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Wings of Fire Roleplay!!

Alright, so in this roleplay the canon characters do not and have not existed.  The wall of weird IceWing aristocracy rankings was never broken. There is no decades-long rivalry between any tribes (y'know, besides the usual "my tribe is better" junk.)  The Lost Continent is common knowledge. SilkWings are still servants of HiveWings, but there is no mind control. LeafWings' existence is not a secret and they live in a secluded forest. There is a school just like Jade Mountain, Unity Academy, but it exists on an island between the two continents and takes tribes from both continents. Scavengers are treated as they were before book 14 or Dragonslayer, in fact of even less importance because of the lack of the War of SandWing Succession.  They are of little consequence to this story.

Other than that the world is the same.

There can only be one Animus dragon for each tribe- it's first come, first serve (and only for Pantalan dragons.)  Only one blood-red egg MudWing and only one firey-scales SkyWing.  One character can be a hybrid for each roleplayer.  Four leafspeakers, four flamesilks. 

There are five winglets in the school, just like Jade Mountain: Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, and Amethyst, each consisting of ten dragons.  You do not have to be a student.

All righty then!













Woo, I'm excited to start! 

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Name: Flamingo

Tribe: RainWing
Pronouns: He/they
Winglet: Amethyst
Abilities: Nothing unusual.
Abilities: Highly intelligent and analytical, quick thinker, reasonably flexible
Personality: Analytical, logical, and extremely intelligent, never thinks about other's emotions and generally ends up insulting others in conversations. INTJ. Essentially, the exact opposite of what someone would expect a RainWing to act like. Tends to be blunt and sometimes rude. Manipulative when they want to be.
Appearance: Very small (something they hate), colors change but he tends to be mostly black with hints of maroon and red. Quite thin, short even for a RainWing. 
Family: His parents are unknown, but he has a twin sister named Kakapo. 
Backstory: Flamingo was the smartest of the fellow RainWing children that he knew. He began to develop an ego and slowly started to resent the other RainWings for what he viewed as laziness and stupidity. This grew to the point of him viewing all other dragons as being not as smart as him, and his narcissim only increased. He also developed a liking for strictness and orders, a vast change from the easygoing lifestyle of most RainWings.
Faults: Apathetic, not good at befriending people, not physically strong at all, narcissist, has problems functioning without organization
Other: Open to shipping with anyone.
Name: Kakapo
Tribe: RainWing
Pronouns: She/her
Winglet: Topaz
Abilities: Nothing unusual
Abilities: Very athletic, charismatic, talented artist and musician
Personality: A showman at heart, Kakapo loves to be the center of attention. She's charismatic, creative, reckless, and determined, but can be laid back when need be. Very dramatic and good at acting. Loud.
Appearance: Small even for a RainWing, her scales change color but are typically white with neon pink, green and yellow accents, with lots of purple as well. 
Family: Parents unknown, but her twin brother is Flamingo.
Backstory: Kakapo has always been the complete opposite of her twin. She was always friends with everyone, and loved putting on skits and performances for the other RainWings. She loves the peaceful, easygoing RainWing lifestyle, and eventually grew rather distant from her twin. She wants to reconnect with him.
Faults: Extremely unorganized, reckless, not physically strong (though she is very fast), very loud, can never stay focused
Other: Open to shipping with anyone. 
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NAME: Seaweed

TRIBE: Leaf-Sea

PRONOUNS: she/her



ABILITIES (POWERFUL FIGHTER, INTUITIVE, ETC): She's a reasonably good fighter, but has a lot to learn.

PERSONALITY:  She's very empathetic and in tune to the people around her.  She longs for a friend, a best friend she can share all her secrets with.

APPEARANCE: I'll post my drawing later.

FAMILY: She's an orphan, but she considers Starless her family.

BACKSTORY: Seaweed never knew her parents.  Her earliest memories, she was already at the Good Fortune Orphanage, which was severely lacking in food.  She got by for a year or so, but she was close to dying when Starless found her.  He told her he would show her how to fight and to hunt, and he'd look after her, but under the condition she'd do whatever he said.  She agreed.  

FAULTS: Either a fault or a strength- she sympathizes with the dragons Starless and herself push down.

OTHER: Seaweed is overly excited about going to this school.


NAME: Starless

TRIBE: NightWing

PRONOUNS: he/him

WINGLET: Amethyst


ABILITIES (POWERFUL FIGHTER, INTUITIVE, ETC): Very, very strong, manipulative, powerful fighter

PERSONALITY: He kept up his part of the bargain with Seaweed- he takes care of her and trains her.  But he cares little for anyone else, and he's not even sure how much he cares about her.  He has grand ambitions... very grand ambitions...

APPEARANCE: Large.  No silver scales anywhere on his body.

FAMILY: He's an orphan, just like Seaweed.

BACKSTORY: He came to Good Fortune a few years after Seaweed.  

FAULTS: He dreams of building his own empire.

OTHER: He's not even sure himself.

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Hope ya'll saw my introduction post. At any rate!! I've never done a roleplay before, so hope I'm getting this right. I'm super excited though. I love Wings of Fire! Quick question, Tsuki the Skywolf: do you mean that only pantalan dragons can have animus magic, or only pyrhians?

NAME: Swallowtail

TRIBE: Silkwing

PRONOUNS: (female) she/they (did I do this right?)

WINGLET: Amethyst 


ABILITIES (POWERFUL FIGHTER, INTUITIVE, ETC): very fast and smart; good empathy for what other dragons are feeling

PERSONALITY: Cheerful and understanding, helpful to anyone in need, somewhat excitable; loves flying and reading 

APPEARANCE: Shimmering cream-and-brown; twisted horns; long antannae; dark brown eyes

FAMILY: Skipper (father); Karner (mother) 

BACKSTORY: Swallowtail grew up in Cicida Hive and always wanted to go to Unity Academy; when she turned six and grew her wings she immediately applied and currently is waiting nervously for her 'scout' (the dragon who will tak her to the school across the ocean). 

FAULTS: Trusts dragons too much; is always biting her talons

OTHER: Once she gets to school, she's going to get a crush on a HiveWing named Anthophora   

Okay, not sure if I did that right, but...READY TO ROLEPLAY!!!!!!

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Hey! Yup you did it exactly right- (and yeah I meant pyrrhian dragons can only have animus magic- sorry about that! XD)

tries to control excitement 

unfortunately I didn't see your intro post... what section is it under? 

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Huh, I guess the admin didn't pass it yet...OH WELL! It is a bit of a long post. 

Anyways, so I'm veryyyy excited. I love wings of fire!!! 


Dear Shining Star, there are no comments waiting to be posted, so if you still do not see it feel free to resubmit! - Admin 

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Ok, I resubmitted it. It starts, "Hey!"

I just posted it.


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Name: Ash

Tribe: LeafWing

Pronouns: he/him

Winglet: uhhh Silver's one of them right? 

 Abilities (as in powers): Leafspeak

Abilities (as in strengths): Very curious, intelligent but tries to hide it-- a bit like Qibli

Personality: Like I said, pretty similar to Qibli except he isn't as self-aware. He's talkative and very friendly, and extremely loyal. Also pretty awkward in social situations.

Appearance: Dark green scales similar to the leaves of an ash tree, clear blue eyes, small ears and big feet.

Family: open I guess? 

Backstory: Grew up in the Scorpion Den, came to Jade Mountain as soon as he was old enough. This is his third year here.

Faults: Worries too much about what others think, awkward, sometimes talks too much

Other: Open to shipping with other males, preferably LeafWings though if he finds someone he really likes he’ll love them no matter what. 

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Hey, thanks Raven!

I believe Silver Winglet is canon in the series, but not at Unity in this roleplay...the winglets are Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald, though I'd reccomend choosing one of the first two because they're the only ones with dragons in them yet.

Oh! And since I never specified how the different grades would work let's say Jade Moutain does exist (but none of the characters associated with it) and so does an academy in Pantala similar to it, and the schools picked a couple of dragons to go to Unity which is for both continents, and those are where dragons who've been going to school for a few years are fun.

All right, it's the day before school starts when everyone gets there, and when at least 1 winglet fills up entirely we can start the school.


Starless surveys the dragons surrounding us, his unblinking eye studying each student critically.  That's something I've always admired about him: he can tell so much about a dragons' ability and strength by just observing them.  Me, I can tell lots about emotions and thoughts, if I can be with them for long enough, though that's not too helpful in a fight.  

A pair of RainWings walk by us and I look at them interestedly.  There had been a RainWing at Good Fortune, but she was much older than I was and left the orphanage when I was quite young.  These peculiar dragons are smaller than the other students and one has lots of white and purple and pink, colors I'd never known a dragon could be.  And the colors ripple and change! I lean forward interestedly, and Starless snorts imperiously.

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Oh, sorry! I'll be in Topaz then. 

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has been quite a bit since ive come on here. havent seen one of these in awhile, guess ill join.

NAME: Ender

TRIBE: NightWing IceWing hybrid

PRONOUNS: she/they

WINGLET: Ameythest. 

ABILITIES (LEAFSPEAK, MAGIC, ETC): Animus and mindreading (promise i can balance it out, other section)

ABILITIES (POWERFUL FIGHTER, INTUITIVE, ETC): Good at fighting, observant. Has a lot of street-smart things. 

PERSONALITY: Blunt, but lies a lot. Least likely to start a fight, but most likely to win one. Likes chaos and confusion. However, has no common sense whatsoever. 

APPEARANCE: Like a nightwing, with silver teardrop scale thingies, but with a white circle around her ankle. Wears a lot of silver and golden rings and necklaces and whatnot. 

FAMILY: Nobody really knows. 

BACKSTORY: Abandoned in a forest when she was an egg. Grew up learning to fend for herself. 

FAULTS: Has no common sense, is the most idiotic dragon ever when it comes to arithmatic and stuff, likes to make very dangerous jokes, and likes to live life on the edge. too much. 

OTHER: So my plan for balancing animus + mindreading out- shes a very secretive dragon. I want her to know a lot, but at the same time, not want her to be overpowered (As per usual). so, she's secretive and doesnt like other dragons working with her- shes more of a "do this myself, i dont need help" type, so really, her mindreading is only useful to herself. and her animus...well, the bit of common sense she has is called "dont use your animus or youll lose your soul" so she only uses it in life or death situations

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NAME: Addax

TRIBE: SandWing

PRONOUNS: he/him

WINGLET: He's a teacher



PERSONALITY: Very strict.  Very very very very strict. Impulsive.

APPEARANCE: Smallish, large talons

FAMILY: open

BACKSTORY: nothing

FAULTS: strict

OTHER: We needed a teacher so Addax became a thing.  Basically an NPC.

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I'm so excited I can hardly breathe, but nervous too. I wonder what cave I'll be assigned to. Will I be living with anyone? I spread my gold-green wings, scanning the crowd for faces I know; at last I spot Azure, a SilkWing I knew from my hive. I wave him over.

"Swallowtail?" he says. "I didn't know you'd signed up."

"I've been wanting to ever since I heard about Unity Academy," I reply.

He bounces up and down. "I wonder if they'll let you use your flamesilk."

I twitch back my wings. This is something I've been wondering too. I hope so, I think. My flamesilk is part of who I am. "I don't know," I said aloud. "I got a scroll about the rules, but I haven't read it yet."

"Hey, me too!" he says. "Why don't we go spin a hammock and read them together?"

I'm distracted by a HiveWing about my age when he hurries over. He's orange-gold, with spots of black scattered over his scales, and his horns twist back in a way that frames his sweet, slightly-worried face. "Hi," he says. "I'm looking my sister, she's named Polybia. She's almost all black; have you seen her?"

"N-no..." I stammer, suddenly aware that I'm staring at him. "I'll tell you if I see her, though."

"Great!" he says, a smile chasing the worries off his face. "Thank you. I'm Anthophora, by the way."

"I'm Swallowtail," I manage. 

"Nice to meet you. I hope I see you around, Swallowtail," he says. Then he's lost in the crowd.

I like the soft way he says my name. 

"Swallowtail!" Azure says impatiently. He's already spun himself a soft gray hammock and unrolled his rule-scroll. "Why're you talking to that HiveWing?"

"He was looking for his sister," I mumble, holding out my wrists and spinning myself a hammock of flamesilk--the kind that doesn't burn. I pull out my own scroll and we put our heads together. Thankfully, the only thing I see about dragon abilities is: Abilities are allowed but will be monitored carefully.  

Azure smiles in relief. "There, you can use your flamesilk. Just don't burn down the school or get anywhere near any dragonflame cactus."

I roll my eyes and study the crowd. The colors mold together: blue, green, gold, cream, red, white, black, brown, and dozens of rainbow colors from the RainWings and SilkWings. Smiling to myself, I close my eyes, thinking about how excited I am to meet everyone. Just before I slip into sleep, I picture Anthophora's sweet face and notice how he's the one I'm the most excited to get to know. But I don't have time to wonder why--it's been a tiring flight, and I'm already in dreamland.


Ok, that was my first Role-Play ever, hope I did ok!!! Can't wait for school to start.

--Shining Star
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Hmm, we should get together and figure out the rules for the school. I just made one: Abilities are allowed but will be monitored carefully.

--Shining Star

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Hooray! Yes it's great!

(this question is for everyone) do you want to pick what dormmates you get or have it be random? (And Shining Star, what winglets do you want Azure, Polybia, and Anthophora to be in? 

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