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[SPOILERS] Discussion Thr

[SPOILERS] Discussion Thread for the story we're planning!

If you're not Hex or Flamarestii and don't want spoilers on our story, please don't read this thread!

Anyway, we can plan and discuss more here! 

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Wanna fail at thinking with me?

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Already done ;D

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Just had an idea -- water always flows down, right? So maybe water could have a stronger connection with death (think about how many cultures represent death by crossing a river, etc.) outside of her own story (although that fits very nicely).

I'll brainstorm more in-depth about symbolism later when I have more time! Seeya!

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That's a really cool idea! What about a waterfall—maybe that could represent sudden death because it's always going down, kind of unstoppable, really fast. Or tides—maybe they bring dead souls out to land to try to reach for their loved ones but can't make it far enough and inevitably ripple back into the endless ocean?

Okay, what rises?

...hot air? Let's all go to heaven on a hot-air balloon!

Fiiiine maybe not. Wind? Hot air vs cold air could be like the natural balance of good/evil (or something slightly less cliché) and it's always fighting, creating storms like tornados when it clashes?

But balloons or kites could represent trying to reach/touch heaven (assuming this world has a heaven). We could make a holiday/festival where they do this. 

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(November 24, 2022 - 10:39 am)

Oh, but wouldn't hot-air ballooning be so delightful~ I love all of the flying/floating thoughts of yours, Hex! 

It could also be really cool to play around with a balance between fear and respect for water! I agree about the warm and cold struggle too, it kinda draws parallels to the light vs. dark theme we had brewing earlier on.

If we're worried about it being cliché, perhaps we could paint it more as balance or middle-ground than a true battle between "good" and "evil;" after all, in complete darkness nothing is clear to see, but the same is true with blinding light. Yes, cultures tend to ascribe morality and symbolism to each, but a middle-ground in in fact the best was to go, from a certain perspective. Of course, I'd like to play around with more than just a black-and-white example -- a dichotomy, and have extra factors to make things sticky and more complicated(in a fun way, of course).    Maybe compromise can be shown to be dangerous or simply not the right choice in certain situations (like using Hex's great example of cold and hot creating detrimental storms, for instance. Is that truly for the greater good, or is it just needless destruction and suffering?). What you all think of it?

And finally, going back to the idea of balloons/kites and their sky-seeking, that feels a lot like an authentic practice, although I don't think the rather backwards-thinking bulk of the CSE would endorse such a festival... But it's possible it could fit in a round-about way.    After all, I imagine at large the leading figures and institutions in CSE don't necessarily or consciously bear malicious intent, they are simply stuck in a bubble created by their situation and closed-off way of thinking. 

We'll see, though! Hope to see ya send some more ideas down the line! It's great to see you people back again after that little brain-break! 

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(November 24, 2022 - 5:30 pm)

Sorry, I haven't had much time for this lately (and I realize it's only been like 2-3 days but it feels so much longer). There is so much going onnnnnnn. BUT I am happily (?) procrastinating *wince* so. Here. I. Am! Tada? *jazz hands as I wait expectantly for someone to clap, realize nobody is clapping, and start to feel sad*

Ah yes *strokes beard wisely*, the middle ground is often the best, for dangerous shadows would be less fearsome (and I suppose cuddly shadows would be much less comforting) without light to flourish against and light would be much... brighter? More headache-inducing (and it's already plenty of that)?

It still could be inopportune for them to co-exist, however, if... [insert something smart-sounding here]. Okay, maybe if side_1/side_2 are truced, both lose enthusiasm to keep going, instead atrophying into a useless pile of gloop (rather like some school lunches, I suppose). However, if side_1 and side_2 are fighting, it instills a sense of urgency to keep going and outplay the other side, forcing new inventions and keeps the civilizations blooming. Or side_1 and side_2 could just not exist side-by-side—rather like the storm/weather idea—because of energy/magic/storms/falling frogs (or as Jay more sensibly put it, "needless destruction and suffering.")

As for sticky and complicated ideas, I'm all ears! For doesn't it make one oddly happy if two gummy bears are stuck together adorably with their tiny squishy and unhealthy little heads melted? Or not. Maybe I'm just odd~

The floating festival idea was random, I agree it doesn't fit as much with the CSE (Centural Sands... pEople? Enviornment? Education? Elephant?) sorry, I don't remember what that stands for, but I think I agree (:

Although maybe birds/flying squirrels/etc—creatures who can fly—are believed to be closer to "heaven" (again, assuming we have a heaven and that it's way up in the clouds) because they can reach out their wings/cute little paws/etc to try to touch it. Maybe all creatures are born from the ground and as they grow taller they attain greater wisdom and reach higher, ultimately to heaven. This would be especially true for trees, as they often live very very very long and grow to be very very very tall. Or maybe ghosts (if we have ghosts) hover ~1 foot off the ground because they're no longer connected to earth? Random idea, but I kind of like it.

Do we want an afterlife/death deity? Right now we have three big ones, correct me if I'm wrong, but Water, Earth/Sand, and Air. The idea is that these three main beings would have children/relatives who fill more minor parts in this belief, i.e. fire (maybe originally in the form of lightning) spawned from Air and Earth. Maybe we would want a minor afterlife child to be connected to water, if we're going off the water = death idea. I could also see arguments for death being a child of air (air is unearthly—or at least, doesn't connect directly to the earth—thereby disconnecting the dead souls from the ground) or earth (we bury our dead, generally, although idk if these people do). Thoughts? 

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*claps like a proud parent* *comments as xe reads*

OK BUT DID YOU JUST SAY FALLING FROGS- AHAHAHAGAHAHQHAHA *wheeze* (I know that's technically a real stormy phenomenon but still, lol)

And yeah CSE is the temporarily the placeholder name of what I'm pretty sure is the Central Sand Empire?

We do be loving ourselves some welded-together gummy bears, yes, yes....

I know the floating festival doesn't sound really deserty, but I really love the idea and want to work it in somewhere! >:D

I like the symbolism you're thinking up too! That can definitely be the case with animals/tall things like trees! The way you described it kinda reminds me of more Eastern ideas (especially Bhuddism-related stuff) about ascension.

Also since Water has such a duality with life and death, in my head, ghosts would kind of be associated with Water, who was killed by Earth's malice, which might mean they reject Earth, but don't fully embrace Sky either(although there are clearly still some lingering positive feelings/will left over), or something like that. 

On the other hand, maybe there are different components of death/life (idk), like Physical (body, made from dust), Mind (made by water and keeps everything together), Spirit (???, made by breathing life into the form) or something of that nature. Feel free to brainstorm your own versions, since it sounds a tad silly to me at the moment... :P

With the above idea maybe all three somehow formed Life and unknowingly its twin-opposite Death as well. The fact that it was made by three instead of two "creators" makes it unlucky or unnatural (I mean, in addition to those makers being dieties lol) which creates the curse(or just balance really) of Death. Maybe Death admires Life greatly but is really awkward and kinda terrifying to Life, who tries to avoid their hidden twin at any cost. Or perhaps they're more like two sides of the same coin, and get along spectacularly?? Certainly more wholesome that way. It could even be cool if there is just a Light and Dark twin, and they each grant life and death in equal measures and have little to no control over their powers since they are eternal children, being neglected by their warring creators, and are only referred to Life and Death, but are not exclusive to either? That would be really cool in my opinion!!

Anyway, let's give death rituals more thought!

[For example, if we use the Physical-Mind-Spirit type system, maybe each part is disposed of in a different way (not in this order): most of the physical body/skin and bones is buried(maybe just ashes even??); blood or mind/wet stuff (ew ew ew) emptied into a container set aside in a container (like what the Egyptians did with those organ-cans (canopic jars, as they are known officially)) in honour of Water, perhaps even for reuse; after the breath ceases and body "deflates"(why do I know this? because I am way too interested in forensic pathology and true crime, etc. :'D) and associated "air" parts are burnt for Air to reclaim. That whole process would probably only be for the rich though, and normal people would do smaller, less-gross rituals... Idk, do come up with your own thoughts if you are at all interested!]


Also, just wanted to chip in here; I don't think the heaven/heck thing really fits with the CSE's beliefs super well. If y'all disagrees, please do explain how it would be worked in, I'd love to get some extra depth there. Right now it seems a little out of place where we're standing. We'll definitely have time to play around with the idea for different cultures(maybe some more Judaic-inspired peoples will sprout up in the desert too, just like in our world), so it's not like I'm just throwing the idea out, plus we might somehow work it in.

To be fair, I'm thinking of an alternative, where for your path to the afterlife you either get a peaceful ride or get jostled around a lot, and perhaps even lost forever in a terrible way, depending on if you respected Water in life or not (yeah, it's basically the same thing as heaven vs. heck, but just seems more in line with the 'water is related to death' whereas I don't really see Sky = heaven and Earth = heck in this culture). To me, it works better for now, but I'm also thinking about working on a civilization partially inspired by Buddhist stuff next, and is geographically not far from CSE, so maybe we'll get a little bit of fusion in-between cultures and can explore that whole mess in a bit? 

Also now I'm really doubting what CSE atands for pls help lol. TvT 

Anyway, thoughts? 

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I just had a random but fun-sounding idea: wanna roleplay as our deities??? It could be a fun way to get into their heads and kinda establish more lore and stuff? I don't know how/if it will work yet, but lemme know if you're interested! 

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That sounds like a great idea! What do you think, Flamie? And would it be in heaven/hell/whatever or down on earth? And before/after versions or in-between or as the mood strikes us? Aaah great idea Jaybells, also I saw your upper comment—great ideas so far I'll respond when I have time lol probably after break so in a few days. Yay glad this is back (: it's really fun working with you guys you have such good ideas and are genuinely interesting people. 

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(November 25, 2022 - 4:40 pm)

Yea, same! Love you guys so much (as internet-siblings, I suppose)! Hope everyone has a great Holiday time! Stay safe and healthy mates! <3

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(November 25, 2022 - 9:14 pm)


I kinda forgot about this! I heard you guys are like starting an RP, but I need some filling in on what the RP will be about. Are we supposed to join? 

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(November 26, 2022 - 2:00 pm)

Thank you, that's so sweet, Jaybells!

RPing! I'm in! So who's going to be who? 

@Rora, I'm sure you could join us if you want, but we definitely don't have everything figured out ourselves. I'll leave it to Jaybells to decide since it's not my idea :D

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