free stay at my five star hotel!

You, and hopefully others, may join me and my trusty assistant, Clef. For a music filled stay!

And of course, if my musical wonderland isn't to your liking, there will be other fun and games! Such as culinary arts, sports, and dancing.

Many things to enjoy! So please, consider a stay.

Ah! I almost forgot! Please bring some bird-seed...





Pronouns :

CBer or AE (up to three AEs for each CBer.)



How would you like to travel here/arrive? (ie: car/limo, bus, helicopter, horse):

Please describe the room you want to stay in ( AEs get seperate rooms than you, make sure to describe theirs aswell.):

Do you play and instrument?:
Cullinary allergies or aversions:

Favorite music genre:

Do you have the key?:




- This ski lodge starts May 1st

- Feel free to geuss who I am

-Do not bring pets that will hunt birds, other than that. All animals are allowed. 


Please avoid such large vertical spaces in your posts. Thank you.


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Ah! Very sorry about that! I'll mind my spacing next time.

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Pronouns :she/her

CBer or AE (up to three AEs for each CBer.)AE

Appearance:tall and willowy with long waist length aburn wavy hair somtimes in a braid or just lose. bright blue eyes that sparkle and a charming smile. she is wearing a sky blue long sleeved jumpsuit and has sandles. her complextion is creamy pale.

I think you might want the personality so her is her's: kind sweet down to earth thoughtful kind of dreamy 

Luggage:a duffel bag with clothes and diary with a pen

How would you like to travel here/arrive? (ie: car/limo, bus, helicopter, horse): limo

Please describe the room you want to stay in ( AEs get seperate rooms than you, make sure to describe theirs as well.): a queen size canopy bed with curtains and a desk in the corner. An comforable armchair. the colors of the room need to be light. it seems light and airy. She'd like a window seat if that is manageble

Do you play and instrument?: she is exremly good at playing the harp
Cullinary allergies or aversions:none

Favorite music genre:classical or instrumentle

Do you have the key?:yes. 

Other:she has a slight british accent

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(April 15, 2023 - 8:32 am)

Ah, quite sorry for the form mishap. A little birdy flew onto the paper while I was writing it. 

@Admins, would you mind adding this : Personality: 

at the end of the form. Thank you in advance! 

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This looks really cool!

Name: Pangolin

Age: 13

Pronouns: she/they (either use she/her or they/them, or alternate between the two)

CBer or AE (up to three AEs for each CBer.): CBer. I might fill out the forms for one or two of my AEs later...

Appearance: I am slightly taller than average and slender, with a fairly feminine appearance. Wavy copper hair reaches just past my shoulder blades. I have tanned skin and freckles, and a straight nose slightly tipped at the end. My eyes can change color drasically depending on the lighting. For this I will be wearing a black long-sleeved ribbed top, rust-colored corduroy pants, and black high top converse. td {border: 1px solid #cccccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}

Luggage: Necessities, my sketchbook, pencils & pens, a stack of books, a journal, a short sword with Celtic engravings, a dagger, and a bow and poison-tipped arrows. Oh, and some bird-seed :D

How would you like to travel here/arrive? (ie: car/limo, bus, helicopter, horse): uhhh is train an option? 

Please describe the room you want to stay in (AEs get seperate rooms than you, make sure to describe theirs aswell.): it has a neutral color palatte with a poster bed, bookshelves lining the walls, an antique desk, an armchair, and a fireplace. There are classical landscape paintings on the walls and fairy lights are strung up around the room. 

Do you play and instrument?: no :')

Cullinary allergies or aversions: n/a

Favorite music genre: alternative/indie

Do you have the key?: I'd like to think that yes, I do indeed have the key

Personality: I am thoughtful, logical, and quiet, and a self-declared nerd. I am socially awkward, weird, and, admittedly, a bit eccentric. I am an outcast, and am often alone, but rarely lonely. I am often found daydreaming about going on an adventure, writing, drawing, reading, or spending way too much time on school assignments. I am adventurous, mischievous at times, creative, quick-witted, and have a slightly dark sense of humor.

Other: Are you Rainbow or Writing_in_the_Dark? 

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(April 15, 2023 - 5:06 pm)

Ah! Thank you, and sadly, No. I am not Rainbow or Writing_In_The_Dark. Guess again.

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(April 16, 2023 - 6:00 pm)

I'd like to reserve a spot for me and one AE please!

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Name: Hawkstar


Pronouns :she/her

CBer or AE (up to three AEs for each CBer.)CBer

Appearance:Tall with brown hair cut A line short. Button nose sharp hazel eyes some freckles. wearing forest green leggings and brown tunic with thin leather belt and hunting knife. Barefoot and has a bow and quiver full of arrows

Luggage:just a bag with sandles and extra arrows and a sharpening stone

How would you like to travel here/arrive? (ie: car/limo, bus, helicopter, horse):horse

Please describe the room you want to stay in ( AEs get seperate rooms than you, make sure to describe theirs aswell.): simple and small with twin sized bed and lots of windows. forest colors throughout the room and a big chest to store anything in.

Do you play an instrument?: a flute I carved perfectly myself

Cullinary allergies or aversions:none

Favorite music genre: nature sounds

Do you have the key?: yes

Personality: kind fair loyal clever firm. can be very open and be quick with laugh or very closed in and mysterious.

Other:Are you ~Amarillis~ or Hex?

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(April 17, 2023 - 8:09 am)

Sorry. I am not ~Amarillis~ or Hex, good guess though.

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(April 18, 2023 - 3:14 pm)
Name: Avara
Age: Appears too be and acts 14 or 15, but is actually 581 years old.
Pronouns: she/her
CBer or AE (up to three AEs for each CBer.) CBer
Appearance: Tall, purple hair, purple eyes, T-shirt, jeans, hoodie
Luggage: Clothes, viola, journal, sheet music, pens, ipod, earbuds
How would you like to travel here/arrive? (ie: car/limo, bus, helicopter, horse): The Beetle. It looks like a Volkswagon beetle but it has wings. And cannons. 
Please describe the room you want to stay in ( AEs get seperate rooms than you, make sure to describe theirs aswell.): About 12 by 20 feet. A queen bed, large desk, kitchenette, chair, TV, and room for me to set up and practice.
Do you play and instrument?: Yes, I play the viola. I also play alto saxophone but I'm not very good at that yet.
Cullinary allergies or aversions: No cow dairy please. I wouldn't die, but I'd be in my room sick for a day or so.
Favorite music genre: Folk, bluegrass, classical, U2, and the Cranberries.
Do you have the key?: I have a key to my room I think...and to the Beetle and to my house...but I think the answer is no.
Personality: INTJ-T
Other: I won't be bringing my AEs.
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Name: echo. (used to be echo hallowswift but it's too much of a mouthful. also, i changed my cbsona! :D)

Age: 13.

Pronouns : she/her.

CBer or AE (up to three AEs for each CBer.) i'm a cber :>

Appearance: i'm milky pale for the most part but have rosy cheeks. i have grey eyes with long lashes (to the point where it looks like i'm wearing mascara) and short and wavy black hair that fades to light grey-blue. i wear white jean shorts and a cute light grey-blue top with white along the edges. on the front it says "you're a wizard, harry"

Luggage: my clothes (of course), an extra pair of socks, a dark grey-blue walkman with earbuds and cassettes, and an iphone with airpods. i'll bring an iphone charger, naturally, and a toothbrush and toothpaste. and my ohuhu markers and sketchpad. and a bamboozling amount of books. and my sword. i always have my sword. it's the key part of my ensamble, besides my hair. and shirt. and pants. and--well, you get the picture. *cough*

How would you like to travel here/arrive? (ie: car/limo, bus, helicopter, horse): is carpooling an option? no? ah, well, then i suppose i'll be riding a pegasus from valhalla. no, odin did not grant me permission to use one. yes, i'm a fallen valkyrie who came back as an einherji. so i get one, too bad, odin, ahaha.

Please describe the room you want to stay in ( AEs get seperate rooms than you, make sure to describe theirs aswell.): a nice high-up room that has lots of glass and white furniture, accents should be grey-blue, a bit bluer than stormclouds but not too much.

Do you play and instrument?: yes, yes i do. i play piano.

Cullinary allergies or aversions: none. well, yes, milk, but it's not serious so i can still have it. it just makes me break out :P

Favorite music genre: i like pop, rock, and everything. i mean everything. classical, jazz, you name it. except heavy metal. *shudders*

Do you have the key?: what key? hold on, let me check. my key ring holder is overstuffed with keys to some of the einherjar's rooms. *checks key holder* yes, i do have it! but what's it for--

Personality: calm and collected on the outside, but chaotic on the inside. i'm quiet, and i don't cry too easily but i despise spiders to the point where i'm filled with hysteria, however i can still function and fight. in "fight or flight" situations, i'll fight. grief gets to me, though. i certainly have a temper, but i keep it under control most of the time.

Other: *cough* can i bring my arctic fox? his name is jerbo.

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Name: Tenebrous (Will accept 'Tenney' as a nickname.)

Age: I'm in the 15-17 age range!

Pronouns: She/her

CBer or AE: CBer!

Appearance: I'm in black and white like an old movie character, and for the most part my clothes are too; except for rare, small details of color. 5'8 with bright eyes, and a nose that's slightly on the bigger side. I don't mind it though, I rather like it. My outifit, hairstyle, and makeup look would change depending on what historical era I was dedicating myself to for the day.

Luggage: Clothes, accessories, toiletries, chocolates (I might be addicted), sketchbook, HB pencils, eraser, books, Swiss Army knife, First Aid kit, rose perfume, and my history textboom.

Arrival: A 1925 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Piccadilly Roadster, please!

Room: With as many rich colors as you can possibly make it! A few historical maps, flags, and a globe would be nice too.

Instruments: Piano, cello, and violin!

CAoA: None. 

Music Genre: From whatever time period I'm dressed as for the day!

Key: Eh... I think so? 

Personality: I'm eager to learn about new things, a history nerd, and not easily daunted? I do my best to be as kind as I possibly can to people unless they're doing something terribly wrong. I can't start a conversation for the life of me, but I love talking to people. I can also be pretty uncoordinated and I love to draw the things I learn about.

Other: My voice sounds like an old movie recording, but the quality, tone, slang, and accent would depend on what time I was dressed as.

Talking is hard for me sometimes. When I get happily excited, I fumble over my words.

Can't wait for this to start!! 

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A few things to know before you arrive:

You may ask for a meal to be prepared , or go down to the kitchen and make what ever you like yourself.

There is a Jukebox on every floor, place orders or request items from staff on these. 

Please feed the birds. 

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