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Okay, I know there's already a bunch in Inkwell right now, but I needed something new. The other ones are not moving or are too developed for me.

Here's my character: Nathaniel

Age: 13

Appearance: Normal looking by regualr standards, with plain brown hair and a gaunt look on his face.


Nathaniel was filled with a fiery rage. Why was it always HIM they decided was nothing special? He would show them! Nathaniel walked away from the building, not believing he had been rejected. It's not like EVERYONE can turn invisible! He filled out about fifteen applications, did one thousand pushups for them, and turn invisble. He couldn't believe they wouldn't let him into superhero school. Just because he couldn't fly.

Nathaniel didn't want to feel the rejection. He was not normal. He did not fit in with normal people. The truth that the people at Shane's Academy, also known as Superpoweed School, were telling him was that he didn't fit in with them either. He didn't fit in anywhere. He felt himslef unwittingly turn invisible and stalk down the road.


Don't feel afraid to use someone else's character or add something that doesn't really have anything to do with the plot! 

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Seems we posted around the same time! It also seems that maybe our posts could be combined in some manner? I'm thinking maybe they could go out in the street and then Jamie could say her thing and then it could switch to that thing.... something like this maybe?:

Everyone mumbled consensis.

I looked at Brooke's shoulder. I grabbed a few bandages from my pocket and gave them to her. She smiled weakly and wraped.

"Then we go all in and we do it big," Brooke declared.

They exit building Brooke and Nathaniel chat.

They had been walking down the street for some time before anyone said anything. "Okay guys," I started talking, "we need to just this things done. FLASH is pretty much dead because..." I trailed off. "Because their leader is dead. HUNT is next. Giovanni is, well, alive. So we have to kill him again. Wonderful." Everyone did mock horrahs and such. I smiled. "Now, does anyone have a good plan?"

"Well actually--" Nathaniel started. 

This continues on to the rest of the dialouge in my post.

I don't know. If you don't like it we can do something else but this might be a good compromise. Tell me what you think and if we should change it.  

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@ Theo: That sounds good to me!

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TO-OP! Please don't let this die!

Should we keep writing? Or something...? We're almost there! What exactly "there" means is yet to be known. 

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I think this is truly dead.

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Aw, c'mon. Don't give up! We'll keep writing, either way. Or I will at least. I won't let it die until it's done. Things can't be left unresolved at this point. 

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I'M ABOUT TO WRITE. I just haven't had time. I'm having to do 2 years worth of school work in 1, and it is keeping me really busy and really tired. I WILL WRITE SOON!

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Eek! That's a lot of work! Don't worry, we can wait until you have time to write. Don't forget to sleep (just because sleep is so awesome) and good luck with your studies!

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Okay, so now I have some time!

Brooke ~

We stopped abruptly in our tracks. Miss Norfleet? Where was she? Had she been with us when we were captured?

"Do you think she's prisoner of HUNT?!" Amber gasped, speaking allowed all of our worries.

"No, I don't think so," Nathaniel said slowly, frowning thoughtfully. "We we... when they captured you all, they didn't make a single mention of her. If she were captured, I would have known. They would have put her separately from the rest of you all, but they would have said something. She must have escaped when she sensed danger coming."

I glanced sideways at him. I did in fact take notice of when he said "they." To my great consternation, I felt a pinprick of pity for him, though I wasn't ready to sweep everything under the carpet.

"Then I guess this settles our plans," I said. "We head back to HUNT. We hold a stakeout and watch the place, and try to figure out what they're up to, and whether or not they have Miss Norfleet. We judge from there whether or not we try to find her or go ahead and find a way to take them out. Yay or nay?"

"Yes," Nathaniel said immediately. I glanced at him, and we held eye contact for just a second.  The others quickly offered their agreement.

"Then it's a go," Leo said, grinning slightly. 


Y'all can change this if you want. Just throwin' something out there.


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i would write, but i don't know what to write.. I'm out of ideas.

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... That is not even funny.

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