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Ski Lodge

You lounge in your chair, tired from the day so far and wanting an escape. But unfortunately, you happen to not have teleportation powers and cannot go anywhere, so instead, you decide to check out what’s on CB. It is relaxing, almost as good as an escape from the world, with the sunlight casting a warm and golden glow through the window and into your room. You go over and open it to let the beautiful breeze in, and you take in a deep breath of the natural air before going back to CB. 

But then, you hear a faint whooshing sound near the window. You glance up, startled, as an iridescent butterfly flies into the room and onto your desk. And as if by some magic, a piece of paper appears on your desk before the butterfly flutters up and out the window, all in a quick blur.

You sit back down, dazed by what had just happened. After you have a moment to clear your head, you decide to look at the piece of paper. Curiously, you begin to read it:

I hope you are having a wonderful day! But of course, you still need an escape from the world every now and then. Haven’t you ever thought of…escaping to a magical island full of just nature, nothing else? Well then, today is your lucky day! You are invited to stay at Flower Isle for one week, a lovely little island filled with flowers, nature, and of course, magic! You are certain to enjoy this fun escape, with many activities arranged for you. There are only ten slots available for guests, however, so be quick! Please fill out the form below:




Personality in exactly five words:

What are you bringing?:

What’s your favorite flower? Describe it:

Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky?:

Pick a number from 1-10:

What’s your greatest fear?:

Are flowers a sign of life or death?:

One person per CBer, please! Remember that this is a fun escape and adventure, and everything will be provided for you! 




Some parts may be shorter, and it may not be as good since I'm still a beginner at this. Feel free to guess who I am! 

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(July 25, 2023 - 8:47 pm)

@Spring Calamity/Luna silvermoon, remember to fill out the form sometime! No pressure at all, btw.

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Name: Avara
Pronouns: she/her
Appearance: Tall, purple hair in a french braid, purple eyes, gray button-up with sleeves rolled up, black slim jeans, lavender vans.
Personality in exactly five words: Quiet, creative, observant, snarky, nervous
What are you bringing?: My viola, sheet music, my journal, and pens.
What’s your favorite flower? Describe it: Hyacinth, Purple, lots of little flowers, somewhat cone-shaped.
Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky?: Unlucky in that I get neither good nor bad luck.
Pick a number from 1-10: 8
What’s your greatest fear?: Rejection.
Are flowers a sign of life or death?: Life!
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Name: Sam

Pronouns: they/them

Appearance: skinny with short brown hair

Personality in exactly five words: is really kind and passionate

What are you bringing?: A journal, (erasable) pens, binoculars, a few books 

What’s your favorite flower? Describe it: Hydrangea, especially the blue ones. It looks like a dome, made of miniature leaves, I guess?

Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky?: Lucky

Pick a number from 1-10: 5

What’s your greatest fear?: The dark

Are flowers a sign of life or death?: life



I got the last spot! 

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Slots are now closed!

@Spring Calamity, fill out your form!

@CelineBurningBright, tell me if you want to change your pronouns in the ski lodge.

For now, here's a prologue:



A dark shadowy figure stood on the edge of a vast island landscape, dotted with various delicate flowers. The sun had begun to set, streaking the sky with shades of orange, pink, and purple, so much like a painting. And the figure began to move. It walked towards a lake, with deep blue hues, not at all reflecting the sunset in the sky above. The figure sat down beside the lake, and as the last of the sun’s rays shone against the figure, there could be a glimpse of their actual appearance.

It seemed that the figure was a woman, wearing a long emerald-colored dress, her light brown hair cascading down like waves. Flowers decorated her, and she seemed like the embodiment of the island.

She sighed as she looked up at the last of the sunset, fading away into dark blues and purples. Stars had begun to appear in the sky, twinkling, and the moon rose above, its glow both mysterious and ominous.

Magic could be felt in the air, as well as a few fading echoes of the darker sorceries that had once possessed the island. But the woman knew that this evil would never take over the island again. Now the island held good magic, the type that would help preserve this island for generations to come.

But of course, sacrifices had been made in order for this victory. And even she couldn’t see what would have to be sacrificed in the future as well… 

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Ohhh, I absolutely loved this so much!!! The imagery and the descriptions and the word choice and there's just such a mystical magical ominous vibe to it... YAY THIS HAS STARTED!!! Oh, and thanks! Actually, yes please, would you start using she/they for me please? Thank you!

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:D thanks! 

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ooh this is so good so far! i love the imagery and tone you established. the last lines are certainly very ominous, and i can't wait to see what happens next! :D

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(September 2, 2023 - 7:15 am)

Oh, I love this already! Your foreshadowing is beautiful and I really like the setting of the island. And yay it looks like there will be lots of flowers!!!  (yes, I'm probably overexcited here, but I love flowers. A lot)

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Just a reminder :)

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Day 1, Part 1

Sam blinked open their eyes and looked around at their surroundings. When they finished filling out their form and packing, Sam had appeared in a lovely meadow filled with flowers, with 9 other CBers standing next to them. Each of them looked either startled, confused, or excited about what was to happen. 

“Hey, Hawkstar,” Sam said. “Do you have any idea how we ended up here?”

“I don’t really know,” Hawkstar answered. “I had just filled out the form and finished packing, and before I knew it, I was whisked away to this island.”

“That’s basically what happened to me,” Sam said. “So, this is…Flower Isle?”

“Probably,” Reuby Moonnight agreed. “Where else would we be?”

Sam surveyed their surroundings, looking at the soft springy grass growing on the ground, the various colorful trees growing around, and the exquisite flowers dotted everywhere, some of which Sam had never seen before. It was quite a nice place. 

Up ahead in the distance was a rather large lake, and it seemed mythical and mysterious. The golden sunlight didn’t seem to reflect off of it, and the lake retained a dark blue hue. Sam went towards the lake, curious about what mysteries it held.

“I would advise you to not touch the Lake of Eternity. Those who touch it will fall in and never come back out,” a melodious voice said, rather ominously. They looked up and saw a woman dressed in a shimmery green dress and tall brown boots. Her outfit was decorated with various different flowers, and her eyes shone a brilliant leaf-green. A necklace with an emerald pendant hung around her neck.

“Oh, okay,” Sam said, quickly backing away from the lake. “Who are you?”

“Flora, of course,” Flora said, smiling. “And it’s time I introduce myself to the rest of the group.” She walked over to the rest of the group and quickly introduced herself again. Then she exclaimed, “Well, don’t just stand there out in the open with your heavy luggage! Come, follow me into the place you will be staying. You must get settled in quickly in order to participate in the fun things I have in store for all of you!”

“It’s safe here, right?” Pangolin said, a little nervously. “I mean, I overheard something about a bottomless lake earlier.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Flora said dismissively with a wave of her hand. “That’s the only thing that’s dangerous. Just keep away from it, and you’ll be just fine. The rest of this island is magnificent!” She gestured to the landscape around them. “Alright, enough talking. Come on!”

Flora led them through the flowery meadows and into a giant cottagecore-style cabin. She opened the door and went in, where they found themselves in an elegant but old-fashioned style room. There was a circular table with at least eleven chairs seated around it, all made of polished redwood, and various board games placed on top. Across the room was a door leading to a kitchen and a grand dining room. All the furniture was themed around nature and flowers, with multiple floral decorations hanging on the wall and such.

The group was then led up to the second floor, which had a doorway leading to a library, filled with bookshelf after bookshelf, with most of them being on the topic of nature or fantasy tales. There were several bean bag chairs placed around, along with a few armchairs and a small table with a vase filled with roses.

Flora then led them up to the next floor, which was mainly the bedrooms. “Each one is labeled with your name, and mine's at the end of the hall,” she explained, pointing towards the direction of her room. “You can come to me if you need anything, though I would suggest not doing it while I’m asleep.” 

Lastly, she led the group up to the third floor, which was mainly empty except for a table and two sofas in the center, along with a vase of roses placed inside. 

“Excuse me, but could you tell me what that door leads to?” Seadragon asked, pointing to a mysterious door at the end of the floor, which seemed to be locked.

“Oh, it’s just a storage room, that’s all,” Flora said, giving her a careless smile. “Anyways, that’s it for the tour! Go ahead and get settled in your rooms, and then I’ll call you down for dinner later.”

The group headed downstairs, where they then dispersed into their separate rooms to unpack.


Alive: 10

Dead: 0

Again, @Luna Silvermoon, remember to fill out your form! 

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Hmm, something tells me that the room is not just a storage room...

I love this setup, Flora seems like she'll be an interesting host! Can't wait to see what happens next!! 

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