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Hey guys! Sooooo, I've been SO bored lately and I thought it would be a good idea to host a party at my house! Fleet has an art class this coming week so she'll be out of the house for most of the day, and Enigma's out of the house most of the time, so I think my house would be a great place to host a party. Here's a link to a thread saying what the house looks like: 

You can join the party whenever you want to, even after the party starts. The more the merrier!! Oh, and feel free to bring snacks/drinks. You can post what you're bringing in the other section!

Apparently AE parties are supposed to have charrie sheets, so here it is. You've got to fill it out before you join, but don't worry, it's short:


Gender and pronouns:

Appearance (please include party outfit): 

Shipping availability:


Here's mine:


Gender and pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance (please include party outfit): I have short spiky hair dyed hot pink, and violet eyes. I'm usually wearing an oversized blue sweater with a white ghost face on it and torn black shorts, but for the purposes of this, I'll be wearing a hot pink cropped tank top, a black pleated skirt, and tall black leather boots. 

Shipping availability: Open for shipping with male AEs!

Other: Since I'm hosting the party, I'm making mini tacos and bringing soda and chips. 


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I jump down from the rafter and run over to Rhaksha and Khione. "You made it! Wait, i thought you weren't coming, Rhaksha." She rolls her black eyes.
"I wasn't, but Khione insisted i come." she answers. Khione is bouncing up and down, unable to contain her excitement. 
"I know!" She shrieks. "Its gonna be so much
fun!"  I laugh. Rhaksha hands me a bundle of clothing. 
"I'm doing you a favor," she says. "By bringing you a better outfit than that silly dress you're wearing." I roll my eyes and head to the bathroom to change.



Vivian goes into the bathroom, and i turn to Khione, only to find that she has run outside. I dash after her and drag her manually back into the house. 
"Rhakshaaaaaaa!" she whines. 
"Shut up." I growl. "We are not here to make fools of ourselves." She suddenly brightens up.
"You're right!" She squeals. "We're here to have
fun!" She pulls away and disappears again. I sigh and turn as Vivian comes out wearing blue jean shorts, a sky-blue short-sleeved half shirt, and a pair of brown leather sandals with thongs than wrap all the way around her legs up to her knees. I'm not entirely heartless, whatever they may say. She's still wearing her vine choker necklace. At lest she's taken out the wild hoop earrings, but she's replaced them with a silver nose ring. Vivian hands me her dress, and i tuck it into the leather knapsack i always carry with me. Nyx will want it back. I glance up at the rafters and notice that there's a strange girl with large black wings perched up there. 
"Who's that, Viv?" I ask. Vivian looks up and cringes slightly.
"That's Nihil."
"Looks like a cool gal." I grin, a rare occurrence for me, and climb up to the rafter near Nihil. "Hey." I say. "Name's Rhaksha. What's yours?"

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Let's go inside!!!

No way, we're waiting for WILD CARD to let us in.


*knock knock* 

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Another AE climbs up to the rafters. Rhaksha, Vivian's new sister. This family is persistant, aren't they? This girl has a curious gleam in her eyes, and she doesn't come close. An AE that is respectful of personal space. Finally.

"Name's Rhaksha. What's yours?" I watch Rhaksha out of the corner of my eye. She seems uncertain about being on the rafter, but her posture is firm, so her likelihood of falling is slim.

"Nihil, though I collect you already knew that." I say in an even tone. She shrugs, a lock of her raven hair falling from behind one ear.

"How'd you tell?"

"Elementary deduction. Your sister is Vivian, who was up here trying to make conversation a few moments ago. You exchanged words with her, which I saw, as I observe many things, and shortly after you came up here." Rhaksha stares at me.

"Wow, you're pretty good." I turn my head half a degree towards her.

"Thank you." The girl hasn't come any closer. I turn my head back, slight approval trying to break into my thoughts. Not yet, not yet...


@Fleet are you going to post anything with Glass? 

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Hello?!? Anyone here?

I hear a lot of noice coming from the backyard. I bet no one can hear us.

*knocks more insistently* 

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I walk up behind a girl with jeans and a red faux fur jacket and a boy with jeans and a hoodie who looks kind of cute. 

"Hello!" I say They turn around. "I'm Logan, Moonlights AE."

"I'm LeAnn! Nice to meet you!" The female AE says.

"I'm Daniel" the male AE says. I blush slightly. LeAnn raises her eyebrows at Daniel slightly. 

SHIP IF that's okay Fleet.


*sigh* fine 

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As we wait outside of Fleet's house a girl with vibrant blue hair walks up to us.

"Hello," she says. "I'm Logan, Moonlight's AE."

"I'm LeAnn! Nice to meet you!" I reply in a friendly tone.

"I'm Daniel," says Daniel, his reply lacks enthusiasm, but Logan just blushes. Oh my goodness! She's blushing! I try to contain my inner amusement/excitement and try give Daniel a hint. He's not paying attention to me though, he's checking out Logan's hair! Oh my goodness! The only thing that could make this better would be if I found a guy!!!



"Hey, Logan? Do you think it's all right if we just go in? Or should we wait for WILD CARD?" I ask.

"I think we should just head around to the backyard, it sounds like all the action is back there," she says. We head into the backyard towards the noice...  



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"Wow, you're good," I say. Nihil doesn't answer, but i think i see a gleam in her eye. Is that... approval? I decide to ignore it, for the moment. "I guess the conversation with Vivian didn't go well." Nihil turns sharply and opens her mouth, but i cut in quickly. "It's none of my buisness, I know, I just want to apoligize for her." Nihil freezes, her mouth open, and her look of shock is almost enough to make me laugh. "Viv can be... hasty, I suppose you could call it hasty, and she's often a little too forward for us back home..." I can't understand Nihil's expression anymore, and I wonder what excactly happened during their litte chat, but i decide not to ask. 



I weave through the AEs milling about, grabbing a soda as i pass the snack table, and head outside. 

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One thing: Nihil is practically emotionless on the outside, so you wouldn't see the approval or anything unless she freely showed it. Other than that, you're good! :) I'll rewrite it later with Nihil, if it's okay with you. I don't have the time to at the moment.

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Khai says phon. YOU GOT A PHONE!? 

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We walk around to the back and there is so much stuff there. There is a huge trampoline filled with AEs and a bean bag toss which is crowded too.

"I didn't realize this many people would show up" I note

Daniel nods saying nothing. LeAnn nudges him slightly but I still notice. He looks annoyed at her. She rools her eyes

"excuse us for a bit!" She says and then drags him away.

I nod and decide to explore. 

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(June 29, 2019 - 2:37 pm)

Sorry guys, I'm finally posting!


I'm sitting nervously outside, drinking water and trying to keep myself from running back inside. The trampoline and bean bag toss have gotten really crowded, and something about being outside with so many people is making me tense. I can't seem to do anything except sit awkwardly, clear my throat, and swallow hard from time to time as if I could swallow my anxiety. 

Lux seems to notice. "Do you want to go back inside?"

I have no idea what to do. Everywhere's crowded, and I feel a little trapped. I'd love to meet some of the other AEs at the party, but I'm scared that WILD CARD will start attracting everyone's attention to me again. 

"How about we take a walk?" suggests Lux. I nod, since I seem to be unable to say anything at the moment. I stand up shakily, and follow Lux out the gate to the front yard. 

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We head back inside, inching past a good number of AEs, most of them screeching with fun. Out of the corner of my eye I spot a door, slightly ajar. I motion to Glass to follow me, and we find a staircase. I smile.

"Come on!" I whisper to my friend. A hopeful light enters her eyes as she notices there are no noises coming from up the stairs. Gently, I lead Glass up three flights and into a long hallway, well lit and painted with a welcoming color. I look back to her, smiling slightly. "Wanna play cards? I could teach you how to play Speed or something. Do you know any card games?" I pull a deck out of my hoodie pocket. They are beautiful cards, white with black pips and silver markings.


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I drag Daniel behind the trampoline, the noice of the AEs bouncing will definitely cover up whatever I say.

"What on Earth are you doing LeAnn?!?!" Daniel exclaims. 

"Trying to help you! Obviously!!!" I snap at him 

"And what exactly are you trying to help me with?" He retorts. 

"Do you ever even pay attention to the world around you?" I almost shout. "I'm trying to you and Logan together!"

"LeAnn, you are an absolute control freak. Just because you have no love life of your own does not mean that you get to dictate mine!!!" He actually this at me, startling me. I turn away and run inside, what Daniel said really stings, especially because it's not a complete lie. I stop running and find myself in the kitchen, luckily it's empty because I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry...

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This party is the BEST! I'm having soooo much fun mingling with everyone and chatting with other bubbly AEs and eating everyone's food and just doing EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH A PARTY! The only thing that could make this better would be a male AE coming up to me and, like, asking me to dance or something. I really hope that happens sometime during this party... well, if it doesn't happen this time, I'll just hold another party! These are so awesome! 

I'm making my way to the food & drink table to get some more of the AWESOME fruit punch when I notice Glass and a winged guy running up some stairs I've never even seen before. I wonder what they're doing? And who's that guy she's with?

Glass hates being with people she doesn't know, so I am REALLY curious about that guy with the wings, since she seems to be fine with his company. Finally, my curiosity gets the best of me and I run up the stairs after them. 


I storm into my room and flop down on my bed. I can't believe WILD CARD started this party without asking me! What is wrong with her? She knows I hate parties! 

I glare out the window. I'm supposed to be the calm, sensible AE, but I can't seem to calm down now. I'd better lock the door before anyone sees me being angry like this. 

I stand up and I am about to lock the door, but it opens before I can get there. 

I draw in a quick, startled breath as I see another AE standing in the doorway.

@Everyone, I didn't have a particular AE in mind when I wrote the AE coming into Enigma's room, so does anyone want to be that AE?


"I don't know how to play any card games with regular cards," I tell Lux. "You could teach me a game-- I mean, if you want to--"

Lux nods. "How about Speed?"

I nod. "That sounds fine," I tell him. 

He shuffles the cards and is about to start dealing them when I hear someone rushing up the stairs. 

Lux and I both tense up. The door to the stairs bursts open, and WILD CARD rushes in. 

"Hey, Glass, what's up?" 

What happens next is completely unexpected.

It's like my mouth has a mind of its own as I start yelling at my sister. 


WILD CARD is startled by my sudden, uncharacteristic outburst. "Dude, get ahold of yourself!" she exclaims. "You don't have to scream like that! Sheesh!"

"If you don't want me to scream at you, maybe you should leave me alone!" I yell at her. "Can't you realize that some people don't want to constantly have the spotllight? Can that stupid makeup-covered head of yours figure that out? Or do I have to spell it out for you?"

WILD CARD looks seriously hurt, and I suddenly regret what I just said. What was I thinking? Why is this happening to me? Why can't I keep my emotions bottled up like usual?

"WILD CARD, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean that!" I blurt out.

WILD CARD glares at me. "'Sorry' isn't going to cut it, Glass. I can't believe you would say that to me!" Her makeup starts running as angry tears trickle down her face. She storms downstairs, slamming the door behind her.

I collapse on the floor. What did I just do? 

A reassuring hand pats me on the back, and I suddenly remember Lux. Oh, no, he saw that! What am I going to do? Our friendship must be completely over after that. I can't believe myself! 

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Whoops! LeAnn and Daniel are mine! I'm Diamond Fox, I didn't think Obsidian Fox would want to go to a party, so I sent LeAnn (she's pretty new) and I gave her a brother.

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