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Magical School RP!

Magical School RP!

Petrichor Academy sits high on a cliff somewhere in an undiscovered part of Scotland, on the border between the mediocore and the magical.  The Academy has been an institute of education and magic for ages.  Here students learn things like alchemy and rune-magic alongside math and literature.  Petrichor Academy's student body and faculty are made up of both humans and magical beings.

The school has three Houses- House Kelpie, House Leprechaun, and House Roc.  Unlike other house system such as the Hogwarts Houses, Petrichor's houses do not determine dorm arrangements, sports teams, or tight social structures, and the Houses do not compete exept during the school's annual Midsummer Festival games.  Instead, these Houses represent their students' unique pursuit of knowledge and exploration, and the path they will take after graduation.  Each House has a designated faculty leader, one or two specialized classes, and at the end of the year partakes a Crusade- a House-wide quest that may be something such as finding an ancient relic or solving a mystery plauging the land.

House Kelpie represents those who seek mystery and discovery, House Leprechaun represents those who seek innovation and imagination, and House Roc represents those who seek glory and adventure.


This is the first RP I've ever made, so I'm excited!  Feel free to help shape the world of Petrichor Academy and let me know if you have any questions!  Here's the form for students-


Age (13-18):




Skills/Abilities (magical or not, please avoid making magical skills OP):



Here's the form for teachers, if someone wants to be a teacher or just come up with some teachers we can use-








You can have up to two characters, and the prinicpal will be one of my charries.  Have fun, and I'll post my charries after this goes up!

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@Sterling, could you make a sort of schedule for classes please? If it's not too much trouble. :) 
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Here's a form for James, if it's ok to fill this out now. Not sure if I'll actually be playing from his perspective, but here's his sheet: 
Name: James Roan
Age: 21
Gender/Pronouns: male, he/him/his
Appearance: Rlelatively short light warm brown hair, hazel brown eyes, frekcles, tall
Personality: Pretty outgoing and friendly. Cares very deeply about Petrichor. 
Position: Teacher of healing
Other: He grew up at Petrichor school. Rumor has it that he was left there as a baby, but it is unconfirmed. He was in house Roc when he was a student and had a reputation for breaking rules. 
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Class schedule, per request!  If you have two classes in the same period, just choose one to attend.


1st period: Science (astronomy/potions/alchemy/biology)

2nd period: Artificing/magical creatures and cultures

3rd period: Literature


4th period: Healing/charms and curses

5th period: Math

6th period: Rune-magic/casting magic

7th period: History/house meetings twice a week


Club meetings/free time

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@Sterling, thanks!
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The second day dawns frosty and very, very cold. Also, early: My oversleep-preventative alarm is set for six, flat, just in case. As I jab hairpin after hairpin into my hair, I notice that there is a new schedule on my bedside table. Hmm. Why change the schedule on the second day of all days, if any? Still. This one is much more coordinated than the other, and I won't be heading to casting-magic straight from bed, although second period is now a total blank for me. More practice, I guess. And more investigations. 

Indeed, it becomes plain that that's needed when I step into Aspen Hall for breakfast: Not a chair in sight. One of the students, who is slender with short hair, is sitting eating in the tree, and some people are standing up, leaning on the wall, but others are on the floor. Drius, among people. 

"Hi," they say, their mouth full, when they spot me. "No chairs again, eh?"

"Yeah, I suppose," I answer, getting myself some oatmeal.

"And the schedule change," they continue. "Happened to older students too." 

"Maybe they're interlinked?" I suggest. 

"True. It could be a puzzle. I like them, if you haven't noticed." 

"Definitely puzzling," I answer. 


(Sorry if it's short, I can't think of much!!)

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Question--what are the different ages of students called? As in first year/second year/third year or year one/year two/year three or whatever else?

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Eh--what do you mean?

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when a thread is in danger of going to one of the infamous Back Pages, CBers sometimes post 'Top' on it to make it go back to the Top.

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Shannon dangled her legs from the Aspen as she hurriedly finished her breakfast. Once again, there had been no chairs and Shannon hadn't been able to resist the tree. Luckily, there was a lot happening on the ground so she was able to instrest herself with all the students enough to slither out of the tree. 
Shannon glanced at the schedule she had recieved earlier that day. Science, biology, and astronomy were all classes she was taking and they were all during first peroid. After a moment of thought, she decided she'd go with astronomy today. Maybe I can do alternate classes, she thought. 
As she was walking down the long stone corridors, Shannnon began to hear mumurings. She knew almost immediately they were coming from the more magical plants of the castle. Ordinary plants were far to sleepy to ever do anything except snore. But magical plants sometimes muttered things in their dreams. And Shannon had found that their dreams seemed to be of the real world. And sometimes, in here expierence, the dreams they had seemed to be slightly ahead of the things going on in the real world. Shannon had only ever seen and heard one magical plant before she came to Petrichor. Shannon had guessed that the reason a plant was magical couldn't have anything to do with the person who owned the plant, since the person who owned this  plant was a realator and knew nothing whatsoever about magic. She had heard the faint whisperings before, but now that she was growning accustomed to being in the academy, she was hearing more, understanding more.  
But at the moment she wasn't really interested in talking plants. She wanted to be on time for class. Besides, the more she tried to really listen to a plant, the more the words it muttered seemed to fade. That was probablyt because she was distracted. If she had been really paying attention, she might have heard quite a lot.
Infatct, she might've heard the warning.  
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First class of the day: alchemy. The teacher, who is wearing a gray dress that has ash on it and that matches her hair (also gray with ash on it) is standing over a cauldron that’s sitting on a small fire that hasn’t burned the floor but isn’t in a fireplace. 
“Good morning,” the teacher says in a raspy voice. 
“Good morning,” the entire class echoes. 
“Hello. My name is Professor Saoirse Ni Hennig, and we will together be learning alchemy,” says the teacher. “Now which of you can tell me about the Philosopher’s Stone?” She is extremely gray, all over, even in the skin, fingernails, eyes, and mouth. A girl wearing all green raises her hand. 
“It’s the substance that alchemists believe will allow them to make gold and achieve eternal life!” she says wildly. 
“Yes,” says the teacher. “Here you will learn to make it. It is simple. One must simply combine salt, ash, water, soil, yeast, sugar, and phosphorus and boil it. See?” Professor Ni Hennig waves at the cauldron. “Of course, one must learn to use one’s intention. And, for turning the base metals into gold, one must have a ridiculous amount of absolutely pure metal. Eternal life will allow one to live to the age of nine hundred and ninety-nine, but it will require eating of the Philosopher’s Stone every day and total depletion of one’s vitality and magic.” The stuff in the cauldron is taking up most of my attention: The magic of it feels like a flashing lighthouse in my mind. “Now pick a cauldron and let’s get started.”
Thinking: Professor NH is a fire spirit of some type??? If anyone wants to RP as her they’re welcome to, I might (maybe)

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i'm assuming that the girl in green is me :D


i grab a dark gray cauldron, and everyone does the same.

"now, pour the water and ash into your cauldrons. At the same time, please. there should be equal amounts of each. stir the mixture until it's a thick goop." Professor Ni Hennig says.

"once you've done that, put in the salt and soil. not too much, or the finishing mixture will get gritty. let that sit, and while you're waiting, mix together the sugar and yeast in water."

we waited. Flamarestii eyed the small jar of phosphorous on her desk with intrest. finally, Professer Ni Hennig said, "and now, put in the yeast mixture and stir it around. open the phosphorous and pour in a very little bit. stir, and put the cauldron over the fire."

something moved in the corner of my vision. I turned, and someone was rifling through their bag. she turned and looked at me. something was going on. they had purple-and-white hair, aqua eyes, and was wearing black clothes and a purple necklace. I didn't know her, though. I averted my gaze, trying not to look interested, and focused on my cauldron.

whovever she was, they seemed to be putting something in their bag. books, maybe? I decided not to look into it, in case the mindreading student was near by. 

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I quickly finish breakfast and run down the hall, not wanting to be late for class.  The astronomy classroom is in the tallest tower on campus, at the very top.  I take the stone steps two at a time and I'm out of breath when I reach their end at a purple door with a moon-shaped handle.  I open it and walk into a circular room, letting out a gasp as I look up.  There is no roof, but a tall glass dome above me where I can see the clear blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds.  Instead of desks the floor is covered with patterned blankets and pillows.  Some of my classmates are already there, as well as an unfamiliar man with curly golden hair and dark skin, dressed in a purple robe decorated with stars.  He turns to me as I enter. "Welcome!" he says with a smile. "My name is Professor Solaris.  And who might you be?"

"Oh, I'm Erin," I answer.

"It's nice to meet you, Erin! Please take a seat wherever you like."

I notice Drius nearby, so I sit down next to them.  Professor Solaris begins telling us about astronomy, and the difference between it and astrology. "We'll do a bit of both in this class," he says. "But mostly focus on the stars and planets themselves, not nessecarily what they might mean.  Does anyone know any of the constellations?"

A small, blue-eyed girl raises her hand. "There are a lot, right?  I know how to find Orion and Ursa Major."

"And then there's the zodiac," a girl with short, curly hair adds. "They're what astrology is based on.  There are others too, like Hercules, Pegasus, and Cassiopeia.  Most are inspired by Greek mythology."

"Good!" Professor Solaris exclaims.  He talks more about constellations and how we'll learn to locate them.  He mentions having night classes to watch a meteor shower later this year, which makes me excited.

When class ends I walk down the stairs with the curly-haired girl. "You know a lot about constellations and stuff," I remark.

She smiles. "Thanks!  It's one of the things I like to learn about."

"That's cool!  I'm Erin, by the way."

My name's Aisling," she responds.

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