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You lounge in your chair, tired from the day so far and wanting an escape. But unfortunately, you happen to not have teleportation powers and cannot go anywhere, so instead, you decide to check out what’s on CB. It is relaxing, almost as good as an escape from the world, with the sunlight casting a warm and golden glow through the window and into your room. You go over and open it to let the beautiful breeze in, and you take in a deep breath of the natural air before going back to CB. 

But then, you hear a faint whooshing sound near the window. You glance up, startled, as an iridescent butterfly flies into the room and onto your desk. And as if by some magic, a piece of paper appears on your desk before the butterfly flutters up and out the window, all in a quick blur.

You sit back down, dazed by what had just happened. After you have a moment to clear your head, you decide to look at the piece of paper. Curiously, you begin to read it:

I hope you are having a wonderful day! But of course, you still need an escape from the world every now and then. Haven’t you ever thought of…escaping to a magical island full of just nature, nothing else? Well then, today is your lucky day! You are invited to stay at Flower Isle for one week, a lovely little island filled with flowers, nature, and of course, magic! You are certain to enjoy this fun escape, with many activities arranged for you. There are only ten slots available for guests, however, so be quick! Please fill out the form below:




Personality in exactly five words:

What are you bringing?:

What’s your favorite flower? Describe it:

Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky?:

Pick a number from 1-10:

What’s your greatest fear?:

Are flowers a sign of life or death?:

One person per CBer, please! Remember that this is a fun escape and adventure, and everything will be provided for you! 




Some parts may be shorter, and it may not be as good since I'm still a beginner at this. Feel free to guess who I am! 

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Yep! Ty for the compliment :)

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Woah!!! Oh gosh, I'm going to die next. Well, I made it as far as I could get. I really like the way you build suspense, and Seadragon's last line was soo good! I can't wait to see what happens next :D

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Getting close to the end! :) 

Final Day, Part 2

Silver backed away from Reuby as Seadragon slumped to the ground. Just then, she saw Flora, who had just arrived to witness the murder. Maybe Flora would help deal with Reuby!, she thought. But what Flora said next confused Silver.

"You work with Fauna, don't you?" Flora said in a voice that sounded just a bit too monotone to let Silver know that Flora wasn’t worried at all, or coming to help.

Reuby nodded, looking pleased. "Of course. It was all to bring her back to power."

"Wh-who's Fauna?" Silver stuttered, bewildered. 

"Someone who I made a mistake about," Flora said, which did not help at all to answer the question. 

"Fauna's the one who Flora betrayed," Reuby spat.

"But why are you working with her?" Flora asked gently, as if she were trying to calm a wild animal.

"Because she promised me a way to return home, if I helped her to power," Reuby said, her voice still full of anger.

"Then she should at least come out and help you," Flora retorted, just as furious now. "Or is she just going to stand back like a coward?"

"I am not a coward!" a voice shouted furiously. It was a woman dressed in a red leather tunic and had flaming red hair. Her eyes were a glittery dark brown, almost black, like coal. And around her neck was a necklace with a ruby pendant.

"Fauna," Flora said, her voice soft and sweet once more. "My sister. Please, you know I made a grave mistake. We can work this out, and we can both be in power."

"It's too late for regrets," Fauna snapped. "And we cannot both be in power. You know it. Our magic combined is too strong."

By now, Silver was extremely confused and scared, wanting to escape. The only way to run was towards the Lake of Eternity, its deep blue waters reflecting no light. So she ran towards it.

Fauna noticed and began to shout orders at Reuby, who began chasing after Silver. But although she was ahead, eventually she had to stop when she got to the edge of the lake.

And one shove from Reuby was all it took to send Silver tumbling down into the water, never to be seen again. And as Silver sank below the surface, there was a feeling of sadness and regret, but also, some peace. 

Alive: 1

Dead: 9 (Lyric, Hawkstar, Celine, Sam, Luna Silvermoon, Avara, Pangolin, Seadragon, Silver Crystal)

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Ahhh this is so amazing! I'm both sad and excited for the end :DDD

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Ahh I've died!! There's only one person left- I hope we get some more backstory on Flora and Fauna in the next part :)

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This whole ski lodge has been awesome!

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oh my goshhh!! Fauna!! whoa!! i hope we learn more about her and Flora in the next part :DD and whoa, Silver's death was pretty epic. i can't wait for the next part!! i can't believe this ski lodge is almost over :0

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I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner! Yes, I would be happy if you changed my name!

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I'm so sorry I haven't been commenting, but I have been reading along. It's just lately I haven't had alot of time to go on cricket. So I'm very sorry.

This is truley amazing, and very well written. 


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Bit of a short part, but anyways, ty to everyone who've been commenting so far! all the comments really make my day :) 

Final Day, Part 3

Gloomy returned back to the clearing, where Fauna and Flora were still arguing about power and magic, or whatever. She didn't really care, as long as she could leave the island.

"If you could just listen for one moment-" Flora was saying, but got cut off by Fauna.

"You are weak, Flora. You always were. I know you locked away all those books about the deadly spells. You had everything, Flora," she continued. "I had to work to get to where I am now."

"Is there no way you will compromise, Fauna? No way to…make peace and put everything behind us?" Flora asked in a desperate tone.

Fauna answered in a solemn but stern voice. "No. Only one of us can be in power."

"Then…you leave me with no choice." Flora muttered some words of a spell, which caused the ruby necklace around Fauna to snap. It floated gently over into Flora's hands.

"Flora-!" Fauna gasped, as if not believing what Flora had just done.

"What’s so special about that necklace?" Gloomy asked in a sneering tone.

"It contains our very life essence," Flora said in a hushed tone. "It's how we live forever. If we lose it, we die."

"So Flora's ending my life through the coward's way, by stealing it from me," Fauna said as she tried to snatch the necklace back. 

But Flora was quicker. "I'm sorry I have to do this, but it's the only way to bring peace to the island, once and for all," she said, tossing the necklace high in the air, in the direction of the Lake of Eternity, in which it landed with a small splash.

Bit by bit, Fauna slowly started to disappear. She seemed to fight every second, but to no avail. It was already too late. 

Flora and Gloomy, the last two people on the island, stood side by side, in silence. 

Alive: 1

Dead: 9 (Lyric, Hawkstar, Celine, Sam, Luna Silvermoon, Avara, Pangolin, Seadragon, Silver Crystal)

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OKAYYYY.... that got interesting!! Hmmm...

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whoa!! this is so good!! that argument between Flora and Fauna was so well-written - it was really tense and suspenseful! yay, Flora was able to defeat Fauna :DD i feel kind of bad for Fauna even though i know she's evil lol :P since she's gone, does that mean Gloomy's back to normal and is no longer the murderer? i wonder what's going to happen next and Flora's going to go about bringing everyone back to life! this ski lodge is sooo good, i can't believe it's reaching the end! i'm so excited for the conclusion, but at the same time don't want it to be over XD 

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