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[SPOILERS] Discussion Thr

[SPOILERS] Discussion Thread for the story we're planning!

If you're not Hex or Flamarestii and don't want spoilers on our story, please don't read this thread!

Anyway, we can plan and discuss more here! 

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By all means, post!

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Not exactly related to what we're doin' here, but I felt like y'all might be interested in a campaign, idk, maybe it could carry over some of our ideas here or something. Lemme know if that sounds appealing?

Also, side note, not sure if I mentioned this but my notebook full of Central-Desert-language devastatingly went missing for a few months and... um. That slowed things down for me a bunch. BUT I JUST FOUND IT SO~

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This is my character Chihiro, a kitsune, in her fox form.

Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 6.44.37 PM.png
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This is Chihiro's human form. She's not completely a kitsune. She has horns and wings.

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Okay, everyone. I know I haven't posted in a while, and this is almost at the bottom of the Inkwell, but: I'm going to give us a probably cheesy pep talk (sorry) because I don't want this to die, but I don't know what else to do either. Maybe I'm just trying to resurrect a dying thread, and tell me if I am, but I really don't think so. There's so much excitement in this yet! You each have had such good ideas and it's been super incredibly awesome working with you all! We've put all this work (15 pages, for goodness' sake!) into making the CSC, and we can't let it all die now! It would make me sad :( We just have to start up again. 

How about we RP like we were planning as deities. I think that's what we were planning? Maybe we could be discussing the fate of mere mortals in the CSC and that could be a prologue-ish part to get us started. Let's do this!

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Literally, I have random bursts of thoughts relating to this world constantly. I also have a long playlist of videos that get me in the mood for it!

Kinda lost on direction though... I don't know where to start the next story part, or how to deal with a whole joint-effort world's worth of stuff. It's just a lot, and the lack of complete creative liberty kinda gets to me after a while, tbh. That's not to say I'm not still interested, though. I love the ideas we have, I'm just a bit stuck creatively.

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You know, I've been thinking: would you peeps be down for a soft reboot? Like, I feel like we've wandered a lot from where we initially started out, and kinda lost our vision and focus along the way.

How about we consider a story we really want to tell? One that we can all get behind and craft a world around. I mean, we've kind of been doing that, but really chaotically, in my opinion. It might be a good idea to really narrow our scope some. Not to say we can't talk or do stuff with related material (I don't plan on entirely scrapping it, anyway). I just feel like we've been talking ourselves in circles a lot of the time. Consider what interests you the most in a story.

For me personally, I adore the mystery, the suspense, the snap of the thread when everything comes crumbling down and shatters into pieces. I relish the sinking feeling of a dawning realisation, and the feeling of all the pieces coming together at last. I love the twist of the knife of fate -- peripeteia, if you will -- and schemes and plots and intrigue galore; raw emotions tearing up to the surface, tragedy bred by terrible coincidences and misteps, particularly because they so easily could have been prevented, as well as the consequences. That's what pushes me to read, and write, too. That's what really gets me excited, beyond belief.

So what gets you worked up about stories? What lights your passion aflame; gets your imagination running? Do share, it'd help how we write moving forward, if you would. 


All just thoughts, though, lemme know your honest opinions. I don't want to make anyone feel left out or unheard, so to be clear, these are just my feeling on the matter. I'd be happy to hear anything y'all have to say, and you genuinely might have a brilliant idea, even if it doesn't seem so now, so don't be afraid to share. We don't plan on doing anything alone, since this really is a group-project sorta thing!

Hope to see your replies soon! :) 

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Hear, hear, let's have a reboot! Jaybells, that whole thing you wrote was beautiful and absolutely captures the perfect story. I won't be near as eloquent as you :) but I love stories with complexity, a plot with so much substance and life that you feel as if you could just step into the story yourself ... and characters especially.

I love character development, I love reading and making characters that are unique and funny and original and do good and bad things and just live like real people do. I love the complexity of characters, when good people turn traitor to the dark side (heart-wrench!) and bad people suddenly surprise us all and save the day. Friendships and betrayal, romance and hatred, it all contributes tremendously to a story. 

And I love fantasy. Fantasy stories are wonderful and have their own magic spark, and now we're making our own, and it's so exciting!! 

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I totally agree with every eloquent thing y'all have just said!

I'm really busy right now, but I'm just letting y'all know that I'm aliveeeeee. (I think? This would be awkward if I wasn't...) A soft reboot sounds great! I think you're right, we've lost our origional goal—and while that isn't a bad thing, it might help to go back to the start in some aspects.

So... what story are we trying to tell~?

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Uh. So I may have reworked the language. As in, started over from scratch. Like, several notebook pages full of vocab and sentence stucture and examples. And then realised it sounded horrible and I can't sing it and oml I still have not a great idea on how to do this and-

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if y'all want to keep working on this we totally should :D

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