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Okay, I know there's already a bunch in Inkwell right now, but I needed something new. The other ones are not moving or are too developed for me.

Here's my character: Nathaniel

Age: 13

Appearance: Normal looking by regualr standards, with plain brown hair and a gaunt look on his face.


Nathaniel was filled with a fiery rage. Why was it always HIM they decided was nothing special? He would show them! Nathaniel walked away from the building, not believing he had been rejected. It's not like EVERYONE can turn invisible! He filled out about fifteen applications, did one thousand pushups for them, and turn invisble. He couldn't believe they wouldn't let him into superhero school. Just because he couldn't fly.

Nathaniel didn't want to feel the rejection. He was not normal. He did not fit in with normal people. The truth that the people at Shane's Academy, also known as Superpoweed School, were telling him was that he didn't fit in with them either. He didn't fit in anywhere. He felt himslef unwittingly turn invisible and stalk down the road.


Don't feel afraid to use someone else's character or add something that doesn't really have anything to do with the plot! 

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Brooke watched as he ran away, part infuriated, exasperated, and, in all honesty, part amused. She walked over to a large weeping willow in a small park near Shane's, turned into a cat, (being as, no one was watching) and climbed to the top to rest on a sunny branch and think.

An hour and a half later, she saw Nathaniel walk out of Shane's. She ran up to him and sat peering at him with large luminescent eyes. "Is that you?" he demanded, reminding her quite a bit of herself. She made a large grin, then, glancing around, turned back into human form. "Whoa," was all he said, his eyes wide. "What?" Brooke demanded, trying not to grin. "You can turn invisible, so why should my turning into a cat or back be odd?" He blinked, then closed his mouth. "It's not, just... different." "There's the understatement of the century," Brooke muttered to herself. "So, have you thought of a way in?" she asked, "because I just can't think of anything other than my just walking in there, which, obviously, wouldn't work." Nathaniel looked at her intently. "What?!" Brooke demanded. "I might have thought of something," he said, still staring hard at her. "What all can you turn into?"


Okay, here is where I leave it to you, Theo, how to get Brooke into Shane's. And seriously, do something crazy! Remember, she can turn into any animal, (but no bugs) even mythological creatures, though I doubt that would help in this situation.  Hmm...

Cappie says kedo. What the heck is that? Reminds me of tofu.

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She started naming animals, one by one, giving Nathaniel a slight headache. His morning had not been easy. "Just sum it up for me," he groaned.

"Any animal, no bugs, and mythological creatures wear me out."

"Why no bugs?"

"Because, okay?" she said in a cut-off way.

Nathaniel sighed. He hoped his plan would work. . . She SAID she could turn into any animal. . . but could she?


(Okay, right here I'm stuck. . . I have to be super crazy. . . arrgh!!! I have an idea, but is it crazy enough to trick the crazy people at Shane's?)


Arrgh! he thought. He had a crazy idea but would it be crazy enough to trick the crazy people at Shane's?

"Okay," he said, thinking his undeveloped plan through for at least the tenth time that day. "What sort of animal can you turn into? Can you turn into, say, an injured cat?"

Her eyes narrowed. (At this point, Nathaniel had given up on this girl ever having a name, he simply refered to her as "she" and "her" in his head.) "What sort of question is that?"

"A question for the plan that might work if the people at Shane's have half a heart."

"Explain it to me," she demanded, her eyes still narrow. Nathaniel explained. 


(Yes it's me again, just reasuring everyone that I KNOW my plan is a little obvious, that's all. I'm still not going to straight out tell you it in the storyline though.)


"I don't know. I've never tried turning into an injured animal--I guess there's been no need."

"You'll try?" asked Nathaniel, who by now was more than a little nervous. 

"Yeah," she nodded, "it can't be TOO hard."

It was, though. Nathaniel didn't know how you turned into a different animal, but he supposed it happened somehow like this: 1) You picture the animal in your head. 2) You apply yourself. 3) Poof, you're a different animal! Good job! Nathaniel also supposed it was hard to picture an innocent but injured cat, which was what he needed. The girl gave a strained face and collasped in the floor, now a small and furry, but yet injured, mammal, frequently called a cat. Nathaniel smiled triumphantly. This plan was going to work.


He explained to the secretary, welling up tears and as much emotion as possible. "I found this little ignorant kitty in the streets while I was outside getting a breath of air, and it was so adorable and I walked up to pet it but the poor little kitten was injured!" Nathaniel gasped, trying to look dramatic. "The poor kitten might freeze tonight, it is getting closer to winter--! I couldn't leave the poor thing outside! Can I please take it to class?"

The secretary, much annoyed, nodded her head and sent him off.

Phase one and two of his plan--success. 

submitted by Theo W., age 12, Steampunk-London
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Okay, I love it! I'd never thought of Brooke turning into anything injured before. Clever! Also, the reason no bugs is because, I, for one, can't stand bugs! They give me the absolute willies! Sorry, but I just couldn't stand the idea of her turning into something like, centipede, or katydid. *shudder* Anyway, like where this is going, and now, Brooke's thoughts...

It had taken quite a few minutes, but Brooke finally managed it. And she could tell you, it wasn't pleasent trying to turn into an injured cat. She was currently a bright orange, very fluffy, grumpy looking thing you might get away with calling a cat. Nathaniel picked her up, (which unnerved her too, being as, she wasn't used to being carried), and took her into Shane's. He talked to the secretary, who wasn't very kind, and explained finding her. "All in all," Brooke thought to herself after the secretary had waved them on; "the kid's not a bad actor." He walked down the hall, and entered a large classroom. Kids, while average looking, Brooke could tell they weren't. She could sense something... different about them. Like how she'd sensed about Nathaniel. He got several odd stares, who wouldn't, walking into class with a lame, fluffy orange, grumpy-looking cat. He placed her on a desk in the very back and sat down. After everyone wasn't looking at her anymore, she sat up, and gave him a "Well what now?" kind of look. "Does it always have to be up to me to think up what to do?" he asked, thoroughly exasperated. Brooke looked down at herself then stared back, like, "Well, I'm a cat, what's you excuse?" He sighed, then as the teacher walked in and kids sat down, he said low to her; "Just sit tight, act natural, I'll think of something."

All right, I know I'm leaving most of the ideas to you, Theo, but, since Brooke is a wounded cat, there's not a whole lot she can do.

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After Capes and Tights class, Charlotte met Kira in the lunchroom. "Hi, Kira. I can't believe that the new kid, well not new, Nathaniel made that alarm go off. Now he his in our class" she said. "I know, he seems a bit peculiar, especially since he brought a cat to class" Kira said.

The bell rang. "Well I've got to get to 'Getting to Know a Villian' class. See you around" Charlotte said as she left.   

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I know it's a little late, but can I make a character?

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If I can make a character, here she is:

Name: Elexhiia

Age: technicaly 2888, appears to be 16

When in power mode appearence: Long golden hair that changes color in light as if it can't
make up its mind, silver skin that is made up of swirling energy that
sometimes glows green and yellow, eyes that show the entire universe in
them, blue lips that make it look like I'm always cold even though I'm
made of energy, a long red coat, turquoise leggings, a camo top that
they would wear in the army, and long black boots, also a necklace that
has on it a key, a heart locket, an acorn locket, and a magical dagger.

Human appearence: Auburn hair that crackles with electricity (though most people don't notice), tan skin, bright green eyes, always wears raspberry lipstick, same outfit as power me.

Power: Can control time and energy. (Can I also talk to animals? PLEASE!)

Personality: likes to be in charge though is very loyal and caring to the people that are close to her, overprotective of those she care about (dark past), spunky, creative, and laughs at everything to show she will not be brought down by sadness, rarely gets close to anyone, rebelious.

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It's never too late to make a character (as long as you know where we are..yada yada yada)!

Okay, jumping back to Nathaniel.


Nathaniel couldn't belive he'd just told an injured cat to "Sit back and act natural." He knew he was getting a lot of odd looks, and also knew this wouldn't help him get more votes, bringing a grumpy injured cat to class.

The class was "Getting to Know a Villian," and it was more boring than Capes and Tights. Nathaniel noticed a lot of the same kids from Capes and Tights. In fact, these were the exact same peers! How could this be? Nathaniel's stomach growled. He wished he hadn't skipped lunch. Oh well. 

Phase three of his plan. He didn't actually HAVE a phase three. The day was nearing its end. He only had one more class and study time, and then if he had to leave phase one and two of his plan, which he noted needed a snappy title like "Prove I'm Right," or maybe something not so vain, would be consider faliures.

Brainstorm, he willed himself. Brainstorm brainstorm--wait! That's it! John shot him a curious look, and Nathaniel launched his own look of "Stay out of it" back at him.

Don't even think about it, he told himself. Think about something else... Again, the lack of students in his classes, as well as the lack of different students popped up. How many people here can turn invisible--? Apparently enough to reject me... He hoped that there were enough kids in the superpowered population. What had his mom said about work at FLASH a week ago? "It's getting so hard I expect Shane's to practically worship Nathaniel." Yeah, right. 

His plan came back to him. How would he ever get it to work if he couldn't communicate with the girl, now in injured cat form? He wouldn't really mind disrupting class except he could see Dr. Moddingtn--"This is just proof you don't belong here." Nathaniel shook his head, as a crazy idea came across his head. But could he trust John? John was not the person Nathaniel would trust a secret with, not ever, but right now in the middle of class, John couldn't blab his mouth off. John, Nathaniel thought urgently, can you communicate telepathically? 

What do you mean? John's voice echooed off Nathaniel's skull.

That's what I mean. Now, you're the only mindreader in this class, right?

I'm pretty sure.

Sweet, thought Nathaniel. Maybe this is going to work after all. 

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Brooke had been sitting her for only half an hour and was utterly board out of her mind. The class was Getting To Know A Villian, and the teacher was just droning on. "This could be an interesting class, if the teacher would even try to consider the kids listening," Brooke thought to herself, listening for the first couple minutes. She looked at Nathaniel, who was staring at her, but not seeing her. He was evidently thinking hard. He gave a dirty look at a boy across the isle, who looked at them a moment, eyebrows slightly notched. He went back to thinking. Suddenly, his head shot up, and he looked intently at the boy he'd just given the dirty look. The kid turned and looked at Nathaniel. The two continued staring at each other, unnoticed by anyone else, and it dawned on Brooke that they might be talking telepathically. She sat up, tail twitching, intrigued. Suddenly, a voice, definitely not her own, spoke in her head, "So you're human, are you? She felt like going full cat, arching her back, raising he hackles, and hissing and the guy across the aisle, who was now staring at her. She ignored people who talked at her, trying to "get in her head", but this was ridiculous. And literal. She didn't abide by people knowing her thoughts, which, if this kid really could read her thoughts, he probably could tell she wasn't pleased. "Calm down," he said, or thought, rolling his eyes. "I'm going to help. I'll be the communicator for you and Nathaniel. That way, you won't be so suspicious looking." Brooke wondered if Nathaniel had made the right choice in trusting this guy, but seeing no other way...

I seriously like where this is going! Cappie says ppfg. Seriously, Cappie has no faith in us.

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I walked into my new class called "Getting to know a villan." I handed the teacher a note. Please excuse Miss Elexhiia for being late; she has only just been accepted and will be joining this class immediately. The teacher nodded and I looked around for a seat. Being surrounded by superheros blasted me withe energy, and it took all of my own to walk through the rows of kids to the back where a single seat was left next to two boys and a girl. My brain did a double take. There were only two desks next to me and yet there were three human energy forms. I pushed back my power sight and focused on what everyone else was seeing. I saw a cat on the ground. Must be an animagus, I thought. I wonder if anyone else knows she's human. I saw a flash of purple power energy flash from one boy's head to another and then one to the cat. I realized they were telepathicly speaking. I focused my bower and split the energy wave in two. What do you want me to say to her? Tell her you'll be our translator. Fine, sure, whatever. I dropped the wave, keeping only enough of that boy's energy to create my own message. Surprise! Somebody is watching you. I focused on the board and pretended I didn't just say that. Just in case the first boy could read minds, I built a small energy wall around my thoughts and smiled.

Cappie says copy. I didn't copy anything, liar.

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And I'm back! 


What do you want me to say to her? John telepathicly asked Nathaniel.

Tell her you'll be our translator.

Yeah, sure, whatever, John thought, obviously hoping for something more exiting. He'd never tried communicating with any animals that were humans, who had?

Nathaniel watched John, and could basically see John meeting up with her, her spine arched and she made a hiss-fit after all.

"Nathaniel," warned Mr. Dublin. "If you can't get your cat to shut up, take it out of class."

Nathaniel smiled nervously. "Sorry, Mr. Dubin."

Okay, what do you want me to tell her? asked John.

Surprise! Somebody's watching you! rang out a voice in both Nathaniel and John's thoughts.

Who--who was that? That's just a joke, right John?

No, John sounded serious, if someone in a telepathic conversation could sound serious.

So then you're not the only mind reader? Nathaniel thought nerously.

No, I thought I was. . .

So then this is unsafe, Nathaniel summed up. Just tell her that she'll need to be Stacy Jones, a new student. Regular looking, HUMAN, and falls into the backround. Ask her if she can do that.

You don't even know her name, thought John accusingly.

Not know! Nathaniel replied. Just ask her!

John switched his focus, and Nathaniel practically screamed with frustration. Finally, a way to silently communicate, and they were being eavesdropped on? His stomach did flips, what if she couldn't do it, anyways? Nathaniel dismissed this idea immediatley.

Okay, said John. She told me the answer.

It is...? asked Nathaniel impatiently.

John replied with a simple.....


That's where I end.


Wow, I hadn't realised how much I missed these characters! I've been so busy... 


Update this thread, people! The tension is rising! 


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Brooke, having hear the teacher chasten Nathaniel, simmered down, but still had her hackles raised. And still felt like hissing. "Calm down! Calm down!" John said, his voice emphatic. "Like I said, I'm on your, whoever you are, and Nathaniel's side. I'm going to be translater." He turned back to Nathaniel, when suddenly, their eyes got large. Brooke instantly sensed more telepathic waves. She looked around, a girl, standing in the isle, looking for an empty desk, quickly turning away from their direction. Brooke, cat or no cat, was going to go investigate, as being her nature, when John suddenly spoke in her mind; "Nathaniel says for you to be Stacy Jones, a new student. Regular looking, human, and falls into the backround." Brooke considered this, then gave her reply. "Okay, she gave me her reply," John spoke in Nathaniel's mind. "WHICH IS?!?!" Nathaniel asked impatiently. "First, she says fine. Second, she doesn't like Stacy. She wants Gwendylin, Gwen for short. And third, can her hair still be pink?" Brooke was sitting and watching Nathaniel, her tail twitching back and forth. Nathaniel thought a moment.  "Well at least she agreed,"He thought to himself. "Yes, she did," John said, still listenin to his thoughts. "Okay," Nathaniel thought to John; "tell her..."


Here I leave it! And I utterly agree, tension is rising, and this is fun! Cool thread! Oh, and I don't mind the name Stacey, it just goes along with Brooke's character to like something else, if you know what I mean.

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I sat there trying to look innocent even though I really just wanted to know there reactions to my prank. I decided just to take a quick glance at their thoughts. I pulled apart another energy wave, this one aimed for the cat, and listened in. Nathaniel says for you to be Stacy Jones, a new student. Regular looking, human, and falls into the backround. "Hmm," I thought. I once again kept a little of his energy and sent my message. HA! you think you can hide from me. Changing her name, pretending she's a student... Classic! It might have even worked but you guys are too obvious and now I know you, your plans, and your secrets, and best of all YOU DON'T KNOW ME! (slightly evil laugh right here). I almost burst into laughter after I sent the message but I managed to keep myself under control. I looked at the clock. Ugg, the class wasn't even halfway through. I looked around. Nobody was looking at me, perfect. I was about to fast forward time and get on with my life, but I stopped when I saw two beady little cat eyes staring at me. Darn it! I thought, and I sat back and relaxed my powers. 

OMG I love this thread. it is my absolute favorite. I admit that although I love your reactions to my messages, how is it that Brooke was the only one to notice that a new girl just came in and is sitting right next to you.


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Yep. Typical for Nathaniel to be drowning in his own oblivion. How did I not see that coming? (I did)


HA! You think you can hide from me. Changing her name, pretending she's a student... classic! It might've even worked but you guys are too obvious and now I know you, your plans, your secrets, and best of all, YOU DON'T KNOW ME! Nathaniel couldn't help but wonder who was listening to their converstion, and shuddered as what sounded like a telephatic evil laugh got on air. He glanced around the classroom in a quick frenzy, but no one looked especially suspicious, that is, because everybody looked suspicious.

Tell her, Nathaniel started again, that we'll talk about this later, and NO PINK HAIR!

Calm down, John assured him. Nathaniel watched the board, a look of pure torture on his face, thinking that the telephatic conversation was over and he had to pay attention in class now. Nathaniel, John was back in his thoughts. 


She won't do it without pink hair.

Tell her we'll talk about this later!!!!!!!!! Nathaniel scream-thought at John.

Nathaniel heared John telepathicly sigh, and the conversation ended, for real this time, and Nathaniel knew because a little buzzing in the back of his head ceased to exist. Almost as soon as it disappeared, the buzzing rejoiced.

What is it John? Nathaniel thought, irritated.

It wasn't John. I'm still watching you! The mysterious stranger taunted.

Maybe the first round about Nathaniel hadn't really encountered someone who was a threat, but now he was almost positive he had. 


Cappie says Jane. There isn't anyone in this thread named Jane! Try Nate, Cappie. 

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Nathaniel carried Brooke to his locker, still trying to play up the injured cat. Brooke, even now, could sense the other telepath. They had their minds guarded, but she could still sense them. He gathered up his things, then headed outside. They met John in the alley by Shane's. When Nathaniel put Brooke down, she immediately changed back into human form, her hair bright pink in protest. "Hmm, somehow, that's not how I pictured you looking. Except for the pink hair," John said, surveying her. Brooke snorted. "Well, I got in, and saw the school. Now what?" she asked, arms folded. "Just what I said earlier," Nathaniel said. "We three meet up here tomorrow, and you, Brooke, act like a normal student. John and I will help cover for you. And no pink hair!" "Why not? Lots of people have dyed their hair. Why should mine make a difference?" "Because," John said philosophically, "not many, if any, people in Shane's have irregularly colored hair. Therefore, you would stick out, making yourself more noticeable." Brooke brooded a moment. "Well," she finally said, "I'll try to have normal colored hair, but mind you, my hair does change color, quite without my realizing it, depending on my mood." "Well," Nathaniel said, not quite sure what to do about this, "just try to keep it in check. Moving on, you'll be Stacy Jones. "I don't like Stacy!" Brooke cut in, and Nathaniel had to wonder if she was just trying to make herself irritable. "I much prefer Gwendylin, or just Gwen, if you don't mind." "FINE!" Nathaniel said, now thoroughly and completely exasperated. "You'll be Gwen Jones, a normal student, who has always gone here. That will step one." "What's step two?" asked John. "Trying to find a way to prove, without completely exposing  Brooke, that someone really did see me, even though I was invisible." "How will we do that?" Brooke asked, her tone much softer, gentler, almost, almost,... scared, thought Nathaniel to himself. Her body and face wouldn't give the slightest hint of that, but her eyes. Most of the time they were mostly electric blue, but looked like she had lived a thousand years. Yet now, they were a dark blue, and big, like a small child's, wanting to know everything is going to be okay. "I'm not sure yet," he admitted. "But I will!" he said, a sudden firmness to his voice.

Btw, I'm not sure if telepath is the correct word, but it sounded cool, and it was all I could think of. Cappie says rtga.

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The last two classes flew by with Nathaniel barely sure of what was going on. There was no sick cat to take care of, since she had agreed to meet them tomorrow, and John stayed out of Nathaniel's mind. With nothing going on, except for class, which convinced Nathaniel that Shane's Academy was not all it was worked up to be, he had time to think. He looked at the board of his last class, Superheros in The Modern Century, rested his head on his hand, and pretended to be utterly bored, his mind racing.

"It's not that bad," a girl next to him interruped. She had a big smile on her face and smelled slightly of ketchup. "I'm Kira, by the way."

"Nathaniel," he said, not even glacing towards her. Kira had totally broke his concentration. He almost had something... a decent plan, but now he lost it. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to ignore Kira.

"So you're new?"

"Yes, no. Ask John," Nathaniel said.

"He's new, but he's not new," John joyfully butted in.

"BE QUIET!!!" the teacher screamed.

Wow, though Nathaniel.

I know, right? asked John.

John get out of my head.  



Then it hit Nathaniel. Obvious. Oh, so obvious. Why didn't he think of it before? He had a plan, and he hoped it would work. If it did, tomorrow would be the day to put it to work....

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