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You lounge in your chair, tired from the day so far and wanting an escape. But unfortunately, you happen to not have teleportation powers and cannot go anywhere, so instead, you decide to check out what’s on CB. It is relaxing, almost as good as an escape from the world, with the sunlight casting a warm and golden glow through the window and into your room. You go over and open it to let the beautiful breeze in, and you take in a deep breath of the natural air before going back to CB. 

But then, you hear a faint whooshing sound near the window. You glance up, startled, as an iridescent butterfly flies into the room and onto your desk. And as if by some magic, a piece of paper appears on your desk before the butterfly flutters up and out the window, all in a quick blur.

You sit back down, dazed by what had just happened. After you have a moment to clear your head, you decide to look at the piece of paper. Curiously, you begin to read it:

I hope you are having a wonderful day! But of course, you still need an escape from the world every now and then. Haven’t you ever thought of…escaping to a magical island full of just nature, nothing else? Well then, today is your lucky day! You are invited to stay at Flower Isle for one week, a lovely little island filled with flowers, nature, and of course, magic! You are certain to enjoy this fun escape, with many activities arranged for you. There are only ten slots available for guests, however, so be quick! Please fill out the form below:




Personality in exactly five words:

What are you bringing?:

What’s your favorite flower? Describe it:

Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky?:

Pick a number from 1-10:

What’s your greatest fear?:

Are flowers a sign of life or death?:

One person per CBer, please! Remember that this is a fun escape and adventure, and everything will be provided for you! 




Some parts may be shorter, and it may not be as good since I'm still a beginner at this. Feel free to guess who I am! 

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Day 5, Part 2

"It's probably locked by some magic enchantment," Silver said. "Does anyone here happen to know magic?"

"Not really," Seadragon said. 

"Well, that's kind of obvious, but what I'm asking is if anyone knows anything that can get through enchantments-" Silver said, but was interrupted by Reuby Moonnight.

"Maybe it's just a normal lock," Reuby suggested. "What if there isn't an enchantment at all?" 

"That's a possibility," Seadragon agreed. "Anyone have a thin and sharp object, like a Bobby pin, so I can try to pick the lock?"

"I only have a dagger," Pangolin said. 

"Wait, maybe my pocket knife will work,” Seadragon said, rummaging through her pocket and taking it out. “Okay. How about I pick the lock tonight, when everyone's asleep, and see what I find there? I'll tell you what I see inside," she said.

"Sounds good to me," Reuby said, while everyone else agreed.

So when night fell and all the guests were in bed, Seadragon crept out cautiously out of her room. She went upstairs and immediately saw the door. It was locked, of course, so Seadragon picked at the lock with the pocket knife, and after what seemed like endless hours, the door finally creaked open.

Inside, it was choked with dust. But as Seadragon looked closer, she noticed piles and piles of leather-bound books, leaning against the wall. This led her to wonder why it was locked at all, if they were only books. So Seadragon picked one of the books up to see what it was about. 

In cursive golden print read the title "A Guide To Deadly Spells and Curses". Immediately, Seadragon dropped the book, glancing around to see if there was anyone behind her. She turned around to see Flora, standing there, with an unrecognizable expression on her face.

"What are these books for?" Seadragon demanded, after a moment’s pause.

"Shall I explain?" Flora said calmly.

Seadragon slumped down on one of the sofas, while Flora sat on the other. Finally, she said, "You know how I can do magic, right?"

She nodded. "Yeah."

"Well, you should know that I only allow myself to do good magic, like magic that doesn't harm anyone," Flora explained.

"Then may I ask why you have a book about deadly spells?" she said, still sounding skeptical.

"I didn't mean for anyone to see it," Flora said quietly. "Because I knew that if someone did, they would be frightened and get the wrong ideas. If you want to know, the reason why I put those books there is because they are full of dangerous spells that could kill, and so I locked them away, since you cannot truly ever destroy a magic book."

Seadragon nodded slowly, understanding. But she had one last question. "Then why didn't you put a magical enchantment on it to lock it forever?"

Flora sighed. "It's because I can't. In order to lock something away permanently, it requires use of one of the deadly spells, and I swore to never touch those ever again."

"I see," Seadragon said. "But why did you lie in the first place?"

"It's better for people not to know, because if anyone with evil intentions discovers this, it will bring much danger to the island," Flora said. Looking outside at the night sky, she said, "Well, don’t you think you should go back to bed, now that you know?"

"Of course," Seadragon said as she headed downstairs back to her room. But this new discovery made Seadragon question who really was the one behind all those murders, and possibly someone she thought was trustworthy.

Alive: 5

Dead: 5 (Lyric, Hawkstar, Celine, Sam, Luna Silvermoon)

Also quick question for @Reuby do you want me to change future mentions of your name to GloomyBear? 

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Ooh the plot thickens!! I can't help but think that this book is going to be used for something nefarious later on, possibly by the murderer...

Great writing, I'm loving it so far!! Can't wait to see where it goes! 

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I don't really trust Flora...good part though!

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Short part this time. Also, thank you to everyone who've been commenting! I love reading all of it. :) 

Day 6, Part 1

"So that's what was behind the door," Silver said.

After breakfast, Seadragon had told them about what she discovered in the night about the storage room, as well as what Flora had told her about the deadly spells.

"Can I see the storage room for myself?" Pangolin asked. 

"We should ask permission from Flora first," Seadragon said firmly.

They asked Flora, who answered that they could, as long as they didn't touch anything.

"Alright, let's go," Seadragon said, leading the way upstairs. But suddenly, she stood still, as if in shock by what she saw.

"Let me see," Reuby said, bumping past her. She, too, fell silent. But after a moment, she said, "Do you think someone else came here after you?"

As in the middle of the room, there were books in random places, all on different pages, and the storage room door was wide open. It looked like someone had rummaged through the whole thing.

"Oh no!" Silver exclaimed as she looked at the scene. "You said there was a deadly spell book in here, right?" she said, and when Seadragon nodded, she continued to say, "Then do you think the murderer possibly used a spell on someone?"

"Hang on a minute," Pangolin said. "We haven't seen Avara at all today. What if she...?" Pangolin trailed off as everyone rushed towards Avara's room. And Avara was lying in bed, seemingly peacefully sleeping. But when Pangolin looked closer, it was quite clear that Avara, like everyone thought, was dead.

Reuby called Flora over, who indeed determined that it was a spell that killed Avara. A funeral was held, a purple hyacinth placed on top of the grave like all the others. But now, everyone mourned in silence, each thinking about who was the actual murderer, if it wasn't Flora.

Soon, they had lunch, in which everyone started discussing who the murderer could possibly be. Afterwards, Flora taught everyone how to properly arrange flowers into a bouquet, which did succeed a little in taking the guests' minds off of the murderer. Meanwhile, the murderer was planning their next move. 

Alive: 4

Dead: 6 (Lyric, Hawkstar, Celine, Sam, Luna Silvermoon, and Avara)

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Oooh, mysterious!! I seem a little suspicious, but it really could be anyone at this point. Can't wait to see what happens next!

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This is excellent and very mysterious. I love it!

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@Reuby/Gloomy, do you want me to update your name for the remainder of the ski lodge? 

@everyone, as always, ty for all your comments! sorry this took a little bit longer. 

Day 6, Part 2

Flora gave everyone, that is, the four of them, some free time during the rest of the day to explore nearby or just stay inside. She seemed too tired to  organize anything else, which, Seadragon reflected, was reasonable seeing all these murders happening. Likewise, the guests were tired as well, and all opted to stay inside for most of the afternoon. Mostly, though, they sat in silence, either reading a book or thinking.

Silver Crystal sat in the still and grim silence, thinking. Everything seemed dull and quiet. She knew that silence was good sometimes, but somehow it felt…too quiet. So she said, “Why don’t we play a game of charades?”

There was a pause, in which Silver thought that no one would respond, but after a moment, everyone nodded in agreement.

“I’ll go get the cards!” Reuby announced. She rushed over to the place where the board games and cards were kept and took the stack of charade cards.

“Who wants to go first?” Pangolin asked.

“I’ll go,” Seadragon volunteered. “What topic is it?”

“Why don’t we do…animals?” Silver suggested. She took the cards from Reuby and handed a section of them to Seadragon, who picked a random one and began acting it out.

They played all the way until Flora announced dinner time, where the guests quickly put away the cards neatly and took their seats at the far-too-empty dining table.

After dinner, Pangolin decided to go out onto the cliff, just to enjoy the view of Flower Isle during sunset. She walked out into the slightly chilly air and smiled, despite the worries racing through their mind about coming out here. They were determined to have some sort of a relaxing time, even with everything happening. That’s what she came here for, after all.

Pangolin walked out onto the half-sand, half-dirt path and took a moment to admire the view. The fields of grass were dotted with multicolored flowers, the petals slightly oranged by the light coming from the sunset. She took a deep breath. Everything seemed much too pretty of a setting for all these events to be happening.

They could hear someone behind them, and at once turned around. "Hey there! Enjoying the sunset?"

It was the murderer, of course. "Yes, I am," they answered.

Pangolin paused for a moment, enjoying the peaceful silence. Finally, she broke it, and said, "I came to Flower Isle thinking it would all be fun and relaxing. But after all these murders and everything…” They trailed off, staring at the sunset. 

She cleared their throat and continued, “I feel like…just at any time, I could be murdered. It’s worrying, but it’s also inevitable.” They paused, and glanced over at the murderer.

"Yeah, it is, isn't it?" the murderer said, drawing closer to Pangolin. "Like within the next moment, you could just get killed by the murderer." 

And just like that, the murderer shoved Pangolin down, all the way. But for some reason, it didn't feel as satisfying as it should be. Either way, they couldn't deal with these feelings now, not when they were so close to the prize.

Alive: 3

Dead: 7 (Lyric, Hawkstar, Celine, Sam, Luna Silvermoon, Avara, Pangolin)

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Ooh, I don't want to jinx it but I just might be the murderer since there's only three people left. I wonder what the murderer means by 'prize', hmmm. I'm so excited to see what happens next!

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Final Day, Part 1

Silver sighed as Flora placed a small cluster of mountain laurels on top of Pangolin's grave. They had discovered it on a morning hike after breakfast, and although it was inevitable that someone would get killed, it seemed to hurt so much more now that there were less and less people, meaning the people she talked to today could possibly be the last time she would speak to them.

"Now what?" Seadragon said in a dull voice, echoing Silver's own thoughts.

Flora, at this point, looked like quite a mess. Her once-bright green eyes were now more grayish, and she looked more like a shell of her former self. But somehow, she mustered up some enthusiasm in her voice and said, "Well, how about we do something fun today?"

When no one answered her, she sighed and said, "I know we're all down, and I am, too, but we shouldn't let this get to us. I know! Let's go enjoy the butterfly meadows! It's a lovely place."

One by one, the guests followed Flora, but Seadragon lingered a little.

"Why are you just standing there? Come on!" Flora asked.

"Sorry, but I just have a question. I know you said that you can't do harmful magic, but what if there was something else, or someone else, who can do harmful magic and…I don't know, cursed this place?" Seadragon said.

"Oh, well I don't think you should worry about that. The only other person who also knew magic and came here, besides myself, is long dead," Flora replied. "Anyways, let's go to those butterfly meadows, shall we?"

Seadragon reluctantly followed behind, still having her doubts, but didn't say anything. After a long time of walking, Flora finally came to a stop. And the scene was breathtaking and beautiful. 

It was a smooth but springy-looking layer of grass, dotted with flowers containing more colors than a rainbow. The sun shone gently upon them, casting warmth and light, with a cool breeze every now and then. But the best part of it was the butterflies. They were fluttering everywhere, with exquisite and colorful wings, and their legs long and delicate, as they landed on the flowers, some even landing on the guests. 

The scene was almost beautiful enough to make Silver forget about all the murders. Flower Isle was meant to be an escape, after all, and this place felt about as good as paradise. 

Finally, Flora said, "I have to go back inside to prepare lunch now. You can come back with me, or stay here."

Of course, all the guests opted to stay, since the meadows seemed to hold a sort of enchantment on them. And so it was a moment of peace between the three of them, Seadragon, Silver, and Reuby.

But the peace didn't last very long. A flash of something sharp and shiny, a knife, could be seen in about a millionth of a second, landing directly on Seadragon. 

The person who did it was Reuby. "I'm sorry I had to do this," she said, in a voice that sounded neither like she meant it or not, but somewhere in between.

Seadragon still seemed calm, despite the knife embedded in her, with a small smile on her face as she said, "Well, this isn't a bad place to die."

Alive: 2

Dead: 8 (Lyric, Hawkstar, Celine, Sam, Luna Silvermoon, Avara, Pangolin, Seadragon)

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I'm so sorry I haven't been commenting--I was busy with writing, but I just got caught up. the magic book seems like it'll definitely play a role later on, and I'm suspicious of Flora. And oh NO i'm dead :0 it's always so jarring whenever I'm killed in a ski lodge XD and whoa the murderer reveal!! this is so good! i cant believe it's already the final day, and i can't wait to find out what happens next!! 

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This is amazing, despite that I'm dead now. The writing is so good, and I would honestly not mind dying in a nice meadow like you described.

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sorry I haven't been commenting- but I have been reading along! You are doing such a great job for first time (this is first time for you right?) 

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