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{Ski Lodge!!}

{Ski Lodge!!}


Tick Tick Tick

A small rectangular box sits on the display shelf. Staring back at you from the dusty window.
Tick Tick Tick Tick.

The door chimes when you walk in, leaving it's airy tone ringing in your ears.

Stepping between the shelves lined with books, puzzles, and games. Your gaze is fixed on the box as you weave your way through the store.

Finally you make it to the display, and reach for the box.
It's wooden surface is smooth and polished. A half circle on the front of the box lined with numbers from 40 to 208. And a small, black dial laying at 58. Atop the box, sits a small, clear diamond light. Flashing with every

The repetitive sound is mesmerizing, and practically sleep inducing.
Flipping the box over, you trace your finger over the black, inked words. On closer inspection, the words looked to be an address of some sort.
Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
The Ticks get faster the longer you stare at the words.
Faster. Tick.
Faster. Tick Tick
Even faster. Tick Tick Tick.
Your alarm clock yells at you, pulling from your dream. Looking around, you notice a small, rectangular box on your night stand.
Wide-eyed, you scramble from your bed in disbelief. At last you pick up the box. Inspecting every inch, you find a small piece of paper stuck to the bottom.
It reads simply "Come.". A dash, and then the name "Maestro". Plucking off the paper, you turn the box around to reveal the address from your dream.
Orchestra Hotel. Queens, New York City, New York.
A strong gust of wind blows through your open window, rustling the curtains. Switching your attention to the window, you shuffle over.
Looking out, a black and yellow chickadee dive bombs the sill. Reeling back as the sassy bird perches it's self. It chirps at you, dropping a yellowed piece of paper on the floor.
Picking it up and scanning it, you notice the signature is the same as the one on the box. On the paper is a form, and a paragraph inviting you to the Orchestra Hotel. The bird chirps again, ruffling it's feathers. Tied around it's neck is a small, black bow tie.
Smiling, you gently sit on your bed, pulling a pencil from your night-stand. You fill out the form, reading each question carefully. Once done, you shrug, handing the paper back.
Now satisfied with your choice, you lay back holding the box above you. Fiddling with it, your palm brushes a switch.
Tick Tick Tick.
As soon as the slow, methodical noise starts, you feel your eyelids get heavy. Giving in to temptation, you close your eyes.
And again, falling asleep.
Tick Tick Tick....


Good morning! Or perhaps Good evening! Or maybe even Good night! I am Maestro! A pleasure to meet you. Could I interest you in a free stay at my five star hotel!

You, and hopefully others, may join me and my trusty assistant, Clef. For a music filled stay!

And of course, if my musical wonderland isn't to your liking, there will be other fun and games! Such as culinary arts, sports, and dancing.

Many things to enjoy! So please, consider a stay.

Ah! I almost forgot! Please bring some bird-seed...





Pronouns :

CBer or AE (up to three AEs for each CBer.)



How would you like to travel here/arrive? (ie: car/limo, bus, helicopter, horse):

Please describe the room you want to stay in ( AEs get seperate rooms than you, make sure to describe theirs aswell.):

Do you play and instrument?:
Cullinary allergies or aversions:

Favorite music genre:

Do you have the key?:




- This ski lodge starts May 1st

- Feel free to geuss who I am

-Do not bring pets that will hunt birds, other than that. All animals are allowed. 


Please avoid such large vertical spaces in your posts. Thank you.


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Day 2, part 2.



Echo's funeral was sad, as funerals are. Although Maestro had decorated the back pavilion beutifully. Maestro, or apperentlly not Maestro (someone else who's name he will not reveal), had weaved daisies into the white trelis overhead and into the back of the black, metal chairs. No one had gotten to know Echo that well, but everyone still cried. Maestro had given a speech on how Echo was a lovely guest in the short time he knew her. 

The funeral had been over when Reuby, who was quite impartial to death but had still shead a tear, had said "Hey! The word funeral had the word fun in it. Why are you crying?" to Scuttles. Scuttles had gotten angry at Reuby and thrown a book at her. Reuby had ran away, off to her room hissing. 


Up in Reuby's room, she grumbled on her bed. She was reading a manga she admired greatly, before she stopped and looked around. Slamming the book down on the black nightstand, she rolled her eyes. "Of course! I get room 217.." You see, Reuby had just finished reading The Shinning and the thought of being in room 217 had freaked her out slightly. Usually, Reuby didn't get freaked out by anything. And I mean anything. But this fact, combined with the fact of Echo's death had given her the jitters. 

Instead of ingnoring the thoughts she double checked the bathroom, just to be safe. Finding nothing, she slinked back to the bed, glancing around her. Slamming her headphones on, she decided to listen to some energetic K-pop. Zoning out, Reuby didn't notice the shadow move in front of the bathroom door. 

Aproximatly fourty five minutes later, Reuby had sighed and shut off her MP3 player. Getting up she headed to the bathroom, forgetting all of her recent fears. Shutting the white, bathroom door she started to whistle the begining to the song "Hikari Are" by Burnout Syndromes. Getting half way through the song, she noticed the closet halfway open. Glaring at the black and red towels, squinting at the fluffy fabric, she caught a glimps of a long, red baton peaking out of behind the door. Distracted from her bathroom needs she wandered over to the closet. Searching around, she found nothing. Sighing, she picked up one of the face towels, she gasped. "IT'S THE NEWEST MHA!!" Reuby exclaimed. Picking the book up she squealed. Distracted, Reuby didn't see the shinging weapon above her. Finally noticing the other person she whirled around, just in time to hear the murderer say "Gomen'nasai"with a smirk...


Gomen'nasai means I'm sorry, in Japanese.

If you heven't read The Shinning, you most likely won't get the referances. If you do, good for you!

@Scuttles and Pangolin. Thank very much for the nice comments! I hope you enjoy this part and the next. 

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What an interesting part! :D I would definetely throw a book at somebody at a funeral. How clever of the murderer to distract Reuby with one of her favorite books...

On the one hand, I'd say I'm not the murderer because I'm the one who found echo in the first place, but on the other hand, maybe I did that to divert suspicion.

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Day 3, Part 1


Reuby's funeral was non-existance, for everyone was shivering in there shoes. "The murderer is..some where in this Hotel..my Hotel!" Maestro muttered while throwing bird seed in the aviary. He groaned "I never thought this would happen.." Maestro complained to the two CBers sitting calmly (as calm as anyone who's in a hotel with a murderer can be) beside him. Avara and Tenebrous glanced at eachother, Tenny's black and white polka-dotted poodle dress was rusttled by slight breeze. "Maestro...don't you think you should question the other CBers?" she said, sooching slightly away from Avara.

"Oh my gosh! You think I'm the murderer?! If I were I would have already killed you.."

Maestro turned "That's not how murdering works.: he said dead-pan. Avara and Tenebrous shivered, Maestro laughed at their reactions. "Don't worry! I'm not the murderer!" They sighed, Tennny getting up and leaving. Avara sat there, watching the birds. A glint near a oak tree caught her eye. She walked over to it, picking it up. "Oh! This is Hawkstars sherpening stone" she muttered, putting it in her pocket. "Um, Maestro.". He looked up from his feeding "Yeeesss?" He replied smoothly. "Hawkstar left her sharpening stone down here, I'll go bring it to her.". He nodded cheerfully in agreement.


Walking up the piano key stairs, Avara hums to her self. Admiring the Onyx banister at the top, golden veins running about its smooth, inky surface. Hawkstars room was on the third floor, about a five minute walk from where she is standing. Turning the corner, she recognizes a familiar brown bob. "Ah! Hawkstar!" Hawkstar turns, smiling. "Oh Avara! What're you doing up here?"

"You sharpening stone was in the aviary, I came to give it to you.". Hawkstar looked confused "I don't remember goign down there. Well, anyways thanks!". She took it from Avara's outstreached hand, and into her pocket. 

Striding through the rest of the hallway, Hawkstar contemplated why the stone was all the way in the aviary. "Could someone have taken it?" She brushed that thought away, no one needs this...right? Ariving at the Trumpet Elevator, she clicked to glowing button. The arrow dark against the pale surface. The doors opened, revealing a golden-ish brass interior. Stepping in side she whistled a few high notes. The sound bounced from wall to wall, warping the sounds into a higher pitched chime. Laughing at the sound, she exclaimed "HELLO!" as the doors shut behind her.

The already high-pitched yell, turned higher higher and higher until the sound was almost unbareable. Hawkstars eyes widened, the blood rushing through her ears. She suddenly heard a POP! 

Hawkstar winced, pain made her head throb and pound. She touched her ears lightly, blood on her finger when she pulled them back. She fell to the ground, screaming. Her own scream was inaudible to her, and so was the ding of the elevator. Signifying her arrival on the third floor. Footsteps she couldn't hear appeared behind her. Bending down, the figure's face was blurred due to pain. "Aww, poor thing. She just couldn't control her volume.." the figure muttered. Gasping, Hawkstar's world went black for good. 


OOF! so sorry for the delay, thought I'd have this out yesterday.  

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Hmm, what an interesting way to murder somebody.

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I'll be posting the next chapter on Sunday, hopfully it will be slightly longer than the recent chapters.

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Agghh i love this soo much!! You're such a good writer. Its so suspensful!

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Day 3, Part 2.

Pangolin was the one who sadly found Hawkstars (dead) body. Her scream rang out through the Hotel, like Scuttles a day earlier. Maestro, along with the other CBers had come running from all corners of the Hotel. Pangolin was on her knees, her shaky hands hovering over Hawkstar. “She’s dead!” They cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. Maestro knelt down beside her, side hugging their shoulders. “Come, let's go down stairs” he said softly taking her hand, and leading her down the hall.The rest of the somber friends stood there, some biting their nails out of worry or anxious-ness, others muttering to the one beside them. 

Norie called out to Maestro, who was now half way down the red carpeted hall with a quivering Pangolin. 

“Maestro!”. He turned a dark look on his face, which quickly slid away. “Yes..”

“What should we do with…the..” She stopped, and gestured to Hawkstar. 

“Ah.” Maestro snapped his fingers. After a minute of silence, four black and gray Harpy Eagles arrived from downstairs. Each of their talons had a rubber covering, as to not hurt any guests. They settled down next to Hawkstar, gripping her sleeves and pants. Flapping their big wings, they gained height in the air. Flying away with Hawkstar in tow, they disappeared and out of sight. 


The next morning, Maestro came down to the dinning hall, where the CBers and AEs were eating in silence. He had a sad smile on his face, and his hands behind his back. “To try and lift the mood, I was wondering if any of you would like to go down to the stage with me? Maybe put on a little production.”

At that, the CBers light up, the thought of the stage excited them. A whirlwind of “Sure!”, “Ok!”, and “Definitely!” arose from the group.

One by one, The CBers and AEs came with their instruments. Rose with her Harp, Basil, Oldish Books and Avara with their Violas, Tenebrous and Norie was sitting at the two pianos, Scuttles at a full drum set, Luna Silvermoon fiddling with a violin and Roxy with an Electric guitar.

Maestro clapped at the glorious selection of instruments. “Now! For those of you who don’t play an instrument” He pointed at Pangolin and Sterling “ You’ll be on stage crew!”

They both looked at each other, and smiled.

Later in the day, Sterling was sitting up above the stage, listening to the music being made down below. They were dangling fae’s legs over the side of the landing. It was close enough to the wall that there was no danger of falling off. Thinking about the murders that had happened over the past few days, they had zoned out. Not realizing how much time had gone by. “Sterling!” Maestro had called to them. “We're all going upstairs for lunch, would you like to come.” Fae nodded, and looked around to gather their black sweat-shirt. Standing up and brushing themself off, they noticed a one of the lights was tilted the wrong way. Stepping cautiously on the the wooden rafter, they made their way over to it. Moving back to it’s original positon they huffed. “Alright, time to go upstairs.” They muttered to themself, and one other. “Sorry, don’t think you’ll be doing that..” said a voice behind them. Sterling felt a pinch in their stomach. Looking down, a sharpened baton shined murderously. They tried to scream, but a hand crawled over their mouth. “Don’t. Say. A word.” the voice said again, before giving Sterling a shove to the stage below.


Woo! Hopefully you like this chapter. I know I did. 

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Day 4, Part 1.

“Norie! You have to come out.” Tenebrous said, rapping her knuckles on the door.

“No! I’m not coming out. Not until I can leave.” a wobbly reply came from behind the door. “ Maestro isn’t keeping you here though.”. Silence…the door creaks open, and out peeks Norie’s large green eyes welled up with tears. “Could I still participate in the volleyball game?” she said meekly. 

“Of course.”


“HEEEEYY! NORIE! You finally made it!” Roxy yelled, waving and smiling at her CBer. “Were just about to start, great timing” a cheery Scuttles said. “You awfully happy..” a grave and judgemental voice quipped. Scuttles turned “Oh come on Oldish Books, why would I kill Sterling. I was upstairs with you guys.”

“It could have been your fluffles!”

“They were stabbed…through ....the..STOMACH!” Scuttles exclaimed, shooting down Books’s suspicions. “Tch…whatever.” she stalked away to the other side of the net, along with Luna, Basil, Pangolin, and Rose. The team had named themselves the Spirits

On the opposing side was Avara, Scuttles, Tenny, Norie and of course Roxy. Their team name was quite suspiciously chosen as the Raptors.

The Spirits served first. Number 3, Oldish Books had a good serve. She could use the Jump Floater Serve. Which constantly messed up the other team. Luckily, Scuttles, who was still fired by their little spat with Books, dug the ball and got it to Avara. Who was currently playing setter, and felt slightly uncomfortable in the position. To the whole teams relief, her set went directly to Roxy. Jumping up past the Spirits blockers, Rose and Pangolin, and slamming the ball down. “YEESSS! On point for me- I mean us!” Roxy said smugly to the other AE. Basil let out a little “pssh” and turned away from Roxy.

Two sets later, the Spirits won by six points. Cheering for their victory, they migrated inside to the main hall. There was a platter of fruits, vegetables, dips and crackers. All of the team dug into the snacks, except Luna Silvermoon. Who was favoring something sweet, found the kitchen and got to work. 

Fumbling around the kitchen, Luna made her way to a sweet victory. She hungrily chowed down on the delicious chocolate chip cookies. “Hmmm” she sighed looking down on the mess she had made. “I uh…should clean this up.”. Luna quickly got to work on the dishes, filling the sink up with soapy water. She hummed to her self until she heard a “CLICK!”. She looked around, but didn’t see anything, or anyone. Shrugging, she continued. 

A few minutes pass, nothing happens. Then, out of the corner of her eyes Luna sees the piping hot, plugged in toaster shoved into the sink. She screams, catching a glimpse of the killer.

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I've been sooooo busy recently and haven't had time to check on any of my ski lodges, but I've finally caught up on this one, and it's great! Hehe I love the idea of training my Fluffles to do my dirty work for me... I still suspect myself. Although I think everybody suspects themself, so I don't know how much to trust my instincts.

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Such a awesome ski lounge-OH WAIT IM DEAD NOO. Death by electrician huh? At least I got cookies and won a volleyball game beforehand.Sry I haven't been commenting, I've been super busy! Its scuttles or Norie.

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