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Okay, I know there's already a bunch in Inkwell right now, but I needed something new. The other ones are not moving or are too developed for me.

Here's my character: Nathaniel

Age: 13

Appearance: Normal looking by regualr standards, with plain brown hair and a gaunt look on his face.


Nathaniel was filled with a fiery rage. Why was it always HIM they decided was nothing special? He would show them! Nathaniel walked away from the building, not believing he had been rejected. It's not like EVERYONE can turn invisible! He filled out about fifteen applications, did one thousand pushups for them, and turn invisble. He couldn't believe they wouldn't let him into superhero school. Just because he couldn't fly.

Nathaniel didn't want to feel the rejection. He was not normal. He did not fit in with normal people. The truth that the people at Shane's Academy, also known as Superpoweed School, were telling him was that he didn't fit in with them either. He didn't fit in anywhere. He felt himslef unwittingly turn invisible and stalk down the road.


Don't feel afraid to use someone else's character or add something that doesn't really have anything to do with the plot! 

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The rest of the afternoon dragged by slowly for Brooke.

She returned to the bakery, and helped Mrs. Lyon serve people.

She put on a smile, sayed; "Have a nice day!", and all the other jazz, but her head and heart weren't in it.

She probably wouldn't admit this to anyone, but she was scared.

Scared of what tomorrow would bring.

What if the people at Shane's discovered her?

This was a school full of kids with powers!

She knew very well, chances of escape were slim.

Then what would they do?

Turn her over to the state?

Send her to an orphanage, or a foster home?

Heck, could they put her in jail?

Or an institute for kids with nowhere else to go?

Kids labled as trouble makers?

The more these thoughts rant through her head, the more jittery she got, till she was absolutely sick to her stomach.

Finally, at 7:00, they closed the bakery.

Brooke went out the back door to her little shed.

The door had been closed all day, so it very warm inside.

She walked over and looked at herself in the stained mirror.

She turned head left, the right. 

Her hair was a mixture of dark purple with fushia streaks.

It did bizarre things when she was nervous.

She looked directly into her eyes, starring back.

They weren't currently electric blue, like usual.

They were a very dark shade of blue.

Did she look like a trouble maker?

Someone to put away? 

"Stop that!" She told herself firmly.

"Trust Nathaniel, he's got a plan and will see you through this! You can trust him!"

She lay down then, and soon fell asleep.

Then next morning she met Nathaniel and John outside of Shane's.

She managed to make her hair turn a normal, well, rather whiteish, yet somewhat normal, shade of blonde.

"Are you ready for this?" Nathaniel asked her.

"Yes, I am," she answered, her voice resolute, her tone like steel.

Cappie says uvax.

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"Are you ready for this?" asked Nathaniel. It had been a long night and he wasn't sure is HE was ready.

"Yes I am," she replied, her hair a whiteish blond, and it reminded Nathaniel that he still din't know her name. John nodded, apparently ready as well.

Nathaniel gulped and tried to look confindent. "There're usually a few open desks in every class, if you act uninteresting you'll just melt into the backround." I hope. "In a few minutes, everyone rushes inside..."

"..that's when we go," John finished. Nathaniel nodded.

"Don't forget you're Stacy---sorry, Gwen, now. Try not to interact too much with me. John okay though," Nathaniel added, and John made a fist pump in the air. "Because, John, no offense, but you kind of seem like the person to pick on new kids." John shrugged at this comment.

"Okay, so we get into the school. Then what?" asked Gwen.

"Then--" Nathaniel's voice was cut off by the sound of the bell. "We're going to be late! Let's go." 

With that they went into the school. 

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Hey guys! So I'm not going to force you but could you bring me into the story cause I'm at a loss for ideas and I really want to jump back in.

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@ Tovah; I'll try reintroducing you, if that's okay!

Brooke walked in with the flood of other kids into Shane's. It seemed odd, going in as a student. She'd sometimes daydreamed with this, when she wasn't seething at them. She became more nervous as she approached the doors. She was expecting some sort of alarm to go off. She was tensed, ready to run at a moment's notice. But she passed through with no trouble, and she relaxed slightly, then stiffened again, remembering that there was no way out. She carefully followed Nathaniel and John, doing her best to seem inconspicuous. Also trying to make sure her hair didn't start flashing colors. Which, now that she knew to watch for it, she noticed a slight tingle, and realized her hair was starting to change. They walked into a classroom, where a bunch of kids leaned on desks, throwing wads of paper, and making so much overall chaos, Brooke wasn't really worried about having to slip in. She just ducked her head, walked to the back, and slid into a seat. Nathaniel and John sat opposite sides of the aisle toward the middle. Nathaniel glanced around, then looked back at her, a look that said: Are-you-doing-okay? She gave a slight nod, still keeping her head down. After a few moments, she ventured to look around. Most of these kids looked completely normal, though, like before, she could feel power filling the room, like high volts of electricity. Suddenly, she narrowed her eyes, and watched a girl that had just entered the class. It was the same girl who had acted suspicious the day before. She watched as the girl looked around the classroom, looking at John, Nathaniel, then starring directly at Brooke. This girl evidently knew Brooke was different, and seemed to be the only one so far, who knew she was new. The girl slowly turned away and took a seat in a row two ahead of Nathaniel and John. 'This isn't right,' Brooke thought to herself. "John! John!"  She said madly in her mind. "What?!" he asked, evidently startled. "Tell Nathaniel, both of you be doubly aware. The girl who just walked in, the one sitting two rows ahead, she was staring at us yesterday. Just as we were having our mental conversation. What if she was the one who cut in?" John's eyes got large. He looked over at Nathaniel for a moment, then looked back at Brooke. "Nathaniel says to keep your mind guarded, don't make eye contact with anyone. We're keeping watch." 'Great,' Brooke thought, 'now I've got to watch some other telepath!' "By the way!" John suddenly spoke in her mind. "Did you call our conversations MENTAL?!?!"

Okay, Tovah, I was thinking here I would let you do with your character what you wanted to! Whether still watching or meeting us.

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And since I'm refusing to let this thread die, I will write the next part.


Gwen says to be doubley aware, John told Nathaniel. And she called our converstations MENTAL!

I think she meant it in a good way, thought Nathaniel. So there is another telepath?


Okay, then, get put of my head. It's safer that way. 

Safer, right, Nathaniel told himself. This school was about as safe as mouse walking into cat territory--big cat territory. Capes and Tights was even boringer than yesterday, so Nathaniel decided to examine his classmates. One kid, the one who had pushed Nathaniel out of his seat yesterday, Storm, was playing with fire the way someone might play with a tennis ball. Nathaniel could see kids pulling pranks on each other with their powers, and Nathaniel knew that if someone normal walked into the room right now, they would all be in trouble. 

They all seemed suspicious to him, esspecially one girl who seemed to be having a look out of the corner of your eyes staring contest with Gwen.

Gwen. So she's Gwen now, and that's how I'll know her. It made Nathaniel somehow depressed, for he knew her name was anything but Gwen.

You still think you can fool me! Changing it from Stacy to Gwen, good! It's on, Nathaniel, it's on.

They were in his head again, whoever "They" was. Who are you? Why are you watching us? How do you know my name? As far as Nathaniel was concerned, nobody knew his name.

You know, Nathaniel, I know a lot of people's secrets. I know almost everyone's secret in this room. If they think about it, think around it, or even space out, I can take that opportunity to learn their secret.

And you're the only one who has a secret I have yet to learn.

Nathaniel couldn't help himself. He thought of his secret. If someone was to talk about secrets, it would eventually pop into your head, right? It's even worse when that someone is talking about YOUR secret, and they want to know. They want to know it badly. Nathaniel tried to avert himself from thinking of his secret, but that only made it worse.

Little boy who can't jump.

That was the last Nathaniel heard of the voice, as the buzzing ceased to exist and there was no one occupying his mind. He set his head in his arms on his desk, and ever so silently, let tears flow.


Wow. Not what I was expecting. That's great, Nathaniel. Now someone, who you're sure is trying to ruin your plans, got into your head and stole your secret. And you start crying. I can't blame you, but you're supose to be strong and think of the brilliant plan!

Bad Nathaniel.

Anyways, I hope this thread doesn't die and I also hope this helped other people get back on track. 

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Hello? People! DON'T let this thread die!


Cappie says "odod." If it was dodo, it would be The Dodo, an aquatince frome The Candleman's (ME!) adventures. 

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I know! I don't want it to die either! I wrote the previous post, so I can't write the next, but please! WRITE IN PEOPLE!!! This way too much fun! Cappie says yoia. Yoia indeed, Cappie!

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@ Theo; Since it seems we're the last writers on here, I guess that means it's my turn! I'm thinking I'm going to do some sort of confrontation between Brooke and Elexhiia.

Brooke wasn't paying attention to the class in the least. It was Capes and Tights.   'Well,' she thought, 'this isn't going to help me anyway.' She seemed to be dealing with a villain of her own.  'You're absolutley right!' a voice spoke in her head. 'Rather boring, isn't it?  She was now having staring contests with the strange girl.   She'd slid into the desk opposite Brooke, Gwen, whoever she was. Brooke/Gwen was almost positive now that this was the other telepath. Just as the girl broke eye contact with Brooke, a voice spoke in her head: Oh, and I know your secrets!' The strange girl then turned and stared at Nathaniel. A second later Nathaniel jumped, and stared around. Brooke was beginning to feel the same way she had on the streets, before living at the bakery. She felt like turning into some sort of cat, or something, ready to defend herself and Nathaniel. She gripped the edge of the desk, trying to keep her cool. Finally, the class was over. She bolted for the door. Nathaniel caught her arm at the door. "Your hair!" he said in a low tone. "Oh no!" Brooke said. She'd been so focused on that girl, she'd let herself go. She could tell already her hair wasn't the shade it was supposed to be. She dashed down the hall, trying to keep her hair under control. She dashed into the girls' bathroom and stared in the mirror. Her hair was now a VERY unnatural shade of blood red. It was currently turning black. "Stop!" she told herself, taking a deep breath. "Calm yourself. Everything's fine." But she couldn't keep the fear out of her voice. Another telepath was trouble enough. But one who knew her secrets was the one thing that scared Brooke more than probably anything else. Finally, she managed to get herself under control and walked back out. Nathaniel stood leaning against the wall, waiting. "You okay?" he asked. She nodded. They started walking down the hall when a voice said, "Well Gwen, you were rather difficult to get your secret from. Good mental defence, but you did slip up once."

Taday! This is where I leave it! I figured a little dramatics wouldn't hurt the story! Hahaha! Cappie says roby. Is that your real name, dear Cappie?


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Nathaniel told himself to quit crying and get up. He groaned inwardly, this was going to be a long day. People stalking him in his thoughts... sneaking "new" pupils into school... Who was the mysterious telepath anyways? Nathanie looked around the room, only to see a bunch of unfamliar faces. He glanced back at Gwen, whose hair was turning a bloody shade of red. The class bell rang, and Nathaniel grabed her arm as she tried to run out the door.

"Your hair," he said in a low voice. Gwen gasped and ran down the hall to the girl's room. Nathaniel ran after and leaned aganst the wall.  When she came back out, Nathaniel asked her if she was okay. Gwen nodded, though her eyes told a differnt story.They walked down the hall, and the whole time Nathaniel reminded himself about how they weren't suppose to associate, to draw less attention.

"Well, Gwen," a snooty voice said from behind them, emphasising "Gwen." "you were rather difficult to get your secret from. Good mental defance, but you did slip up once." Nathaniel watched Gwen's face take on a look of horor.

The speaker of these words was a girl, perhaps a little older than them. "And Nathaniel," she said, addressing him. "You, on the contrary, were quite easy to desect a secret from. Your life is so full of fear." Nathaniel felt his mouth open in protest, but he found he had nothing to say.

"Nathaiel! Gwen! I was looking for you two! You practicly knocked down the door, trying to get out of Capes and Tights!" the friendly voice of John said from behind them.

"John," whispered Nathaniel, "you don't have any secrets, do you?"

"No," said John, but he sounded unsure. "Why do you ask?"

"No reason" growledthe girl who knew their secrets, who knew more of Nathaniel's friends than he himself. "I belive we haven't been properly ntroduced. I'm Elexhiia. You are John, I presume?"

John, get away from here! Nathaniel thought desperatly.

John seemed not to have heared him. "Uh, yes, I'm John," he muttered, and quickly avrted his eyes to the ground, a slight red color added to his cheeks.

Oh gosh, thought Nathaniel. He doesn't LIKE her, does he? John, buddy, that's the girl whose been stalking us and ruining our plans!

John didn't hear him, and Nathaniel had no idea why. All Nathaniel knew is that anything having to do with Elexhiia wasn't anything good.


This is where I end. I belive I  may have brought in some unnessiary romance. Let us blame it upon John. It WAS his fault.

Bad John.


(Did you notice all of my recent posts end with me calling one of my characters "bad?") 

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Snort! Giggle! Okay, yes, maybe it was unnecessary, but yes, we can blame it on John! Maybe Elexhiia can manipulating his mind, trying to get him on her side, being another telepath? So, anyhoot, ONWARD!!!

Brooke ~

I was just about to turn into a cat, and leave this girl looking like she took a pair of scissors to herself, then, if questioned, blame it on a psychotic squirrel. But John ran up just then. I tried sending him mental (excuse the term, it is what it is) messages, and I could tell that Nathaniel was too, but he evidently WASN'T getting them. I turned and faced the girl. She was staring at John. I instantly could sense some sort of mental thing going on, in both senses! Don't ask me how I could sense it, but being part animal, I just could. "John," I said, my voice was dangerously calm, like steel. "Snap out of it. Now." He finally turned and looked at me. "Huh?" Nathaniel took control then. He grabbed John by the arm. "Let's go, we're late for lunch," I said, taking John's other arm. "What's wrong, Gweny?" I stiffened. I turned and looked at her smirking face. "DON'T call me Gweny. DON'T try to read my thoughts again. And LEAVE US ALONE!" I nearly yelled the last one. I could tell she was a little taken aback. I spun on my heel, grabbed John's arm, and nearly dragged both he and Nathaniel toward the cafeteria. My outburst evidently cleared John's head. He seemed a little shame-faced, not that necessarily softened me. I feel bad when something may be part my fault, but I don't soften that easily. Getting smitten over some twit! Honestly! We passed through the line in silence. We finally found an empty table and sat down. John cleared his throat. "Look, I'm sorry," he said. "Really, I don't know what came over me! I couldn't think straight! It was weird. Anyway, sorry." We forgave him. "Well," he said, looking at me with notched eyebrows. "I won't have to worry too much about being totally taken over when I have you around!" He cracked a smile, and I laughed. Then we became serious. "What now?" I asked. "Another telepath, and we still have to prove someone saw you, without exposing me. Plus, we have a deadline." We were all silent. I came to a silent conclusion. "We have to do something big. Something to get us noticed, but where the truth will be out, so they can't pin us." 

Taday! How's that?

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Awesome! I can't write a full post right now, but I keep thinking about Nathaniel in sort of a character-processing way. It's weird. Don't even try to get me to explain it.


Cappue says "aggg" It's not THAT bad, Cappie, that I can't post write now, is it? 

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I know, that's how I mostly think about my characters. Not something you can necessarily explain. Cappie says wnvx. Is that some sort of news station, Cappie?

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Okay, here goes nothing. Nathaniel, you're on.


"We have to do something big," declared Gwen. "Something to get us noticed, but where the truth will be out, so they can't pin us." Nathaniel silently nodded his head in agreement, but he was truely thinking otherwise.

"The truth?!" he said. "The truth is this--you saw me on the streets, could see me when I was invisible, and I thought you were a threat. I made a deal, bet, same thing with Dr. Moddington, and then a crazy telepath is after us," Nathaniel paused, and added for John, "not you, and they're trying to learn everyone's secrets, and so now they're a threat. But are they? It sure seems so, but that's what I thought before!" 

Nathaniel stopped, and paused to catch his breath. It was then he realised his voice had risen to the point where the whole lunchroom was staring at him. "Oh gosh," he muttered. At least he hadn't adressed Gwen as Gwen or John as John. He could've been talking to anyone.

"A crazy telepath?" asked a girl from Nathaniel's classes. She looked at him as though he was the crazy one.


Me again. I've GOT to stop describing people as "a girl" or "another boy."

Oh well.


Nathaniel realised how stupid it must sound. "Yes," he muttered, averting his eyes. 

"A bet with Dr. Mods?"



"Who could see you?"


The lunchroom was, soon, filled with chaos. People where milling every which way, and everyone was making a sound of some sort, from screams to silent whispers.

"Great job," John said sarcasticly as Nathaniel turned back to his friends. 

"At least 'you' and 'crazy telepath' and 'someone' don't refer to you two in general," said Nathaniel. "I'm sorry, okay? I just got carried away..."

"You just got carried away?!" Gwen exclaimed angrily. "You basically just stood up and told everyone your greatest secret! You basically just gave us away!"

Nathaniel sighed and set his head in his arms. "I'm sorry..."

"Well be sorry!!!" Gwen practicly shouted. "You just revealed your biggest secret to the whole lunchroom!"

"It's not my biggest secret," whispered Nathaniel.

No one even heard.


Wow. I keep ratting out on Nathaniel. How much more can he take?

Actually, let's not answer that question. 

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Since you asked me not answer, I shall not, but... Oh, never mind. You're right. We probably DON'T want to know how much Nathaniel can take sooo... Onward my brave soldiers!...


I starred at Nathaniel in horror. He'd just started pratically yelling all of our secrets to the entire student population. Kids started asking questions, then chaos and anarchy erupted. Fear completely clenched my heart. I started panicking. Nathaniel started to explain he got carried away, but that was the-straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back, and I lost it. "You just got carried away?! I nearly yelled. "You basically just stood up and told everyone your greatest secret! You basically just gave us away!" Nathaniel tried to apologize, but again, I cut him off. "We'll be sorry!" I was now yelling. "You just revealed your biggest secret to the whole lunchroom!" Nathaniel whispered something he thought was to low for me to hear, but I did; "It's not my biggest secret." That took me by surprise, and I stared a moment. But I quickly snapped out of it. I looked around. Teachers were starting to gather, trying to quiet the kids, trying to find out what was wrong. I knew the gig would be up soon, so I made a split second decision. I gave Nathaniel one last look. "I'm not going down like this," I said low, through gritted teeth. He gave me a shocked look, but I bolted. I ran, shooting through the cafeteria doors, running down the hall. I could hear Nathaniel and John calling, but I didn't stop. I rounded a corner and would have kept going, but a pair of hands grabbed me. I tried to scream, but a hand clamped over my mouth. I kicked and fought, but the person who had me was much stronger. I heard Nathaniel and John, calling my name, but...

I thought I'd add some theatrics in! Now, Theo, you can take it!

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But what? Am I suppose to finish that?


...Nathaniel and John had no idea what happened to Gwen. They shouted for her, but it was no use. She was out of Shane's. She's probably going home, thought Nathaniel. Where ever home is for her. 

"Gwen!" he shouted one last time, and John shot him an exasperated look.

"She really beat it," he said. "And it's YOUR fault, too, you know."

"I know," said Nathaniel gloomliy. "Do you think we should go after her?"

John raised an eyebrow, but a tiny grin washed over his face. "No, Nathaniel, we shouldn't go after her. Of course we should!" John slapped him on the arm, playfully, but harder than he probably intended, for Nathaniel had to resist the urge to rub his arm. I deserve that, anyways, he reminded himself. "Come on!" said John, "Let's go!"

The two boys dashed down the hall, and looked out the window guarding the school. No Gwen. Only a dark vehicle driving away. Nathaniel's eyes narrowed. 


The end-of-school bell rang out, like an arrow piercing a dream.


An arrow piercing a dream?! Does that even make sense?


Nathaniel looked at John, and he shrugged. "Every Tuesday," he stated, "We leave school early."

And every Monday, said a voice in his head, who Nathaniel guessed to be Elexhiia, a new student is accepted. 

Nathaniel shook his head, and the buzzing stopped. Curse these telepaths! There were sometimes when you DIDN'T want other people in your head!

Seeing that he was alone in the hallway, Nathaniel decided to grab his stuff and go home. Neither his mother nor his father would be home, much to his realif, until the normal school day was over.

When he was home, Nathaniel did his homework for Capes and Tights, played on the computer, and thought about things. It was nice not to have anyone able to get into your head at any moment for a change.

For dinner, Nathaniel and his parents had ravioli and meatballs. His father asked him how school was, and he said good, and the whole famiy pretended like his week at Shane's wasn't just a week.  His mom talked about work, and how FLASH's rival, HUNT (Humans Unusally Not Typical) was back to kidnapping superkids. 

"They apparently have a schedule. They attack Brown's Elementary on Monday, Shane's on Tuesday--oh, did they have you leave school early, Nathaniel? Part of the procedures," she said, and Nathaniel nodded, an uneasy feeling growing in his stomach. "I think Shane's made it out okay today, none of your friends disappeared around lunch, right Nathaniel?"

Nathaniel felt his panic increase. "No, not really," he fibbed. Gwen, he thought,  Oh gosh, what have I done!? "Can I please be excused? Dinner was delicious." His parents nodded, and Nathaniel practicly jumped to clearing his plate and getting to his room.

Now to think up a plan, he told himself, at least, if what I'm assuming is right!

And what are you assuming? said a thought from across the wall.

What has mom said earlier? New neighbors? Elexihiia, of course. 

That we're all in danger, and get out of my head.

You do assume that alot, Elexhiia thought dryly, and the buzzing stopped.

For good reasons, too, Nathaniel added for himself. 


Wow, this is the longest post in the world! 

I guess this time I get to say "Bad Theo." 


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