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your fingers run down the forest green spine of your favorite book. you've read it far too many times, and you think it's now time for a new favorite. your eyes flicker around the vast expanses of the alcoves of the library. what next? 

 you run your hand along the leathery spines of the books, one after another, stretching seemingly infinitely, a snake eating it's own tail. 

 you decide on a book covered in golden dust. you flip it open, stardust glittering on the pages, and you begin to read. the words slide together, however, and you find yourself in a void of emptiness with nothing but a letter in your hand. you open it. 

 dear recipient, 

 you are cordially invited to the annual midnight masquerade in three weeks. it will be hosted by eden this time — and it will be located at the marble masoleum ptolomea.

 a three week trip to the midnight masquerade will also be sponsored. we will walk you through the 9 rings, as well as eden, if time allows. we hope to see you there. 


  uriel of eden. 

so. will you go? 




APPEARANCE : (note -- please list one “casual” outfit and one “formal” outfit. the formal outfit must include a mask of some sort, otherwise entrance to the midnight masquerade will be denied.) 








(note -- due to issues we have experienced in the past, captchas and captchaes will not be allowed past ring 3. rest assured, the angels will take good care of them… while you’re on your vacations.) 






we hope to see you there. 


uriel of eden. 



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rin runs around her room wildly, jumping on her bed. a vacation — a novelty. how new. how exciting. an adventure. surely nothing bad would happen? 


celine taps a pen on the table. was this ``paradise`` a bad idea? would this lead to her demise? well, there was only really one way to find out. 


and the doors open. 

==== DAY ONE : PART ONE ==== 

PARADISE was what it was called. a vacation that promised joy, relaxation, and utter happiness. a five-star-yelp-review vacation. 

the 15 chosen souls awaited entrance to this PARADISE on wide, marble steps. they had gotten here through various ways. some had taken a boat through a small river they had never known existed. some had simply exploded into some (bio-degradable) confetti and found themselves here. still others had sat down at dinner (with the kraft mac and cheese, of course) only to find themselves sitting down on the marble steps of the entrance to PARADISE. 

nonetheless, they were here, and that was what mattered. 

slowly but surely, the grand doors swung open, creaking as they did so, revealing a hall. a rather empty hall, with baroque mahony floors and glossy arches with unlit torches lining the walls. in the middle was a dining table, similarly dark and unlit. plates were set, and there seemed to be namecards placed on top of every plate. at the head of the table sat a figure. 

an ethereal figure. she was the sole source of light in the room, her silken hair and soul-piercing eyes glowing a soft, gentle, white. she wore a white silk dress that fell to the floor. 

“welcome to the beginning of paradise. find your name and take a seat.” 

“then, we shall have the final dinner.” 

==== DAY ONE : PART TWO ==== 

the cbers sat down at their respective places. the figure remained silent. scuttles elbowed the person sitting next to them (anastasia) and whispered underneath their breath. 

“who’s the figure?” 

“i’m… not sure, actually, but i’m sure they’ll introduce themselves in due time,” anastasia whispered back. 

two loud claps came from the head of the table, and torches and candles everywhere flicked on. the (rather small) crowd was full of oohs and aahs — at least, until the figure stood up and clinked her fork on the glass exactly three times. 

“as i said, welcome to the beginning of paradise!” the figure exclaimed with a cheeky smile. “my name is uriel, the archangel of eden! i hope you enjoy — and i’m sure olympus will be paying us a visit sometime in the near foreseeable future. remember that popcorn is strictly banned and will be confiscated if found. masks will be provided to those who have not brought them for the masquerade. oh- and one last thing.” 

the torches went out again. 

“eden is not responsible for any deaths.” 

two loud claps came again, and the torches flickered on. 

“enjoy your meal! you’ll be transported to our living quarters soon.” 

==== END DAY ====


0 : 15



uriel, archangel of eden.  

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*happy dance* there's a new part! Yay! The mystery is already strong!

Oh, and I believe I forgot to include a description of my mask in my appearance. Here it is:

My moth shaped mask covers the top half of my face, leaving my mouth and nose free. The moth seems somewhat mechanical, the body made of black and dark copper metal and the gray and white patterned wings glinting with little thread of copper. There are no discernable eye holes, although I can see just fine. Every few minutes the moth flutters its wings.

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oooo i like it very spooky vibes going on 


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oooh this so cool so far!! It's so mysterious! I love it :DDD

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Ah, I'm excited! This looks very cool ;p

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Ooo amazing already! Super mysterious....

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for reference : installments will be every 2 days. <3 


uriel, archangel of eden 

Uriel, please remember to keep this story CB appropriate, not too dark. Thank you.


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of course - it's just an element of mystery to it lol. it's a classic fantasy genre story - pinky promise you it'll be cb appropriate. :) 

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will post segment later today 

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  ==== DAY TWO : PART ONE ==== 

** note : i am sorry for any mischaracterization — if you need to correct me on personality, please let me know, and i will be more than happy to correct that in future installments! without any further ado, please enjoy :) ** 

on day 1, the cbers had slept in seperate rooms all along the hall of the dining room (due to a “technical error” in transportation). still, they couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was slightly amiss. of course, they thought, it would all be fixed once they officially started the trip. 

“rise and shine, all of you!” 

endless_parodies was awoken early the next day by a cheery, chirpy voice — quite different from uriel’s soothing, almost melodical voice. she stretched and yawned, before taking a moment to contemplate life. 

“hurry upp!” the voice urged. “we’ve got to eat breakfast, and then we have to hit the road!” 

parody slid out of bed and began to do the things you would normally do before breakfast with strangers. getting changed. making sure they didn’t look like they had been run over in the night (which, assuredly, they did not.) 

within a few minutes, parody was outside, and fae took a seat where fae had sat just last night — a polished mahogany chair somewhere around the bottom left of the ludicrously long table. 

the figure who seemed to possess the bright, cheery voice was definitely not uriel, although they seemed to look similar. their eyes were a summery golden while uriel’s were piercing yellow-white. they possessed the same wings, but this figure’s… they seemed to be softer, more angelic. hmm. parody couldn’t quite put faer finger on it. they’d figure it out in due time. 

“hey! you’re endless_parodies, right? is it fine if i call you parody?” 

“uh, yeah, that’s fine! um, yeah, i’m parody, she/they/faer pronouns, er, nice to meet you?” 

parody stuck out a hand awkwardly, and the figure shook it energetically. 

“nice to meet you too, parody! i’m azrael, but you can call me azzy or azuki, either’s fine! they/them pronouns!” 

“ah! okay, sounds good – um, if you don’t mind me asking, where’s uriel?” 

“tch, uriel. she’s always running around. i technically take care of this hall! it’s called the last hall. isn’t that cool??” 

azzy flashed parody a bright smile, which parody awkwardly returned. 

“um, yeah! tha—” 

a door slammed (very conveniently) right behind azrael, and hawthorn walked out — which meant azzy quickly rushed to greet hawthorn. parody let out a sigh of relief. she really didn’t know how to continue the conversation from there on. 

the rest of the breakfast involved a lot of azrael talking. but it was a good breakfast nonetheless. 


the 15 of them walked out around two hours after breakfast — at azrael’s instruction. it seemed that azrael was to stay and tend to the hall — something none of them really expected. nonetheless, they were happy to be going on vacation — perhaps to, finally, PARADISE. 

in front of the marble steps was a swirling vortex of flames. it seemed to grow larger and larger, until it finally engulfed them. 

“welcome to paradise.” 

==== END PART ====


hope you enjoyed !


uriel, archangel of eden 

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Ooh very nice! I did enjoy :) I love azrael :)

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me too !! azzy is one of my favorites, shame i couldn't include her more - or maybe she'll make another appearance, *shrugs* dunno 

glad you enjoyed!! :)  


uriel, archangel of eden 

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oh my goodness, i love it so much! you embody me very well, thank you for that.

loving the spooky vibes. 

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:) amazing! Azrael's a cool character!

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I love azzy :) would love to see their character resurface later in the solo write. Excellent part as usual!

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