{Ski Lodge!!}

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{Ski Lodge!!}

{Ski Lodge!!}


Tick Tick Tick

A small rectangular box sits on the display shelf. Staring back at you from the dusty window.
Tick Tick Tick Tick.

The door chimes when you walk in, leaving it's airy tone ringing in your ears.

Stepping between the shelves lined with books, puzzles, and games. Your gaze is fixed on the box as you weave your way through the store.

Finally you make it to the display, and reach for the box.
It's wooden surface is smooth and polished. A half circle on the front of the box lined with numbers from 40 to 208. And a small, black dial laying at 58. Atop the box, sits a small, clear diamond light. Flashing with every

The repetitive sound is mesmerizing, and practically sleep inducing.
Flipping the box over, you trace your finger over the black, inked words. On closer inspection, the words looked to be an address of some sort.
Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
The Ticks get faster the longer you stare at the words.
Faster. Tick.
Faster. Tick Tick
Even faster. Tick Tick Tick.
Your alarm clock yells at you, pulling from your dream. Looking around, you notice a small, rectangular box on your night stand.
Wide-eyed, you scramble from your bed in disbelief. At last you pick up the box. Inspecting every inch, you find a small piece of paper stuck to the bottom.
It reads simply "Come.". A dash, and then the name "Maestro". Plucking off the paper, you turn the box around to reveal the address from your dream.
Orchestra Hotel. Queens, New York City, New York.
A strong gust of wind blows through your open window, rustling the curtains. Switching your attention to the window, you shuffle over.
Looking out, a black and yellow chickadee dive bombs the sill. Reeling back as the sassy bird perches it's self. It chirps at you, dropping a yellowed piece of paper on the floor.
Picking it up and scanning it, you notice the signature is the same as the one on the box. On the paper is a form, and a paragraph inviting you to the Orchestra Hotel. The bird chirps again, ruffling it's feathers. Tied around it's neck is a small, black bow tie.
Smiling, you gently sit on your bed, pulling a pencil from your night-stand. You fill out the form, reading each question carefully. Once done, you shrug, handing the paper back.
Now satisfied with your choice, you lay back holding the box above you. Fiddling with it, your palm brushes a switch.
Tick Tick Tick.
As soon as the slow, methodical noise starts, you feel your eyelids get heavy. Giving in to temptation, you close your eyes.
And again, falling asleep.
Tick Tick Tick....


Good morning! Or perhaps Good evening! Or maybe even Good night! I am Maestro! A pleasure to meet you. Could I interest you in a free stay at my five star hotel!

You, and hopefully others, may join me and my trusty assistant, Clef. For a music filled stay!

And of course, if my musical wonderland isn't to your liking, there will be other fun and games! Such as culinary arts, sports, and dancing.

Many things to enjoy! So please, consider a stay.

Ah! I almost forgot! Please bring some bird-seed...





Pronouns :

CBer or AE (up to three AEs for each CBer.)



How would you like to travel here/arrive? (ie: car/limo, bus, helicopter, horse):

Please describe the room you want to stay in ( AEs get seperate rooms than you, make sure to describe theirs aswell.):

Do you play and instrument?:
Cullinary allergies or aversions:

Favorite music genre:

Do you have the key?:




- This ski lodge starts May 1st

- Feel free to geuss who I am

-Do not bring pets that will hunt birds, other than that. All animals are allowed. 


Please avoid such large vertical spaces in your posts. Thank you.


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Also, uh, I dunno if you're aware, but I believe it is spelled "Maestro" and not "Meastro"

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(May 1, 2023 - 8:34 am)

Ah! Thank you for taking notice. One of my family members, who is older than me, said it was spelt that way. Apparently it is not, sorry for the slip up.

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Day 1, Part 1.


Oldish Books stood at the bus stop, sipping her coffe.

The brisk spring wind wisked around her, stirring her blonde hair. She tapped her foot, checking her watch. She sighed, "The bus should be here by now.."

The shrill cry of tires reached Books ears, she glanced around. Spotting the grayhound speeding towards her, she gathered her things, slinging the bags overr her shoulders. Slamming on the brakes, the bus stopped, the doors slide open, revealing stairs and the driver. 

He puts his hand out, reaching for her ticket. Books digs in her pockets, searching for the small, golden ticket.

Grasping for it finally, she drops it in his hand. Bording the vehicle, she finds a seat, and takes it, dozing off for the long trip.



"AGH!" Books gasps, her galsses almost flying of the bridge of her nose. "Ah! Got to get off!" Standing up, she runs to the front of the bus. Rushing down the stairs, she races down the concreate side-walk.

In front of her is a tall, silver sky-scraper, ten stories of windows line the side, a red carpet rolled out the door. The large, mahogany door lay open. Oldish books sighs, glad to make it.

"Oh! Hi! Come in!" A girl who's hair seemed to be made of gravity defying water, was beckoning her inside .

"Norie Torent...right?" 

She nodds, still beckoning her. Stepping in side, Books shiveres. The air had a different weight in here. It felt lighter, and the faint strum of strings rang through Books ears.

She glanced around, recognizing all the other CBers and AEs. Rose, Hawkstars AE. Pangolin, Hawkstar her self. Avara, Echo, Tenebrous, Scuttles, Luna Silvermoon, Sterling and their AE Basil, Reuby Moonnight, Norie Torent, who was standing beside her, and Norie's AE Roxy.


Oldish Books, along with the rest, looked around. Searching for the gentle, sing-songy voice.

"Hellloooo! Friends, up here!!"

Simultaniously, they looked up. The giant, metronome hung just above the second floor balcony. Atop the coffin shapped clock, stood a yound man. However, his face was half covered by a smiling, greek comedy mask.

The box! Everyone thought 

Half his face smiled as he jumped off his high perch, Sterling screamed, clinging to Hawkstar.

Spreading his arms, the man slowed slightly. The sound of flapping insued, the large enterance hall was soon filled with many birds. big, black Ravens, fluffy chikadees, striking cardinals, long beaked woodpeackers, blue and black grakles, and adorable Long Tailed Tits.

The flying creatures sarounded him, clinging to his arms and coat tails, slowing his fall and bringing him gentely to the ground.

"Good Moring everyone!! I am Maestro, as you probally already know. And this lovely specimen of a building." He pointed to the domed, mural ceiling, paintings and prints of musical composers lining the walls, the glorious metronome-clock, and the high, maroon walls.

"Is the Orchestra Hotel!"


Ahaha. The first chapter! Enjoy lovelies! 

~ Maestro

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I already love the Orchestra Hotel! Good work on this first part! :D

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Ahh, what a lovely first part! I love the idea of a metronome clock! And will Maestro be planning on wearing the mask for the entirety of the ski lodge? How mysterious!

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Wonderful! The Orchestra Hotel sounds so cool! I love the descriptions, and I can't wait to see where this goes! Might you be Reuby Moonnight or Luna Silvermoon?

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Gosh! I am Reuby Moonnight! How'd you know????? TAT

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Aw, I was actually about to guess that. You just sound like you, I guess.

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Day1, Part 2.



"Your Maestro!?" Hawkstar exclaims after the young host finishes talking.

"Indeedy I am"- laughs, stalking towards her-"And you my dear, must be Hawkstar! Nice to meet you finally!"

He laughs again, pointing at everyone "Very nice to meet all of you too!". Scuttles raises their hand "Um, Maestro, sir. Are you wearing that mask for a reason?? And if not, can you take it off?"

He points at him self, cocking his head to the side. "Oh this?! This is just for looks! It's made out porclin and onyx! D'you like it?!" 

Scuttles nodds slightly, giving him a thumbs up. "Alrighty then! Would anyone like a basic tour of the Hotel?" Hands were raised, nods were given and off they went.

"Now!"- Maestro said, leading them down the long, wide hallway. Which split of into two other hallways, going left and right - "This, is the grand hallways! Or the Introduction or the Prelude! Which ever tickles your strings!"

Turing towards the left hallway "Down this way is the Ballroom! Music is always being played, and may be changed at the listeners request. Although choices are to be requested through the Jukebox at the far side of the room. Lovely, lovely room. Carpeted floors, none of that annoying clicking from your shoes. If you walk farther than the Ballroom, there is the kitchen. It's never occupied, except when your guests aren't in it. You may make your self meals, or request meal from.... can anyone guess?"

"The uuh...Jukebox?" Luna Silvermoon questions. "Ohoho! Exactly! Back to my speech!"


He turns, facing the geusts. "Behind you is the Right Hallway. That leads to The Aviary, the Trumpet Elevator and The Musical Stairs. I prefer the stairs if I do say so my self, but if less exercise suits your fancy, go right ahead. Be warned, the Elevator has....interesting acoustics. Go up  those stairs, or the Elevator, to get to your rooms.

I'll give you each your key in a moment. Don't worry about losing them, I can give you a spare! Lastely is the Basement. Basement is such a tacky word, don't you think? I like to call is the Coda! There is a very nice stage for productions, including plays and musicals if your a theater kid, or musical preformances! May seats too! Behind stage you'll find may instruments, props, backgrounds, costumes, and may more assets! Now for your keys. They all looks the same, except for the names."

He handed out the keys, double checking each one. "All right! You are free to go explore!"


Ah! Chapter two. Most of the musical lingo I found online! 

Maestro has been revealed, I'll add a picture. 

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I love the character of the Maestro, and the way the Jukeboxes seem to control everything. Keep up the good work!

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I'll only be posting two chapters a week. I'll see you all next week. (There's no set schedual for up dates)

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Day 2, part 1.


The stairs creaked as Scuttles skipped down the stairs. They hummed to their self, glancing behind them. They kept feeling as if they were being watched, instead of finding empty air, they saw Maestro standing behind them. He smiled slightly.

"Your going down for food, am I right?" He said, joining them. Scuttles nodded, they liked Maestro. He was talkative and extroverted. He folded his hands behind his back, leading the way to the kitchen. As he had told the guests before, the kitchen was to the left of the main hall.

The kitchen was truely a beutiful sight to behold. The tiled floors were polsihed, and shining. There were six stocked shelves of the walls, Scuttles opened three of them to find one full of bread, a shelf stocked with a mess of candy, and the last was bags of chips.

Behind them was a big walk in fridge. Scuttles had walked away from the shelves and towards the lower pull out drawers. There was an array of cast iron and non-stick pans and pots. Maestro had disapeared when Scuttles turned around.

They had started toasting some english muffins to go with their eggs. The eggs were on the counter when they got down there. There was no signs of the drawers or cabinets, so Scuttles had wandered around, opening, closing, opening, closing the drawers. They turned the stove up a notch, the grease spitting.

Scuttles looked around, waiting for the eggs to solidify. They spotted a small radio, the album cover is Hamltion. The muted icon blinking in the bottom left of the corner. They unmuted it and bopped along with the song. 

Lifting up the top of the butter tray, they flipped on the fan above the stove. Glancing back at the tray, there was no butter "Aww. I coulda sworn there was a stick". Shrugging, they traveled over to the fridge. The door resisted when they pulled, pulling harder the door flung open. Blinking, their eyes focused. 

Quite loudly, their scream echoed through out the Hotel.

Infront of Scuttles, lying frozen in the freezer, as Echo's dead body, her lips were blue, signifying she had been in there for a while. Her eyes were shut, her hair stiff with ice. Scuttles opened their mouth. But no sound came out..


I kinda focused on Scuttles :/

I hope you like it. ( I didn't get to proof read it sorry)

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oh nO ECHO!!

I loved the writing in this part -- you did an excellent job capturing Scuttles's emotions and reaction to Echo's body! I can't wait for the next part :)  

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Not Echo! But I always like it when I get to find the dead people. It's fun.

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