Emily's Sketches for Part 7

Excerpt from Emily's correspondence with CRICKET

Loric and HarpyHere are the thumbnails for Part 7. Lots of action in this one!

Illo #1, Loric and Harpy: There hasn't been a good action scene with Loric yet, so I think I like the ones with him close to the viewer a little bit better than the overhead view, but I think any of them would work. I like the serpentine composition in #3.

Illo #2: I had an additional idea for this one. I really liked the description of Rombol going after Cymbril, Cymbril and Rombolto try to prevent her from jumping off the rail by reaching for her shredded cape. I tried a couple ideas for that scene. For the Cymbril and Loric image, I think 4 and 5 are my favorites. I seem to do so many close up illustrations that moving back from the action to show everything that's happening might be an interesting change.

Illo #3: Loric and Cymbril: I liked the idea of showing a distance between Loric and Cymbril, as Cymbril sits dejectedly, Loric and Cymbrilbut their interaction in #1 is nice, too. I have to make sure the Rake claws are to scale!

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