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Winged Cats RP

Winged Cats RP

Winged Cats are sentient beings that live on another world. they are catlike in appearance, with long, scaly tails and wings. some have magic, but most just have stuff like breathing fire or flying silently. there are 10 kinds of Winged Cats, listed below:

Cosmic Winged Cats

Appearance: black/gray fur, dragonlike black/gray wings, gold tails and eyes, sometimes with sparkles or glossy patches, dominant males have gold manes

Powers: varies, usually things like mind-control or spying, but pretty much any mental power. strongest at night, and frequently OP

Fighting Power: 9/10


Prism Winged Cats

Appearance: white fur, pink wings/eyes/tail with blue spots on wings, small and light, feathery wings

Powers: can sense emotions in the form of colored auras when young, but can hear thoughts when older

Fighting Power: like a 4 or something? idk


Feral Winged Cats

Appearance: wings, fur, and tail in varying shades of brown, gray, dark red, and occasionaly green-gray, ragged-looking wings and ear tufts, scary claws

Powers: can fly silently like owls, see in the dark and hearing can reach 10 miles away, some can shift color to closer match the background or breathe fire

Fighting Power: if properly trained a constant 10


Mountain Winged Cats

Appearance: white, purple, blue, and gray, usually bright and icy-looking, thick layers of fur, feathery wings, long, straight claws, jet-black ear tufts

Powers: uhh can withstand a lot of cold? and paws are wide, to walk on snow

Fighting Power: 6ish


Ocean Winged Cats

Appearance: colors are always highly saturated when young, males are shades of blue, females are green/brown-green. wings like fins and lots of fins on tail/back, sometimes random fins in weird spots, green-gold eyes

Powers: can swim SUPER well 

Fighting Power: meh 3 


Forest Winged Cats

Appearance: gray/brown fur, green or brown wings like leafy branches, tails of the same color as wings, long claws and tails

Powers: can climb and fly exellently and are very agile

Fighting Power: 4


Fire Winged Cats

Appearance: red, orange, or blue fur, wings, and tail, wings can be pretty much any shape you want them to be, occasionaly with yellow or black mixed in as well, color-changing eyes based on mood

Powers: fire-related stuff, including lava drool 

Fighting Power: 9


Lightning Winged Cats

Appearance: yellow, white, and light purple fur, tail, and wings, wings are shaped like a generic lightning bolt symbol, dark eyes

Powers: lightning/thunder magic, although it takes a physical toll

Fighting Power: 9/10


Desert Winged Cats

Appearance: gold fur with black spots, silvery blue/purple/green tails, brown falcon wings, thin and spindly, often called 'scrawny' 

Powers: by far the fastest fliers/runners

Fighting Power: 8 


and finally...


Magic Winged Cats

Appearance: beautiful silver fur/tail/wings, with streaks of one color, which signifies their power, wings shaped like crescent moons or bird wings

Powers: depends on what Cat, sometimes can control/summon specific elements, like fire, water, or plants, other Cats can do teleknesis (moving things with their mind,) or can vanish into shadows, almost always OP but most of them are cowards

Fighting Power: 11 if they want to


here's the form:



Cat Type:








Brains or Brawn?:

Deepest Secret:


and here's my character:

Name: Ivy

Cat Type: Forest

Pronouns: she/her 

Appearance: gray fur, light green wings/tail, orange-brown eyes

Abilites: agile

Personality: serious and secretive, loves to have fun to distract herself

Weaknesses: has a bad habit of lying

Skills: a reasonably good fighter, can tell when someone's hiding something

Quirks: nervous-laughing a lot

Brains or Brawn?: brains mostly

Deepest Secret: is terrified of most new Cats she's meeting for the first time


you can have up to 4 characters, and you can base them off yourself, the RP will start on June 15, or when there are 7 characters, feel free to join after that!


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After speaking with Equinox, I walked through the prisons, thinking about what to do. Suddenly, I realized that there were no cats in chains. They had escaped. I snarled and ran after them

Im sorry Amethysts part is soo short. I wanted to create another of my charecters, which is Leah. She's a silver cat with one black streak and can mind read and put people in trances. Only if this is okay with you guys. 


I moaned. Sending transmissions to Amethyst had drained my energy. Shaking off the chains I had been working on for months, I forced myself to stand. Walking silently, I followed the scents of prisoners. I had been here long enough to recognize what was happening by just listening to thoughts. I stumbled over to the cats. A magic cat had just freed two others. I watched silently. Suddenly, someones thoughts rang in my head, and I yelped. All three cats stared at me. "Amethyst, help me." I whispered under my breath, copying a habit I had had since I was a kitten. I had always called my sister when I got scared. I might have said it to loud, because The magic cats eyes went wide.

Imm sooo sorry, i dont have much time.

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"I'm Tinder"

I said.





The shortest there ever was.

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I was thinking that Amethyst can't find the cats, so they actually escape, but Amethyst manages to snatch Nightingale's tail as they are breaking out, but the other cats get sad that the cat who rescued them was captured at the last minute, so they plan a daring rescue for her.

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great idea!

sorry for not replying right away. i'm on a road trip (as you can see from my location box)  

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also, i might not be active for sometime, soo....  

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"Shhh." Tinder said as I tripped on a rock.

"sorry." I replied. Soon, the tunnel started to slope upwards.

I swiveled my ears, checking for unfamiliar movement. I dug at the ceiling as hard as I could, Tinder and Nightingale beside me. 

Then, a small section of the ceiling crumbled away. Bright sunlight flooded through the hole.

thrilled, I prepared to leap out.


pretty short

also, plz post people! This thread isn't dead yet! 

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It couldn't be that easy. She held Arbor back by a fur of his tail. "Oof! It's not safe to go. I'll check first."

She poked one claw through the hole. Outside, there was forest. And forest. "It's safe. You go first."

Nightingale led the prisoners out one by one. Voltage was hard to handle, she had a concussion on her head. Nightingale finally managed to push her through. The only cat left was Tinder. "Can you go through without my help?" she asked.

Tinder managed, scrabbling her paws on the dirt until she got up.

Now it's my turn. Nightingale thought. As soon as she got out of that hole, she would be FREE!

Eagerly she leapt, clawing for the sunlight, scrabbling. "Pull me up!" she called to Arbor. He gripped her paws and pulled. Her body was nearly through when she felt the ground under her paws. She pulled her wings through happily, and spread them wide as she got them out of the hole. The cats were around her, smiling. She had almost gotten her last paw out -

Nightingale yowled. Something had her tail. She pulled...and fell back into the hole with a thud. She reached up one paw. The cats stood horrified, looking down at her. She clawed at the dirt, trying to dig her way up to the sunshine....

Amethyst laughed. "Not so fast."


And I'm leaving it at a cliffhanger. That was EPIC! I wonder what Equinox is going to do... 

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"NIGHTINGALE!" I yelled. the scary Cat is back! I thought, panicking. I was prepared to jump back down and help Nightingale, but Tinder grabbed my paw. 

"no time for that, let's GO!" Tinder shouted, pulling me away. unwillingly, I ran. away from the Cat that freed me. I thought sadly.



I had gotten accustomed to the dark, and my eyes had adjusted. of course, this meant I could see the grinning skulls even better.

I flicked my tail, then started pacing. there had been loud noises, not too far away. mostly Cats yowling. my hearing had been getting better as well as my eyesight. 

it's only a matter of time until something happens. I thought.


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A commotion was coming from the next cave over. Amythst had ran away from me abruptly. I walked over to see what was going on. Amythst had pinned a Green and Brown Forest cat, but a Firecat had grabbed him and sliped away. A Maigiccat was sprawled on the ground, trying to get back up. I rushed over, helping her up and dragging her over to the wall, propping her up. "are you ok" I asked her. She looked at me like I was crazy. "What? Do I have something on my face?" I wondered out loud. She shook her head at be, then said "Why are you helping me? Your a Cosmic cat. Shouldn't you be helping the other Cosmic cats with your "evil" plan" I cocked my head to the side. "what do you mean?"... 

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I am SO sorry for not being active. 

Did abyss meet Leah? I'm a little confused.


I grabbed Nightengale. She was letting the other cats escape. I could get them later. The magic cat thrashed. I commanded the shadows to knock her out. The other cats ran. I took Nightengale back into a cell, went over to my cave.



Very short. 


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No, the did not. I think there was a breif meeting between Amethyst before? Quite quick.

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