Winter AE Ball

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Winter AE Ball

Winter AE Ball

1780 a winter ball ... but it's 2020, the world is crashing and burning, and we're having a merry winter ball!

AEs only, CAPTCHAs allowed, no CBers. The venue is set, the music is arranged, the decorations are properly astounding, and all AEs are invited. This ball will continue from November 20th to December 25th.


To attend, please fill out the following form:









Enjoy the ball :) 

submitted by The Host
(November 3, 2020 - 1:44 pm)

Okay, after recieving some WONDERFUL advice from Abcde--

Hey! We were ANONYMOUS!! Do you know what that means?


Okay, well you're defeating the purpose of "anonymous" by saying you got advice from Abcde!

WE got advice from Abcde. WE.


*sigh* Well we're coming to develop our personalities further. And we are actually going to be active for once.

Ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh. 

Stop saying ugh.





...a lot.

Okay. *sees whats happening* Alright, bye. Have fun. I am not a part of this.




*after a long while*

Okay, let's fill out sheets.


and this time, let's actually stick with the personality we choose.


Stop saying hmph. and let's try not to interrupt each other, for once.

YOU are the one who ALWAYS interrupts!

Excuse me?! Ack, whatever!

Name: Blaze

CBer: Luminescence

Gender/Pronouns: She/Her, female.

Personality: Excitable, perhaps a little melodramatic on occasion, determined to make a good impression even if my sibling and CAPTCHA are all very rude-


-no interrupting, Mid- generally a very happy person. I get distracted rather easily. Most of the time I put other people before myself, unless they're Mid or Kiwi, in which case I'm probably a bit less polite.

A bit?!

HUSH! And it really bothers me when people don't respect agreements. Also, when I start laughing it's very hard to stop.

I never even agreed-- ughhh. 

Appearance: Waist-length, straight strawberry blonde hair, for this purpose it will be in a crown braid. I'll also braid a thin pink ribbon into it, which may or may not work out. If it doesn't, then I'll come without the ribbon. I have hazel eyes (more green than brown, though), freckles. I look surprisingly like Lumi's cousin, I'm realizing, but older XD I'm average height and weight. I'll wear a yellow longsleeved dress that is cinched at the waist with a full-ish skirt that goes to about halfway down my shins, white tights, and pink converse high tops.

Shipping: Closed, but I'd like to make friends, please.

Other: If my personality is completely inaccurate, blame Lumi. Also, feel free to call Midnight Mid.

Name: Midnight. Also known as Mid, by Blaze and Lumi. *sigh* Please don't call me that. But if you do I guess there's really nothing I can do about it, so.

CBer: Luminescence

Gender/Pronouns: He/Him, male

Personality: Realistic, responsible... ish..., Blaze says I'm completely tactless but I disagree. I think I just don't have a problem with saying what I think.

Exactly. Completely tactless.

A good sense of humor, mostly. I'm mostly okay with breaking the rules as long is it won't result in bodily/psychological harm of any being human or otherwise. Although, mosquitos are not always included in that group. 

He complains a lot, too.

No I don't-- okay, fine. Sometimes I complain. Also, Blaze is extremely hypocritical.

Excuse me?

You said no interrupting and at this point you've interrupted more than I have!


Appearance: Short curly black hair, dark brown skin, square glasses, dark brown eyes. I'm rather on the tall side of average height. I'll wear an unbuttoned navy blue flannel shirt over a black T-shirt and jeans and combat boots.


I thought you said no interrupting.

...oh. Right. 

Shipping: Closed. Though, making friends would be fine. I can be nice when I want to, y'know.

Pulling a Georgia, because he's shipped with--

*loud sigh* *cough cough* interrupting *cough cough*

*is conveniently not anywhere to be found* 

Other: Blaze and I both suffer from Indecisive CBer Personality Fluctuations, so we're trying to forget about Lumi and figure something out.

Indecisive CBer Personality Fluctuations?


That's a.... terrible name.

It's a terrible thing.


I'm sorry! Perhaps we should revive Viola?'s AE journal thread thingy? 

That is what Abcde suggested, so yes.

Abcde, if you're here, expect some major fangirling from that one. Also, we've pretty much given up on anonymity for that post, so congratulations. You know who we are. *clap clap clap*


(Admins: thanks for reading through all this. My AEs squabbling can't be a very interesting thing to read.

You are welcome! -Admin)




*fills out CAPTCHA* 

Hey wait I think we forgot--


submitted by Luminescence Inc., Atlantis
(November 16, 2020 - 4:27 pm)

Okay, we're going to keep this quick. Allright. Here we go. Aaah I can't stop myself from typing AAGHH SOMEONE HELP ME

*throws self infront of keyboard* I'LL SAVE THE DAY! I'M GOING FIRST!

Name: Cem

CBer: Jubilee

kekeke Gender: Gal!

Personality: Snarky, sharp tongued,

Hey those are all bad things! Let me do some good traits: Witty, funny, kind (when I want to be) leadership qualitiezz

Outfit: My hair is very thin and auburn/brown. It's in french braids that go back into a messy bun. I have on a white dress under a black shirt that has the Nomads Indians albumn cover on it. I also have on combat boots! 

Shipping: Sure. Girls only!  

Other: I'm a super awesome dancer, sooooo yeah. Also, I'm gonna bring a raspberry tart. Also,   

YAYY ANOTHER BALL! I'M SO EXCITED! Ooh, we should play white elephant!



Name: Penny!


Gender: Girly-girl, girl!

Personailty: Bubbly, fun, super cool in general

Outfit/Appearance: For this, I bleeched streaks of my hair white. Super cool! I'll be wearing a red-violet suspender skirt made of velvet :D under it I'll have on a white shirt with butterfly sleeves. Then I'll have on polka dot tights underneath. Also, it'll be cold, so I'm going to be wearing brown uggs and my winter furs. *does fancy person pose* 

Shipping: Hm, i was in a relationship w/ Spellbound's Æ Harper... but Spellbound isn't very active anymore... well, I guess if Harper comes, I'll definetely talk with her! :3 


Shush. Other: I'M BRINGING CONFETTI POPPERS!! And kettle popcorn. 

Name: Stargirl

CBer: Jubilee

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy. Bookish. Jubi, what's my zodiac? 

Mm, let's see... actually idk.

Appearance: I'll have a french braid in. For my clothes, an off the shoulder tunic with ruffles. It's blue with tiny gold stars. Under that I have on grey leggings. Continuing the star theme, I have on a necklace with a star pendant that Coral gave me. Coral is my girlfriend. We are deeply in love. I also have on pearl earrings. I'm wearing flats and a olive green sweater that says "Be Your Elf." Tofix made it for me. 

Shipping: No. I have a girlfriend. 

Other: I'm bringing Christmas cookies, and also Latkes. And samosas.  Because here on the CB, we are inclusive.  

^-^Can I go?^-^ 

Mmmm... maybe. We'll see. Posting! 


submitted by Jubilee@Fidelity, age it's not , spelled with a Z!!
(November 17, 2020 - 9:04 am)

Name: Magnolia

CBer: Miss Autumn

Gender: Female

Personality: Very funny, confident and stylish but has a temper

Outfit/Appearance: Loooong wavy brown hair, grey eyes, olive tinted skin pink party dress and silver purse. (Looks a bit like Alexandra Daddario)

Shipping: Open to boys

Other: No other

submitted by Miss Autumn's AE
(November 19, 2020 - 10:38 am)

We’re not late, right?• »I don’t—think so...«  •Well, even if we are, we’re coming, at least.•

Name: •Coral• 

CBer: •Dolphin• 

Gender: •Female, she/her pronouns please•

Personality: •Well, people say I’m kind but firm when I need to be, I worry a lot, and I love all my siblings... I think that’s it...• 

Outfit/Appearance: •I have blond hair and blue eyes, and I’ll be wearing a black dress with sparkle that look like stars in the night sky. Silver jewelry with amethysts.• 

Shipping: •I think I’m shipped with Stargirl...? But even if I’m not, closed.• 

Other: •I hope no one minds dragons, we’ll be arriving on one.•


Name: »Shaow« 

Cber: »Dolphin«

Gender: »Non-binary, they/them pronouns« 

Personality: »Shy, a realist, usually pretty happy around Abcde... maaaaybe like Nico from PJO/HoO?« •Yes. You are exactly like Nico. You can even Shadow-Travel.• 

Outfit/Appearance: »I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and pale skin. I’ll be wearing a black dress shirt and dark jeans, but probably will be wearing a black hoodie too.« 

Shipping: »I am shipped with Abcde. Nothing you say can change that.« 

Other: »The dragon who has agreed to give us a ride is named Diamond, and she is silver and teal. Thank-you-And-have-a-nice-day.« 

submitted by Coral&Shaow, age We’re , LATE!! Maybe.
(November 21, 2020 - 7:02 pm)

I didn't think I was going to do this, and I'm really busy and probably won't get to post much, but I'm bored and have writer's trickle, so I might as well. Also, Dolphin, sorry Abcde and I didn't answer Shaow's question on your returning thread, I've been extremely feather-brained for the past week.

Name: Abcde

CBer: Morning

Gender: Female

Personality: More perfect than your puny brains are able to comprehend. I'm a complete genius. I am an ambivert, and ambidextrous, and ambitious, and lots of other things that start with ambi-, which is possibly the best series of letters in the world except for Abcde. I am a child and adolescent psycologist. And, whatever anyone else says, I am very, VERY nice. So there.

Outfit/Appearance: Absolutely and completely beautiful in all possible respects. I have silky, softly glowing mahogony skin, amber eyes that look like fallen suns, and deep red hair the color of the heart of a red, red rose that falls halfway down my back. I'm small and slight, with delicate hands and long fingers. My nails are tiny golden shells that shine in both the light and the darkness. I am wearing a velvet, red tunic dress several shades darker than my hair. My legs are covered with black leggings, and my feet are graced with silken black flats. I am the most lovely person that you have ever seen, and I would reccomend not staring too long at me for fear of being blinded by my unutterable brilliance.

Shipping: Shipped with Shaow!

Other: I am vegan. Also, very excited to be fangirled at by Blaze!

Name: Rayne

CBer: Morning

Gender: Male

Personality: Um. Grace says I'm very sweet. And loyal? I think I'm pretty boring. I'm shy, and I like writing poetry, and reading old romance novels like Jane Eyre. I'm a bad liar, and trees are beautiful.

Outfit/Appearance: I'm very tall and stocky, more tall than anyone else in this picturing, with a bright orange hair and lots of freckles. My eyes are bright green, and I always has a curious, slightly confused expression and a kind smile. Because why not? And there's a toad on my shoulder. Her name is Charlotte Brontë. I'm wearing a green sweatshirt and blue jeans and sneakers.

Shipping: Shipped with Blaine, Mahriel's AE

Other: None

Name: Grace

CBer: Morning

Gender: Female

Personality: I'm creative, and very kind around everyone except Lydia. I love making everyone except Lydia happy, especially with baked goods. I am smart and  nearly always happy, and playful, and almost as modest as Abcde. I love, love, LOVE cooking, baking, and food in general. And I like music and dancing in the rain.

Outfit/Appearance: I am small and slight, a little smaller than Abcde, but not much, with pale skin, blue eyes, and copper colored, wavy hair. I am nearly always smiling, and I have a creative appearance. I'll be wearing my signature brightly colored patchwork dress and tall leather boots.

Shipping: Open for anyone. Around my apparant age, I mean. So, in the teens, please.

Other: None!

Name: …Lydia! Butii cango byyyy Liddy!…

CBer: …Morng…

Gender: …iiama girll…

Personality: (Translated from CAPTCHA-speak by Abcde the Amazing) She's very sweet. A bit of an amibert, like me, sometimes shy and sometimes very not. She's the best CAPTCHA ever, and she is the President of the Abcde Fan Club.

Outfit/Appearance: She's a shapeshifter, and her favorite form is a yellow pocket dragon, about the size of a human hand. However, she also enjoys appearing as a sugar glider or a little girl of about five years old with shoulder length black hair, almond shaped, dark brown eyes, a large smile missing her two top front teeth, a lot of blush stolen from who knows where, a yellow sundress, and hot pink flip-flops.

Shipping: …ewwww iiiam likke fivee…

Other: …theee numbr fivee shoud beeee speld withh fivee letrs… And she's my loyal sidekick!

submitted by Morning & AEs, yonder
(November 21, 2020 - 8:45 pm)

Heyy y'all! It started November 20th, so let's have some fun!

Get oooout of here!

Ok, I'm going.  


I smile brightly at the mirror, reveling in the twirl of my silken dark blue dress, admiring my dark blue hair, with the shiny black tips. My eyes gleam, and their yellow pupils smile brightly, standing out amongst the one blue, one purple irises. The mirror is almost complimenting me, and I hear a shout from downstairs. 

"Hurry up!" Burn complains. 

I quickly turn the bronze doorknob of my dark oak door, painted a blue with a glittery yellow diamond, rushing down the glossy stairs, a dark brown. Burn is downstairs in a fancy dark red tuxedo, pure white collared shirt, and his regularly messy hair smoothened and gelled. 

Ocean is looking fabulous, though shy, as always, in her sea-foam dress that she reserves for special occasions. The soft white tafetta curls in foamy waves, surrounding her ankles. One ankle has a beautiful anklet made of shells, sea glass, and other such sandy things. Her eyes, one sea-green, the other a pure soft blue, shine in the lamp's light, almost glowing. Her sea green hair lies in soft curls, surrounding her shoulders and falling down her waist like a thundering waterfall. 

Spellcaster is finally wearing something different, a long, old-fashioned, deep purple dress, with periwinkle lace and periwinkles tucked in the hems. The periwinkle lace also laces her chest, giving her a rustic, mature look. Her hair is straight, up to her waist, dark purple and mysterious. Her eyes, a deep, deep purple, are shining, almost as if a light lies underneath the dark purple irises. She is wearing a pair of brand-new laced boots, high-heeled, since Nightfall insisted, and she doesn't look comfortable.

"Spellcaster, I have something for you." I say, disappearing into the garage. 

A minute later, I come out with a purple box, the words 'For Spellcaster' lettered on it with a white marker. She takes it gingerly, and unwraps the crinkly brown paper to reveal a set of flat laced boots. She looks up at me, her face beaming, and rushes into my arms. 

"[Thank you so much!]" she says, letting go of me and switching her high-heeled ones for the flat, periwinkle laced, deep purple boots. 

Breeze is finally standing still, to my delight. She's wearing a beautiful dress, gray and solemn, simple yet delightful. The gray dress has several small lights, hung around her waist, and her unruly brown hair is finally combed, her white eyes staring around the room tentavily. She looks amazing, though she doesn't believe so. However, she's barefoot and has her pure white wings, so that puts rather a damper on things. She's still very beautiful, even with the barefoot part and the white wings. 

"Let's go already!" Burn complains. 

I sigh and reply, "Okay, okay."

All of us slide into the luxurios limo, the red velvet seats comfortable after standing for so long. Spellcaster seems excited. Ocean, not so much. Ocean looks nervous, as she's very shy. I look at the guest list another time. There aren't so many people, but to Ocean, it's a gigantic crowd. 

A bell signals our arrival. I step out of the limo gracefully, followed by Spellcaster, Burn, Ocean, and then Breeze. We're the first ones here, apparently. We walk into the grand hall, where I am astounded by the beautiful chandelier hanging on the ceiling. It's lit with a thousand glowing crystals. But when I see the ballroom, I cannot find words graceful enough to describe it. 

The marble floors are polished, the stone columns are glazed with a beautiful jade, the tables are set with delicious food, the balcony is oh-so-amazing, with a rustic, glossy look, everything looks wonderful. 

I sit down, and the rest of Nightfall's AEs do the same, waiting for others to come. 


I stand on our mansion's wooden floors, yelling for Time to  come down. They're so slow. The rest of us are waiting, and when Time comes down, they do some stuff, and we're off to the ball. We go into the room and wait in chairs. 


Ack so nervous I can't even hear or see anything! I stumble into the limo, frightened, and emerge to an empty ballroom. Phew. I sit down, simply waiting. 


[Aaaah Time just gave me better boots! I slip them on and run into the limo, and when we get there, I simply wait for everyone to come.]


-I wished I had never agreed to this ball. I just run into the limo, and when we arrive, plop down in a chair and wait.-

{Note ~ All my AEs except for Spellcaster are up for shipping. I really want them to be shipped, so if you could please reply if you're interested, that'd be great! Personality info! 

Timeshifter is the polite, no-nonsense, describable, calm, detailed one. They're my favorite AE so far. Except for Galaxy. they/them

Burn is the childish, annoying, loving-to-eat, actually quite caring, sometimes careless one. he/him. 

Ocean is the shy, introvert, bookish one. she/they, she for special occasions (such as this)

Breeze is the careless, floaty, mood-changing one. She's very windy and stormy sometimes, and has a frightful temper. She/her.

That's about it!} 

~Nightfall and their AEs 

submitted by Nightfall's AEs
(November 23, 2020 - 12:47 am)

Hey Tux! Yeah whats up? 

It's time to introduce you! Where am i going?

A dance. Yeah no way am i dancing with you.

Not with me. With other aes.  Any of them cute?

Why should i know? Im just gonna start.

Name: Tux 


Gender: Female is easier. Let's go with that.

Personality: Formal. She is  more silly around her friends. I am never "silly." I am fun. It is a shame you have no conception of the term.

Outfit/Appearance: Darker skin,purple hair purple eyes a  white tuxedo with a red bow tie.

Shipping: Girls my age please. 

Other: I am around 14 uears of age

submitted by Howdee, age 13, Who wants to know?
(November 23, 2020 - 9:33 am)

NAME: Archer

CBer: Mahriel


PERSONALITY: Funny, outgoing, friendly, caring, kind, a bit of a prankster

APPEARANCE: Average height, blond hair, blue eyes, muscular, tan, Wearing a white button down shirt and black dress pants and a navy blazer

SHIPPING: Open, if you want to ship with him, comment below please


NAME: Jeremy

CBer: Mahriel


PERSONALITY: Shy, quite, a good listener, kind, friendly once he knows you

APPEARANCE: Tall, dark brown hair, green eyes, somewhat tan, wearing a dark blue button down shirt and tan dress pants.

SHIPPING: Shipped with Blaze :)


NAME: Blaine

CBer: Mahriel

GENDER: Female

PERSONALITY: Spunky and sarcastic, but is really very sweet on the inside

APPEARANCE: Average height, auburn wavy hair that is up in a Dutch side braid, brown eyes, tan, wearing a long ball gown that is blue on top then fades into a sunset, and has black lace flowers on the skirt and top

SHIPPING: Rayne <3


submitted by Mahriel and AE's, age 15, Graza
(November 23, 2020 - 3:00 pm)


I am giddy with excitement. The other watch me, looking a little concerned, because I am not often giddy.

This is Olive, I'm just interrupting to say you're actually giddy a lot. We're concerned because you're making unintelligible squealing noises and twirling around so much in excitement you look like you're going to fall over any moment now.

Olive, don't interrupt. Anyway, I check my reflection in the mirror. Yep, flawless as always. My long white dress swirls around my ankles and my makeup is perfect. Not a blonde hair is out of place. I do another little twirl, clap my hands together, and nod to Olive, Lulu and Mabel. 

"Okay, we can go now. I'm ready." I say. Olive rolls her eyes. That is expected of her. Lulu smiles. I'm very thankful for them, with their kindness and optimism. Outside, an old-fashioned white car is waiting in front of Honeybee House.

"What is THIS?" Olive asks. I glare at her, because we are basically opposite, but she is a great sister.

We step into the car. I'm back to being giddy. A ball! I can meet people! I must be saying this out loud, because Olive gives me an "obviously" look. So Olive of her.


I take one glance in the mirror, not twenty thousand like Giselle. My hair's kinda imperfect. Good. My lipstick is black, to Giselle's horror. Also good.

The car is ridiculous. We aren't celebrities.

that's all.


In the car, I start an EXCITEMENT CONTEST with Giselle. She does not know it's happening. But every time she lets out one of those squeals, I make a horrible high-pitched yowling noise. This drives everyone crazy. That's a GOOD THING. They will do my bidding.

The car is fine. The seats are easily ripped. I should know because I used it to sharpen my claws and the fabric just TORE. Giselle shrieked and I realized that it wasn't a happy shriek. So I got scared because what if there was a flying squirrel in the car? And that made me YOWL LOUDLY and rip more things. And jump around.



>Giselle was very excited, so I was excited too! I talked to her about how great the ball would be and all the people we'd meet. She's a great sister :D<


Theey donot knoww butti amaaa stowy. Ihave hiddn inthe carrr. Iwant togoo tothe balll toooo !!!!! Infac, theyy almst allwd metoo comee, buttt theyy saidd thatt Mabel would beeee enogh diffc ultyy alrdy. Buttt thatt madee mesad soiam comin anddd theyy cannt stopp meeee. Alsoo Mabel isevl. 

submitted by Honeybee, No it’s her AEs :)
(November 23, 2020 - 6:17 pm)


The ribbon actually turned out okay, so I'll leave it, I decide, staring in the mirror. I smile at my reflection and walk out of the room.

Mid is already standing at the front door with Lumi. She snaps her fingers like usual, and like usual, a beam of bluish white light appears right outside the door. I step into it. "Come on!" I say to Mid. With some grumbling- "You're the one who took fifteen minutes to braid your hair,"-he steps into the light and the scenery starts to dissolve around us.

When we get there, we're standing in front of a tall brick building. There's a definitive chill in the air, but it's not a sharp chill, just a soft refreshing coolness. I shiver. Okay, maybe a little more than a refreshing coolness.

Figures move around inside the room, but there aren't many of them. I guess we're one of the first here. The roof is strung with glowing lights, and it looks like the inside is too. I walk towards the giant wooden doors, my dress swishing satisfyingly around my legs.

When we walk in, the only people there are Nightfall's crew: Timeshifter, Ocean, Burn, and Breeze. "Hi!" I say, smiling.


"Hi," I say. "Are we the only ones here?" Timeshifter nods, making a face. "Unfortunately," they say. Ocean looks like she might disagree with that sentiment, but she doesn't say anything.

"Oh," Blaze says. "Well. That's a little disappointing." She frowns. "I know!" Timeshifter agrees. The doors slam shut randomly, making us all jump and Ocean squeak a bit. "-Who did that?-" Breeze asks, rather grumpily.

"Mabel!" a voice (probably Giselle's) says from behind the doors. Someone else sighs. "We're very sorry," says the first voice again, apologetically, poking her head (I was right, it is Giselle) through the doors and opening them again.

"Boooo!" A cat jumps out from behind them. "Floofy?" Giselle asks incredulously. "Yesss! Itiss meeee!" the cat- Floofy- says. "HEY! NO FAIR!" yells Mabel. I sigh. " hi!" Blaze interrupts.

"...hi," says Olive, while Giselle tries to deal with Floofy and Mabel. "Is anyone else here?" she asks, as if she's dreading the answer. "No," Burn answers. Olive sighs in a relieved way. "MABEL!" Giselle yells. ">What happened-?<" Lulu asks, stepping into the ballroom. I open my mouth to explain that I have no idea, but another AE interrupts.

submitted by Luminescence Inc.
(November 23, 2020 - 7:55 pm)


I stride downstairs and push open kamiko's door, seeing if shes ready yet. we've been waiting forever and she sqeals. "what are you so exited about?" i ask as i skan her outfit. shes wearing a silvery sky blue dress shimmered with silver, and it looks good on her. she tugs a brush down her hair once more, the says "oh you know, were going to a ball! were going to meet new people, and have fun and-" "Yup i get it." i reply. she pushes open the door and walks briskly to the kitchin where Nok is chiling eating an apple. Hunter comes running down the stairs and skidds to a stop at the island. "*ready to go?*" he says, brushing his hair out of his eyes oh-so-cassulay. we all nod and run to the garage, fitting into the gray q7. we pull into the parking lot and im starting to get exited. 



my sandles flap againsst the pavement and i bounce excitedly up the steps and into the ballroom. Three partys are here and we walk over, Amanda tugging on rollerblades. hunter settles at the food table and a strike up a conversation with Giselle and talk about how were so exited for more people to come



At the food table, i pick out some homemade muffins and dig in. people are starting to trickel in and amanda starts skating around the cave like room. i look up at the ceiling and wonder if theres a way to get up to thoes rafters... it would be totaly AWESOME to rig up some water baloons.


(note to fidelity, Amanda  would love love love to go with Mav, but shes self contous about it. its up to you, and Amanda hopes to see them around!!)

submitted by The nok Crew, age 17,14 & 15
(November 23, 2020 - 9:05 pm)


We have already turned this ball into a disaster, and only Nightfall and Lumi's AEs are here. Mabel is chasing Floofy around the whole room, amd I am watching. I apologize quickly to the rest of the party and then chase after them as quickly yet safely (with my dress and all) as is humanly possible.

And what was Floofy doing here? I didn't think he would make any trouble. 

"MABEL!" I yell for the millionth time. She's looking at Floofy like she wants to murder him. This can only end in tragedy.


Phew. No one's here. Good. 

Also, Lulu, Olive and Giselle are all open for shipping.

submitted by Honeybee’s AEs, The Honeybee Crew!
(November 23, 2020 - 9:23 pm)


I walk into the ball and walk straight to where everybody else is, but while trying to get there I trip over Logan's foot and fall flat on my face.

 "ha ha, there goes the LOSER!" My black lipstick makes an imprint on the floor.

"God Logan, one more word and your dead." You probably think i'm joking, which I am not. This Ball is already a mess and I just arrived. Mabel and Floofy skid across Quinns legs and knock her down. I can't help but laugh at her.

She mocks my voice as she speaks;

"God Kat, one more word and your DEAD!!!" One more word and she's dead.


submitted by Kitty Cat and AE's, age teen, Gotham City
(November 23, 2020 - 9:44 pm)


Mabel and Floofy run by me and knock me down in my tracks. Kat laughs, and logan tries to help me up, but Kat tips her leg out and knocks me down.

"KAT! I HAVE BEEN HERE FOR 5 SECONDS AND YOU ALREADY RUINED THE BALL FOR ME!"  I sigh and walk away to the corner and sigh some more until someone walks over and says hi.


i walk over to help quinn up but she declines and walks over to the farthest corner and sighs untill someone walks over. i dont know who though. i walk around trying to find a someone who looks like thety are looking at me so i can walk over and talk to whoever did. i cant find anyone who will though so i decide to walk over to olive and say hi.

"hi olive. i see you might want to be alone. i will just go nevermind this is dumb. i dont know why i am still talking."  i stop probably for the best. 

okay! Kat, logan and Quinn are all open to shipping! 

submitted by Kitty Cat, age teen, Gotham City
(November 23, 2020 - 10:17 pm)

{Let's just pretend I wrote down the whole conversation, ok? Ok.}

Timeshifter ~ 

More people are trickling in. Ocean looks scared, and they walk away into the garden nearby. 

I laugh. Hoping I find somebody I can spend my time with. 

Ocean ~ 

I walk into the garden, and perch on a tall tree. My dress is a little torn from the spiky branches. There's many people here, and it's frightening. 

Burn ~ 

I immediatly head to the buffet and start eating

Spellcaster ~

[Apparently Nerd's AEs aren't here. So I guess I'm alone. *sigh*]

Breeze ~ 

- I rush outside and start flying. AHHAHAHA GLORY AND VICOTRY IS MINE! - 

{Timeshifter and Ocean and Burn, I want them to be shippped. If you want to, comment down below!} 

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