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Hero or Heroine

Hero or Heroine

I’m so excited when I start a new story! Most writers believe that the single most important part is the characters. If readers fall in love with your characters—especially the main character—they will read to the end, feeling every emotion, taking part in the adventures. So as we work together toward building our story, please give a lot of thought to the conversation on this thread. Share your own best ideas, think about ideas others come up with, and discuss ways to make the character as interesting and memorable as possible.

Be original, and don’t be afraid to be surprising! What if the main character had a really unusual background or ability or fear? What if she were a girl who could only come out in the moonlight because a witch cast a spell on her great-grandmother? If you’re like me, you’ll find that the more questions you ask and answer about the main character, the more the story will begin to write itself in your head!

For example, if I wanted to introduce the girl who could only come out in the moonlight, I might write: “Quill pushed aside the velvet drape and peeked out through the window’s glass to where the moon glowed, huge and silver, behind the oak trees. It was their nightly ritual, Quill and the moon each peeping through curtains to see if the other were awake.”

I can’t wait to see your ideas! Here’s my list of traits for brainstorming the main character. After you have your ideas, you can write a Crowd Sorcery Sentence, or two or three, that might introduce your character in the story.

1. Name

2. Appearance

3. Background

4. Personality

5. How is he/she different from others?

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for?

7. How is he/she strong?

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable?

9. What does he/she fear most?

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s)


The voting for hero and heroine is now complete. Go here to see our main character and learn the schedule for creating and voting on a villain and sidekick.

You can still add to this Hero and Heroine thread for fun.


submitted by Fred Durbin
(April 23, 2014 - 10:05 am)

Nme: Vivi Greenspark.

Appearence: Black hair with green stripes, dark green eyes, small nose, white skin, small, fast, tiny mouth with deep cut next to it, dark green skirt, white top, light green apron with she never uses, she likes to be barefoot but her father makes her ware shoes and stockings.

Backround: When she was just a toddler some men came and took her mother, her father is almost never home and when he is all he does is sleep. Vivi has no friends so she`s always alone. All she has is a cat that's name is Spark. She's sixteen, very small for her age and helps Miss Cramp (a mean old lady) in her garden.

Personality: She is sweet but very quiet. She has wild imagination. She likes nature and is mosty out looking for new plants and animals with Spark.

How is she/he different from others: She is the best scholar in her class and the rest tease her cause of that. She is smallest in her class. She is the only one with dark hair. She is the only one that goes home by foot, and the others are rich; she is poor. She always stays strong. . . everyone has a mother.

What does he/she despire or hope: Her mother, even though she can't remember her.

How is he/she strong: She is always strong cause she thinks that one day she will find her mother and tries not to think her mother is dead already.

How is he/she weak or vulnerable: She is weak remembering the day when two men came and took her mother. She remembers only that from her mother clearly.

What does he/she fear: She fears men that look scary. 

Your crowd sorcery sentence(s):

"Spark, come," Vivi shouted over the wind. She didn`t want to be late from gardening or then old Cramp would not give her the penny she always got. She slammed into Miss Cramp's gate and opened it. There were two men on the doorstep. "Don't think it," Vivi whispered, but she already had. Two mean men on their doorstep, turning and dragging her screaming mother. NO!!!, she thought, and almost shouted it.

submitted by Hilla Wetherill, age 9, Finland, Helsinki
(May 14, 2014 - 9:16 am)




Jet black hair with a streak of purple on the right side of her head. She has dark brown eyes and pale skin. Is always wearing a black, leather suit with a bow n' arrow slung across her back and her hair is always in s ponytail.


When she was little, Abrielle's parents were killed by the enemy kingdom of Gerendale. The only survivor from the attack was Abrielle. A mother wolf found her, and took Abrielle in as her daughter. Abrielle grew up learning survival skills, how to hunt for food, and fend for herself. When Abrielle turned sixteen, the wolf left her to live her life, so Abrielle went to Gerendale to get revenge for her parent's death. Currently she is planning her stealthy attack on Gernedale.


Obviously, Abrielle loves revenge. She is very outgoing and would never back down from a challenge.

How is she different from others:

She is a girl who isn't afraid to stand up for herself and would rather be fighting in a war instead of cooking and cleaning.

What does she most desire or hope for:

She most desires to attack Gerendale and get revenge for her parent's death.

How is she strong:

She can shoot a bull's-eye with her bow n' arrow from over a hundred yards away and knows how to defend herself. She is also very hany with a dagger.

How is she weak or vulnerable:

She won't turn away a challenge, even if it means she dies if she loses.

What does she fear:

Nothing, at least that is what she thinks.

Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence:

Abrielle clamped her hand over the guard's mouth to muffle his screaming. Sliding her dagger to his throat, Abrielle asked him, "Tell me how to get to the King's chamber, or die." "Never!" choked the guard. "Your life," growled Abrielle pressing the blade into his skin. As the guard saw blood trickling down his neck, he swallowed and replied, "You can sneak in through the kitchen, which is on the left wing of the castle. From there, walk up the stairs and through the hallway. The door at the end of the hallway is his room." "Thank you for your service," whispers Abrielle. "Now I am afraid that I must kill you so that no one knows that I am here. Good bye!" She slit his throat and stealthily moved to the castle's left wing. Looking back at the dead guard, guilt crashed down onto her shoulders. He was an innocent man. But no, his kingdom killed her parents. Everyone in Gernedale must die! Pushing back the guilt, Abrielle pressed on towards the castle.

submitted by Kira, age 12, Georgia
(May 15, 2014 - 12:52 pm)

Name: Molly Candervandelschvtz  (German)

Appearance: She has slightly curly, smooth, brown hair. She wears a cloak and a huntress dress. She carries a bow and arrow. 

Background: She and her  family live  on a farm near the sea. She enjoys life on the farm. She is 11 years old. The land has belonged to her family for years. One day she finds a passsageway near the edge of the land. She travels through it and finds a magical land. The good news: She discovers that she is a descendant of the Great Fairy Queen Cassidy! The bad news: She must save her kingdom before it's too late!

Personality: Molly is adventurous, courageous, and brave. She is also creative, curious, and determined. She doesn't mind getting dirty, and loves to play.

How is he/she different from others: Molly is different from others because she believes in a lot of things that no one else believes in such as fairy tales, magic, etc.

What does he/she most desire or hope for: Molly most desires to have an adventure. She loves life on the farm but it can get boring at times.

How is he/she strong?: Molly is strong because she is determined and doesn't quit.

How is he/she weak or vulnerable?: Molly is also vulnerable because of her determination. She doesn't stop anything, even the smallest task, until it is completed even if it is not important to her main task. 

What does he/she fear most?: Molly's greatest fear is moving away from her family's farm.

Your Crowd Sorcery sentence(s): Molly Candervandelschvtz was heading home from the stables on her family's farm. She took a shortcut through the edge of the land. Whoa! She tripped on... a hole? She hadn't seen that before. She bent down further to investigate. Wait. It was a secret tunnel! Molly decided that she had enough time to go down before dinner even if it was only for just a minute.  

submitted by Anna C., age 10, Massachussetts
(May 15, 2014 - 4:33 pm)

That last name is AWESOME!

submitted by Gadzooks
(May 16, 2014 - 6:29 am)


Emma (short for Emerald) Sahn 



Bright emarald eyes, dark straight brown hair that falls a little past her shoulders. Usually held back with a brown headband.  Her skin is slightly on the darker side, a bit more brown than tan. She wears bright colored clothes and usually goes barefoot. 


Emma never knew her mom. She had been brought up by her Dad and lived with her three younger brothers in a tiny disorganized house. Her dad homeschooled Emma and her brothers, and they didn't connect with the outside world much. The homeschooling helped Emma to become intrigued in reading. Though Emma sometimes got overloaded by the pure annoyance that comes with younger brothers, she tried to be okay with her life. Sure, she wanted to see her mom, but she tried to not let that control her. There was a longing inside her for something more than this peaceful life, but she ignored it. She used to love to relax on the rotted-wood porch, and think. Except there never was much to think about, until Maggie jumped into her life... shoving her into another world beyond that of the shady cabin. 


Quiet, but not afraid of a little adventure. She loves nature and poetry, you can often find her balancing on an old tree stump reciting Shakespeare to herself. She loves to read, pretty much everything and especially poetry. She often seems to keep herself inside, as if she had a tiny box around her heart where she put all of her feelings. Maggie helped to change that.  

How is she different from others

Emma has always had a love for nature, and she put it into words; Emma was a poet. Not that anyone knew. She knew that other girls thought that she was strange, and started rumours about the disappearence of her mother. Some often said that her Dad had something to do with it. Though Emma wouldn't let herself believe it, she also worried. Her Dad knew more than he told her. 

What does she most desire or hope for

Sometimes she looked into the nearby grove of trees and thought of her Mom. She always thought that her Mom might be the one who she could open up her little box of hurt and questions to. Isn't that what girls do with their moms? It turned out that she ended up sharing with Maggie, whether or not she meant to.


How is she strong

She has always been strong through the beauty around her. When she's had an especially bad day, she climbs a tree, usually a willow, and tries to fade into the silence. Sometimes she even hugs the rough bark of the trunk and pores out her feelings. Leaving the bark soft and damp with tears. She always feels stronger after sharing with the willow and feels like she can continue with life.

How is she weak or vulnerable 

She's carried her box of hurt inside so long that nothing much seems to matter; not friendship or even love. Sometimes even her desire for her Mom seems hopeless. A single push could knock her world topsy-turvey and dampen her willow with more tears. She didn't have much to hold onto, and could bend and break easily making herself an easy target for bullies.

What does she fear most

That her Mom did'nt love her. That she'll never come back. Thoughts of her Mom are the only thing she has to hold onto, even though they are filled with sadness, questions, and tears. 


I tensed and slowly began inching across my limb. CRRAACK! The tree dropped from under me and I sailed through the air: straight into the arms of another girl! I immediately tensed up, as I did around other people.

" Hi," she said, " I'm Maggie, whats your name?"


Maggie is a girl with curly dirty blonde hair that befriends Emma. As described in my "Sentences" above, Emma had had a not-so-great day, and was trying to relax, and think in her willow tree. 

After a short time, Maggie and Emma become great friends. Maggie, without really trying, helps Emma to become herself agian. Maggie is bold, funny, a little clumsy, but graceful in her own way. 

But... Maggie has her own struggles too, and Emma owes Maggie a favor.  


submitted by Abigail C, age 11, Georgia
(May 17, 2014 - 11:01 am)

1. Name: Rohan 

2. Appearance: Dark brown hair, wears a long leather coat with elvish markings, underneath the coat he wears a stained, charcoal-brown shirt and long black-brown pants with patches on the knees. He also wears dirty brown knee-high boots with the tops turned down.

3. Background: His parents are in debtor's prison because someone stole all their tax money, and he lives on his own in the countryside in their old house, which is now occupied by many animals, inckluding a family of sheep in his parent's room, and a shepherd dog in the kitchen. However, none of the animals have gone near the attic because that is where the house-fairies have taken up their abode.There are some annoying gnomes in the garden, who make a sport of pelting the birds who live in the porch roof with stones. On nice nights, Rohan often sleeps in the porch to scare away the gnomes and get away from all the animals inside. Rohan's renheart is a blue fox.

4. Personality: Clever, good with animals, very kind, and is good with the small magics of fixing things and healing things.

5. How is he/she different from others? He can do amazing acrobatics in the air, which could signify some Fey blood, (the aforementioned small magics are human, not Fey, and most people have one or more that they are talented at) and although most people are wary of the Fey folk who populate the small places of England like pests, Rohan doesn't mind them so long as they don't hurt the animals.

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for? To free his parents from debtor's prison and become an animal healer, which is a prestigious role in that part of England.

7. How is he/she strong? He is kind, clever (especially with animals and fixing things), and when his renheart prompts him he can be very brave. (his renheart carries the courageous part of his spirit)

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable? He isn't very brave without his renheart, and he is too kind, which makes him rather gullible.

9. What does he/she fear most? That he will be caught and put in prison for being a vagabond with no apparent parents, which would shatter his hope of saving his parents and becoming an animal healer, and the guards would probably kill his renheart and he would never get to help another animal.

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s): Rohan had been in the nearby town many times for market day to buy food, but every time he was deathly afraid of being seen by guards. Suddenly Rohan heard the shout of soldiers, and he started running. Just the old routine, he thought and the mind-voice of his renheart, Luke, echoed through his head, continuing the sentence. Run and dodge, hide and wait for them to go past, and we'll be perfectly safe. Like always. You worry too much, Ro. Rohan ducked behind some barrels in the nearest alleyway, and smiled as he shook his head to clear his mind of his worries. But you know it takes only one time to be caught, and then where'll I be? Everything will be over and gone. I don't worry, I take the right precautions.

submitted by Tara C, age 8, Canada
(May 18, 2014 - 4:02 pm)

When she is whisked away to a magical land, is it Ruby's duty to save it?

Name: Ruby VanDoorne
Age: 12
Appearance: Average in almost every aspect, but with electrical blue eyes
Ruby lives with her aunt in New York. Her parents are a mystery--she was found in her "aunt's" house one day, with no recollection of her past. Now she has been sent to Fable--a magical land!
Inquisitive with a capitol I! Ruby is usually a practical girl, but curiosity "will be her downfall!"
How is she different from others?
Well, mainly by her curiosity. But Ruby hides a special ability . . . she can speak and understand any language--even without knowing it!
What does she desire most?
Information: Who are her parents? Who is she? And most importantly WHY IS SHE IN FABLE AT ALL?
How is she strong?
She doesn't give up.
How is she weak?
Her curiosity "will be her downfall!"
What does she fear most? That she will never know the truth

submitted by Maggie H., age 10, Here and there
(May 19, 2014 - 7:21 pm)

Name:  Chandra Woodcutt

Appearence: She has long black hair and always wears a long black dress and a ruby necklace.


Backround:  She was orphaned at age 9 and is now 15 years old her parents died in a terrible diesese that came into her city and she was the only survivor.

Differces: She is different because she is often outcast by others and is misunderstood.

Desire: To have friends again

Strengths: Smart and really funny good with potions

Weakness: Cannot read or write

Fears: Being sent away from her adoptive parents

Chandra bent over the pot of boiling goo on the puffing coal stove. Just then a figure in a dark robe appeared in the doorway. 


submitted by Phoebe K., age 11, Maryland
(May 20, 2014 - 7:40 pm)

1. Name- Brynn Larkspur


2. Appearance- Long
auburn hair falls in waves down to her knees, sometimes covering her pale face,
though usually pulled back into a braid. Her sea green eyes are large and
attentive, and take in every detail of the world around her. Her face, though
simple, is attractive in its own way, except for the odd shaped scar slashed
across her cheek. She is slender and agile, yet also strong despite the fact
that she is small, which helps her do what she loves- dragon riding.


3. Background- Brynn
lives with her Uncle
Roi (who’s more like a father) and her stubborn palomino,
Chokecherry, in a cottage, facing the sea. She never knew her parents, because
they vanished before the girl was old enough to remember them. The only thing
she knows about her mother’s death, is that she got the scar the day her mother
died. Her uncle and she are very close, partly because she has no other
relations. He is the only one who knows that she’s a dragon whisperer.


4. Personality- Brynn
is-well, what can I say?! Quirky. At home, she is talkative and funny, but she
knows when to hold her tongue. Despite the fact that she talks a lot, she keeps
the most important things to herself.


5. How is he/she
different from others? The fact that she is a dragon whisperer makes her pretty
different, huh? Brynn just isn’t your normal 13 year old! She also knows very
little about her early years, her parents, and her scar, which makes her
different than others.


6. What does he/she most
desire or hope for? Brynn wants to, most of all, find out the mystery of her
childhood. What happened to her parents? Were they still alive, or were they
dead like she had been taught to believe?


7. How is he/she strong?
Growing up without parents has taught her how to work hard, cook, garden, and
do things on her own. But her strength isn’t just on the outside; Brynn is
independent and loyal to the few friends and family she has. She knows how to
ride, both dragons and horses, and is good with the crossbow.


8. How is he/she weak or
vulnerable? Brynn is afraid of what others may think of her because of her
scar. She is also shy, and sometimes a little wary of making friends.


9. What does he/she fear
most? Brynn is worried that she’ll never find out what happened to her parents,
and who she really is.


10. Your Crowd Sorcery
Sentence -- There were only two people who knew Brynn Zaria Larkspur’s secret.  And only one if you didn’t count Chokecherry,
her strong-willed pony, who never listened to her anyway. Uncle Roi (who wasn’t
really her uncle) was the other. Brynn’s secret was deeper than the forest that
grew behind the cottage they lived in. In fact, that’s where the secret most often
took place…..


“Oh, come on, Zouwrin!”
explained Brynn, exasperated. The dragon just grunted, and, if it’s possible
for a dragon to roll his eyes, that is precisely what he did. Brynn couldn’t
help but laughing.


        “All right, buddy, let’s
try this again,” she said, her green eyes staring into his golden eyes. She
spoke to him soothingly bringing the halter-the dragon’s plight -- slowly to his
muzzle. With an inward victory, she slipped on the halter. The dragon had
relented, at last. Her work was done for the day. 

submitted by Starr Z. , age 13, The Moor of Reninton
(May 22, 2014 - 7:23 pm)


Phoenix Lee Brooks, 13



Short and skinny.  Golden hair.  Blue eyes and very long, golden eyelashes.



Not to be religious or anything, but in my
fantasy world (actually it’s this world but it’s a fantasy), everyone is
reincarnated when they die.  But there
are three Rememberers, spirits who never forget anything, including their past
lives.  Phoenix is one of them.  The first thing he remembers is a bright
flash of light, and there he was— one of the first microorganisms in the ocean
at the dawn of time.  He is not always male
or human.  He can be any living thing of
either gender, but always has the thinking capacity of a human.  Currently, he is male, and currently, he is
human, and currently, his name is Phoenix Lee Brooks, so that’s how I’ll refer
to him.  He has no idea who or where the
other two Rememberers are, and he wants desperately to find them so he won’t be
so lonely.  It 2020 is and Phoenix lives
in a small town in Pennsylvania.  His
parents have no idea who he really is.



Phoenix is serious and scholarly.  He likes to take part in spelling bees and
such, due to his talent for remembering things. 
Phoenix is always polite, but he isn’t very good at talking to people,
so he’s a loner.  Phoenix has a very
strong sense of right and wrong.


How is he/she different from others?

Phoenix is a Rememberer.  Duh! 
Also, he doesn’t goof around like the other boys at his school.


What does he/she most desire or hope for?

Phoenix wants to find the other two Rememberers.


How is he/she strong?

Phoenix never forgets anything, and is very
book-smart.  He tries to do the right
thing at all times.  Also, he’s not
afraid of dying.


How is he/she weak or vulnerable?

Phoenix is terrible at working with other
people, and he is not at all athletic.


What does he/she fear most?

Never finding the other Rememberers, and
being lonely forever.


Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s)

All the passengers on the plane were screaming,
except for Karen Rodriguez.  She was just
thinking about how she hadn’t died in 33 years. 
Karen couldn’t help wondering who she would be next time.

There was a crash.

Then pain.

Then a flash of light.

Then Phoenix Lee Brooks was born.

submitted by Bounty, age 12, Crowd Sorcery
(May 24, 2014 - 4:47 pm)


1. Justin Alexander Flinn of Gidon the first.

2. Wears purple cape with golden trim, has strawberry blond hair, dark eyes, and a perfect  smile.

3. Comes from a long line of nobles, and has been treated like a king since he was a baby. Doesn't live in a castle but a large beautiful manstion.

4. Perfect. But can get stuck-up, bossy, and loud. Likes to be in charge but doesn't like it when people expect something from him. Loves adventure, but hates being in a group. he is kind.

5. Though most think so he is not a prince, but a noble. Most people in the higher rule prefer to become king or queen. He likes it when he is only in charge of himself.

6. To drop having to be perfect, but still hold on to the power.

7. Can commaned a crowd, is smart (more or less) and knows how to fight.

8. Is stuck-up and thinks anyone below him is not worth much, he is a loner which means he easy to get without many witnesses.

9. Losing everything and being a ruler but not knowing what to do with the power.

10. Justin bared his shield, as a firey blast past by him. He swiped his sword, and finished the dragon. He turned to the girl watching as she stood. She was just commoner, how could she get into a palace vault? He suddenly understood, "My Lady," Justin whispered.  

submitted by E.m.i.l.y., age 11, Some Where, Indiana
(May 27, 2014 - 1:55 pm)

Name: Anaral

Appearance: Long, untidy black hair falling to her waist, ocean green eyes, pale skin, wolf skin dress, bare feet

Background: young tree dweller, given to the forest as sacrifice by her mom and dad

Personality: mystically enchanting, caring, calm, observing

She has the power to establish a telepathic link with animals.

She wishes to save the forest.

She can call animals to her aid.

Threats to the Forest are her weakness.

She is scared of losing her friends the animals.

Anaral listened. The tree choppers had gone, but she had to be sure. 

submitted by Cerys B, age 9, England
(June 5, 2014 - 2:23 pm)

1. Name: Huney Lilac (yes Huney.)

2. Appearance: honey colored hair, fair skinned, crystal blue eyes and freckles.

3. Background: when born, her parents didn't like her so they stuck her in a honey jar and threw her in the river. The guards found her on the shore and rescued her from it. They showed her to the king and he named her Huney. The queen attempted and still attempts to kill her.

4. Personality: rebellious, nice, creative.

5. How is he/she different from others? She has a special ability that she doesn't know of.

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for? To have loving parents.

7. How is he/she strong? She can move things with her mind.

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable? She can't be near honey.

9. What does he/she fear most? That the queen WILL kill her one day.

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s)

She was done. Tired of the queen trying to kill her. Beauty was not everything to Huney. But it was to the queen. So Huney ran. Through the forest. Her only option. Then she woke. "No!" she said, sobbing.

submitted by Ashleigh
(June 9, 2014 - 3:56 pm)

I have read every one of these entries suggesting heroes and heroines, and WOW! I am truly amazed at the fascinating characters and original details that you have come up with. The selection will not be easy at all! As I've said before, any one of these could be the main character of a story. I've counted 76 different characters here (77, if we include one that is inseparable from the main character the writer created). You can all see for yourselves how fantastic these are. So if your character doesn't get chosen as a finalist, you should NOT feel bad at all. It doesn't mean that your work wasn't great. It's just that, somehow, we have to select finalists and eventually one hero/heroine to appear in the story. I can say with admiration that your character IS great. It applies to every one of you! Thank you all for putting so much thought, care, and enthusiasm into this thread!

submitted by Fred D., Rivne, Ukraine
(June 12, 2014 - 6:11 pm)

1. Name: Evelyn Robin

2. Appearance: She is a tall and pretty 14-year-old girl. Her hair sweeps down to her waist but is usually tied back in a braid with a small, satin red bow. Her eyes are a soft blue and she wears a pastel colored dress every day. Her skin is pale.

3. Background: She comes from a rich family and has always been an only child... or so she thinks. When she was 5 she was in a bad car crash and injured her leg badly. Now, she has a slight limp. She is very smart and could read chapter books when she was 5. Her parents don't pay much attention to her, mostly due to the fact that they are always away on business trips to different countries. Luckily, she has a housekeeper, Mary Johnson (40 years old, also pretty) who is her best friend.

4. Personality: She is a very timid and shy character. She isn't very good at making friends, so therefore doesn't have any. However, she is quite nice. She loves to paint and play violin and piano.

5. How she is different from others: She comes from a rich background, for one, and is abnormally smart. Also, when she plays the violin or piano, the song is so sweet that a songbird will come to her window and sing along with her. This helps her in moments of anger or depression. It calms her nerves. This songbird is her only other friend. No none else knows about the songbird.

6. What she most desires/hopes: She hopes that one day her parents will actually notice her and be kind to her and at least spend some time with her. She also hopes that she will find a friend of her own age.

7. How she is strong: She is kind-hearted (usually) and will help others, even though she isn't good at making friends.

8. How she is weak or vulnerable: She is timid and shy. People bully her because of this.

9. What she fears most: She fears cars, because of the car crash, and will never go near one.

10. Crowd Sorcery sentences:

Evelyn stomped home in a rage. When she got through the door, she hurled her bag onto the nearest chair and sat down next to it, head in hands. Mary, the housekeeper, came through the kitchen door.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I was bullied by this boy in school. He called me snake-hair, because of my braid," Evelyn mumbled.

"Why don't you go upstairs and play your violin? It sounds ever so beautiful when you play, and it does calm your nerves," Mary suggested.

"Alright," Evelyn replied, less furious. She got up slowly and walked upstairs to her music studio, where she proceeded to tune her violin. When finished, she got up slowly and opened the window. Then she picked up the violin and started to play.

Immediately the room filled with heavenly notes. Evelyn played airliy and with ease. Soon, a voice filled the room, singing in harmony. Not human.

It was her songbird.


Sorry if it's too much, I just love to write! 

submitted by Kaelyn C., age 12, UK, originally US
(June 16, 2014 - 9:52 am)