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Jasmine is a student of GenkuSuh Boarding School in the desert kingdom of Kyriah. They have uniforms and lots of rules, that Jasmine breaks most of. Her and her friends have many adventures within, and without the walls of her school. This is an RP for it, enjoy!

Name: Jasmine H.
Age: 13, nearly 14, in 3rd and final year at GenkuSuh
Personality: Spunky, always trying to figure out a new way to break the dress code rules without being caught (even though she usualy is)
Appearence: Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and tan skin. Very pretty.
Other: Her little sister, Mary-Lee (10) is in her 1st year at GenkuSuh too, and her older 'perfect' sister, Amari (17) graduated 3 years ago and is now studying abrod at a girls school in Elyni.

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I'll join but if this goes with a book... I don't know which one it is... 


Name: Alamea Kaai

Age: 13

Personality: A little shy and quiet. People don't notice her a lot until she meets Jasmine. She's very smart and always has a plan.

Appearence: Caramel colored skin, dark brown, ultra curly hair which she usually wears in a long braid that falls to her hips, grey eyes and tall.

Other: She's an orphan who has never known her real parents. Her 'aunt' sent her to the boarding school so that she could become more proper. Spends much of her time writing.



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Top, please???

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TOP!! *poke*

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HELLO?! TOP!! Please!!

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Nah, I just made this up spur of the moment. It would make a good book though... XD

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Yeah, it would! So, should you start?

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We should probabaly wait for a few more members. If there arent any within the next 2-3 days, lets just go with us.


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Name: Aika Basima Bunko 

Age: 14

Personality: She's very friendly, but can be a bit shy sometimes. She's also sarcastic and is very rude to people she doesn't like.

Appearence: Caramel skin, hazel eyes, medium length hair with diagonally-cut bangs. 

Other: She's very gung-ho about music and spends most of her free time practicing when not with friends. 

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Name: Karanah JimShah

Age: Newly 13, in second year at GenkuSuh but is only recently arriving (she moved- mysterious)

Personality: Very shy, tries to follow rules but is sometimes tricked by bullies into breaking them, meets Jasmine in principal's office, has a strange talent for blending into her surroundings (part of that mysterious thing) even though she looks totally different from most of the darker GenkuSuh students. (There's more, but I don't know if it'll show up.)

Appearance: Wavy gold hair down to her waist (usually in a braid), bright green eyes, fair skin that has tanned from the sun, tall for her age

Other: For the 'mysterious' thing- she speaks with an accent as if she came from a different country and language, seems sometimes baffled by GenkuSuh practices, only child, would rather be alone than in a crowd, disappears for times and no one knows where she is, blending in thing (I haven't worked out this exactly, it's off of the top of my head. I hope that she won't steal the show from Jasmine.)

Could I join?

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Of course. So, Kat can we start???

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Just got back from weekend at the YMCA in Estes and am EXAUSTED!!!

Will post later, thanx to everyone who joined XD

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Cool! Well, until later! ;)

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I certainly hope that this will not become an aimless, unused thread. FrownAnyone else with me? That would be positively awful, as this has so much promise!


Could we start this up again? (I am resisting doing it right now because, while I don't want to sound hypocritical, it wasn't my idea). I certainly hope so! Our characters await...

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