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RP! Anyone want to join me?

Rhi slumped down against the cold, stone, dungeon wall, after yet another futile attempt to wriggle her legs out of the shackles. It was hopeless to try to do anything. She was stuck here, for good or until someone came down here to get her. And bring her up to her excecution, most likely. Once again she cursed her stupidity. Why had she tried to create a magic fire? The alley had been cold and dark, but not nearly as cold and dark as a dungeon. She had known she would get caught. She had known magic was against the law. And it wasn't as if she was a real witch, one who could turn attackers into toads or whatever. And now she was stuck here. May as well give up, she thought. Can't do anything.

Then a sound jolted her out of her thoughts -- a loud, long creak as the door swung open, and light came down into the dungeon. "Anyone down there?" a voice shouted.

submitted by ZNZ / Rhi
(April 20, 2010 - 12:39 pm)

I'm going to write as though the "tech" is another form of magic... because when you think about it, shouldn't magic be able to turn off tech or make it malfunction?  This way we can say the "spell" is hard to break... or it doesn't wear off for a certain amount of time.   And as for Necromancy...


My entire body ached and the jerking of the infernal contraption I was on wasn't doing much to relieve my temper.  Barely half an hour ago, Prospectus, the woman with the black hair, and her friends had jolted me out of my recuperative sleep and kidnapped me. 

Well, that made it sound like they'd had an easy time of it, which I was proud to say had not been the case.  The several hours I had slept had done me good, but it was always dangerous to wake a witch in Slumber.  Prospectus should have known.  Which is why I took absolutely no responsibility for destroying the other members of her team along with the second flying contraption.  It had all been her fault.

Right now, however, I found myself right back where I started, only worse.  Aalton's been caught up in the middle of this now and the Rhombus isn't going to simply ignore it when the kingdom's Heir Apparent falls into its lap.  If he had just listened to me when I... But noooooo.  The stupid royal wouldn't leave.  He kept saying it was his job to protect me.  To watch over me.  Even when he'd seen what I had done to the Rhomberites, he stuck by me.  It was annoying, but at least he'd brought Ash with us. 

The gray horse was laying behind us, propping me up since I could barely move.  His heart was pounding so hard I could feel it through my back, but his breathing was steady and calming for me.  Midnight had had to be rendered unconscious before this contraption had left the ground.  The horse was sprawled out on our left. 

Aalton was gripping my hand so tight his knuckles had gone white.  Didn't matter, I couldn't feel it anyway.  I was going to pass out soon, I knew, but darned if I wasn't going to scare the smirk off of Ven's face before I did.  Prospectus would tell her what happened, but I had just enough energy to show her what it was that she had gotten herself into.  Oh yes, I was going to make that woman regret ever having seen me. 

"Temperance?" Rhi said, looking concerned.  I probably looked like I'd been trampled by a herd of bulls and thrown into a wall.  It certainly felt that way.  "What happened to you?"  She whirled around to glare at Ven and Prospectus.  "Did you do this to her?" 

Prospectus let out a high, nervous laugh and the controls shook a bit.  "Me?  Are you serious?  Have you seen what that witch can do?"  Aalton's grip tightened on my hand and his eyes narrowed.  Prospectus shook her head.  "No no, girl.  Miss Wickler there did that to herself." 

"Only because you forced her to!" Aalton spat.  I would have smiled at him then, but I was busy concentrating.

"I what?!" cried Prospectus, turning so fast that the contraption swerved.  She hastily righted it.  "She was the one who destroyed half an acre of forest with Lymefyre!  She was the one who melted the second chopper!  SHE was the one who struck down my entire team!" 

"You know I was wondering where everyone else was," Ven muttered. 

"She killed the other team?" said the girl I didn't recognize.  She looked at me and paled. 

"And the rest of mine!" Prospectus shrilled.  "I had to put Portus and Turmericus in the back because there wasn't enough time to bury them!" 

"Enough," said Ven forcefully.  "Spec, just fly us to the Master.  At least now we have the one he wants.  We'll hand the two witches over and he can decide what to do with the rest of the baggage."  She shot distasteful looks at Aalton and the serving girl from the dungeon.  "Just get us there so I can get rid of--"  She broke off, staring at something behind Ash.  "I thought you said Turmericus was dead, Spec." 

"He is," said Prospectus with a little sob.  She turned around to point and froze as she saw what Ven was staring at.  The color literally drained from her face. 

"What--" Ven gasped as she figured it out and looked at me.  "No..." 

I smiled at her.  "The thing about Necromancy, Ven," I rasped as my vision began to fade, "is that it can't be undone by magic and it never wears off.  There's only one way to stop a reanimated corpse, and I think bodies of water are a little hard to find way up here in the air." 

The dead eyes of Turmericus looked at me as the body of Portus sat up.  Aalton grabbed me around the middle and pulled me close as though to shield me.  But the corpses weren't going to hurt me.  "Harm only Venecus and Prospectus," I ordered the zombies.  "No one else.  And try not to make us crash." 

The last thing I saw before blacking out was Ven backing away, yelling for Prospectus to make for water.  But Prospectus was paralyzed with terror and the girl I didn't recognize shoved her aside to take the controls.

"A lake, a pond, a river--ANYTHING!" Ven shouted, shooting impressive but ineffectual spells at the slowly approaching corpses.  "Hurry, Trompeur!" 

submitted by Tempest/Temperance, Apparently on a
(May 8, 2010 - 12:14 pm)

((ooh zombies *is tired*))


"And my name is Veneficus, not Venecus," Ven said spitefully as she aimed a kick at the fainting Temperance. Then, concerned, she turned back to the zombies.

"Ugly things." Ven looked exasperated. "Thankfully, we have the power of Deer Park." She tossed a water bottle to Prospectus. "And Aquapods." She kicked a cooler out from under a leather seat.

She began rummaging a bit frantically through a glove compartment. "And, um... ooh, Poland Springs. Yay Poland Springs, Spec! ...Spec?"

Ven glanced over and breathed in sharply. The idiot zombies had strangled Spec. Even as she noticed this, the aircraft, without its driver, began to nosedive. Ven cringed. She was too far away to hit autopilot. Maybe one of the ugly children would fix it before they plummeted into the canyons below them.

She conjured a Shield as the zombies began advancing upon her. Within the Shield, she set to Multiplying the water bottles as quickly as she could. Meanwhile, the zombies looked like they wanted to eat Aladdin Prayer, but that was okay.

Finally she let the Shield drop and uncapped one of the water bottles. They wouldn't work as well as fresh, running water, and it wouldn't help that she'd conjured them up (well, cloned them really) in a little under sixty seconds, but it would have to do.

"Sorry Turmericus," she said lightly as she began dumping Deer Park bottles on zombies.

submitted by Mary W., age 12.29, NJ
(May 8, 2010 - 8:09 pm)


 I fiddled with the controls, merely guessing which stick would steer the helicopter and such, and somehow managed to land splat in the middle of a shallow pond. 

 Ven ran out the door with a bucket (where did that come from?) and gathered water in it. Then she ran back into the chopper and threw it on Tumeriscus, but he stayed there nonetheless.

 "What's wrong?" I exclaimed.

 "I probably should have mentioned that the water needs to be salt water." replied Temp.

 "Well that's great." I remarked, "Now I have to fly all the way to the OCEAN! Oh. Wait." then I swirled my finger around in the air, and water got sprayed all over the chopper. Saltwater. Soon, Tumeriscus started to fade until there was nothing there.

 "Great!" Spec exclaimed, "My chopper's all wet! Thanks Trompy." 

 "Don't call me Trompy!" I lashed out. Then I went to the controls and started to fly us back to the Rhombus HQ. Because evidently, Spec was in no condition to be at the controls. Especially with the small Spyder on her head.

 I hope you like it!  

submitted by Olive/Trompeur
(May 8, 2010 - 6:24 pm)

((Conflicting posts oh no! Which should we use, mine or Olive's?))

submitted by Mary W.
(May 9, 2010 - 11:42 am)

Oh no! The story branched! I vote going for ML's post. *raises hand* 

submitted by Olive/Trompeur
(May 9, 2010 - 8:27 am)

*votes for ML's post*

submitted by ZNZ
(May 9, 2010 - 2:18 pm)

*Looks apologetic for her coming disagreement*

Well, I kinda liked Olive's since it was lacking water bottles (though I did laugh my butt off at your "poland springs" reference) and seemed a tad more medieval-ish, but it would appear there are two votes for Mary's so whatever.  The majority seems to have spoken.  I'm good with whatever... though I'm going to wait to post after someone else does just to make sure I know which one we're choosing.

And I do offer a profuse apology to Mary for messing up Ven's name.  (In all fairness, I was just copying whoever wrote it first! Hehehe...  At least we've got that straightened out!) 

submitted by Tempest, age Lucky 13, Here.
(May 10, 2010 - 1:18 pm)

((Re: Ven's name: S'okay. :) Ven herself can't get any names right (for instance, Aalton = Aladdin and Trompeur = Teresa) (sometimes because that's her character and *blushes* sometimes because I can't remember how to spell them *apologizes*) so she/I deserves it.

Re: post conflicts: Someone *cough* drummed it into my mind that all plot holes can be solved with magic. *stares pointedly at TNO (umlaut)* So... yeah. That would sorta explain the water bottle rampage. :) I don't care which post we use and I'm fine with Olive's, but let's decide.))

submitted by Mary W., age 12.29, NJ
(May 11, 2010 - 7:54 pm)

((Then again I just realized in Olive's post she had Temp speak... wasn't she s'posed to be unconscious??))

submitted by Mary W.
(May 11, 2010 - 7:55 pm)

Yes, I am indeed supposed to be unconscious... probably for a long time considering all the magic I just used.  But there's also a hole in Mary's post too--Trompeur's supposed to be at the controls.  Seeing as I'm also a huge believer in the fact that magic can be used as a plot hole fixer-upper, I totally think it would be easier to explain away water bottles and coolers than a character suddenly not being where she's supposed to be.  And as I recall, Trompeur had issues with magically transporting herself, so magic isn't a good excuse there.  So meh.  I now don't mind which one is chosen.  I shall simply write after the next person who does.  Assuming Temperance is awake. 


(This is totally a chicken-out move on my part so I don't have to make an actual decision.  Somebody else pick!)

submitted by Tempest, age Lucky 13, Here.
(May 11, 2010 - 9:16 pm)

((RE: Ven's name: *whispers* I was the one that wrote Venecus. *is embarrassed* But you're right, Ven isn't one to talk about getting names wrong. ;) Aladdin Prayer made me laugh.

RE: Conflicting posts: We can't pick both, because in one of them Spec is killed and in the other she just has an arachnid put on her head (?). Plus, yeah, I think Temp was unconcious. I like Mary's simply because the waterbottles were funny, but I'll do whatever everyone else wants.))  

submitted by ZNZ
(May 12, 2010 - 6:31 am)

((Something Completely Different:

Because we're all being skiddish about deciding, either Temp or ZNZ can just write a shiny, brand-new scene in place of the ones that Olive and I wrote. Les just decide which one of them will write it, first. :D))

submitted by Mary W., age 12.29, NJ
(May 12, 2010 - 3:26 pm)

@ ML: Whoops. I forgot that Temp was unconcious. I am very forgetful.

@Everyone: I vote for ML's post because Spec was killed. :-)

I'll post once someone else does. ZNZ? Temp (do you mind if I call you that)? Mary?

submitted by Olive
(May 12, 2010 - 3:37 pm)

((I didn't see ML's post when I commented)) Rock paper scissors ZNZ and Temp. :-P

submitted by Olive
(May 12, 2010 - 7:17 pm)

By all means, call me Temp.  I am a big fan of nicknames.  And I chose the name Temperance for my character so I could have a common nickname, so totally.  Call me Temp. 

Well, fine.  Seeing as we seem to be at an impasse (love that word), I'll write a little blurb.  I never mind writing.  But I warn you, this probably won't really decide anything...


I had only been deep in Slumber twice before, but neither time had prepared me for this.  Prospectus had woken me in the middle of a particularly bad vision, but the horrors I was seeing now made my previous ones pale in comparison. 

The thing about Slumber is that you're not really asleep.  The witch or warlock descends into Slumber to revitalize themselves--sometimes willingly, sometimes not.  I was not willing.  My body was forcing me to go, which I supposed was only fair, seeing as I had forced it to do far too much in the last few hours.  A huge outbreak of Lymefyre and two Necromancings?  It was really a wonder I was still alive. 

Fleetingly, I wondered what my mother would have thought of me if she were still alive.  Would she have been shocked at how I was using my powers or impressed?  Who was I kidding?  My mother would have been thrilled at what I could do.  I knew she had been one of the most powerful and most dangerous witches of the age, but she had also been my mother.  And whether or not all the rumors about her were true, she had never shown me anything less than utter adoration.  She had loved me. 

My thoughts were interrupted as a screaming rent the air around me.  People were yelling, there were flying corpses in my vision--not the two I had conjured up, several other, terrifyingly dismembered ones that were joining me in my Slumber specifically to torment me--and several people were yelling my name. 

It was difficult, but after a while I began to distinguish between the screams I heard in my slumber and the screams that were happening around me in real life.  I could feel Aalton's arms around me, holding me close, but there was a third hand clenched around my wrist, shaking.  I couldn't open my eyes to see whose it was though; just as I could close my eyes against the visions in my Slumber.  

There were yells of "Water!  Throw the water ON them, you fools!" and "I can't tell where we're going!" and an even more confusing, "Is that the Rift?  Have you just flown us to the RIFT?!"  And all the while I was screaming inside my head, begging the visions to stop, begging them to leave me alone... but they wouldn't.  It was the price one paid for using witchcraft. 

There was a collective scream followed by a violent crash and I felt my body thrown from Aalton's grasp.  I landed with a thump and rolled a few feet to rest on my stomach.  My face was pressed into something hard and sharp, though I felt no pain--Slumber was taking care of that for me.  My nostrils were full of a sharp metallic smell that made my teeth twinge. 

Somebody--a girl--ran up beside me and rolled me over, gasping with sobs.  I could smell blood on her.  Fingers checked for my pulse and gasped my hand in relief when they found it.  A disfigured creature--perhaps a bear?--swam across my Slumber vision, growling and screaming at me.  Hoofbeats... A horse was coming up beside me.  I felt the comforting nuzzle of Ash against my face and a thump as he lay down next to me. 

"Where are the others?" rasped a male voice.  Aalton.

The girl holding my hand began to shake harder.  "I don't know," she whispered.  "Ven got one of them with her water bottles, but I don't think the other one got wet enough.  I haven't seen anyone else.  How did you survive?" 

"Because she did," Aalton replied quietly.  "I'm not going anywhere without her, including Death." 


"My aunt's orders.  The Queen of the Realm wants Temperance Wickler." 


[There you go.  Next person who writes, decides who the girl is who's with me, who survives, whether the chopper can be fixed, what happened to the other zombie.... yadda yadda yadda.  Also, the Rift is supposed to be haunted, so that should make for some good fun, no?]

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(May 13, 2010 - 2:24 pm)