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your fingers run down the forest green spine of your favorite book. you've read it far too many times, and you think it's now time for a new favorite. your eyes flicker around the vast expanses of the alcoves of the library. what next? 

 you run your hand along the leathery spines of the books, one after another, stretching seemingly infinitely, a snake eating it's own tail. 

 you decide on a book covered in golden dust. you flip it open, stardust glittering on the pages, and you begin to read. the words slide together, however, and you find yourself in a void of emptiness with nothing but a letter in your hand. you open it. 

 dear recipient, 

 you are cordially invited to the annual midnight masquerade in three weeks. it will be hosted by eden this time — and it will be located at the marble masoleum ptolomea.

 a three week trip to the midnight masquerade will also be sponsored. we will walk you through the 9 rings, as well as eden, if time allows. we hope to see you there. 


  uriel of eden. 

so. will you go? 




APPEARANCE : (note -- please list one “casual” outfit and one “formal” outfit. the formal outfit must include a mask of some sort, otherwise entrance to the midnight masquerade will be denied.) 








(note -- due to issues we have experienced in the past, captchas and captchaes will not be allowed past ring 3. rest assured, the angels will take good care of them… while you’re on your vacations.) 






we hope to see you there. 


uriel of eden. 



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@uriel, can I still guess who you are even if I’m not in the ski lodge?

Evergreen says +akbgx+ 

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of course! 

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==== DAY TWO : PART TWO ==== 

when they opened their eyes, the vortex was gone, and a smiling seraph was in front of them. this one seemed much calmer than azrael (darkvine sighed with relief) but seemed to be much more distant (sev pouted, a “no new friends” pout.) 

“good morning, my esteemed guests. welcome to your temporary estate — it will travel with you, and me, and uriel, and whichever archangel is in charge of this tour group.” 

the seraph looked around, their golden yellow eyes gazing upon each and every single one of them, as if to find the truth in each one. 

“my name is raphael, and i will be your guide for today. uriel is … ah, feeling a little under the weather today. she will join us tomorrow.” 

“hi raphael!” sev exclaimed, holding out a hand. “it’s nice to meet you! i’m sansevieria, or sev for short!!” 

raphael shook sev’s hand calmly. he offered a slightly cold smile to sev. “nice to meet you too, sev. if raphael is a mouthful — which i’m certain it might be — you can call me raph, or just aph.” 

“sounds good to me!” sev beamed. “boa, say hi to raph!” 

boa brushed a lock of gold hair behind their ear. “hi.” 

raphael nodded. “hello.” 

a slightly awkward silence ensued. 

“anyways. you will be split into three groups, each with someone from the lowest order leading you.” 

“allow me to explain. uriel calls herself an archangel, but really, she is a seraph. the highest order of heaven is consisted of seraphim, like me and uriel, cherubim, and the ophanim. i don’t believe we will encounter ophanim on this tour – but perhaps we will cross a cherubim.” 

“the middle orders… you can ask me if you have any questions.” 

“the lower orders consist of principalities, archangels, and angels. principalities guide countries. archangels are the higher order of angels.” 

raphael clapped his hands, and all of a sudden, they were in a marble triangular room, with a hallway at each corner. above the hallways hung glimmering signs. 

“moon wolf. twilight. anastasia. titanoboa. sev. rainbow riot.” 

“you will be under the care of kiara rae and ezra blackwell. you will each have your own rooms. you six will constitute the belonging group.” 

a blue-haired girl and a black-haired boy nodded at them. above them, the sign read belonging

“hawkstar. wildsong. endless_parodies. lore. rin.” 

“you will be under the care of avian west and avar west. you will each have your own rooms. you five will constitute the purpose group.” 

a brunette with expansive bird wings and a green-eyed man nodded at them politely from a hallway. above it, the sign had been changed to read purpose

“scuttles. fluffles. celineburningbright. ember. darkvine.” 

“you will be under the care of layla lilico and shiho yukine. you will each have your own rooms. you five will constitute the storytelling group.” 

“unfortunately, layla and shiho could not make it today, due to a slight technical mishap. they will join you tomorrow. in the meantime, you are free to join either of the two groups.” 

“we will begin tomorrow.” 

==== END PART ====

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Amazing parts!! Yess, Azzy is amazing!! And... do we choose which group to join or will you choose for us?

oh, also, hello!

9 sec ago
by uriel

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azzy is definitely going to make a comeback... shhh 

the groups will be randomly generated, but if you have a preference, you can let me know! :)



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Ooh how interesting! I like the groups :)

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The mystery increases! What happened to Layla and Shiho? I'm so curious 

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wow this is reallllyyyy good so far! :)))

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@uriel, are you Anastasia?

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nope, not anastasia! 

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darking! Lord of the Shadows (i'M SO SURE YOU'RE LoS)! um. WRITING_IN_THE_DARK? probably not. ...sterling?

main guesses are darkling or LoS. 

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nope! none of those 

the next installment will come out soon!  

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like i said, new installment posted later today 

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==== DAY TWO: PART TWO ==== 

raphael cleared his throat awkwardly, reading from a piece of paper. 

“scuttles and fluffles, you two will join the purpose group. celine, ember, darkvine, you three will join the belonging group. this is a temporary arrangement for today. in the meantime, allow kiara, ezra, avian, and avar to show you to your rooms.” 

raphael coughed again. “scuttles, fluffles, celine, ember, darkvine — one of the servants will show you to your rooms shortly. in the meantime, please enjoy the complimentary snacks in the dining hall.” 

— timeskip, courtesy of constellation “weaver of fate” — 

— pov skip to hawkstar, courtesy of constellation “mindreader” — 

** note here — avian / avar have interconnected minds, meaning they can send messages telepathically & their thoughts are shared. they will be referred to as one. 

Hawkstar thought it was weird that Avian and Avar seemed to do everything in sync. There wasn’t a moment where the two weren’t apart — heck, they even blinked at the same time! There was something particularly odd about this place, and she was determined to get to the bottom of it. 

She walked with Wildsong and Parody, while Lore and Rin were walking a little ways behind them. Of course, walking with two people meant occasionally she had to fall behind Wildsong and Parody because of a particularly narrow corridor or a badly placed suit of armor. She hated those moments, but it was okay, because otherwise, the three of them walked together, talking about, well, life. 

“Ah. Welcome to Purpose,” the two West siblings said in sync. Hawkstar shuddered, getting the Uncanny Valley vibe from them. 

“Here is where you will stay—” 

“—while we are here.” 

“Please enjoy the rooms—” 

“—complimentary snacks will be provided—” 

“—your rooms are labeled with your name,” Avian finished. 

The two of them pushed open the double doors and walked together, their feet perfectly in sync, almost as if something was timing them. 

Hawkstar couldn’t help but be amazed at the lobby-like area. It was a circular room, with walls that stretched up, up, and away, and a dome ceiling made of glass. She… yes, she would be very comfortable here. There was air, air, sanguine air, air that filled her lungs and made her feel free

“Ah— Hawkstar—” 

“—you are, of course—” 

“—free to fly.” 

The two West siblings flashed her identical smiles. 

“We’ll be—” 

“—in our own room.” 

They pointed towards a gilded door with an emerald design of a hawk on it, then walked towards it. Hawkstar wasn’t paying attention to that. 

They said… they said she could fly! 

Which, of course, meant great things. Her massive wings unfurled as she jumped off the floor, catching a drift of wind that floated her up, up, until she could practically touch the glass ceiling. It was beautiful, golden marks stretching across the ceiling, the sun shining through it. If it was night-time, she could probably see the stars from here. 

Hawkstar stayed up there for a while, but eventually flew back down to explore her room. Her room was gated by an oak door, painted with a dark varnish. 


part two of this tmrw 

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