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@Viola?, this is

@Viola?, this is kind of an awkward post, but... we were chatting our AEs on that other thread and it has kind of died soo.... Do you wanna just keep going on this thread? Or back to that one? Ack, this is so awkward I almost didn't post it.


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*sees uncertainty* *is guilty* It does sound calm. It's fun somtimes to just... think. I think that the waves kind of sound like breathing. Ooh, that would make a good metaphor. Er, what do you think?

I think that's better? XD I'm trying to make it sound more natural/realistic. I feel like romance is a lot like amplified romance, too. I feel like people are more acutely aware of romance though.

I love their interactions too. I also love the poetic-ness (is that a word) of Sebastian's song, and the way it corresponds/contrasts with the feelings of everyone else at the time. It was a wonderful scene. I realized that J was Dr. Hellion's brother a little after I read the book. I also loved Cr. Hellion's arc and revalation. It was also a great scene. Did you know that there's a sequel? It's called The Boy Who Knew Everything. I haven't read it because I liked the ending to The Girl Who Could Fly and was worried that the sequel would be bad and ruin one of my favorite books.

I am very serious about hearing all of the stories :). It's interesting to learn how you think of me and why.

ALSO, two important updates: 

1) I am going to give Celeste some major character changes (I had an idea and the rest grew around it :D) soon, I think. She'll still be similar, just... a little less outgoing, and a lot more likely to go with the flow. I'm trying to make her more of an aspect of me. I think you'll be okay with them, just some forewarning.

2) I'll still be able to post for about a week, and then I'm going on vacation for a little over two weeks, and I won't have reliable internet access. Just so you know that I didn't decide to abandon this thread. 

Laylanie says ikhi. I know, hi? Icky?  

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*has stopped fidgeting* Ah! The breathing of the beast that lies in the ocean, or rather, is the ocean. ...Suddenly it seems strange to think that it could be a creature. Perhaps it is asleep? 

I have no idea what natural sounds like. I am a lifelong citizen of the kingdom of Awkwardness. I think you're doing fine. Romance is still largely uncharted territory for me, but I think you might be right.

Poeticism? No. Lycric... lyric-something? Rhyme, oh, verse... eh... I don't know. Poetic nature? Poetic nature or poetic tone, perhaps.

I loved Dr. Hellion's ending scene! It was incredible. The tips she gave Piper; what more could she have shared if she hadn't fallen? And the dualism/repetition of the fingers slipping, that was so memorable...

A sequel? *looks it up* Huh. Sounds different. I think I'm with you, not going to read it. 

Well, all right, then. Let's see... So basically, I just had this flash, like a vision or a dream, and when I looked around in it I saw there was a sort of lavender bed canopy hanging over the foot of a bed with a window just past it and to the right, much like in my own room. I was trying to capture the quality or the essence of that canopy and of what it means to me with the word "chamber", as well as describing the scene more literally with the rest of the line. It was definitely afternoon judging by the lighting, which was bright but indirect, and simply white on the ceiling but tinted ever so slightly gold where it caught the fabric. I think the colors and the composition had something to do with you. The second line refers to the way that brightness made me think of summer, because winter is too dim for it to be that season, and the way I saw a faint leafy green emerge from the light in the window when I shifted my gaze towards it. However, my idea of a person--you, surely--inside the canopy was pretty disconnected from that. They were looking at something else, possibly reading. 

Accompanying the images in the thought was a sense of soft notes being played, probably on a piano, and this I allowed to be influenced by what I had been listening to earlier that day, which was Minecraft music and rain. I couldn't actually hear them, but I could feel them, maybe the way a deaf person would, the little vibrations somewhere in the teeth and the in er ears. Something about the whole thought reminded me of videos, so I added/connected that, too. An aesthetic fit both this and some of their things, something about taking a quiet moment to breathe. But of course a summer afternoon outside would bring sounds as well, bugs and birds and people and things, and if you were sitting next to a window you might hear them. That was the true present; the music was imagination even within this idea of a moment. The line was also sort of meant to convey that whatever sounds were currently being made were a part of this. I made it a section and called it "soundtrack" as organization and an easy format to explain what I had heard/thought of in.

It all took about three seconds and was very spur-of-the-moment and undefined, which is why I described it as loose, careless and delicate. It felt like I was holding a tangle of thread in my hands and dropping it near you. So yeah, that's the stories, at least on the surface level.

1. Cool! Sounds interesting.

2. Okay! Thanks for letting me know.

Mexi says odgy. Edgy? XD Or wait, maybe dodgy? Stodgy? Hm. 

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*is releived* Yes, the great ocean beast! I sure hope it doesn't wake up. *laughs somewhat nervously* Or maybe it is breath of the Earth itself, which breathes in and out just like the creatures on it, in a steady, calming pulse. O-or something like that. H-have you ever noticed the irony that it also sounds like a highway?

Hm, lots of stuttering. I think Celeste is nervous about her first post on this thread since rennovation.

Romance is completely uncharted territory for me. My only expirience comes from books and my friend venting to me a lot on the bus (I have become a therapist!)

I'll just go with poetic-ness. Although, speaking of witch, I'm rereading Furthermore and have started to really notice the abundance of poetic description. Have you read Furthermore? I think I should try to write more like that.

I just love ALL of Dr. Hellion's arc. I love the revelation at the end, and the way Piper went from being chased and trying to shake her off to chasing her and trying to keep her from falling. And I love the way she died, it was just so fitting. I love the chilling reality of the phrase "There is no saving someone who doesn't want to be saved."

Woah, cool. To be honest when I think of you I get this image of someone with long hair and long nimbe fingers, who is very good with the pencil they're holding, hunched over a computer/paper. Just as a combination of the fact that you always say that you have long hair and nails and the fat that I know you are good at drawing. I tried to include that in the poem, as you can see, although it's clearly not as detailed as your's....

Laylanie says favc. Maybe this thread is her favorite! 

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Here, for you: *shoves pile of loose end thoughts woven carelessly and delicately together* *runs away*

a lavender chamber of sheer silken cloth, lit from behind by the afternoon sun

(outside there is light-soaked green, but she sees it not)

soundtrack: the concurrent memory of Minecraft music and rain

In Love With A Ghost, more the animation than the music

the true present 

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Shy? Are you still here?

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Sorry. Camp, hipocrisy, and writer's block strikes again.

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Ah! No worries, then.

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*bites lip* *smiles* Does the sea sound like a highway, or do highways sound like the sea?

Aaagh, I'm having writer's block! *huffs* Eee, but they're so cute! I'm so terrible, though, I keep forgetting to use the new pronouns. Oh, and I almost forgot: SG and Celeste should sing a duet because I recently discovered that Sea Glass also sings! It would be very awkward and extremely adorable. I imagine they'd both be embarrassed to try and wouldn't get around to it for ages, and when they finally did it would start off shaky, but then they'd get the hang of it and become a lot more confident by the end.

Ha, we've got similar sources, then! It's kind of funny how books almost always have romance subplots... I bet you do well with your therapy. I therapize myself with my diary. I don't think therapize is a word. :3

No, I haven't read Furthermore. What's it about?

Very, very rarely you can save someone who doesn't want to be saved, but it's difficult, highly circumstantial and usually requires changing their mind afterwards. 

That's good! Just as planned, muahahaha. It does sound like me (I'm told I have piano fingers, though I think it might be illusion) and what I do all day. Which is lie in bed and draw/make my daily sacrifice to the Internet gods. Hermes would be a much-worshipped deity these days if people still believed in him, being a messenger... Him and Iris. 

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*smiles back* Perhaps a little of both? And the waves... they grow taller and taller, gathering more water until they grow too tall and curve over, and over, until they come crashing down in an explosion of white foam. *realizes ae has just made an unnecesarily dark metaphor* O-or maybe they just want to hug us so much that they trip over themselves?

That was very cute. VERY CUTE, Celeste. As for writing ideas, assuming the ocean is to the west, a romantic beach sunset would be cool. A Sea Glass-Celeste duet would be adorable. I'd like to think that they'd sing Count On You by Bruno Mars or something and then we'd just be watching with popcorn and dying of cute.

I like the romantic subplots, but I have trouble getting through books where romance is the main plot. Dramatic tension is not my favorite. I won't be able to therapize my friend this year because she's not on my bus! :( Therapize should totally be a word.

It's kind of a fractured-fairy tale of Alice in Wonderland, but not? It takes place in a world where magic is color, and Alice, the main character, has very little color at all. Her father left when she was younger, with nothing but a ruler, and never came back. Then, one day, an old enemy tells her that he knows where Father is and needs Alice's help to find him. So begins an epic quest through the very confusing world of Furthermore. It's one of the better books I've read, and I feel like you would like the narration. It's told by a third person-omniscent narrator who breaks the fourth wall a lot, with lots and lots of quirky poetic description. If you want to get a good feel for it, just open to a random page towards the beginning. I highly reccomend it. Anyway.

Hm. I like that. I guess you would have to change their mind, otherwise you'd keep having to save them over and over again.

Oh, good. I have tiny chubby little baby fingers, much to my chagrin. If the Internet was a religeon, it would be the most popular one in the world, although it would probably invent new gods.

ALSO ALSO ALSO! My Friend Who Knew How To Pronounce Your Name just joined the CB as pinetrees! I think they're intro thread is on CaC, so... yeah. If you can't tell, I'm very exited. :3 

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*smiles* It never occurred to me that the ocean might like hugs... *thinks about that symbolism* *looks at Celeste to see if ae made thesame connection*

The ocean is in whatever direction is plot-convenient. :3 I don't know what they would sing, but it would inevitably be way too adorable.

Romance is sometimes okay, but what really gets me is unnecessary drama. You know, the kind where people tell huge, complex lies instead of admitting something relatively insignificant, or do something wrong for no reason and then keep it a secret while it seriously messes with their lives. I find it really hard to like or relate to the characters, and watching the suffering isn't fun. 

Aww! Maybe you can therapize her another way/time? (I bet we can make therapize a word.)

Huh. Sounds interesting. I'll look it up.

The Internet already has invented new gods! I only know Mesperyian (and just barely at that), but they're around. Especially if you count the ones found in stories. 

Oh, I saw that! Didn't know it was them, but I guess I do now.

Sorry I haven't been on. I've been kinda busy, but I think it's still my fault for procrastinating.

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*smiles back* W-well it never occured to me either, I just kind of blurted it out.... *laughs at self (but in a good way)* *misses Sea Glass's look entirely* *is suddenly aware that ae has missed something and it is now awkward again*

Ok, sorry about that. I just wasn't sure what SG was thinking about, and now they will suffer for it. :P Hm, perhaps it is gatting late now? But it's not like either of them have anything better to do... :3

Hm. I see what you mean. Unnecesary drama gets me a lot, much in the same way. I just find myself constantly annoyed at the characters. Even if they're all mopey for a perfectly good reason, like (Hunger Games spoiler warning) Katniss at the begginning of Mockingjay. I was like "Come on, Katniss! Like, I know everyone you love just died and stuff, but can you just get to starting a rebellion and overthrowing the stupid Capitol already?"

Yeah, I may or may not have just resolved the thing she kept venting to me about, so that semi-solves that. (It was actually really anticlimactic.) 

You should. I think you would like it :)

Whoa. I... am wowed and impressed but also kind of scared? Gotta go check them out now.

It's ok. I've done worse *cringes at two-week period of no replying* But I actually really like this thread, so I've just been hyper-checking it. (You have a NaNo, right? Do they have a faster forum-thing there? Actually, can you just tell me more about NaNo in general? :) 

Laylanie says odix. Hm. I guess Dix is an Adirondack mountain... perhaps she's gotten into mountain climbing? 

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I'm topping this for you guys.

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Aww, thanks!

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;) No problem!

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