Winter AE Ball

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Winter AE Ball

Winter AE Ball

1780 a winter ball ... but it's 2020, the world is crashing and burning, and we're having a merry winter ball!

AEs only, CAPTCHAs allowed, no CBers. The venue is set, the music is arranged, the decorations are properly astounding, and all AEs are invited. This ball will continue from November 20th to December 25th.


To attend, please fill out the following form:









Enjoy the ball :) 

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(November 3, 2020 - 1:44 pm)

I've never done one of these before, so feel free to tell me if I did something wrong.



We got out of the car, somehow surviving Sojo's driving. I calmly walked into the party and went to the first person I saw.

"Hello there, I'm Lada." 

Ivan the Russian Emu~

I charged inside and look for the most chaotic AE to make friends with and possible destroy the world with.


I decided to use a smoke bomb for a grand entrance. It worked. I then went to the food and summoned the spiciest seasoning I could summon from the pocket dimension, and managed to pour it on the most popular dish without anyone noticing. 

I looked around. I never actually met any of the other AEs before, and I'm honestly pretty nervouscited. That's not a word is it? Welp, now it is.

I went up to a random person, started talking to them.


So... who did they decide to talk to? Like I mentioned in their charries, Sojo and Ivan are open to ship with girls, and Lada's open to ship with guys... Sooo just comment if you want 'em!!

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(November 24, 2020 - 12:07 pm)

Burn can be shipped with Kat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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(November 24, 2020 - 12:11 pm)


Logan walks over to me and mumbles a few words. I must be scowling because they walk away.

"Wait!" I say, then don't know why I say it.

Go, me.


I start talking to Hunter over by the food. Out of the corner of my eye, I watch Mabel and Floofy. They are tearing up the curtains. This is not good.


"GET BACK HERE, THEIF!!" I yell to Floofy, and this is not a lie because he stole my attention. Of course running around the ballroom screaming is getting me attention. Good!


>There's so many people already...<


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(November 24, 2020 - 11:10 am)


Okay, Pine and Felix arent coming any more. But these guys are!  

Name: Firefly

CBer: dreamiing

Gender: Genderfae (shifting between genders but never feels masculine) they/them or she/her.

Personality: Calm and motherly, the peacemaker in every situation. They have a tendency to forget what they were saying and space out occasionally, also a messy insomniac and barely squeezes in two hours of sleep a day. They get angry occasionally but squeeze it down quickly, only showing a small flash of anger before smoothing over their face.

Outfit/Appearance: Firefly has wavy honey-brown hair that occasionally looks more golden or more brown. Cut to their shoulders and brushed daily, although a number of knots manage to sneak in. Their skin is tanned, and they have dim golden freckles on their cheeks. Sprouting from their hair are two firefly antenna, which glow softly and illuminate their face with a soft golden light. They'll wear a mustard-yellow dress that goes to their knees, charcoal-gray leggings, brown ankle boots, and a yellow headband.

Shipping: Currently open to girls only.  lesromantic.

Other: Can glow all over like a lamp ;D



Name: Faith

CBer: dreamiing

Gender: she use any pronouns but she/her is best. Agender but closest to female.

Personality: Messy and loud. She love hearing people talk and is very ADHD, energetic, and wild. But she has trouble starting, continuing, and finishing conversations. They prefer to let others talk and chime in with a laugh or agreement. Her temper is loud and angry, so she explodes sometimes and occasionally spams the AE chat with 'jkhkejdgeldglehriugfrf!' when she's angry. 

Outfit/Appearance: Faith has messy blonde hair with electric-blue tips. It's done in a pixie cut but she grew it out so it's around chin-length. She has pale skin (although she's trying to tan it) with rosy cheeks and a daring grin. She's a little shorter than average height, with slightly broad shoulders and big feet. For the ball she'll wear a sparkly silver bandanna-headband thing, a blue tank top and white shorts, and silver boots.

Shipping: She's closed, but she's a flirt and loves attention. Demi omni pan

Other:  She didnt dress up, so I'll have her wear a white jacket.  


My unnamed CAPTCHA says britz! Ooh, they're British! 

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(November 24, 2020 - 1:01 pm)


Finally, I'm first AHAHAHAHA. Ivan, I'm a very destructive, dangerous, powerful AE. And I love the color PINK! If you would like to help me DESTROY Floofy, it would be greatly appreciated. DIE STUPID CAT

I like to cause trouble. I also like people to bow down to me. I also like to bother Giselle and Floofy, because Floofy is the worst EVER. EVERRRR.

Also, I brought a tank.

YOU WHAT--*angry unintelligible screaming*


Mabel must make my life difficult. Why. Whyyyy.

Um...Ocean, do you want to dance? Or anyone?

Ew, dance?! Who's dancing?!

it's a ball, genius

That sounds like something I would say.

Olive, can you just go stop Mabel?

Oh yes. You go eat and dance while I stop the insane, destructive cat who now has a TANK.

You probably won't die.


>This place is fancy. I'm feeling nervous, so I go outside and sit on a bench. I wish I brought my sketchbook. Giselle is trying to find true love and also bickering with Olive and ALSO trying to stop Mabel. Olive is just fighting with everyone. Mabel and Floofy are being trouble. Well, mostly Mabel. I feel kind of alone. This bench is nice tho :)<

Maybe Giselle could be shipped with Ocean? Idk. Also, Mabel would like to make friends.  

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(November 24, 2020 - 1:12 pm)


I zip past Mable and Foofy, pushing my feet side to side so i keep my mometum. my hair flys out behind my and my sweater is totaly is the bomb.  I skid to a stop by the doors and push them open, scanning the parking lot. I shake my head sadly, and sit on the steps. unbuckaling the roller blades, i studya big gnarled tree. seconds later im halfway up, and once i reach the top, im compleatly amazed. the leaves make a hollow oval thats tall enough for me to stand in. its SUPERAWESOME. I pull out a pad of paper from my boots and then a pencil, scribbiling out where it was so i ouldent forget. tucking them back in my boot, i climb down, scan the parking lot once more, and head back inside. only i don't notice that there is a small squirl fallowing my inside. Oh em gosh. is there another AdoRABLE cat in here? the cat is sniffig around and i realise it has a collar. i grab the tag and read the namewitch is Meoki (mm OO ky). i flip the tag over and read the phone numbers. there are four. Mine, Kamiko's, Hunters and NOK's. OH EM GOSH THIS IS A NEW CAPTCHA!!!!! 



Amanda is bouncing around at somthing so i go over to check it out. She is sqealing at the most adorable cat EVER, and i bend down to strok its head. "What is it? and who dose that belong to???" i ask. "it is a cat and it is our new CAPTCHA and they are so cute i think there female but they look male i think there non binery!!!!!" she squeaks. "woah woah woah calm down. this is great and whats her name?" i say, still dizzy from Amand saying that in aproxamently two seconds. "Meoki." she says, finnaly calm. i get up and walk over to the refreshment table and i see Meoki walking over to Mable. UhOh i think. this is TRUBLE.



*I'm sttill staring at the rafters, and just when i was about to go up there, Gisille comes up to me, yabbering away. "Uh, i gotta go to the bathroom be right back!" i say cassuly, sliding away. phew! that was close. slide over to amanda and fallow her gaze to A beautiful cat, who is walking calmly over to Mable. "There our new captcha. her name is Meoki" Amanda wispers, not taking her eyes off the cat. i walk away, and almost fall over. MAJOR head rush.*




• "Hello, fellow cat. who are you, and i think dont get your hopes up, because you are NOT in charge." i meow loudly at a cat who is wearing a pink gown. "I am Mable, the greatest cat of all! she says promptly. oh no you did not. i advance on her "you must be mestacen, i amthe greatest of all." "no you-" she start but i cut hr off, shifting into a tiger and roaring in her face.i shift back to my beautifl siemese/black floofy cat form and sit on my hounches. Mable is blicking, and i relise what i did. "Oh im so sorry! were both great!" i say, rolling onto my back. she stops blinking and i pounce on her. she swats me with her paw and i nip her leg. oh it is so on. •

Name: • Meoki •

CBer: • NoOneKnows •

Gender: • Non binery •

Personality: • funny, •- full of herself, cranky, sweet, loving, demanding- • ugh, anyway, kind, awesome. •

Outfit/Appearance: • well, i could take my human form, but i'll stay a cat. ill wear a lavender bow around my tail. •

Shipping: • open • 

Other: • i am a shapshifting cat, and i can shapshift into any kind of car. tiger, simese, tabby, lion, snow lepord, you name it. . i also am non binery. •




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I realize Meoki, a new CAPTCHA, and Mabel, Honeybee's AE, are fighting. I walk over and gently pick Meoki up and take them back to Amanda. 

"I'm so sorry, I should have been watching Mabel, even though I'm not one of her siblings, I know she gets into fights a lot, so I should have been watching her. She and Meoki got into a fight." I say as I gently pet Meoki. 

I then walk away to Mabel.

"Mabel." I say. "Please stop fighting, everyone is beautiful. This is a ball, not a fighting ground, okay?" 

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(November 24, 2020 - 10:28 pm)
After arguing with the dry-cleaner about the size bag for my dress for the ball, he finally gives in. I get into a white stretch limo and recline on the leather seats for the ride. When we finally get there, it's chaos. Mabel and Maoki are fighting. Floofy is running around aimlessly. Curtains are in shreds. The music playing is currently terrible, so I get something to eat and sit down by the food to wait for a good song, watching Mabel and Maoki. It's quite entertaining, actually. I start talking to Zinnia, and we discuss who we think is winning.
@Quill, maybe Scarlett could be shipped with Ace?
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(November 25, 2020 - 9:42 am)


A disagreement between me and Meoki and then it's broken up which is too bad because I can't scratch first. Giselle looks very angry at me so I run away and see Floofy and start chasing him again. But then something WEIRD and BAD happens.

Before my beautiful eyes, Floofy TRANSFORMS. He's now a HUMONGOUS horse!


A bit of clarifying: Floofy just turned into a pegasus, white with golden wings, cat ears, and a cat tail. WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING?!

Iiamm aaaaa pegss !!!!! Iican flyyy !!!!! Iican stomp Mabel !!!!! 

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(November 25, 2020 - 11:05 am)


•We step off our dragon and thank her. “We’ll Just Shadow-Travel home, no need to wait for us!” I say. She smiles at us and takes off, heading home. Shaow reaches into their Shadowlocker and pulls out some flowers, tucking one behind my ear and then handing the rest to me. »”Here. Give these to Stargirl when you see her.”« They then lean against a tree, fiddling with the friendship bracelet in their pocket. They said it wasn’t for Abcde, so I hang around, waiting. Their face lights up when they see Tomru arrive.•

(I, er, hope Tomru’s still coming...)



»Tomru is here. Thank goodness. I slip over to them, and crouch so I’m looking into their eyes. “Hey. I just wanted to say I’m proud of you for knowing who you are. Thank you.” I tie the rainbow friendship bracelet around their wrist. “Have a good time with Pine and Felix.” I stand up and slip back into the shadow of the tree, glad I did that before they left. Coral catches my eye and smiles at me. I smile a bit, and then close my eyes to wait for Abcde.«

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(November 25, 2020 - 1:01 pm)


I pull myself out of the void and end up right in front of the ballroom, staring at the massive building. I suck in a breath, nervous about how this is going to go. The cold air bites at my face and I bring my coat in closer, trying to bring in more warmth. The others are not ready yet. I look back behind me, wishing someone would come, but no one does. So, I begin walking towards the doors. I pull them open and enter the world of the AE ball. There are CAPTCHA's running around crazily. I check my coat at the front and let myself slip into the crowd.


"Aspen, hurry up. You have to leave next." Adrian reminds me. But I just can't tear myself away from the mirror. The dress I have summoned is stunning and my hair is just plain beautiful. "Aspen! Go! I can't hold it open for you much longer." Nerd snaps. I ignore her, heading for the opening. I stumble into the ballroom and look around. There are already a lot of people here, and I think we're late. I walk more into the crowd and sit down on an inviting chair, excited for what this ball might bring. 


Nerd forces me out of the void after many protests against it. I sigh. Winter isn't coming and I didn't even want to come. So what's the point now? I realize I'm standing by the door with an angry expression. The coat check person is looking at me strangely. I walk past them and find Aspen sitting on a chair. I walk over to join her. And suddenly I wish I had a book. 


^I jump out of the void right when it's my turn. I don't need anyone telling me when it is time to do things. I just do them. I see Burn over by the large food table and I go to join him, remembering the halloween party. I offer a small wave and grab a cup of water, downing it in a second.^


<Nerd pushes me out of our house the same way she did for Adrian. Spellcaster is here, I know that, but, parties honestly scare me. There are so many people older than me here, it is hard to feel welcome. But I try, because I'm supposed to. I spot Spellcaster and walk over to her immediately. She smiles at me and I feel a lot better than I did earlier.> "<Um, so, how are you?>" I ask. Gah, I'm so stupid. Who asks those questions at a ball, especially to their ship? I sigh, hoping that she doesn't kill me for my stupid comment.> 

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[Evan's finally here! I won't have to drown in a pile of old people walking around! He walks over to me and I smile, happy.] "<Um, so, how are you?>" [Evan asks.] "[I'm amazing! But I have something I want to show you.]" [I answer, taking his hand and rushing out the door, into a small clearing in the woods nearby. "[Do you want to fly?]" [I ask, eyes shining in excitment.]


I see Dallas. He waves at me as he drinks a whole cup of water in a gulp. I walk over to him. 

"Nice to see you again." I say, plunging a spoon into a popular dish. I make a face that looks like it's good. "This is so spicy! It's amazing!" I say as I fill my plate with it. "Wanna learn how to drink a literal ton of guava juice in one gulp?" I ask, turning towards Dallas.  

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Wow, Admins, that was fast! Thanks!

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<My nerves subside when Spellcaster says>, "[I'm amazing! But I have something I want to show you.]" <She takes my hand and feel my face burn red. I don't know what to do, and before I know it, she's pulling me out into a small clearning between the building and a near by forrest. Her eyes glint with excitement.> "[Do you want to fly?]" <She asks. My eyes open wide. Flying? I didn't even know that was possible.> "<Yes. Absolutely yes. How do I fly?>"


"Nice to see you again." ^Burn says, eating even more food. I love food, but it seems like he just has an endless stomach.^ "This is so spicy! It's amazing!" ^I nod, disturbed.^ "Wanna learn how to drink a literal ton of guava juice in one gulp?" "^Um, no thank you. But that's a pretty cool skill.^ I reply, unsure of what to say. 



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(November 26, 2020 - 5:09 pm)


Evan says yes! I smile brightly and say, "Just stand over there, let me do the rest." Evan stands in the clearing, and I pull out my wand, a twisted, purple, shiny, wood, stick. I laugh with the excitment of being able to enchant things and people again. I point it at him and say some kind of spell that I memorized it! AHAAAAA! He suddenly floates up in the air, and I point my wand at myslef, and do the same. I float up in the air with him, and begin laughing. This is wonderful, the sensation of flying. 


Dallas politely refuses. I shrug and gulp down the spicy food. Ha. These people can't stop me. "Well, what about jalapeno peppers? Or the Devil Pepper*?" I ask him, tossing a Devil Pepper* in my mouth. 

*Pretend these are real. And the Alter Egos' World's Spiciest pepper. Please. Because I'm too lazy to search the real spiciest pepper up. 


Still bored and outside. I'd really like to be along, but Nightfall insists I get some social interaction. I think by 'social interaction' they meant getting shipped. Augh, oh my sainted heavens, why do I have to get shipped. I'm so so so so terrible at speaking. Oh well. I step off the tree and into the ballroom, where I am met with a diversity of Alter Egos, all screaming and running. I sigh. Then an Alter Ego ~ Sojokeeynis, if I remember correctly ~ walks up to me and starts talking. I cringe inwardly. Well this is just going to be awkward. "Uh, so, hi, you're Sojokeeynis, right? I'm Ocean..." I say, trailing off into though. Timeshifter giggles from where they stand. 

@Kitty Cat ~ Sure, I'd love for Burn to be shipped with Kat. 

@Sammy Everlast ~ Is it ok if Ocean is shipped with Sojo? To me, they seem like a better match, because Ocean isn't really the...type to run around and yell. Not chaotic, in other words.  

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(November 27, 2020 - 12:34 am)