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Winged Cats RP

Winged Cats RP

Winged Cats are sentient beings that live on another world. they are catlike in appearance, with long, scaly tails and wings. some have magic, but most just have stuff like breathing fire or flying silently. there are 10 kinds of Winged Cats, listed below:

Cosmic Winged Cats

Appearance: black/gray fur, dragonlike black/gray wings, gold tails and eyes, sometimes with sparkles or glossy patches, dominant males have gold manes

Powers: varies, usually things like mind-control or spying, but pretty much any mental power. strongest at night, and frequently OP

Fighting Power: 9/10


Prism Winged Cats

Appearance: white fur, pink wings/eyes/tail with blue spots on wings, small and light, feathery wings

Powers: can sense emotions in the form of colored auras when young, but can hear thoughts when older

Fighting Power: like a 4 or something? idk


Feral Winged Cats

Appearance: wings, fur, and tail in varying shades of brown, gray, dark red, and occasionaly green-gray, ragged-looking wings and ear tufts, scary claws

Powers: can fly silently like owls, see in the dark and hearing can reach 10 miles away, some can shift color to closer match the background or breathe fire

Fighting Power: if properly trained a constant 10


Mountain Winged Cats

Appearance: white, purple, blue, and gray, usually bright and icy-looking, thick layers of fur, feathery wings, long, straight claws, jet-black ear tufts

Powers: uhh can withstand a lot of cold? and paws are wide, to walk on snow

Fighting Power: 6ish


Ocean Winged Cats

Appearance: colors are always highly saturated when young, males are shades of blue, females are green/brown-green. wings like fins and lots of fins on tail/back, sometimes random fins in weird spots, green-gold eyes

Powers: can swim SUPER well 

Fighting Power: meh 3 


Forest Winged Cats

Appearance: gray/brown fur, green or brown wings like leafy branches, tails of the same color as wings, long claws and tails

Powers: can climb and fly exellently and are very agile

Fighting Power: 4


Fire Winged Cats

Appearance: red, orange, or blue fur, wings, and tail, wings can be pretty much any shape you want them to be, occasionaly with yellow or black mixed in as well, color-changing eyes based on mood

Powers: fire-related stuff, including lava drool 

Fighting Power: 9


Lightning Winged Cats

Appearance: yellow, white, and light purple fur, tail, and wings, wings are shaped like a generic lightning bolt symbol, dark eyes

Powers: lightning/thunder magic, although it takes a physical toll

Fighting Power: 9/10


Desert Winged Cats

Appearance: gold fur with black spots, silvery blue/purple/green tails, brown falcon wings, thin and spindly, often called 'scrawny' 

Powers: by far the fastest fliers/runners

Fighting Power: 8 


and finally...


Magic Winged Cats

Appearance: beautiful silver fur/tail/wings, with streaks of one color, which signifies their power, wings shaped like crescent moons or bird wings

Powers: depends on what Cat, sometimes can control/summon specific elements, like fire, water, or plants, other Cats can do teleknesis (moving things with their mind,) or can vanish into shadows, almost always OP but most of them are cowards

Fighting Power: 11 if they want to


here's the form:



Cat Type:








Brains or Brawn?:

Deepest Secret:


and here's my character:

Name: Ivy

Cat Type: Forest

Pronouns: she/her 

Appearance: gray fur, light green wings/tail, orange-brown eyes

Abilites: agile

Personality: serious and secretive, loves to have fun to distract herself

Weaknesses: has a bad habit of lying

Skills: a reasonably good fighter, can tell when someone's hiding something

Quirks: nervous-laughing a lot

Brains or Brawn?: brains mostly

Deepest Secret: is terrified of most new Cats she's meeting for the first time


you can have up to 4 characters, and you can base them off yourself, the RP will start on June 15, or when there are 7 characters, feel free to join after that!


submitted by Darkvine, age immortal
(May 29, 2022 - 2:40 pm)

Backstory of Leah (from Amethyst’s point of view)


“I win!” Leah said triumphantly. I rolled my eyes, but smiled. I had played easy on her when we were wrestling. “I guess you beat me.” I said. She grinned, her wings stretched out with pride and fangs out. “C’mon, let’s race!” She said, flying out of the cave. I sighed. How was the kitten so hyper? I walked out to where Leah was standing. “Readysetgo!” She said, taking off. I gave her a minute head start and then flew after her. She was nowhere to be seen. “Leah?” I called. I flew higher to cover more ground. Then I saw it. A black with silver streaked kitten. I flew down. She was unconscious. “Leah?” I asked, poking her lightly. She didn’t move. “Leah, wake up.” I begged. Nothing happened. I tried using telekinesis. A black shadow blocked me. The blue sky dissapered, leaving me in darkness. “Leah!” I shouted. I heard nothing. The shadow got thicker. I tried running, using my abilities, flying, but nothing worked. The blackness choked me, and before I knew it, I was on the floor, blacked out. The last thing I heard was a muffled, “Amethyst! help-”


If you’re okay with this, can it be the catnapper who took Leah? If she did, Amethyst would be unknowingly working for the same cat who kidnapped her sister. She later figures out or something. If not, I’ll create something else. 

Also, who is the catnapper? Since my cat works for this mystery person, I was wondering if I can bring Arbor to where the others are being held. 

submitted by tigerqueen
(July 15, 2022 - 11:16 am)

1: yeah, i think it's a great idea! having the catnapper be the one who took Leah would add a lot of plot, and Amythest working for the catnapper is also an amazing idea. 

2: i don't know. i'm pretty sure it's a Cosmic Winged Cat, and the prison cell-things are somewhere in a cave underground. 

submitted by Darkvine
(July 15, 2022 - 2:05 pm)



The shadows cloaked the cave, no movement or refracting light showed up..but there was still a sent. I could follow a sent foreverif it would help someone. "HEY,  I KNOW YOUR IN THERE! LET THE FOREST CAT GO!" I growled louldy. I decided to move forwards, into the cave. My fur stood one end due to the change in tempature. I passed through the shadows, bringing me to the back of the cave. Two smells, on still lingering. The same Forest cat I had seen before (aka, slammed into me) Was in the corner, silver chains around his paws. He seemed to notice me."Are you ok?"- I said, coming over to him-"Your not hurt are you?" He shook his head "I need you to get me out of here, I really need to help my friend Ivy"He spoke softly. "Ivy, I think my sister may have meet her once"He cocked his head "she di"- another sound caught my atention..A Cosmic Cat stepped out of the shadows. I knew someone was still here, even though a very faint smell lingered. "I see you found him. I guess I'll just have to take you aswell....


Btw, Darkvine, are the cats the size of Houscats, or Tigers. Or do the vary from cat to cat?

submitted by Tinder/Reuby
(July 15, 2022 - 5:27 pm)

@Reuby, the size varies, Cosmic Cats, Magic Cats, and Fire Cats are about 6 feet long from nose to tail, while Prism Cats, Forest Cats, and Desert Cats are about 4 feet.



"You can try." Tinder growled. 

The Cosmic Cat smiled. Shadows swirled and writhed like snakes. "Oh, I definitely will."


sooo sorry about how short it is, I'll try to write a lot tomorrow to make up for it. 

submitted by Darkvine/Arbor
(July 15, 2022 - 8:00 pm)


I tugged another set of chains into the far corner of the cave, where the cat couldn’t see me. I learned that his name was Arbor. There was another cat outside my wall of shadows. Their scent was everywhere. I heard shouting. Arbor raised his head. I hissed at him, and he quickly looked the other way. Disappearing into the shadows, I continued setting up the cuffs. My mind drifted off. A memory flickered and began to play. Leah had found flowers, and was making herself a crown. She was confident she could make one. I heard talking. It wasn’t from the memory. I shook my head back to the present and walked a little closer to the cat. It was a fire cat talking with Arbor. I bit back a growl. “She di-” The fire cat turned around just as I appeared from the shadows. She had a good sense of smell and hearing. “I see you found him,” I said, revealing my fangs and extending my claws. “I guess I’ll just have to take you as well.” The cat growled at me. “You can try.” I smiled. “Oh, I defiantly will.” Shadows circled me. The fire cat leapt at me, her paws turning into fire. My power immediately took over and destroyed the fireballs. I made the shadows grab her paws and create a mist around her. The cat struggled, slashed the air, and finally blacked out. Snarling at Arbor, I used telekinesis and dragged her to the corner where I had set up the chains. I locked her up, and added extra cuffs to prevent her from burning down the place. Her fire wouldn’t work now. I walked back to where Arbor was. He was looking at me, his eyes filled with fear. “What are you looking at?” I snapped. He backed up. I glared at him for a minute, and as I was turning around, he asked quietly, “Why do you do it?” I looked at him. “Do what?” I snarled. The gray cat stared at me. “You imprison people. Why?” I sat down, my tail instinctively reaching for Leah’s frame. It wasn’t there. Arbor uncovered it with his wing. “It was kicked when you attacked the fire cat.” He said. I grabbed it from him. “Who is she?” He asked. I growled. “None of your business.” I said, biting my tongue hard when my voice cracked. Suddenly, the world started to spin. There was a cage, hidden in shadows. A cat lay there. Silver. With black streaks. Leah. Shadows circled around her. I shook my head and got up. Cloaking myself with shadows, I walked over to the fire cat. I needed to be alone. Making sure she was still knocked out and that neither of my prisoners could escape, no matter what they tried, I stepped outside. That was just a weird nightmare. 


By the way, Leah is a silver with black streak and silver wings magic cat. She has telepathy and can make people see visions of some sort. 


Who’s inventing the cosmic catnapper? Someone please invent the cat!

submitted by tigerqueen
(July 15, 2022 - 9:12 pm)


I sighed, rubbing at the silver chains. how can I escape? I thought.

my captor seemed to really care about the strange Cat in the picture frame. perhaps I could use that to my advantage. it would take some time, however. that Cat had a personality like a horse chestnut- spiky, hard, and near impossible to get past.

but everything and everyone has at least one weakness. 

submitted by Arborvitae, Amythest's cave
(July 16, 2022 - 10:56 am)

i've been thinking about the catnapper, and here is an idea:


Name: Equinox

Cat Type: Cosmic

Pronouns: he/him

Appearance: inky black fur that can dissolve into shadows, light gold mane, tail, and eyes, dragon like wings

Abilites: can turn invisible, control shadows and create illusions

Personality: evil, plotting, likes drama

Weaknesses: slightly vain

Skills: being creepy

Quirks: whiny when he doesen't get what he wants

Brains or Brawn?: both

Deepest Secret: has a twin named Solstice

submitted by idea for catnapper
(July 16, 2022 - 8:35 am)

That sounds great, but what about the telekinesis? Or is that Amethyst's thing?

submitted by Lyric
(July 16, 2022 - 3:42 pm)

I like the catnapper! Who's RPing him? 

Amethyst has ability to control shadows, ability to disintigrate stuff with her mind, and teleknessis. I don't think her being able to camaflouge counts as a ability.


I stared at the forest, my paws absentmindedly tracing the picture of Leah. The vision of her trapped had been appearing a lot recently. My shadows curled around me, twisting between my paws and circling the picture frame. I turned around to head back to my cave. I had left the prisoners alone for too long. When I stepped in, another vision hit me. This one was clearer. A cage, with Leah in it. “Amethyst, help!” Leah’s voice echoed around me. I shook my head and cleared the picture. I walked back to the fire cat, who was still unconscious. Arbor had turned away. I suspected he was sleeping. I walked over to my corner and lay down. Leah’s voice was still ringing in my ears. She’s gone. I told myself. But she can make people see things. She could be alive. Another part of my brain reminded me. I pondered over the thought for a while, and soon drifted off. I saw Leah, trapped again. “Amethyst!” She called. I shook my head. “Amethyst!” It got louder and louder. “Amethyst, help me!” I woke up, breathing heavily. Leah wasn’t there. I got up and walked silently past Arbor. Outside, the moon was shining. I watched silently. After a while, I went back to my corner and tried to sleep. My sister’s voice kept echoing in my head. I buried my face in my paws. I miss you, Leah. I thought. A traitorous tear slipped down my face, and I fell into a restless sleep.   


submitted by tigerqueen
(July 16, 2022 - 4:06 pm)


The shadows snuffed out my flames. Leaving me unarmed and vonarable.The mist encased me, making it hard to breath. My vision blurred, finally blacking out..


I don't know how long it had been, I came back to the world dizzy. Metal cuffs sarounded my paws, preventing me from using my flames. The other cat was asleep next to me, our captor was curled up in her corner. Even thouhg se was laying down, she was awake. I pinned me ears back, I knew I couldn't attack. Still, I like to try and be intimadating..Intimadating. She was never intimadating. Am I really my moms cat. I'm nothing like her. These thouhgs took me back to the last time I had seen her. She was showing me how to move my fire from my paws all the way up to where my legs attached to my torso. I couldn't, before she fell from the sky. She told me I can do it..even when I couldn't. But, now. Now I could, I'd justr have to wait for the right time. If I tried here, I would probaly get knocked out again. But, If I tried when we left the cave. And went some where else. Far away from tree's...I could. And I will. I'll do it..for mom.



This is fun 

submitted by Tinder/Reuby
(July 17, 2022 - 4:15 pm)
submitted by top
(July 17, 2022 - 3:54 pm)

Can I join? I'll put my form in now if I can.



Cat Type:Cosmic


Appearance:Silky black fur, fully black eyes, gold pupils, huge, strong bat wings, Swirls or sparkles mixed in with black and purple tinting around her eyes.

Abilites:Mind control, and she has a third eye, that when it opens. She can read thoughts.

Personality:Silent, creepy, even though she seems evil, she's good.

Weaknesses:She is terrible at talking to other cats.

Skills:She can fly silently and quickly. She's fast on the ground to. Really good hearing and smell. Her night vision is the best.

Quirks:She often will randomly leave a conversation, then go to sleep.

Brains or Brawn?:Both.

Deepest Secret:She killed her whole family, and didn't mean too.


I was thinking Darkvine? Could Abyss be Solticis adopted daughter?Mabye, IDK.

submitted by Midnight Phantom, age Nighttime, UnderYourBed
(July 17, 2022 - 4:29 pm)

yes, you can join. welcome!

and to the last question, i think it's a great idea! 

submitted by Darkvine
(July 17, 2022 - 5:22 pm)

It was impossible for Voltage to sleep. First of all, the torch was shining on the same cat skull which was grinning as if it was alive and watching her. Second of all, the floor was so hard and filthy that she hardly dared to touch it. And thirdly, first Tide had fallen and gotten smushed (again) by Kindle, and then there was some talking, before she was left in a creepy prison. Oh, and she had counted eleven more cat skulls scattered about.

She lay about bored for a long time, fidgeting with the golden circle charm, which she had tied onto a piece of string she had found on the floor. There were cats' voices occasionally, but only now and then. She expected her accustomed fear to flood over her, but nothing came. In a way, she felt…oddly calm. It was as if something had changed her. As if there was some magical charm or a weird side effect prior to being dropped.

Then suddenly an idea hit her. The charm she had snatched from the cat! There was something very odd about it. She turned it in her paws but found nothing strange, except for the same lines she had read before. Could they be foretelling her death? And those other cats’? And why, of all things, would that bring her reassurance?

Her thoughts were churning in her mind when there was a yawn from outside, followed by the sound of a restless sleeper. A quick glance assured Voltage that it was indeed the catnapper, and from the looks of it, fast asleep.

It took only a heartbeat before she was up and trying to dig under the metal bars. As her paws started to bleed, her heartbeat increased. She simply had to get out.

As anxiety flooded through her again, she felt a tingling in her paws. Her head spun, as slowly she felt a surge of sudden power inside her. She felt numbness for a second, and then sudden pain as suddenly there was an explosion of white light. The faces of Ivy, Kindle, Tide, Tinder, and Arbor were illuminated in a flash as lightning devoured the metal bars and thunder shook the cave. The locks on all of the prison cells sparkled with lightning for a moment, the wooden latches they were attached to crackled, and burst into fire. Locks tumbled off the prison bars now that the latches were consumed by fire and Voltage leapt up just as the catnapper, crystal clear in the orange light, bounded into the room. 

“I told you not to move,” Amethyst said, but her voice was strangely shaky, as if she had had a nightmare. “What did you do?”



The coincidence is that I actually wrote a story that I only ever showed to one person who I know isn’t you, tigerqueen, but the story was about two twin sisters, one of which was named Lea and who died in a sudden darkness. And her sister, whose name also starts with an A, is trying to avenge her. And the calamity also happened during a race. I just think it’s so weird that the names and situations are so similar. 

submitted by Voltage (OC), a burning cave
(July 17, 2022 - 4:43 pm)

I was a bit confused when I saw the story
from Voltage’s point of view. I wasn’t sure how I came into where Voltage and
the other cats were being held, because I was keeping Arbor and Tinder with me
in a different cave… I guess I’ll go with my cave being somehow connected to
the prisons???? Or her cave was a part of the prisons… Or whatever you guys
want… I have no idea. If you don’t agree, please let me know. 


A sound of chains fully
woke me up from my half-sleep. I knew immediately that the fire cat was awake.
I smelled smoke. I jumped up and ran into the room where another cat was being
held. I think her name was Voltage. The prison was in flames and the cat was
ready to escape. “I told you not to move. What did you do?” My voice was shaky,
and I promised to punish myself for that later. I shot shadows to douse the
flames, and I aimed snake like ones at Voltage. She gave a startled yelp. The
flames had gone down, leaving black chunks of wood and ashes. “Look what you
did.” I snarled, happy that my voice wasn’t shaking anymore. I lifted her off
the ground, shooting more tendrils at her paws. “Let me go!” She said. 
Her eyes were filled with fear, and I was loving it. I brang her to the ground
and used chains and cuffed Voltage. Shadows and chains. She couldn’t escape.
She curled herself into a ball. Suddenly, Voltage looked like Leah, when I had
found her unconscious. The burned floor changed to the grass, and Leah was
lying in front of me. I shook my head. The picture shifted into a black cage
with a cat inside. “Amethyst, help!” My little sister called. I shook my head
again, and focused on the skull of the cat in the corner. I looked at the magic
cat again, and sighed. I turned back to my cave. Arbor was sleeping, and the
fire cat had lay down. 


Agh, I have no idea
what to write now. I guess I’m leaving it here. 

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submitted by tigerqueen
(July 17, 2022 - 8:11 pm)