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your fingers run down the forest green spine of your favorite book. you've read it far too many times, and you think it's now time for a new favorite. your eyes flicker around the vast expanses of the alcoves of the library. what next? 

 you run your hand along the leathery spines of the books, one after another, stretching seemingly infinitely, a snake eating it's own tail. 

 you decide on a book covered in golden dust. you flip it open, stardust glittering on the pages, and you begin to read. the words slide together, however, and you find yourself in a void of emptiness with nothing but a letter in your hand. you open it. 

 dear recipient, 

 you are cordially invited to the annual midnight masquerade in three weeks. it will be hosted by eden this time — and it will be located at the marble masoleum ptolomea.

 a three week trip to the midnight masquerade will also be sponsored. we will walk you through the 9 rings, as well as eden, if time allows. we hope to see you there. 


  uriel of eden. 

so. will you go? 




APPEARANCE : (note -- please list one “casual” outfit and one “formal” outfit. the formal outfit must include a mask of some sort, otherwise entrance to the midnight masquerade will be denied.) 








(note -- due to issues we have experienced in the past, captchas and captchaes will not be allowed past ring 3. rest assured, the angels will take good care of them… while you’re on your vacations.) 






we hope to see you there. 


uriel of eden. 



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:) love it! Also very mysterious about those two... 

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Love, love love love my POV!! I hope you will eventually do me ago, I thoroughly enjoyed this part 

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Another new part! Excellent as always.

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==== DAY TWO: PART THREE ==== 

Each room was customized to fit the needs of the soul who inhabited it. The Bloodmoon Castle had hired him to make sure of that, after all. But how could he customize rooms when he barely even knew the person? 

Michael grumbled to himself as he took another sip of his scalding coffee, staring mindlessly at the designs he had sketched for the PARADISE trip. Horrifying, horrifying, zero potential, what even is this?--- His eyes fell upon a small stamp in the center of the sketch. 

Oh no. Ohhh no. This was bad. Very… very bad. 

Michael swore, slamming the desk loudly. These designs hadn’t been implemented yet— had they? 

His fingers spun over the telephone wheel, and it rang loudly throughout the room. Three times, and a cheerful voice picked up. 

“Hello, hello~ Arella speaking, how may I help you?” 

“Get Cel on the line. Now.” growled Michael, his hands clenching into fists and crumpling the papers. This could mean the end. The end of everything

“Celeste or Celine?” Arella hummed. 

Jesus. Her voice was annoying, to say the least. It was a sing-song careless tone of voice… exactly the type of person Michael hated. 


“She’ll be right with you, sir!” Arella chirped. 

In a few seconds, Celeste’s voice replaced Arella’s. 

“Hello? Michael?” 

“Good morning, Celeste. Have the sketch plans been finalized and implemented?” 

“Yes, sir.”

Michael swore again, and he swore he could hear Celeste jump through the phone. He really didn’t mean to scare the poor angel, but… 

“Pull all the guests out of the rooms. This is an order—” 

A strange monotone beeping came from the other end of the phone. 

“Celeste? Hello? Pull the guests from the rooms—” 


“Celeste. This isn’t a joke.” 


“Celeste. This is an order.” 


“This is an order from your superior!” 


Michael slammed the phone back on its rack and stormed out of his office. He hurriedly put on his coat, then his hat, then grabbed his weathered suitcase. Within a couple of seconds, the door had slammed shut, and he was walking down to the Bloodmoon Mansion. 

At the same time, one singular soul felt an overwhelming urge to kill. 

wake up new part just dropped!!!  

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OOOOOO interestinggg

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o_O this was so good!!!!!!!!!! and hm mysterious~

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i don't know how much good this will do since it barely came up when i posted the post, but top! yay! :) 

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==== DAY THREE : PART ONE ==== 

Every soul in the building woke up to the screaming outside. It was like a child throwing a temper tantrum — except it was an adult. 


“My apologies. We are not willing to compromise the safety of our guests on Level One.” 


Michael ran a hand through his hair, his eyes blistering golden, like the sun on a hot day. To any other person, it would’ve burnt them through, but he was looking at Uriel, his equal. 

“Uriel. Listen to me. I will destroy this place if you do not pull the guests out of the room.” 

“I will not allow that.” 

“I will burn it to the ground. Uriel— Uriel, the end is coming—” 

“Please leave now, Michael. You are not welcome here. Our guests will deal with whatever technical difficulties they have themselves.” 

Michael grabbed Uriel’s shoulders, blazing golden meeting calm yellow. “Uriel. Uriel, the end is coming— I got the call—” he sounded more and more panicked by the second. “Uriel. Uriel, please, I can’t let this happen—” 

Uriel looked down. “I’m sorry, Michael. I wish… I wish it could be a different way.” 

Her wings flashed out one by one, blindingly bright. She had sworn to protect these guests, this mansion. This was her home. She could not let them out on Level One — a tame level, as Michael had said, but inconspicuously dangerous. She had promised… to protect. 

“...” Michael had the slightest trace of tears in his eyes. “Is this really the path you choose?” 

Uriel lowered her head, her blonde locks falling across her shoulders. “Michael, I have sworn to protect. You of all people should know this.” 

A blazing sword of flames incarnated in her hand. “If you do not leave, I will be forced to act as security.” 

“Uriel…” Michael sighed. “Uriel, the end is coming. Don’t you think that… saving us all… is worth more than this?” He gestured towards the mansion and the figures peeping out of it. “Uriel. Please. You, me, Raphael, Gabriel — only when we come together can we stop the End—” 

“I have chosen my path, Michael, and so has Raphael. I’m sorry.” 

“Please, Uriel—” 

Uriel sighed. “Maybe in another life it would’ve been different… I’m sorry, Michael, but this is goodbye.” 

She raised her sword, and cut open a rift in the void. Michael was dragged into it, and in a few seconds, it closed. Her wings disappeared one by one, dissipating into dust, into nothingness. She sunk to the ground, her hands splayed flat against the dust. 

“Uriel!” Ezra shouted and flung open the front door, rushing to Uriel’s side. “Uriel. You know you aren’t allowed to–” 

“Now is not the time, Ezra.” 

Kiara had followed Ezra, but because her legs were much shorter, she had only reached Uriel now. She flung her arms around Uriel, crying, tears streaming down her face. She cried, because she knew how much it hurt. How much it stung. 

“I’m so sorry, Riri,” she mumbled. “I promise everything will be fine…” 

Uriel just sat there, but if you looked close enough, you could see the glimmer of tears in her eyes. 

[ooooh plot development. next chapter will be about everyone, don’t worry~ this is just to lay out the proper foundation! btw, uriel and michael have a history — iykyk. oh and btw this is literally all my interpretation of a very modernized version of these characters so um yeah!] 

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THIS IS AWESOME. you should publish this!!

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awee thank u !!! means a lot & i appreciate it. maybe someday i will - you'll be among the first to know! 

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this is getting so gooddd

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<3 :0 

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hi everyone! 

PARADISE will be receiving a reboot (completely, from the start) - the plotline will be roughly the same but some characters' names will change and their personalities will be a little more... well, fleshed out. Stay tuned for more! :)


I will also be accepting 3-4 more applicants, if there are any!  



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I can't wait to see it! I've been loving it so far :D

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